More Deception from Barry Moore and Karl Leonard.

Here we again have Barry Moore Facebook shenanigans with surrogate Karl Leonard deceiving voters, this time about Amanda Chase’s endorsements.

Here is Sheriff Leonard’s obfuscation on behalf of Barry Moore:

Karl II

Yes, Sheriff Leonard, the deception has to stop… That is your deception of the voters on behalf of Barry Moore has to stop.

Here is the clear endorsement of Amanda Chase by Kevin Carroll the President of the Virginia Fraternal Order of Police:


That is Kevin Carroll, the President of the Virginia Fraternal Order of Police, who has emphatically and repeatedly endorsed Amanda Chase for Senate, standing immediately to the right of Amanda Chase.

Now, I have no idea why Karl Leonard and Barry Moore are having trouble with this. Karl Leonard is a member of the Virginia Fraternal Order of Police and knows Kevin Carroll is the president. Kevin Carroll is a personal friend of both Karl Leonard and Dennis Proffitt and is a member of the Chesterfield County Police Department – so they work closely together. Kevin Carroll was a major supporter of Karl Leonard’s campaign to become Sheriff of Chesterfield County.  More recently, Wendy Hughes for Clerk of Court was endorsed by Karl Leonard as Sheriff, Dennis Proffitt as former Sheriff, and Kevin Carroll as President of the Virginia FoP, with all their pictures appearing on her web page in their respective capacities as Sheriff, former Sheriff and President of the Virginia FoP.


The top left is Karl Leonard as Sheriff, the bottom right is Kevin Carroll in his capacity as the President of the Virginia Order of Police.

Amanda Chase has been completely upfront about this endorsement as has Kevin Carroll. This is not a case of mistake or confusion. The only deception here has been perpetrated by Barry Moore’s campaign. Sheriff Leonard – if your hand-picked candidate can’t win an election honestly, then maybe you should hand-pick a better candidate next time. Deceiving voters to support a losing campaign is not a way to run a campaign in Chesterfield County.