The Politicization of Prince William County Children – Op-Ed from Lee Price



As many of you know by now, last week the Prince William County school system sent 86,000 children home with a flyer to give to their parents regarding the current budget debate on the Prince William County Board of County Supervisors. This blatant politicization has not only forced our children into the delivery of factually incorrect and incredibly misleading information to their parents, but using our children to make that political point is a blatant abuse of the responsibility and authority we have bestowed upon these individuals.

Not only did the responsible parties abuse their positions to make a political point, but they chose to do so in a format that cost the taxpayers between $20,000 and $30,000 instead of cheaper alternatives that would have cost the taxpayers pennies on the dollar in comparison. While the whole point of this flyer was to show that there is not a single cent of excess in the Prince William County school budget, they decided to spend enough money out of their budget to have paid for an additional school bus driver for an entire year, or half of the annual salary of a full-time teacher in Prince William County on this one flyer.

Despite their attempt to mislead thousands of Prince William residents into believing that the Board of County Supervisors is going to cut some of the most emotional and essential services within our school system, this never has – and is not right now – the truth of the matter.

The people of Prince William County, and specifically the people of Woodbridge, deserve better. Inflammatory rhetoric, incredibly misleading charts that disguise the truth, and using our children to deliver this message is wrong. The parties responsible for this misguided attempt to sway public favor through the use of our children must be held accountable.

This debate is about the future of Prince William County. I meet people in Woodbridge almost every single day when I am going door to door, speaking with local business owners, or volunteering in our community that tell me about the tough choices they have to make every month in order to get by.

A member of our community should not be forced to decide between having enough money for three decent meals every day or paying their bills on time because our county government claims it cannot survive off of the exact amount of money that they just finished using the year before and decides that it needs 6.3% more when we can prove that it does not.

The people of Woodbridge and the people of Prince William County as a whole deserve better than what they are getting from members of our government and school system

Lee Price

Candidate for Woodbridge District Supervisor

Cline Effort to Compensate Victims of Sterilization Included in Budget


Delegate Cline is trying to right a wrong from Virginia’s past. Virginia had a forced sterilization program from the 1920’s to as late as the 1970’s. This morning Delegate Cline proposed the “Justice for Victims of Sterilization Compensation Fund” to compensate those who were victims of this horrible practice.

Here is the Press release from Delegate Clines office:


Richmond, VA – Delegate Ben Cline (R-Rockbridge) announced today that his proposal to create the Justice for Victims of Sterilization Compensation Fund and provide $400,000 for the compensation of victims of the states’ forced sterilization program in the amount of $25,000 per victim was included in the budget conference report released this morning.

“I am pleased that money has been set aside in the budget to compensate those victims of Virginia’s forced sterilization program,” said Cline. “This is an opportunity for the Commonwealth to acknowledge a wrong that was inflicted on innocent Virginians over the course of several decades. Many thanks to all those who fought for this funding, including Mark Bold, Executive Director of the Christian Law Institute, Delegates John O’Bannon, Bob Marshall, and Patrick Hope, as well as the families and supporters of the many victims of this terrible injustice.”

During the 1920s to 1970s, Virginia’s sterilization policy was in effect and many of the procedures were done at what is now the Central Virginia Training Center, located in Madison Heights in Amherst County. Several of the victims still live in Virginia.



I applaud Delegate Cline and his Republican colleagues for pushing this, to help erase this blot on our Commonwealth’s history.



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Can’t we all just get along?  I have no idea what Brian Schoeneman did to some people on the blogs, but I think most of us out there watching the open seat race for Sully District Supervisor in Fairfax County would be happy if they would get over it.  The attacks being leveled are unfair and some of them are just flat out dumb.  I’m tired of the attacks on Brian.  Brian’s my friend and he’s done a lot of good for the Republican Party in Fairfax and the constant attacking is getting old.

Their most recent attack is claiming that Brian had something to do with the FCRC’s executive committee voting overwhelmingly to recommend firehouse primaries for all of the elections in the county this year.

Isn’t that what we want?  Aren’t firehouse primaries the natural compromise between the people who want conventions and the people who want open primaries?  So why are two firehouse primary promoters attacking FCRC’s executive committee because they support the one compromise that both convention and primary people support?  I think it’s pretty obvious, and it stops and ends with Schoeneman Derangement Syndrome.

It’s hard to understand why anybody in Sully, or anywhere else, would support a mass meeting in a contested race. Did they not see what happened in the Whitbeck race last year in the 33rd?  That was a fiasco that people are still complaining about.  The only thing that makes sense is that the other guys running in Sully think a mass meeting is better for them.  Brian, on the other hand, has been principled in his stance on primaries and it surprised nobody that he’d support a state run primary.  Nobody are getting what they want. The compromise of a firehouse is fair and makes the most sense.

That’s probably why FCRC’s board voted 15-3 for a firehouse.

It also doesn’t make sense to claim that a firehouse primary advantages any of the candidates because they don’t have to get a majority of the vote to win.  I don’t recall anybody complaining about a firehouse primary dividing the party when Barbara Comstock ran in a 6 way firehouse primary in 2012. And it didn’t, and she won the general, overwhelmingly.

Sully’s activists were never told that they’d get to decide the nominating method.  They were told the opposite a bunch of times. Ralph Hubbard, their District Chair, sent two emails. One before and one after the FCRC meeting, that specifically said that the discussion about nominating method wasn’t binding, the full committee would have to vote on it, and they were being asked their opinion.  He also pointed out in his follow up email that firehouse primary was the second choice for Sully. Here are quotes from the emails:

During the meeting the will be a period of time to discuss among ourselves our preferred method of nomination.  We will have a break out session during the meeting to do so and I am charged to report to the Chairman the results so he can inform the entire committee.  The ENTIRE committee is responsible for choosing the nomination method.  It is the consensus of the Chairman and the Executive Committee to give as much deference to the individual Districts for their own Supervisor races but in the end the committee as a whole has to approve it.”

After the meeting, Ralph sent this out:

A second “insta poll” of the membership attending significantly preferred a Mass Meeting over the other methods.  Firehouse Primary/Canvass was the second choice.

