On Terrence Boulden

Literally, I can’t even…

Last night we lost a good one. Terrence Boulden was a Virginia gentleman, loyal to his politics, Jefferson, Nixon, Prince, and most of all his friends.

To be his friend was to be his brother.

He strived every day to make a difference in the Republican Party and in Virginia. And every day he did that, little by little, from the work he did to just the conversations he’d just randomly start, to share a thought, pick a brain, just check in.

He hated tension. Far too often we dismiss people in politics who have friends across the spectrum as being a squish, or unable to say no, or unable to take a stand, or just not loyal. But that wasn’t Terrence. He genuinely just wanted everyone to get along. And when they couldn’t, when the knives would come out and his friends were in trouble, he’d be right there next to you, ready to go.

If you knew him, you probably loved him.

Terrence was a rare soul. Our loss is Heaven’s gain.

Miss ya, brotha.





12 thoughts on “On Terrence Boulden

  1. Captured him well Jason.

    I recall driving home election night in 2003. I dialed up Terrence’s phone to tell him thank you for all he done for me that campaign. I ended the voicemail with “love you”. . . A unconscious ending to the phone call because had also just left messages with family members. I was always little embarrased I ended the voicemail with those words but in retrospect it was right on. As you put it so well to know him was to love him.

    He was always there for you. Also after the 2003 campaign there was a letter to the editor not attacking me but rather attacking Terrenec. The letter writer was incredibly disgraceful and went as far to call Terrence an Uncle Tom. I always appreciated his response when I told him how sorry I was that had happened and I never wanted him to take hits for having been on my team. Terrence simply said he supported me because he believed in what we were doing and that stuff has nothing to do with how he would be judge when he met the lord. He had my back and from that day on I had his.

    I will miss Terrence everyday. I will miss being able to send a random text after months of not seeing or talking to him and it being like we had hung out yesterday. I’ll miss the green circle next to his name on Gchat and being able to shoot him a funny or get his quick opinion on something.

    I hope he and my father are together and watching over us today.

  2. I’m still having trouble processing this. When I stepped down from the Editor-in-Chief position here at VV and effectively retired from blogging, we had three options as to what direction to go in with this blog — shut it down completely, merge with another blog, or have someone step up to take the lead. We were blessed that Terrence undertook this task. I know it wasn’t always easy and there were times that he was ready to throw his hands up in frustration, but he kept at it. We last chatted on Facebook Wed. evening and his last word to me was “gnight”. Little did I know that would be the end of our earthly conversations. Good night, Terrence. We miss you already, although part of me is smiling at the thought of you entering Heaven and making it an even brighter place to everyone’s surprise but God’s.

  3. I’m really lost for words on Terrence’s sudden passing. I have known him for over 15 years and was proud to call him my friend. Even that I moved to Texas, I talked to Terrence from time to time to get the feel of Virginia and the VV blog. Also he loved playing fantasy football with us and was determined to win. I think I play his team this week. Terrence was always a gentleman, friend, honest hardworking, visionary, loyal team member, and part of our family. We all got to experience republican politics locally but Terrence lived it day in and day out. He sometimes risked his own safety because of it. That’s what I call a Patriot is. That is what we all lost last night, a Patriot, which a rare commodity these days in republican politics. May God favor Terrence and peace to his family.

  4. Thank you to Jason and the rest of you for your wonderful words about our kind friend Terrence. He will be missed by so many. Jason, you did a great job capturing and so did you Hirons. It’s be a rough day for many of us. My heart hurts.

  5. Missing the gentle giant. I let all of your words and remembrances of Terrence wash over me as I remember my friend. I too take comfort in the knowing that his struggles here are past him and he now resides in Heaven with those who left before him.

  6. I, too, am simply stunned. I met Terrence in 2003 when Jean ran for School Board. Such a great friend. Despite our differences on some issues, Terrence frequently checked in with me during my campaign this year to see how I was holding up and offer words of encouragement. He will certainly be missed. But even with only 35 short years, he definitely leaves a legacy of love and kindness that will be remembered.

  7. Very nice words, Jason. It’s strange, I probably was only physically in the same room/hanging out with Terrence maybe 6, 7, 8 times (?) over the past 5 years but he was a part of my everyday life on the VV group and social media. So yeah, when you needed a good laugh or wanted to point out something crazy – he was the best banter partner. He thought we were all crazy in Loudoun County, and we are, but he had so many friends out here. It’s been amazing reading all the tributes, the way one man can touch so many lives. We joked about late night beers and who the best person was to hang with at after-parties at conventions and other functions, so Cheers to our friend! May we hold a glass and have a laugh and remember the guy that brought so much joy to our otherwise exhausting political process!

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