Primary Day 2015 Thread

…and it’s on.

Here’s what I see happening:

House 2: Mr. Ciampaglio
House 17: Del. Head
House 28: Sup. Stimpson
House 29: Del. Berg

Senate 8: Del. DeSteph
Senate 11: Sen. Martin
Senate 12: Mr. Haley
Senate 14: Sen. Cosgrove
Senate 24: Mr. Moxley

Comment away, folks, and feel free to share your experiences if you’re voting today.


9 thoughts on “Primary Day 2015 Thread

  1. Correct me if I’m wrong Rob, there are more contested seats then you are showing:
    District 2 comes into PWC and Stafford

  2. Mike May was out at the polls in the Potomac Dist. working voters for his race in Nov. for PWC Commonwealth’s Attorney. Very smart on his part to be doing this and to be going into Democratic-leaning precincts. Many of the Democratic primary voters don’t even know who Paul Ebert is, so Mike is getting facetime in front of them now.

    Former delegate Mark Dudenhefer and Tim Ciampaglio both had signs at my precinct for the 2nd House Dist. with Dudenhefer having put out a few more signs than Ciampaglio. This race seems to be turning into a barnburner with Dudenhefer’s campaign manager sending out this email a short while ago:

    Alright, I’ll be honest with you. Looking at the turnout today, this race is closer than we expected. It’s absolutely crucial that you go vote.

    The polls close at 7pm and you can find where you vote here.

    Mark absolutely needs your help right now.

    Spencer Sullivan
    Campaign Manager

    As I previously stated, Dudenhefer should get a refund from his campaign staff and consultants for the poor race they’ve run on his behalf that does not reflect the man himself.

    Andrea Bailey seems to be poised to win the Democratic nomination for Potomac Dist. supervisor over Dumfries councilman Derrick Wood. Wood didn’t even have any signs at my precinct, but Bailey, her supporters and signage were all out in full force. Wood did, however, leave a flier at our home yesterday. If Bailey wins the nomination, I would have to say that she has the advantage over incumbent Maureen Caddigan who will be driven nuts by having to run against an African American woman in a district that has trended increasingly Democratic under her watch.

    Jeremy McPike had signs at my precinct for the senate seat being vacated by Chuck Colgan while no other candidates did. Maybe that is because my precinct is in the senate seat being vacated by Toddy Puller. D’OH!!!

    1. Riley……Mayor Foreman will win the Puller seat! He’s been quietly campaigning and hitting the neighborhoods. He came by house last week – really knows the issue. Nice to see Virtucon supports this guy. He should have run for Supervisor of the Potomac District, now that would have been a race!

    2. barnburner eh? Dudenhefer winning by 20 points sure is a burnbarner. How about you leave your expert advice to yourself you local political genius.

  3. I agree, Jerry will make an outstanding state senator. His heart is at the town and state level, not county. When I learned I would be unable to run for Potomac Dist. supervisor, Jerry is one of the first people that I let know just in case he wanted to run for that.

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