This expression of preference is non binding.  Ultimately it’s up to the entire committee.”

With a firehouse, Sully gets its second choice. So does Dranesville, who wanted a state run primary for their nomination method, and so does Mason, who also wanted a mass meeting. The other districts get their first choice, a firehouse primary. Most of FCRC wants a firehouse as either first choice or second choice, so what’s the issue?

Anybody who wants a mass meeting isn’t picking it because they think it’s the best nominating method. Nobody thinks that.  They’re picking it because they think it’s the method that makes it hardest for Brian to win the nomination.  We shouldn’t be picking nomination methods to screw with candidates, we should be picking them to build the party and help the candidates win in November.


Corey Stewart draws a Primary Challenge




With the very popular Supervisor Candland deciding not to run for the Chairmanship of the Prince William Board  of supervisor,a GOP activist has stepped up to the challenge. Chris Crawford from Gainesville announced today that he will take on two term Chairman Corey Stewart this year. Crawford going into this has an uphill battle with little to know name I.D and Corey’s ability in  fundraising, Crawford has a 24/7 job on his hands to take down Core Stewart.  Crawford’s Press Release is here :


Gainesville, VA –Today, Chris Crawford, a local activist and concerned citizen announced his candidacy to become the Republican-nominee for the Chairman of the Board of County Supervisors in Prince William County.

In his announcement, Crawford said “Our party has a serious problem, we are losing major elections and have not won a county-wide race for a Republican since 2009.  While we claim to be the party of low taxes, small government, and responsible development, the fact is our current leadership is not upholding these values.”

He added, “Our county has the highest tax rate in Northern Virginia and the hardworking people deserve better than the lowest SOL scores of the Northern Virginia counties, inadequate road infrastructures, and a business climate that deters large companies from moving to Prince William.  Therefore, it is up to us to hold our elected officials accountable for their record. I have spoken with people across the county and the message is clear, they are extremely upset about the current direction of the county and they want change.”

Lastly, Crawford noted that he views these issues as quality-of-life issues that impact the people of Prince William County in every aspect of their lives.  He articulated a need for focus and stated that his priorities will revolve around smart growth, lower taxes, education improvements, and creating a business-friendly climate.  He ended with “I look forward to meeting with more people in the coming months and sharing my vision for Prince William County.”

Chris Crawford and his wife of 16 years, Jo Anne Crawford CPM, reside in Gainesville with their three children, Meghan, Alex, and Emma.


Get the Popcorn folks this could either be a long boring movie, or a short action flick..

Shenanigans in the 11th State Senate District

Guest Author Alexander Edwards


Though we’re less than two weeks into February; things are already heating up in the 11th Senate District Primary. The 11th District covers parts of Chesterfield County, all of Amelia County and all of Colonial Heights City. Senator Steve Martin currently holds the seat. Senator Martin has drawn two primary challengers in the form of political activist Amanda Chase and businessman Barry Moore.

In the February 5th edition of the Amelia Bulletin Monitor (local news source in Amelia County), they featured an interview they conducted with challenger Amanda Chase. While the rest of the interview did a very good job describing Chase’s political activism and her family values, one thing caught my attention. At the end of the article is an editor’s note where the paper called Chase out for making a claim that is not factual.



Chase claims that Senator Martin wrote a law that requires the 11th District to nominate its candidates by primary.

The law Chase is referring to is Virginia Code Section 24.2-509, which contains an exception that allows incumbents to determine the method of nomination as opposed to the party’s committee (unless the party has no incumbent). We are currently seeing a battle over this code section playing out in the 24th Senate District over the method of nomination for Senator Emmett Hanger’s re-election. This law has been in place for decades, long before Senator Martin was first elected to the Virginia Legislature, contrary to Chase’s claims.


To make a false public claim that your opponent (and current incumbent) wrote a law specifically to protect his elected position is a dishonest way to campaign. Voters today expect candidates to campaign on the merits of their own ideas for how to right our nation and commonwealth’s course. We also learned through the 7th District Republican Primary that voters are tired of false, personal attacks. It helped now Congressman Dave Brat win the nomination when then Majority Leader Eric Cantor began using the liberal college professor attack line.

Sources familiar with the most recent December meeting of the 11th Senate District Committee confirm that it was the committee, not Senator Martin, chose to use a primary as the method of nomination on a unanimous vote. Those sources also confirm that neither Chase, nor a representative of her campaign, attended the meeting after being notified several times via email of the meeting’s location and time.

Even after being called out by the Amelia Bulletin Monitor for her not factual claim, Chase took to Facebook and doubled down on her claim.



I would recommend that Chase stick to the facts and talk about her plan for our commonwealth. These types of false, personal attacks are exactly what is wrong with today’s political climate and are exactly why the political process turns off many voters. Campaigns should be about voting records of incumbents and about ideas for growth.


OP-Ed by Jay McConville : Establishment Is Not A Four Letter Word


Against my better judgment, and against my wife’s continued advice, I posted the following comment on Facebook this week. The post received a good bit of attention, and I’m pleased to be asked, in this my first blog post, to explain what I meant. Here is what I wrote:

“OK, I’m officially done with term “establishment” and “insider” when it comes to politics. We actually DO need people to work, serve on committees, and take leadership roles. Now some (who don’t do those things) think they are clever to label these active volunteers, who then run for office, as “establishment” or “insiders.” It’s a weak, pointless, empty, illogical criticism. If you can’t argue the issues, then I guess name-calling will just have to do. That is all.”

Having served in the military my start in politics was a little delayed. Once a civilian, I started doing little tasks to help the GOP here in Mt. Vernon. Then in 2008, dismayed with the direction that our country was going, I upped my game and ran for the Virginia House of Delegates in the 44th District. I lost, but I think I moved our shared Republican perspective a little down the field. Following that experience I wanted to be more involved, and frankly to pay back the many people who had helped me during my campaign, so I volunteered to serve two years as the Vice Chairman for Budget and Finance for the FCRC, working under the dedicated and talented Anthony Bedell. I was then honored to be elected as Chairman, and served two eventful years, being then succeeded by the able and admirable Matt Ames. It was a pretty quick move from outsider to part of the “establishment.”

