Updated: Everhart Concedes; Tony Pham Is the Republican CA Nominee in Henrico

pinchbeckIn a stunning turn of events in the Henrico County Commonwealth Attorney race, the 38 vote margin of victory for criminal defense lawyer Jeff Everhart evaporated today when a severe undervote in Pinchbeck (Precinct 412) was counted again by the Henrico County Registrar.  In the initial count, 165 more voters appeared to vote in the Clerk of Court race and not the Commonwealth Attorney race.  To some, this occurrence appeared unusual and a formal request was made of the Registrar to re-check the vote count in Pinchbeck and the other precincts.

tonyThe re-checked Pinchbeck numbers gave former prosecutor Tony Pham a 68 vote lead.  The Registrar later certified these results at 3pm this afternoon in Henrico.  Upon counting of the provisional ballots, five votes were added to Everhart’s total and four were added to Pham’s total for a total certified count of:

Tony Pham 7381  (+67)

Jeff Everhart 7314

UPDATE: The Everhart campaign has decided not to seek a recount.  Congratulations Team Pham!