Gilmore the Sneakiest Around?

Could Jim Gilmore be the sneak attack candidate for the Republican Nomination in 2016?  Stay with me here.  I know what you are thinking. . . Jim Gilmore? is he running for President? the guy isn’t even registering in polls and has no money, he’s not going anywhere.

As the other flies start falling in earnest, what does Gilmore have to lose?  He can stay in the race indefinitely and start making moves much later than others.   As the pool of campaign staff is gaining experience working for the Jindals, Walkers, Santorums, Pauls, etc. and they drop out, a stealth campaign like GIlmore’s would be wise to start picking even low-level staff members up from the fallen campaigns.  As the top contenders beat and batter each other on the national stage Gilmore would be wise to make his way around early and 2nd round primary states introducing himself and picking up support.  If he could pull off a miracle like picking up a 4th or 5th place win in a 2nd round primary state like SC or NV or even have a showing (of any sort) in a couple March 1 states he could gain momentum and carry himself into the Spring.  Eventually the Cruz’s, Rubio’s, Christie’s – if they aren’t moving up in the polls are going to have to get back to their day jobs.  Gilmore – as the head of the Free Congress Foundation he has access to donors and he has plenty of flexibility to take time away to run for President.


If Trump sticks around long enough to cause lasting damage to Fiorina and Bush other guys like Gilmore could be damage free enough to step into the light.  Of course then they’d have to deal with Trump.

Okay enough with the speculating of the long shot what if’s . . .back to your regularly scheduled programming.

(and who knows an announcement of his withdrawal – now that I’ve written this – is probably imminent)


5 thoughts on “Gilmore the Sneakiest Around?

  1. Respectfully, this is really a stretch. I can’t even qualify it as wishful thinking. Gilmore isn’t on anyone’s wish list and he is most certainly NOT anyone’s fall back candidate either. If anything he’s embarrassing himself though I wonder if he has any followers anyway. .

    1. He most certainly does have followers. He know what he is doing. How can you dare be so catty. It shows you know nothing of him. Take time to listen and get to know him and you will see why he is a perfect candidate to be our President. You just watch cruel and sassy

    2. John, you start off your comment with “Respectfully” but yet there is NOTHING respectful about your comments. Just because you can’t “qualify it as wishful thinking” for Gilmore doesn’t mean that others agree with you. Who do you think you are to state that Gilmore isn’t on “anyone’s” wish list just because he is not on yours? Do you have the authority to speak on behalf of anyone or everyone? I don’t think so. To be so absolute that he isn’t on “anyone’s fall back candidate” tells me that you are seriously misinformed.

      Governor Gilmore has filed to be on the ballot in both NH and SC which requires a $40,000 registration fee. Not even Walker nor Perry filed in SC & NH before suspending their campaign.

      I thoroughly believe that he could most possibly be the “Last Man Standing” once the air is cleared. Gilmore has executive experience and national security experience and background to be the next President of The United States.

      If anyone is embarrassing themselves, I would clearly say that it would be you since you are so uninformed yet able to make negative comments.

  2. In reply to “LL”: Okay, thanks for your input and I did mean my comment respectfully.Just because you disagree with me doesn’t mean my comment is disrespectful. Of course he has a “following” I realize that but he isn’t even a blimp on the radar. If Jim Gilmore was NOT the former Governor of Virginia but of some other state would you give him an iota of attention? If you want him to be President obviously you have that right to support him. I just don’t think he has any modicum of a chance to win. That’s just my personal opinion. Disagree with me all you want but please don’t say my opinion is disrespectful.

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