Debunking The Demagoguery of Dave Brat On Immigration

Seventh District US Congressional Republican candidate, David Brat displays an immigration mailer by Congressman Eric Cantor during a press conference at the Capitol in Richmond, Va., Wednesday, May 28, 2014. Brat challenged Congressman Eric Cantor's stand on immigration, claiming that Cantor backs amnesty. Cantor is getting pressured from both sides over immigration as his Republican primary election nears and the window for legislative action narrows.   (AP Photo/Steve Helber)

It’s one thing for the Richmond Times-Dispatch to demagogue Rep. Dave Brat on the immigration issue. We expect that. It’s quite another for Shaun Kenney over at Bearing Drift to pile on. He was a great supporter of the former congressman from the 7th District, and tried to use the immigration issue against Brat during the primary, which I took him to task for last year, before my days here at VV.

Yet he persists. So be it. Again with the ‘system is broken!’ cries. The system is ‘broken’ because it has been manipulated for decades by various and sundry corporate, government, racial, and yes, religious groups, for their own benefit. Now these same people are crying for yes, AMNESTY, while denying that they had anything to do with creating the problem in the first place. And now one of the few guys in Congress who gets it, and is dedicated to upholding the rule of law is getting trashed by these folks? Nope. Not on my watch.

Reality is that Brat, along with Morgan Griffith, are the (from the perspective of this constitutional conservative, at least) rock stars of Virginia’s House delegation. He’s been the guy he said he would be when he was campaigning. How often does that happen?

Also, Rep. Brat is absolutely right that if the intelligentsia and young men keep leaving various South and Central American nations for the United States, the situations there will never, ever change. If those folks aren’t the change agents, who will be?

Look, folks, this is what we need to do about immigration: First, secure the border, I mean really secure it. Vehicle barriers, tall double fences, walls where appropriate, geophones and other remote sensing technologies, the whole nine yards. Don’t try and tell me it can’t be done. Yes, it will cost some money, but if the federal government spent HALF the time and effort it does in coming up with excuses for why it can’t do the job actually DOING the job, it’d be done.

Second, make it impossible for illegal aliens to work or obtain public benefits of any kind. I don’t favor any sort of mass roundup, as this would pose obvious Constitutional problems and make a mockery of civil liberties, but as illegals come in contact with law enforcement, they should be detained and deported, without regard to race, religion, family ties, national origin, or any other factors. Over time, they will have to leave of their own volition.

Third, figure out who we want immigrating to the United States, and how many. What factors will we use to make that determination? Economic impact? Education? That will be a spirited debate, to say the least. I don’t have the perfect answer, but let me say this: Culture matters… and I can confidently say our culture is superior to that of any third world nation. It’s incumbent upon us to keep it that way. A society can only have one dominant culture, and ours has given us the strongest, freest nation of the history of the world. Assimilation and acculturation are a must. Note that this doesn’t mean that folks need to abandon their old culture and language. They just need to adopt ours, it’s not a zero sum game.

Finally, we need to blow up the system for legal immigration and start from zero. One area where I wholeheartedly agree with Shaun and others is that the system is indeed broken. It takes far too long for many folks to come here legally. We should be able to make a decision on anyone within six months, yea or nay. As for those who want to serve in the military in exchange for legal status, the French have had the definitive answer for that problem for almost 200 years.

Enough demagoguery and nonsense. Any special interest that advocates for illegals is at cross purposes with my republic, be it the Catholic Church, the National Council of La Raza, or the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. I don’t like my republic tampered with for anyone’s particular interests.



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  1. Amnesty is unconstitutional so both official fraud and Va18.2-481(5) felony. Pardon is constitutional and cannot be revoked w/o parole oath violation the way amnesty can. Amnesty essential makes those receiving it a slave to their rational fears. Amnesty is EVIL as well as CRIMINAL when it touches ANYTHING in Virginia.

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