Is “Boss” Herrity the New Tom Davis of Fairfax County?

Is Supervisor Pat Herrity trying to control Republican politics across Fairfax County and become the new Tom Davis? That’s exactly what’s happening according to Mason Conservative in this excellent piece available HERE.

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John Guevara, Candidate for Sully District Supervisor

Conservative John Guevara has announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination for Sully District Supervisor. His press release:


Press Contact: Chris Farmer, Campaign Manager 703-431-9243

John Guevara Announces Run for Sully District Supervisor Conservative candidate to fill the vacancy left open by the retirement of Michael Frey

FAIRFAX- John Guevara announced today that he intends to seek the Republican nomination for Sully District Supervisor. The seat is being vacated by the retiring Michael Frey, a Republican and the only one to hold this seat since it was created in 1991.

“I am running for Sully District Supervisor because I understand the needs of our community,” said Guevara. “I am always looking for ways to serve my community and I am very excited about the opportunity to earn the vote of the residents of my district.”

Guevara works as a Manager, Professional Service for a large telecommunications service provider and has served his community in a variety of ways. Guevara was on the PTO Board at Navy Elementary for two terms, and was president of his HOA for several years. Recently, he was selected as Vice President of the Board for the Western Fairfax Christian Ministries, a nonprofit charitable organization dedicated to supporting local families in need with emergency food and financial assistance. He has also volunteered his time as a youth sports coach and Cub Scouts Den Leader. He is a war-time veteran of the U.S. Army.

“I have often wondered how is it possible that we live in such a prosperous district yet have a significant number of families who are struggling to make ends meet,” said Guevara. “How can we have a $2.5 billion school budget and yet have overcrowding in more than 30% of our elementary schools? Or, how can we spend billions of dollars on mass transit only to continue to sit in traffic day after day after day? We have to address these and other pressing issues but we have to do it with smarter, no-nonsense management. Throwing different people with the same ideas at these problems is political insanity. I am a first-generation Hispanic American who has earned the American Dream. Growing-up in near-poverty, I learned the importance of sacrifice and the value of working hard, which I applied to my education and to my careers in IT and the U.S. Army. We need a new face, a person who has management, business, and people skills to tackle these local issues that affect our families. I am that candidate.”

Sully District Supervisor is a position on the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors. The district is made up of Centreville, Chantilly, Clifton and Oakton.

Guevara has lived in Sully for the last 15 years with his high school sweetheart, Marilyn. They have two sons, Peter and Nathan, who both attend Fairfax County public schools.

Newcomer to Sully, the inventor of “Election Recount by Social Media”, the less conservative Brian Schoeneman, is also running for the seat.

Learn more about John Guevara and his views here,  here and here.

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Major Snowstorm Predicted, Schools Closed in Loudoun and Fairfax, Election in the 33rd Senate District to be Held

Fairfax County and Loudoun County have announced their schools will be close tomorrow, January 21st.  Even though the schools will be closed due to the latest prediction of 4″ to 8″ of snow, all polls in the 33rd district will be open their regular voting hours,  6:00 am to 7:00 pm.  Since the snow is not scheduled to begin until around 9:00 am, I urge all voters to get to the polls early to vote for John Whitbeck.  This election determines the balance of power in the Senate and if we will have any hope of stopping Terry McAuliffe’s radical agenda for the Commonwealth.  It’s too important, you must make every attempt to get to the polls.  If you need a ride to the polls, or have other questions about voting, please call the Whitbeck campaign at  571-223-9663.

A list of all closings for tomorrow, as of 11:00 pm, here. 

Statement from Loudoun County Public Schools:

Residents Urged to Vote Early on Tuesday, Jan. 21; Polls Open 6 a.m. Regardless of Inclement Weather

Polls in Loudoun County’s 33rd State Senate District will be open from 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, January 21, 2014, for a special election. It is recommended that residents vote early on election day to avoid inclement weather. The election will be held even if the Loudoun County Public Schools are closed. More information can be found at

The election is being held to fill the remainder of the term being vacated by Mark Herring upon his election as Attorney General of Virginia. The term will expire on January 13, 2016.

