Will Herring Assert Conflict of Interest in Voter ID Case or Again Fail to Represent the Commonwealth?

School of Athens


There is an interesting conflict of interest in the Lee v. Virginia Board of Elections Voter ID case between Attorney General Mark Herring and his previous attorney Marc E. Elias of Perkins Coie LLP.  Notably, Elias is also General Counsel to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign and is a regular hired gun for the Democratic Party and the parties George Soros backed lawsuits.  In this case, however, Elias appears to be breaching his ethical duties as an attorney through a genuine conflict of interest with his former client Mark Herring.

Putting aside the frivolity of the lawsuit, as the Virginia Voter ID law was specifically written to comply with recent Supreme Court Precedent, we must recall that Marc Elias represented Mark Herring during the recount that granted him the election in 2013 over Senator Mark Obenshain. This means that Elias, as prior counsel to Mark Herring still owes Herring certain…

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