During this time I met many elected officials, party officials and great volunteers, people who give their time, their talents, their money, their energy and their total dedication to trying to win in the never-ending argument that is politics. I did not agree with all of them on every issue, some I agreed with less, some more. The vast majority, however, cared about their country and their community, and they did the work that must be done if we are ever to correct our nation’s course.

And thus the reason for my post. I fear that the indiscriminate and thoughtless use of this term “establishment” or “insider” as an accusation against these good people hurts our party, making it more difficult to find volunteers, build a high-performing party team, leverage experienced people, and win elections.  I understand it may be fashionable, and it may even be an effective way to win a nomination. But it is not helpful.

Is someone “establishment” just because they’ve spent years working for the party? Or because they happen to know leaders in the party? Or because they understand the policies and procedures of the party? Or because they are able to garner endorsements, should they decide to run, from other people in the party who know and appreciate the work they have done? In a way I guess they are. But someone please explain to me why that is a bad thing.

We won’t win elections if people don’t lead, serve on committees, know the party processes, run for office and do the work. It should not be a badge of honor to have not done these things. It should not be a mark of dishonor to have done so.

It is great that we have a renewed activist spirit in our Republican Party. I was, and remain, inspired by that spirit. It is also great that we hold our leaders accountable for what they do once elected. I absolutely support party nomination processes as the way to get us the best candidates. Sometimes an incumbent will lose in this process, and honestly that is ok. But people should work to understand the process, and not, based on misinformation or ignorance of the procedures, attack anyone who has actually done the work as “establishment.”

There is a great deal of suspicion about back-room deals and “picking” of candidates and the like by people who are outside the party looking in. Those suspicions are unfounded. There is no reason to be outside looking in! For gosh sake, come on in!

There are well-defined and open processes for influencing the party, choosing candidates, and running the organizations that support our efforts. All you have to do is come on out, volunteer, do the work, understand the rules and procedures and participate. If you don’t like what you see, then run for Magisterial District Chair, State Central, or County Chair, or Congressional District Chair, or Congress or whatever. There is no guarantee that you will win, or that your opinions will prevail. But they might. That won’t make you “establishment” – it will make you a teammate.

If you don’t like a candidate, party official, or policy, that’s fine. Just say why, factually, respectfully, constructively. Yelling “establishment” is nothing but empty sloganeering. How can that possibly help?

So let us not use “establishment” or “insider” as an attack. Let us instead build, improve and expand the party, by making it honorable to serve in it. Let us then openly and respectfully discuss policy positions and candidate qualifications, select the best candidate for the job, and the time, in open and vibrant processes, and get to work winning elections and saving America.

That is all.

Jay McConville Former Chair of the Fairfax County Republican Committee 

Dr. Siobhan Stolle- Dunnavant announces her candidacy for the 12th Senate District

FROM NEW BLOGGER – Virginia Hunter

Dr. Siobhan Stolle-Dunnavant announced her candidacy for the 12th Senate District GOP nomination yesterday at the Henrico County Republican Committee monthly breakfast. Stolle- Dunnavant hails from the Tidewater area Stolle family political dynasty, and is the sister of Delegate Chris Stolle, and former state senator turned Va. Beach Sheriff, Ken Stolle, and Colin Stolle, Virginia Beach Commonwealth’s Attorney. Stolle-Dunnavant’s interest in running for the seat being vacated by retiring state senator Walter Stosch was rumored, but her impromptu announcement came as a total surprise to the members of the delegation in attendance at yesterday’s breakfast.

Stolle-Dunnavant, a highly regarded OB-GYN, resides in Henrico County with her four children and husband, Lloyd. She is a director on the Medical Society of Virginia PAC. Stolle Dunnavant has not had a visible presence in Henrico area politics until yesterday. She is not an active member of the HCRC, and is a relative unknown to the general membership. She has, however, earned immeasurable goodwill from the Henrico delegation who have all benefited from her instrumental role in PAC donations and other fundraising efforts on their behalf.

It has been rumored that the delegation, and retiring state senator Walter Stosch in particular, have wanted a plausible and credible candidate as an alternative to the Cantor/Ray Allen candidate, Bill Janis, and the Tea Party favorite, Vince Haley. They may have found this alternative in Stolle-Dunnavant, one of the few remaining un-elected Stolle’s in Virginia. As such, she wears no label and has no record to challenge. She has proven her ability to raise money, and will certainly benefit from the political organizations established by her brothers.

If Henrico voters aren’t turned off by the westward proliferation of the Stolle dynasty, or political family dynasties in general, and are able to overlook her paucity of experience, she may well prevail in June. The announcement is particularly bad news for Bill Janis who was relying upon support from the establishment GOP whose recent scars and bruises at the hand of the Tea Party activists made him the only logical choice against the presumptive Tea Party favorite, Vince Haley.

Henrico County, known for great political theater and drama, never fails to disappoint.

BIO - Dr. Dunnavant was the first woman to be Chairman of the OB-GYN department at Henrico Doctors’ Hospital 2005 to 2006. She was appointed to the Governor’s Board for Maternal and Fetal Medicine from 2000 through 2003. Dr. Dunnavant was appointed to the Board of Trustees for Henrico Doctor’s Hospital in 2009. She serves on the Board of Directors for the Medical Society of Virginia. Dr. Dunnavant is a member of the American Medical Association, Medical Society of Virginia, Richmond Academy of Medicine, and the American Association of Gynecologic Laparoscopists. Dr. Dunnavant serves on the Advisory Board for St Joseph’s Home of the Little Sisters of the Poor, she also volunteers there regularly with her family. She is involved in scouting as a Venture Crew advisor. She served on Saint Bridget Parish Council 2005 to 2008, where she and her family are active members. She volunteers at her children’s schools and supports their sports programs. Dr Dunnavant volunteers with Access Now a program designed to find specialist care for patients seen in free clinics. She sees patients who need gynecologic care, but can’t afford it, in her office free of charge.