This election is open only to registered voters within the 33rd Senate District. Voters should check their voter card and verify that 033 is listed as Senate District. More information about the election, including a link to a map of the 33rd Senate District and a list of the precincts involved in the election, is online at

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Why John Whitbeck is the Best Candidate in the 33rd Senate District and Why You Should Care

Two Republican candidates are running for the nomination in the district Senator Mark Herring will vacate if he wins the recount for Attorney General. Voters in the 33rd Senate district will make their choice in a Mass Meeting to be held on Monday, December 16th, at Park View High School, 400 W. Laurel Avenue, Sterling, VA 20164, with registration from 6:30 PM until 7:30 PM. You must be at the high school prior to 7:30 to register to vote. The meeting will begin promptly at 7:30. Since several hundred people are expected to attend so getting to the school early would be a good idea. If you are unsure of your state Senate district, click here.

Two candidates, John Whitbeck and Ron Meyer Jr., are running to face democrat Jennifer Wexton in a special election; the date has not yet been set.

Ron Meyer Jr. is 23 years old and without a regular job. He has been a young spokesman on Fox News on a few occasions but was fired from his most recent job when he said John Boehner would resign as Speaker. Admitting this rather large mistake, Meyer said ” Look, I’m a 23-year-old activist who’s just starting”. He’s right, he’s just a kid starting out. He may well make a good candidate in 10 or 20 years. He’s just not ready yet.

Ron rents an apartment in Herndon with his girlfriend. He’s never had a mortgage or a business or even a regular job. After deciding to run for State Senate Ron proposed to his girlfriend in a rather opportunistic move on Thanksgiving. Until a few weeks ago Ron Meyer was running for Congress in the 11th district. He has refused to return money that donors gave him for the 11 district race while he uses their money in this current race for State Senate. Many donors are extremely angry about Meyer using money that they donated for one purpose only to see their money used for a completely different purpose in a district that doesn’t even represent them. Is that even legal? I can find no endorsements for Ron Meyer Jr on his website or anyplace else.

John Whitbeck is 35 years old, married for 10 years, with two little girls and another due next month. He is a well respected attorney in Leesburg having run his own business for years. As Chairman of Virginia’s 10th Republican District, John has been a solid conservative who has been able to join together all factions of the party. In 2008 Virginia’s 10th district voted for Obama. Under John’s guidance the 10th district voted for Romney in 2012. John owns a home in Landsdowne and has been President of their Home Owner’s Association. He is a solid conservative who will not raise taxes, he supports the Second Amendment, and is pro Life. He knows how to beat democrats and he has proven it as the leader in the 10th Congressional district. John has been endorsed by an overwhelming majority of the elected officials in Loudoun County.

Please visit John Whitbeck’s website and learn more him and his ideas for our future. I think you will agree that John is by far the best candidate to represent us in the special election for Mark Herring’s seat, should such an election become necessary. Republicans need to take back this seat to control the State Senate and stop McAuliffe from expanding Obamacare into Virginia and raising our taxes. John is the candidate who can do that. If you are a voter in the 33rd State Senate district please vote on Monday for our future and the future of our children.
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UPDATE: The Meyer campaign has contacted Virtucon with corrections that they would like to make to this post:

1) Ron is 24, not 23.

2) Ron does have a regular job as a PR professional.

3) Ron has not been on Fox on a few occasions, but has made over 100 appearances on national cable news.

4) He was not fired from his job after the “Fire Boehner” incident. Ron left American Majority Action more than 2 months after this incident on his own accord because he was announcing his candidacy.

5) Ron has run a business and held a regular job.

6) As a personal friend to Ron, I know that proposing to Celia is something that he has had planned for months leading up to Thanksgiving and was unrelated to his candidacy.

7) Ron has not refused to return money to donors that have requested this sort of action. You will be able to see in his upcoming FEC and SBE filing reports that Ron has refunded thousands of dollars to donors that have requested refunds.

8) The only money that Ron has transferred from his Congressional account to the state level account is money from donors that have given Ron the approval to do so. Not a single cent from a donor has been transferred over against their wishes.

The Washington Post Plays Fast and Loose With the Truth to Support Liberal Joe May

Today’s Washington Post editorial criticizing 33rd Senate District Republicans for supposedly forcing Joe May to run as an independent misses the mark entirely. The Post either failed to do its research or is intentionally trying to mislead its readers.

POST: The editorial claims local Republicans should have chosen an open primary to nominate their candidate.

 FACT: This is nonsense. Virginia law mandates that special election nominees must be chosen in a process run and funded by the political parties; thus, an open primary (which is run and funded by the state) was not even a legal option.

