PWC YR Chairman endorses in the 2nd Delegate District race

Prince William Young Republicans Chairman  Terrence Boulden Endorses Tim Ciampaglio in Virginia House District 2 Primary
I am writing you today to announce my support for Tim Ciampaglio in the 2nd District primary for the House of Delegates on June 9th. This race has become more interesting and more competitive over the past month, and as I have gotten the opportunity to speak with both candidates, read through their plans, and follow their campaigns, I know that I will be casting my vote for Tim Ciampaglio.
Tim has an incredibly well-rounded background – spending 23 years in the Coast Guard, starting his own small business in Stafford, serving as a professor at the Coast Guard Academy and George Washington University – that I know will serve him well in connecting with voters of all backgrounds during the general election and that will allow him to serve the voters of his district well down in Richmond. Tim has also taken the time to lay out detailed plans on how he will work to fix our transportation issues, keep our taxes low, and make our government run more efficiently.
Most important for me is his work ethic on the campaign trail and his commitment to represent the entire 2nd District, from Woodbridge down to Stafford. We can take back this seat in November but it is going to take a lot of hard work, especially in Prince William County, and Tim has shown me beyond the shadow of a doubt that he will work hard to win every vote and even harder for the people of the 2nd District (me included) as their delegate in Richmond.

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