Boulden Resigns as Prince William County YR Chair



Terrence Boulden (me) announced that he will be stepping down as YR Chair next Wednesday after his last meeting where the YR’s will be hosing former Gov Jim Gilmore. He sent out the following email out a few days ago :

Dear Friends,

I first would like to say that being YR Chair has been fun and a spectacular experience, especially the second time around. They say all good things aren’t mean to last and I am announcing to all of you today that next week’s meeting with Gov. Gilmore will be my last meeting as Chair.

Taking on more responsibility as Woodbridge Magisterial Chair, and remaining 11th district YRFV Rep puts a lot on my table, but it keeps in me involved which is most important. My focus will be in the 11th district because that’s where it needs to be. We have lots of work to do to strengthen Eastern PWC and the 11th as a whole.
I want everyone to know even though there has been lots of crazy drama surrounding me lately, my decision had nothing to do with all of this. I am dedicated to our basic principles and the basic message everything else is unnecessary and hurtful noise. I ask that all of you ignore the noise and raise the flag for liberty and freedom instead.
Joe will be the temporary chair until next year’s convention in Feb/ March.

I will see you all next Wednesday, let’s have a drink and some cheese fries!!


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  1. Steve Albertson issued the following statement today: “I wish to congratulate Terrence Boulden on his successful service to the YRs, and to our Party. We all appreciate the hard work he has put in, and look forward to working with him in the future.” 😉

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