We have our first candidate for 2017, unfortunately its Mark Herring



A.G Mark Herring announced today that he is already planning on running again in 2017 .

In an email circulated through the A.G office Herring states:

“This job provides us with incredible opportunities to have a positive impact on the lives of our fellow Virginians and I want to keep doing it”

He has also used this announcement as a fundraising opportunity in an email blasted across the Commonwealth :

Two years ago, our Commonwealth united around the idea that our attorney general should be a force for good who works to better the lives of all Virginians. That’s why I’ve fought each and every day for justice, equality and opportunity, with every action we take firmly grounded in the law.

Over the last 20 months, we’ve shown a new vision for this office. We’ve successfully fought in the courts for marriage equality and made college more affordable for Virginia’s DREAMers. We protected our Chesapeake Bay cleanup efforts from out-of-state special interests. We defended accessible health care against cynical, political attacks. We fought to combat campus sexual assaults and to stop the heroin epidemic.

We’ve helped change lives for the better here in Virginia – change that would not have happened without the powers and authority of this office. That means our hard-won progress is as fragile as the next election – and for that reason, I am running for reelection as attorney general.

We’ll face many new challenges in the coming years. Our future progress requires an attorney general fiercely and fearlessly committed to defending our shared values. If you’ll entrust me with this office again, I know we will keep Virginia moving forward, together.

But victory has never come easily – we’ve fought hard for every achievement, and this campaign in 2017 will be no different. I’d be grateful if you help kick off our efforts today:


Or, click here to read more about how I’ve come to this decision and what I’m planning to do next:


Thank you for making every milestone over the past 20 months possible. I’m excited to run a strong campaign alongside my friend and colleague Ralph Northam in his campaign for governor, and the entire 2017 ticket. I do this work with you and for you, and I would be honored to have the opportunity to continue it.



There you have it folks the Dems are already thinking 2017…should the Republicans be doing the same?