CRFV Elects a New Board


Congratulations to the new board of the College Republican Federation of Virginia

Kasha Nielsen (UVA) – Chairman
Devon Flynn (GMU) – First Vice Chair
Jake Lee (JMU) – Second Vice Chair
Nathan Ritchie (W&M) – Secretary
Kim Gibbons (VT) – Treasurer

Kasha herself won her election as Chairman  99-17. This team along with the Young Republicans are the future of the Republican Party, lets show them all the support we can.






Bringing innovation, accountability and excellence to our school system.
Manassas, VA I February 2, 2015 – Today, Willie Deutsch announced his bid for school board in the Coles District.  With the recent announcement that Dr. Michael Otaigbe is not seeking reelection, it is important that we elect bold, innovative leadership in November to improve the Prince William County educational system.

“Currently, Prince William County has some of the lowest SOL and SAT scores as well as the most overcrowded schools in the Commonwealth. We continue to pursue expensive building projects instead of focusing resources on educating our children.  This equation is a recipe for failure, not the world-class education Prince William County students deserve.  Prince William County Schools needs innovative, accountable leadership that will bring transparency to the school board. We need people who will ask, of every new spending proposal, whether the expenditure is the best way to educate our students. When every dollar is accounted for and focused on serving the students of our county, we can be proud of our education system.”

“With almost 60% of property taxes going to education, every tax payer has a stake in the school system.  It is our responsibility as a county to protect our investment in the future.  County taxpayers deserve a good return on their investment; in the form of giving the future citizens of this county the tools they need to be successful civic, business, and family leaders. Above all, kids deserve the strongest possible value out of each dollar that is being spent on their behalf. It is our moral responsibility to give the children of this county the best education possible and be careful stewards of the citizens money.”

Over the coming months, Willie will continue meeting with county residents to hear their ideas for improving the school system, and lay out a plan for reform and greater fiscal accountability. He looks forward to working with every resident of Prince William County to create innovative solutions that increase educational opportunities for all.

Coles District stretches through the center of Prince William County, running from west of Manassas to Minnieville Road on the eastern edge.  The entire school board is on the ballot in November of 2015.

Willie and his wife live in Prince William County where they have been active in their community and their church.  Willie works as a communications professional with a history in data analysis.  He has over a decade of experience in the state and county Republican Party.

Austin Haynes releases his first round of endorsements for Clerk of the Court

Candidate Austin Haynes today released his first round of impressive endorsements in his quest to become Prince William Counties next Clerk of the Court :

29 Jan 2015

It is my great honor to announce my first set of endorsements in my quest to become Clerk of the Circuit Court for the 31st Judicial Circuit. After Mayor Hal Parrish endorsed me during his speech tonight at the Manassas Republican Committee Meeting, I had the pleasure to announce the following endorsements:

Mayor Hal Parrish
Council Member Marc Aveni
Council Member Ian Lovejoy
Council Member Jonathan Way
Council Member Sheryl Bass
Council Member Mark Wolfe

In addition I have the endorsement of Delegate Jackson Miller.

Plus I am very pleased to have been notified I have received the endorsement of Virginia Virtucon. I thank their editorial board for the honor. I will be announcing additional endorsements over the next couple of weeks.

Thank you

We are making great strides in our attempt to bring professional and fiscally responsible management to the Clerk’s office. With your help we will bring a new positive atmosphere to the office. Please vote on April 25th for Austin Haynes.

authorized by Friends of Austin Haynes and approved by the Candidate




Supervisor Ken Reid out…… Hollingshead In? UPDATED

Word around the lovely county of Loudoun is there is a push for former congressional candidate Stephen Hollingshead to run for Leesburg District Supervisor. The word on the street is there are several electeds who are putting the pressure on Mr Hollingshead, and you can add me to the list. I think he would be great for the people of Loudoun County and should jump into the arena.

We as always will keep you posted .





Jackson: Vote YES on Parental Choice in Education

One of the major points in E.W. Jackson’s campaign for Lieutenant Governor in 2013 was expanding School Choice, an issue in need of attention but largely ignored by most politicians then and now. But that’s about to change. Del. Dave LaRock has introduced HB 2238, a bill that would establish savings accounts much like the Virginia 529 college plans, but to help defray costs for families opting out of the public education system. In an email this morning, E.W. Jackson’s Unite Virginia PAC details the bill and calls on people to contact the members of the House Education Committee and ask that they vote YES to this bill:


Far too often, those who need our help the most are stuck in failing school systems that do nothing to help promote families out of poverty and into prosperity.

We cannot allow the quality of one’s education to be dictated by their social status or zip code.

That is why I have championed Parental Choice in Education for years. We must do more to take the power of education out of the hands of bureaucrats, unions, and failing school systems and put it back into the hands of the family so they can help secure a better education and a better future for their children.

This year we have an opportunity to help make Parental Choice in Education a reality.

HB 2238 would create Parental Choice in Education Savings Accounts allowing families to save money to put towards their child’s education just as they would for college. But the key to this bill is that localities will be helping as well.

Localities will contribute 90 percent of state funds appropriated for public school purposes per pupil – meaning for every dollar the state provides your locality to educate your child, 90 cents will be put into the savings account and 10 cents will go to the locality to help improve the quality of a public education.

This bill is a win-win for both families and localities, empowering parents who want to choose a different path for their children while providing localities a net gain for each student who opts for a private education.

This is a step in the right direction for Virginia’s families. Far too often students are stuck in failing systems that leave them behind in a fast moving world. We need to ensure families have options to better the lives of future generations – Parental Choice in Education does that.

We need this bill to make it to the House floor and to the Governor’s desk. You can help make that happen by contacting the members of the House Committee on Education and telling them to vote YES on Parental Choice and YES on helping ensure a future for thousands of Virginians.

