Barry Moore reaches out to Democrats and people who (like him) have never voted in a primary for support.


In his latest unforced error, Barry Moore, co-challenger with Amanda Chase to Steve Martin’s seat in the 11th Senate District is once again getting in trouble on Facebook. The following was originally posted on Moore Surrogate Sheriff Karl Leonard’s Facebook page and shared on Barry Moore’s own Facebook page until someone with some political sense informed them of how egregious it was:


Credit to David Southall of the Central Virginia Republican Pac for calling out the post, which likely resulted in its removal… But you can never truly erase what has been on the internet.


That’s right… Moore and his surrogates are now openly courting Democrats to cross-over and vote in the Republican primary. We’re grown-ups and we know this happens sometimes. And yes, everyone has the right to participate in Virginia’s electoral process under the current legal regime. But, for a Republican candidate to openly seek Democrats to interfere with the Republican Party’s candidate selection process is beyond the pale.

Further, the post calls back one of the biggest flaws in Moore as a candidate – the fact that Moore has never voted in any Republican primary on record. As you know, we don’t register with a party to vote in Virginia. This means the only way to really really be considered a “Republican” or “Democrat” is to vote in the appropriate primary or to join a county committee. Barry Moore claims to be a Republican, but voter records show he has never so much as voted in a Republican primary.  Further, he didn’t join the Chesterfield County Republican Committee until after he announced, then retracted his candidacy for senate on Facebook. So with zero Republican credentials, Moore now he calls on others who, like him, have never voted in a primary election for support.

Barry Moore keeps making things easier for Senator Steve Martin and co-challenger Amanda Chase. My understanding is that he is a decent business man, and a generally good guy – but his gaffe-filled campaign is proven that he is no where near ready to be running for senate. For the voters just now considering who to vote for in the 11th Senate District Primary, here are a couple more examples of campaign miscues just from the past month:

“Barry Moore is Playing Fast and Loose with His Fliers.” – Bearing Drift

“Barry Moore Strikes Again – This time he needs to be called out!” – Virginia Virtucon


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