Cruz campaign names statewide leadership team

Senator Bill Stanley (R-Franklin) has been named State Chairman. Stanley is joined by state co-chairs Shak Hill, a Fairfax small businessman and former candidate for Senate, and law professor Cynthia Dunbar.

The appointment Stanley is a pretty good score by Cruz.  Stanley is an up-and-comer in Virginia Republican politics (rumored from time to time to be interested in running for Attorney General), with solid conservative bona fides.  He will elevate the Cruz campaign in Virginia.

“I am excited to lead the Virginia effort to elect the freedom-loving constitutional conservative Ted Cruz as our next President,” said Sen. Stanley. “I am asking all Virginians, from all walks of life, and from all corners of the Commonwealth, to join our grassroots effort to be a part of reigniting the promise of America – for us, our children, and for generations to come. The story of Ted Cruz’s life and that of his family is the epitome of the American Dream. His vision for the future of our country is simple: that through his principled leadership, together we will build a dynamic nation where even those with nothing, have the chance to achieve anything.”Sen. Bill Stanley

Though the campaign hasn’t made staff hires or other appointments, we understand that longtime Virginia conservative activists and current RPV State Central Committee Member Chris Shores has been officially tapped by the campaign to organize in Virginia.

The full press release can be found here.


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  1. Cruz’ claim to fame is kissing up to Donny!! Neither of them is qualified to be President…..they are great whiners. Rump is still waiting for his first idea. Someone needs to tell him there are 3 branches of govt!!!!

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