  • Joseph Yost (R) – (804) 698-1012 –
  • Richard Bell (R) – (804) 698-1020 –
  • Steve Landes (R) – (804) 698-1025 –
  • Roxann Robinson (R) – 804) 698-1027 –
  • Scott Lingamfelter (R) – (804) 698-1031 –
  • Tag Greason (R) – (804) 698-1032 –
  • Mark Keam (D) – (804) 698-1035 –
  • David Bulova (D) – (804) 698-1037 –
  • Pete Farrell (R) – (804) 698-1056 –
  • James LeMunyon (R) – (804) 698-1067 –
  • Jennifer McClellan (D) – (804) 698-1071 –
  • Jimmy Massie (R) – (804) 698-1072 –
  • Roslyn Tyler (D) – (804) 698-1075 –
  • Jay Leftwich (R) – (804) 698-1078 –
  • Glenn Davis (R) – (804) 698-1084 –
  • Thomas Rust (R) – (804) 698-1086 –
  • Mark Cole (R) – (804) 698-1088 –
  • Daun Hester (D) – (804) 698-1089 –
  • Joesph Lindsey (D) – (804) 698-1090 –
  • David Yancey (R) – (804) 698-1094 –
  • Brenda Pogge (R) – (804) 698-1096 –

    Please call and e-mail as many members as you can and let them know you want HB 2238 and you want all families to be empowered in the education of their children.

    No child should be denied a quality education because of a failing school system. Help make sure all Virginians get access by calling and emailing these delegates today!

    Thank you and God bless,

    E.W. Jackson
    Unite Virginia

  • Daniel Webb announces for YRFV Chair !!!

    1st Vice Chair of the YRFV announced this morning that he wants to be the next Chairman of YR Federation of Virginia.  Current Chairman John Scott announced last week that he will seek the top job as National Chairman. Webb  is a hardworking consensus builder, and would be a great Chairman , I for one will be happy to cast my vote for him in the upcoming YRFV convention.

    Here is his Press Release on his candidacy :

    For Immediate Release Press Contact:

    January 20, 2015

    Roanoke, Va- Today Young Republican Federation of Virginia First Vice Chair Dan Webb announced his candidacy for YRFV Chairman with a major endorsement:

    “I have had the pleasure of serving in the Young Republican Federation of Virginia in various capacities over the last five years. Starting as the Secretary and then Vice Chair of the Lynchburg Area Young Republican club, and as my job took me to a new city, becoming the founding Chairman of the Roanoke Valley Young Republican club. In 2013 I was honored to join the executive board in a new capacity as First Vice Chair.

    At the last YRFV meeting Chairman John Scott announced that he would not be seeking re-election. Chairman Scott set a great example of dedication to the Federation.

    Today I am announcing my candidacy for Chairman of the Young Republican Federation of Virginia to continue that dedicated service.

    My vision for the YRFV is to help cultivate a culture of cooperative action among our members. If we want the principles we hold most dear to become a policy reality we have to work together to win politically. My driving motivation is to see us come together as an organization and work effectively for our Republican nominees.

    Our team is already gaining momentum and I am honored to have Senator Mark Obenshain’s endorsement of my candidacy:

    ‘My friend Dan Webb has worked tirelessly over the years expanding and growing the Republican Party here in the Commonwealth. He’s spent countless hours knocking on doors, making phone calls, and working hard for conservative candidates at every level of government. In 2013, Dan was a tireless supporter, effectively serving as a surrogate across Virginia and volunteering on behalf of the statewide campaigns.

    In his role as First Vice Chairman for the Young Republican Federation of Virginia, Dan has been part of a successful leadership team that has implemented a growth-oriented plan to form new clubs and grow existing chapters. He has my full support in his bid to be the next Chairman of the Young Republican Federation of Virginia.’

    YRFV Action has put together a great team of candidates which we’ll be announcing soon. We look forward to discussing our vision and goals for the Federation in the coming weeks (You can like our facebook page to see future announcements).

    I humbly ask for your support as I seek the office of Chairman of the Young Republican Federation of Virginia.”

    Dan lives with his wife Rita and their daughters Abigail and Daisy in Roanoke, VA where he serves as Congressman Bob Goodlatte’s Campaign Manager. He has also served as Vice Chairman of the Lynchburg Area Young Republicans, and was the founding Chairman of the Roanoke Valley Young Republicans. He currently serves the YRFV as First Vice Chair. 




    BREAKING : Frey out Schoeneman in? (updated)

    Long serving Fairfax Supervisor Michael Frey has announced that after serving the folks of the Sully District since 1990, he will not seek reelection.

     “As with all things, there comes a time when change is appropriate. I’m just not as enthusiastic in making those 7 a.m. breakfast meetings in Tyson’s as I used to be.” – Michael Frey

    Here is more from the Centreville Independent

    Now the question is who will run for the seat? The answer Brian Schoeneman, though not official we have it on excellent authority that an announcement is forth coming!!

    V.V will keep an eye on this one folks

    Brian’s statement can be seen here :


    January 20, 2015
    Brian Schoeneman,
    Will resign from Fairfax County Electoral Board on Wednesday
    CENTRVILLE, VA – Fairfax County Electoral Board Secretary Brian Schoeneman has announced his intent to run for the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors. Schoeneman is seeking the seat being vacated by Supervisor Michael Frey (R-Sully), who announced his retirement on Monday.
    “Having spent the last two years supervising elections in Fairfax County, I realized that I could better serve my community by putting my name on a ballot, rather than continue counting them,”Schoeneman said Tuesday. “I look forward to working hard, earning the Republican nomination and running a successful campaign through November.
    Schoeneman, a Republican, has served over the last two years as Vice Chairman and later as Secretary of the Fairfax County Electoral Board. In 2011, he ran for Virginia House of Delegates against Delegate David Bulova (D-37th) in a district that included portions of Sully. He also serves on the Fairfax County Economic Advisory Commission, and was a member of the Bi-Partisan Election Process Improvement Commission established by the Fairfax County Board of Supervisor following the 2012 Presidential Election.
    “As a Republican, I have long advocated for balanced budgets, low taxes, reducing the crushing burden of regulations on Fairfax employers, expanding economic development to bring good jobs toFairfax County, and fighting to ensure that Fairfax County remains the best place to live, work andraise a family,” he noted. “If elected, I hope to continue my record as a transparent, accessible andhonest public servant. I plan on spending the next eleven months meeting the voters of Sully District and demonstrating to them I have the common sense, good judgment and experience to serve them as their County Supervisor.
    Sully Magisterial District, which encompasses Centreville, Chantilly, and portions of Clifton and Oakton, has been represented since its creation by Michael Frey, who announced his intention to retire after six terms on Monday. “I’ve been privileged to know and work with Michael over the lastfive years. He was very helpful to me during my campaign in 2011, where we spent weekends doorknocking together, and in my time on the Electoral Board he has been a welcome resource. No one will be able to fill his shoes, but I look forward to the opportunity to succeed him and continue his excellence in constituent services.
    Under Virginia law, Electoral Board appointees are forbidden to run for office. In order to comply with the law, Schoeneman will be resigning his seat on the Fairfax County Electoral Board on Wednesday. His replacement will be chosen by the judges of the Circuit Court of Fairfax County.
    Schoeneman, 37, is a resident of the Virginia Run community of Centreville, where he lives with his wife KayAnn and their son Nicholas.##