POST: The editorial claims local Republicans’ motivation in conducting a mass meeting was to doom Joe May’s chances.

 FACT: In an open primary – the very process for which the Post argues – Joe May lost his seat this year by a staggering 15 points in an election that drew over 5,000 votes. It’s clear Joe May would have been defeated no matter what selection method was chosen.

POST: The editorial claims the selection of a mass meeting prompted Joe May to run as an independent.

 FACT: The Post itself reported three weeks ago that Joe May was likely to run as an independent, not a Republican. It’s pretty clear what May did here: he announced as a Republican hours before the nomination method was selected, then disingenuously used the party’s decision as his excuse for going independent, when in fact he lost an open primary in June by 15 points.

POST: The editorial praises local Democrats for choosing a firehouse primary, which netted 1,100 votes.

FACT: The GOP mass meeting will draw several hundred voters perhaps closer to 1,000.  Is the difference between, say, 600 votes and 1,100 votes really a significant distinction that would have produced different results? Of course not.

Once again the Washington Post plays fast and loose with the truth to support their preferred liberal candidate, Joe May.

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Democrat Jennifer Wexton Declares Candidacy for State Senate With a Couple of Problems

On Wednesday Leesburg attorney Jennifer Wexton declared her candidacy for Mark Herring’s senate seat in district 33.  Herring has not vacated his senate seat because he has not been declared the winner of the race for Attorney General.  It’s unlikely that the recount in that race will be finished before mid to late December.  No winner will be declared until then.   That has not stopped Jenny Wexton from declaring that she’s running for Herring’s seat.   Wexton previously ran for Commonwealth Attorney in 2011, losing to Jim Plowman.  She was previously Jim Plowman’s assistant in the Commonwealth Attorney’s office.

In addition to running for a state senate seat that is occupied,  Wexton has another problem running in the 33rd district.  Jennifer Wexton does not live in 33rd district.  She’s a western Loudoun gal who has lived in the same house with her husband and two young sons for the last 10 years.  The house is out in the country, off Rt 15, smack in the middle of Dick Black’s district, the 13th senate district, not the 33rd district.  That would help explain her logo:

Jennifer Wexton

Jennifer Wexton is running for a state senate seat that hasn’t been vacated in a district she doesn’t live in!

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The Real Mark Herring, by John Whitbeck


By John Whitbeck

A Clear Choice
A Clear Choice

The 2013 state-wide campaign is in full swing, and we are hearing the same thing we did last year. Win Loudoun and Prince William, and we win it all. I suppose that’s true and it makes it extremely serendipitous the Democrat Party has nominated Mark Herring for Attorney General.

Herring is a very gifted politician (and frankly a nice guy). He has made a career out of convincing business leaders, independents and even some moderate Republicans that he is a moderate Democrat. For example, he was the first member of the General Assembly that I am aware of to champion the cause of outlawing synthetic marijuana. He got a ton of press on that in Loudoun County and it made him look tough on crime.

Herring’s campaign is following the modern Democrat playbook in purple states like Virginia which essentially is be pro-choice and pro-gay but fiscally conservative. Herring does a good job executing this strategy but if you really examine his record (which is scant at best), Herring is a classic liberal Democrat and a classic politician. The more he is forced to campaign though, the more this is becoming more readily apparent to voters outside Loudoun County. People are starting to wake up and see the real Mark Herring.

One of the best examples of the real Mark Herring is his record on taxes. As a strong opponent of regressive taxation, especially a meals tax, I find found it very appalling when Herring reversed himself on the issue of a meals tax after making one of his signature political moves, i.e. being a liberal in moderate’s clothing. On January 5, 2012 Herring issued a statement to the press and on his website condemning the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors’ vote to request the Loudoun General Assembly delegation to seek legislation to grant the Board the authority to impose a meals tax in Loudoun County. Many Republicans like me were very upset that five members of the Republican-controlled Board would even be thinking about a meals tax which is opposed by business leaders and organizations including the very influential Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce. At the time I was struck by Herring’s statement to the press as a shrewd political move that fed the image that Mr. Herring was a moderate Democrat. As one of his constituents I was glad that my Senator appeared reliable on opposing a meals tax, however, as a “high information voter” it seemed to me something was up.

