Who is Tom Garrett ?


Since I floated the name of Tom Garrett as a possible candidate for Governor many have asked, what do I know about him? I can say from a personal stand point he and I have been great friends for many years, he introduced me to then Attorney General Candidate Bob McDonnell .

Senator Garrett is one of the most reachable and available elected officials in the General Assembly followed by Rich Anderson and Scott Lingamfelter and one of the most honest and candid, I believe he will mount a very strong campaign for the Governor’s mansion, just from his determination and strong work ethic.

His professional career is perfectly outlined on the Republican Senate Caucus website:

Meet the Senator:

Senator Tom Garrett was elected in the 22nd Senate District in November, 2011.  Raised in Louisa County, he earned his Bachelor and Law degrees from the University of Richmond, and served in the United States Army for six years.  Tom was previously elected Louisa County’s Commonwealth’s Attorney in 2007, defeating a two-term incumbent by an overwhelming margin and becoming the first Republican elected countywide in Louisa since Reconstruction.  During his term as Commonwealth’s Attorney, Tom prosecuted cases at all levels and won record sentences for the most severe crimes.  Today, Tom brings his law-and-order focus and conservative ideals to his work in the Virginia Senate, where he fights for the families of the 22nd District.


This is not an endorsement, but this is a statement that Senator Garrett would mount a much stronger campaign than Ed Gillespie’s last opponent


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  1. Tom Garrett is the rare genuine conservative that manages to work well with others without compromising values. He does it by being a genuine gentleman and not getting involved in abusive rhetoric for no reason. Everyone he speaks with gets his full attention, and he takes the time to make certain that he understands issues before making judgment on them. Honestly, I think he would make a better Attorney General candidate than Governor this time around, and definitely has the resume for it. But I wouldn’t count him out in a Convention against Gillespie either.

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