    Woodbridge has a Republican Candidate for Supervisor

    With the announcement from Terrence Boulden that he would not be a candidate for Supervisor, Republican Lee Price steps up to the plate to take on  the king of  spend Frank Principi . V.V obtained a copy of his not yet officially released press release:



    Lee Price Announces Run for

    Woodbridge Supervisor


    “Woodbridge needs a leader who will pay attention to detail, and who will work to increase jobs, opportunities, not just focus solely on raising taxes”  – Lee Price


    Woodbridge, VA – Area businessman, Lee Price, announced today his intention to run for the Woodbridge District Supervisor seat on the Prince William Board of County Supervisors citing strong citizen disapproval with the direction of Prince William County in its tax and spending policies.


    “The citizens of Woodbridge spoke clearly on their views of the ever increasing taxes in the recent ORC poll commissioned by the County, with 86% of citizens not wanting to see another huge tax increase.  Those are the families I will represent on the Board of County Supervisors.  The current Woodbridge supervisor, Frank Principi, is obsessively focused on representing a very small group of only 11% of constituents who want to see taxes increased to expand the size of government – ignoring the plight of hard-working Woodbridge families who are unfairly punished by tax increases every year”, Price emphasized.


    Price outlined his priorities for the 2015 campaign by stating he will oppose the double-digit tax increases supervisor Principi champions, and will vote to refocus County spending to the core services it should be providing.  “We need to focus on protecting our homes and communities with adequate public safety resources, reducing classroom overcrowding in our schools and reducing gridlock on our roads”, said Price


    Price said he will ask voters to look at the abysmal record of the incumbent supervisor, pointing out that over the past four years, Principi has voted to increase taxes every year to grow the bureaucracy of County government.  Worse, Principi actually pushed to dramatically increase taxes even beyond that which was finally approved in each of those budget votes.


    Recently a heated controversy arose relating to a missed requirement tied to the Route 1 widening project within the Belmont Bay area.  Apparently this missed improvement was due to Mr. Principi’s lack of consideration and inattentiveness to potential impacts of the Route 1 widening on his constituents.  When this was pointed out (at the eleventh hour) by local citizens, Mr. Principi went scrambling to find any available funding to mitigate. Obviously the only money available at the time was the County’s Reserve funds.




    The cost of this particular oversight cost the tax payer approximately $12 mil. “This situation put numerous individuals (PWC residents and Supervisors) at odds with each other and could have been totally avoided/prevented if this requirement had been identified, planned, budgeted and vetted early and properly,” says Price. “Furthermore, how many additional requirements similar to this are lying in wait?”


    Price vowed to ensure that situations like this (i.e. raiding county coffers earmarked for specific things to bailout poorly planned projects), will not happen under my watch.  “Funding lines are justified and established for a reason. Specifically, the County Reserve fund was setup for true emergencies,” says Price. “Principi had an opportunity early on to meet with his constituents and discuss their needs towards finding a way to meet them. If this situation had been handled correctly there would have been little to no fallout.”


    Lee Price is a fiscally conservative candidate who is running for the Woodbridge District Supervisor seat. He lives with his family in Woodbridge and is currently serving on the Master HOA Board of Directors (Potomac Club, located directly across from Wegmans and the Town Center) which has an annual budget of over $2.2 million. He is in his fifth year and has served two years as President.


    Mr. Price recently retired with over 33 years of Federal Department of Defense (DoD) service, with 30 years within the Information Technology (IT) field. Throughout his federal career he worked equal durations for the U.S. Air Force, the U.S. Navy, the U.S. Army, and the last 15 years as a senior IT manager. He has spent considerable amount of time working with individuals and organizations, and solving/resolving critical budgetary issues. Mr. Price received multiple awards for excellent civilian service including several Commanders Awards for exemplary Service. Mr. Price also served 20 years as a Deacon for his church. He was educated at the University of Texas, San Antonio (UTSA) with a background in computer science, business data systems, math, and economics.


    Mr. Price is also an Eagle Scout and is currently a Realtor with Berkshire Hathaway. He is also employed as the Vice President of Business Operations for GINIA Inc; a local Northern Virginia Management Consulting firm.

    Singstock Collects Key Endorsements


    Tim Singstock collects two key endorsements as he prepares to officially launch his campaign for School Board Chairman At Large: Del Scott Lingamfelter (VA-31) and Dumfries Mayor (and candidate for 36th Senate District) Jerry Foreman.

    Del Lingamfelter writes:

    I recently read—with great happiness—the news in multiple publications that Tim Singstock has announced his intention to run for at-large School Board Chairman of Prince William County.

    I am happy to announce my support for Tim Singstock’s candidacy as School Board Chairman for Prince William County.  He is a born leader who has dedicated countless hours of his time to the betterment of our community, and has strong moral character.  I hope you will join me in supporting Tim Singstock as he runs for Prince William County’s next School Board Chairman.