Herring had somewhat of a change of heart (sarcasm) on this issue a little over a year later. Senate Bill 1311 was introduced in the Virginia Senate in the 2013 session and the legislation’s purpose was to give additional local governments in the Commonwealth the authority to impose a meals tax on their citizens. SB 1311 passed by a vote of 23-17, and joining this list of 23 Senators voting to impose this regressive tax he once opposed was Loudoun’s Senator Mark Herring. In other words, after attacking the Loudoun Board of Supervisors and emphatically stating he would refuse support meals tax authority legislation, Herring did exactly what he said he would not do.

The problem is no one really noticed, the media said nothing and but for my letter to the editor on the subject, no one would have mentioned a thing. The result, Herring looks like he is strong on taxes locally when in fact he is a classic liberal who supports job killing tax increases like a meals tax.

Another good example of the real Mark Herring is his willingness to help the special interests who support his campaign. Senate Bill 797 introduced by a Republican Senator in the 2013 session would have stopped utility companies from installing a “Smart Meter” on private property or requiring that one be installed unless the customer requested it. Smart Meters transmit a customer’s utility usage constantly to power companies, and many people think they are a huge invasion of privacy. They are also a potential safety hazard and have been alleged to have caused fires in homes by exploding. There are also health concerns from the radiation they emit.

SB 797 was killed by Herring and his colleagues in the Senate Commerce and Labor Committee. Herring was part the majority that voted to “pass by” the Bill indefinitely which effectively killed the Bill. A true moderate would have given citizens a choice in whether to install these controversial devices on their property, and considering Herring’s record of supporting Republican ideals at times, I would have thought he would be in favor of this Bill.

However, Herring’s strategy of looking like a moderate ends where the money begins. His vote on SB 797 could have been an opportunity to stand for the liberty and the private property rights of his constituents, but instead Herring instead stood for big corporations. The reason is clear – it helped him raise money for his Senate campaign committee. If you look at his VPAP record, he took big donations from Dominion (the power company), Appalachian Power Co. and the Nova Electrical Cooperative. It seems no coincidence that Herring voted to kill the Smart Meter bill and receives thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from power companies.

Finally, the real Mark Herring is apparent in the way he is campaigning on so-called “women’s issues.” The strategy of Barack Obama in 2012 and the state-wide Democrat candidates this year is to widen the gender gap with Republicans by campaigning hard on abortion and contraception and calling anyone who has had the audacity to be pro-life an “extremist.” Never mind the fact that millions of Virginians are also pro-life (are they extremists Senator?). I find this strategy unfortunately effective but as the father of two girls with one on the way, I also find it very, very demeaning to women.

Frankly, I find it offensive that President Obama, Herring and his ticket-mates believe that “women’s issues” consist of nothing but reproductive rights and that in order to win votes from women they have to talk about nothing but contraception.

Does Herring really think a working mom sitting in traffic in his district (because he has done nothing about gridlock on Route 7) is thinking about abortion, abortion, abortion? Does Herring think a stay-at-home mom in his district who drives 15 minutes to go one mile to drive her kids to school (again because he has done nothing for roads) is thinking about whether Ken Cuccinelli and Mark Obenshain want to take her birth control pills? Is a single woman just out of college who is struggling to find a job in Obama’s economy focusing on E.W. Jackson’s “extreme” views that late-term abortion is wrong?

The answer to these questions is of course no, and Republicans like myself give women a whole lot more credit than that. “Women’s issues” are the same issues that men care about. Family, traffic, education, taxes, jobs, the economy, etc. To pigeon-hole women into a category where Herring claims all they care about is contraception is not only ridiculous, it is demeaning.

Look, Mark Herring is a very nice guy and a good lawyer. I am sure he is also a very good family man. His political strategy though, is very transparent and his record in the Senate and his 2013 campaign illustrate he is a liberal Democrat in every sense of the phrase. It is highly unlikely he will be the next Attorney General when voters get to know the real Mark Herring.

John Whitbeck is Chairman of the 10th district for the Republican Party of Virginia. 

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Top 20 conservative colleges and universities in the US

Conservative students and parents are often lost in a sea of liberalism when it comes to choosing a college.  The list below was compiled by the Princeton Review based on an 80 question online survey of college students.   In addition to this list are four additional conservative Virginia schools, Washington and Lee University, Liberty University, Regent University, and Patrick Henry College.

