Major victory for the Save Sweetbriar advocates.

Some real news for the day in one of the political mysteries in Virginia today. The Richmond Times Dispatch has reported that the Supreme Court of Virginia has held in favor of Sweetbriar that the opponents of the schools closure could apply to the courts for an injunction to prevent the closure of the school. This means a judge will be involved in the closure decision, and the board cannot simply act to close the school.

The Supreme Court didn’t take the next step and impose such an injunction, but merely held that the Circuit Court could did have the power to do so. This could be a big win for the opponents of the closure as it gives them more time to dig into the mysterious reasons that a seemingly stable, functioning college rich in land and history is being closed down without any real explanation. I’ve heard some rumors that there may be more to the story including out-of-state interests influencing the political process. More time to bring the mystery to light means more chances to save the school.