    I have known Tim for many years, and I believe him to be a great fit for the job.  When I look at Tim Singstock and his service to our community, I am confident that he will be a superb School Board Chairman.   Among other civic organizations, Tim is Chairman and At Large Appointee on the Safe Schools Advisory Council; which shows that one of his main priorities is the safety of our children and grandchildren in school.  Tim was raised in our community, and has a great feel for the issues facing our public school system presently and into the future.

    I hope you will join me in supporting him.


    Scott Lingamfelter

    Member, Virginia House of Delegates


    Mayor Foreman writes:

    I want to go on record as endorsing Tim Singstock on his campaign to become the Prince William County School Board Chairman.

    Tim brings excellent credentials to this position and has been active in the Prince William County school system for several years. He is committed to providing the best education for our youth.

    He is honest, reliable, and willing to work the long hours needed for the position. Tim’s commitment to government accountability will promote an atmosphere of openness and transparency in our school system. I believe Tim is the person best qualified to be our next Prince William County Public School Board Chairman.


    Gerald “Jerry” Foreman

    Mayor, Town of Dumfries


    Singstock will hold his official kick off this Wednesday, January 14th @ 7:30pm at Signal Hill Elementary School.

    Breaking News: Virginia YR Chairman John Scott Announces Candidacy for National Young Republicans Chairman





    YRFV Chairman John Scott announced this morning his intentions to run for nationwide chair. This opens up the door for others to run for Chair at the YRfv State convention this year, the rumored front runner being first Vice Chair Dan Webb of Roanoke.

    Here is John’s press release :





    Since 2012, I have had the honor of serving as Virginia’s Young Republican Chairman, and more recently, as the National Federation’s Southern Regional Vice Chairman. I’m incredibly proud of my team’s record of recruiting new activists, forming new clubs, growing existing infrastructure, and helping good Republicans get elected.


    But I’ll be honest, it’s not enough.


    When President Obama wins the youth vote in 2012 by a whopping 37 percent, it doesn’t matter how many years I’ve served. I’ve often wondered, will this country ever elect another Republican as President? That feeling hurts, and I know it eats away at you, too.


    But as bad as it hurts, I’m not ready to give up.


    It will take grit and hard work to claw our way back into the White House. And, for me, it starts right here with doing our part and picking up several points in the youth vote.


    With the right vision, it can be done.


    I have a vision of YRs coordinating messaging with fellow Republican and youth-oriented organizations to make the case to win the hearts and minds of young professionals across the United States. I have a vision of YRs collecting the resources necessary to be the on-call, go-to when a candidate needs an influx of bodies to knock tens of thousands of doors and prevail.


    And finally, I have a vision of our organization thriving in all 50 states by YRs strengthening their existing Federations and clubs and establishing structure in the remaining ones. We will carry out this vision, and in time, marry the results to the youth coalition of the eventual Republican nominee. From there, we will work together to increase the youth vote and win back the White House.


    This vision is why I am announcing my candidacy for Chairman of the Young Republican National Federation.


    For several months now, I have spoken with fellow YRs from across the US who believe in that vision. And thus, we have formed YRLead. YRLead is a team of individuals that intend to carry out this vision and lead YRNF to greatness. I am humbled and excited that there are folks who share my vision and are up for the challenge to prevail in 2016.


    I am confident that this campaign of vision and people will prevail. We will continue to work tirelessly and hope you will support us financially to send an army of delegates to Chicago this summer to win.


    Please donate $5, $10, $25, $50, or $100 to help delegate turnout and ensure victory!


    Finally, below are links to our Facebook and Twitter. Stay tuned for the release of our platform, fellow team members, and endorsements.


    Thanks so much for your support.



    John Scott

    National Human Trafficking Awareness Day is today January 11th. …Guest post from Austin Haynes

    National Human Trafficking Awareness Day is today January 11th.


    According to Department of Homeland Security “human trafficking is modern-day slavery and involves the use of force, fraud, or coercion to obtain some type of labor or commercial sex act”.  We all hear this and think this behavior is disgusting and evil, but really it happens overseas, or to poor people, or to those in other parts of the country.  It doesn’t affect me or my friends and neighbors.  Wrong, Wrong, Wrong!!

    On October 3, 2014 the Washington Post wrote about the “Just Ask” Prevention Project and the success the program had in just its first year.  Over 250 victims of human trafficking and nearly 70 human trafficking suspects were identified in Northern Virginia.  These numbers are just unimaginable.

    DHS lists many factors as possible signs of a possible victim that include behavior or physical state, social behavior, work conditions or immigration status, and minor victims.  Some of those who may be susceptible may be those of broken homes, those who have suffered bullying, and those who may be susceptible to coercion.  Many victims, especially the younger ones are now recruited over social media.

    This past September, Rep. Dave Camp (R-MI) put forth the Preventing Sex Trafficking and Strengthening Families Act (H.R. 4980) and it passed with bipartisan support.  This new law among other things requires state child welfare agencies to identify, document, and determine appropriate services for children in foster care or who are otherwise involved in the child welfare system who are victims of child sex trafficking or at risk of becoming victims.  The Act also encourages agencies to promote “normalcy” for these at risk youth to allow them to participate in age appropriate social, scholastic, and enrichment activities.  As a former foster child, I cannot emphasize how important this is.

    Often children in foster care are vulnerable as they have been displaced from their families, they already feel victimized, and are often looking for social acceptance.  In today’s social media driven environment, predators are able to take advantage of this.  They entrap these children, often by taking advantage of the victim themselves and then threatening exposure to family and friends unless the victim continues to follow the predator’s commands.

    Republicans have been at the lead in helping to stop trafficking passing over a dozen bills, including the Debbie Smith Act protecting Sexual Assault Victims.  Human Trafficking is not just about moving children across national borders or state lines, but can happen in our own neighborhoods.  Have you noticed a child who seems always to be at work instead of in school or playing?  There are many forms of abuse and not all involve human trafficking, but human trafficking is real and it does happen in Northern Virginia.  Please visit DHS and find out more about their “Blue Campaign” to prevent human trafficking at .


