So, I waited a couple of days…

…and Schoeneman’s sour grapes hit piece on Whitbeck, Snyder, Colgate and the RPV Grassroots Challenge success is still ridiculous. I wanted to see if he walked it back, or “put it in context”, etc. Nope. He’s doubled down, both in comments and on social media. In the meantime, Chris Beer has spared the rest of us the task of debunking it in detail.

During and after the Sully primary, I was one of the conservative voices telling people to ease up on Schoeneman a bit, for the sake of party unity, plus, what does attacking Brian really accomplish?

Well, never mind that now. Carry on.

Great time at the Guevara general election kickoff shindig last night. Great turnout, plenty of candidates and activists came to enjoy the unique venue and hear Senator Allen talk about what we need to do to win in Virginia. Met my colleague here at VV, Steve Thomas, for the first time in person. I saw John Guevara give the best speech I’ve seen him give. We’re going to win in Sully.


6 thoughts on “So, I waited a couple of days…

  1. I agree… I just put a comment there. I like Brian, but he’s out of line and out of touch on this one. He is fanning the flames of infighting and re-hashing old scores when we need to be uniting the party.

  2. So he can leave the party and join the Democrats. Never forget, the guy is a union shill. That is where his bread is buttered. He made one more college try in Sully and was thankfully defeated. As part of the conversion he is going to pick fights with everyone on his way out the door.

  3. DbLDbW,

    I disagree that anyone leaving the party is a solution, and spiteful rhetoric doesn’t help. Brian is a moderate in NOVA where he is a solid, hardworking Republican. I disagree with him on this and am engaging him in debate… however we need to remember Reagan’s 11th commandment.

    He was famous for saying: “The person who agrees with you 80 percent of the time is a friend and an ally — not a 20 percent traitor.” Said by the Gipper as chastisement to his staff for canceling an opponent’s meeting with then Governor Reagan. Quoted on KCBS radio in 1972 by Reagan’s gubernatorial chief of staff.

    Brian agrees with the most conservative of us more than 80% of the time and so is a friend, not a 20% traitor. He should be treated as such, even when we disagree.

  4. I don’t think it is 80 percent and when you consider the various and sundry ways he has attempted to sabotage conservative campaigns and given Democrats air cover in their attacks on our candidates, I see absolutely no value to the guy. Plus, he is a smug dick whose accomplishments do not warrant his level of arrogant douchebaggery.

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