GUEST OP-ED: Tracey Conroy is not the GOP-Endorsed Candidate

Guest Post by Dottie Miller

The Prince William County race for School Board Chairman At-Large has become rather confusing for some who aren’t sure who the Republican candidate is. To be clear, that candidate is Tim Singstock; he is the GOP-endorsed candidate for that office.

Despite some misinformation to the contrary, Tracey Conroy is not endorsed by the GOP. She’s a nice woman who is a registered nurse, a mother, and a community activist, but whose views don’t always coincide with Republican principles. For example, taxes is an area of difference.

During the Potomac Local debate, she said this about taxes: “We have to raise them. We’re always going to have more needs,” and “Education will never have enough money. We may need to increase taxes by 20% every year.”

Every department would love to have an endless supply of money, but that is not reality. The School Board needs a Chairman that can work within the tax revenue that the schools are given, rather than blaming shortcomings on insufficient revenue. With Tim Singstock’s background as an accountant, he is perfectly suited to work within the budget – without tax increases.

If there remain any doubts about whether or not Mrs. Conroy’s views coincide with those of the Republican Party, consider the fact that she has been endorsed by N.O.W (National Organization of Women). N.O.W. never endorses candidates who are Republicans or Conservatives. N.O.W. is the most liberal women’s political group in the nation and the state of Virginia. N.O.W. advocates for liberal fiscal policies like tax increases on individuals and businesses, and socialized health care. In the schools, they advocate for liberal social issues such as the expansion of mandatory sex education in schools and no parental notice for a teenager’s abortion. This is too liberal for Prince William County.

As a mother and as a grandmother, this is not what I want to see in our schools, and it is not what the majority of Prince William County wants for our schools. We need a candidate who can work within the budget, whether or not taxes are increased. With Tim Singstock’s background as an accountant, he cultivated the skills necessary for the fiscal responsibilities for the job as School Board Chair. He is also an American patriot who has served our country at home and abroad as an Army Officer.

Tim has also unequivocally stood for positive change as the Chair of the Safe Schools Advisory Council and is well qualified to represent the Prince William County Schools in the future. Tim Singstock is the candidate who embraces the Republican principles of teacher and parent empowerment, efficient budgeting, and local control of schools.

There is only one Republican candidate for School Board Chairman at Large, and that candidate is Tim Singstock. There is only one ideal candidate for the position, and that, too, is Tim Singstock. Tim has my vote on November 3rd!

Dottie Miller is President of the Bull Run Republican Women’s Club