    Austin Haynes

    Supervisor Nohe has a primary challenger ….. PWC 2015

    Supervisor Marty Nohe has drawn his first primary opponent of the 2015 election season. Business owner Paul O’Meara who has been speaking about running for the last few months, made it official with the following press release.

    Marty Nohe  a tireless campaigner has yet to officially announce his intentions.





    O’Meara  Announces  Candidacy  as  the  Coles  District  Supervisor     Coles  District,  VA  –  Native  Prince  William  County  resident,  Paul  O’Meara,  announced   today  that  he  is  seeking  the  position  of  Coles  District  Supervisor.    The  local   businessman  has  been  an  out-­‐spoken  advocate  for  the  taxpayers  of  Prince  William   County  in  recent  years  during  public  transportation  meetings  and  Board  of  County   Supervisors  Meetings.     When  reached  for  comment,  Coles  District  Supervisor  Candidate,  Paul  O’Meara  said,

    “I  have  grown  increasingly  concerned  with  the  trajectory  of  spending  in  County   government.

    Given  the  current  state  of  our  economy  and  the  hardships  families   continue  to  face,  I  fear  the  current  Board  is  out-­‐of-­‐touch  with  those  who  have   elected  them.    We  have  one  of  the  highest  tax  rates  in  our  region,  while  our   classrooms  and  roads  continue  to  be  overcrowded.”     Paul  O’Meara  has  been  exploring  a  run  for  several  months  and  has  spent  time   talking  with  Coles  District  residents.

    Candidate  O’Meara  has  found,  “the  following   concerns  are  prevalent  across  the  Coles  District:  overcrowded  classrooms,   underpaid  teachers,  clogged  transportation  corridors,  a  lack  of  living-­‐wage  jobs  here   in  the  county,  an  explosion  of  residential  development  without  the  necessary   supporting  infrastructure,  and  rising  real  estate  taxes.”     Asked  to  address  some  of  his  solutions  for  such  a  wide  array  of  problems,  Coles   District  Candidate,  Paul  O’Meara  said,  “I  will  be  running  on  a  comprehensive   platform  to  work  with  the  School  Board  to  reset  spending  priorities,  reform  our   development  process,  and  reform  County  government  while  alleviating  the  tax   burden  placed  on  home  owners.

    Additionally  I  would  invite  folks  to  visit  my   website  at  to  learn  more  about  my  campaign”.


    Paul  O’Meara  was  born  and  raised  in  Prince  William  County,  graduating  from  C.D.   Hylton  High  School  and  George  Mason  University  with  a  B.A.  in  Government  and   International  Politics.    Currently,  Paul  is  the  Vice-­‐President  of  a  family-­‐owned   business  that  was  founded  in  Prince  William  County  in  1973.    Paul  is  a  member  of   the  Chamber  of  Commerce  and  a  past  Trustee  of  Sudley  United  Methodist  Church.

    Paid  for  and  Authorized  by  Friends  of  Paul  O’Meara

    State Senator Steve Martin announces his plans for reelection

    Today State Senator Steve Martin released the following statement:





    Today, I write to formally announce my campaign for re-election to the State Senate, representing the 11th District of Virginia. Our Commonwealth faces many challenges, ranging from a budget shortfall to fighting back against the continued infringement on our personal liberty by a federal government grown too large. Now, more than ever, is the time for true Conservative Leadership!


    Consistently, I have held the line against new tax increases – while also championing tax relief for working Virginians. I was privileged to be co-patron for both the Car Tax Cut and the Death Tax Elimination. Additionally, I spearheaded the successful effort in 2005-2006 to eliminate wasteful government programs, agencies, boards, and commissions. I was also proud to stand in staunch opposition to the 2013 Transportation Tax Hike. And I renew my pledge to you, now, to continue fighting wasteful government spending and working to provide tax relief for hard working Virginia families.


    My faith has guided every decision I have made and every vote I have cast as State Senator. I renew my pledge to you, now, to continue fighting for our values. I am unwavering in my support of life and traditional marriage; my voting record in this area has earned me a 100% rating from The Family Foundation and a 100% rating from the American Conservative Union.


    I was honored to serve as the Author and Chief Patron of Virginia’s Healthcare Freedom Act, which enabled Ken Cuccinelli to file suit against the federal government. I will continue to lead the fight against Obamacare here in our Commonwealth, and will staunchly oppose all efforts to expand Medicaid.


    It is a great honor to receive endorsements from other strong, local leaders and longtime friends from our community, including: former State Senator Eva Scott, Amelia Board of Supervisor Members Caroll Barnard, Jim Bennett, Judy Jones, and Ralph Whitaker, Jr., Amelia Sheriff Ricky Walker, Amelia Commissioner of the Revenue Joyce Morris, Amelia Treasurer Pamela Conyers, Amelia Commonwealth’s Attorney Lee Harrison; Chesterfield Board of Supervisors Member Art Warren, Chesterfield Commissioner of the Revenue Joe Horbal, Chesterfield County Treasurer Richard Cordle, former Chesterfield County Commissioner of the Revenue Ike Carmichael, Citizens for Good Governance Senior Counsel Michael Farris; Colonial Heights City Council Members Milton Freeland, Jr., Kenneth Frenier, Joe Green, Jr., Gregory Kochuba, and John Wood, Colonial Heights Commissioner of the Revenue Bill Feasenmyer, Colonial Heights Treasurer Joy Moore, Colonial Heights Commonwealth’s Attorney Bill Bray; and all three of our County Republican Chairs for Chesterfield, Amelia, and Colonial Heights.


    Nomination contests are excellent opportunities for citizens to compare the voting records of their representatives with their rhetoric, and ensure legislators stay accountable to the people they serve. I submit my record of Conservative governing to you, and humbly ask for your support – and your vote.

    I look forward to meeting with many of you out on the campaign trail. This year we will hold and build on the Republican majority we have worked hard to establish in the Senate and House. We will take a stand for our principles of limited, effective government, and we will stand in defense of our individual liberty.

    Thank you for the privilege of public service. May God continue to bless our great Commonwealth!


    Steve Martin