“One-percenter” Dan Gecker trying to buy the election?

School of Athens


Is Gecker serious about his bid in the 10th Senatorial? Well, he has already put $131,585 of his own money into the race in an attempt to win a job that only pays $18,000 a year. Plus, Gecker’s own company, “Urban Development Associates” donated another $33,157 in self-funding. Add in another $60,000 from the New Orlean’s based Tax Credit Capital Federal Fund and $10,000 from the Small Deal Fund LLS, both companies who list Gecker as their Registered Agent.  That is more than $100,000 in self-funding funneled through Gecker’s businesses.

But wait, there is more!  The shadiest of these shady donations is the $25,000 given to Gecker from the Rekee Company. When this Gecker-related company tried to build a privately financed baseball stadium for the Squirrels, Richmond Mayor Dwight C. Jones said to the Richmond Times Dispatch “Obviously, it’s a plan from Dan Gecker, who’s a supervisor from…

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