1.Auburn University

2.Texas A&M

3. Grove City College

4. Hillsdale College

5.College of the Ozarks

6.University of Dallas

7. Thomas Aquinas College

8. US Military Academy

9. Hampden-Sydney College

10. US Naval Academy

11. US Coast Guard Academy

12.US Merchant Marine Academy

13. Clemson University

14. Wheaton College

15. Brigham Young University

16. Angelo State University

17. Baylor University

18. Kansas State University

19. US Air Force Academy

20. Catholic University

Details of this story here.   Another list of conservative colleges can be found here. 

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Loudoun County Republicans Love Eugene Delgaudio!

Just as republicans in the General Assembly grossly underestimated republican outrage after their vote for the largest tax increase in the history of the Commonwealth, so did the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors underestimate republican outrage over their vote on Wednesday night to censure one of their own, Eugene Delgaudio, and remove the funds to run his office.  The outrage was felt tonight during the monthly meeting of Loudoun County Republicans.  Approximately 90% of those in attendance wore stickers supporting Eugene Delgaudio.  Senator Dick Black gave a speech (see below) in support of Supervisor Delgaudio which was interrupted many times with applause.  Tenth District Chairman John Whitbeck was also supporting Eugene Delgaudio as was our Commissioner of the Revenue, Bob Wertz.  The only other elected officials in the attendance were Supervisors Ken Reid and Geary Higgins.

After spending the weekend making calls trying to garner support for the board’s action against Delgaudio, Suzanne Volpe was not successful and did not attend the meeting.  Shawn Williams was the surrogate for Scott York and the board members who voted against Delgaudio.  He gave a rather insulting speech, telling us, again, to read the report issued by the Grand Jury.  Why would he assume that we hadn’t read the report?  Most of us read it as soon as it was released.  Like the others on the board who are against Delgaudio,  Williams implied that we were just too stupid to understand what they had done.  Outrageous.  We’ve all read the Grand Jury Report.  It doesn’t matter because as Dick Black said, a Grand Jury can and will indict a Ham Sandwich because they only hear one side of the story.  And yet even a Grand Jury couldn’t find reason to indict Delgaudio who has never had an opportunity to defend himself against nebulous accusations by unknown people.  The Board of Supervisors gave him no opportunity to do that.   There was never due process.  Supervisor Ralph Buona even went so far to as to say that they don’t no need stinkin’ due process!  The board will decide what is due process!   Eugene Delgaudio was never allowed to confront his accusers.  He was never permitted to defend himself.  Why?  Because the board doesn’t want to hear his side.  The truth may well prevent them from their pre-determined course of action.  Three things drove the Board’s vote against Eugene, Scott York’s vendetta against Eugene that goes back many, many years, the democrats in Loudoun who hate Eugene, and the Washington Post.   Those are three, completely unacceptable reasons for their actions.

Supervisor Ralph Buona said he never wants to see this issue again in the press.  By their actions, the board of supervisors has guaranteed that the issue will not die.  It will be in the press for months, right through the election.  It could have ended with the Grand Jury finding that Eugene had nothing illegal and there would be no indictment.  Because Scott York can’t let his vendetta go, he convinced 5 other very naive, sycophant, board members to along with him, ensuring that ALL our republican candidates in November, and beyond, will be tainted by this issue. It’s only just begun.

A resolution was proposed tonight at the LCRC meeting that stated the following, but it was not voted on because the meeting was a few short members of a quorum.  It will be presented next month and will pass easily.  The overwhelming sentiment in the room supported Eugene Delgaudio.  The resolution reads:

>>>Be It Resolved:

We the Loudoun County Republican Committee respectfully request the board of Supervisors to reconsider censuring Delgaudio and

We respectfully request the board to reconsider removing Delgaudio from all committees,

We respectfully request the board to reconsider removing the district staff of Supervisor Delgaudio.

Finally, we respectfully request the board to give Delgaudio specific charges and Supervisor Delgaudio and has lawyer Charles King be given an opportunity to present his defense.  <<<

The full text of remarks by Senator Black:

Statement of Senator Dick Black re:  Supervisor Delgaudio

Presented to the Loudoun County Republican Committee

July 22, 2013


Most of you know that I go to great lengths to be supportive of the Board of Supervisors and to stay out of their business, but tonight, I would like to comment on an issue, simply as a member of this committee.

After Supervisor Delgaudio was cleared by a grand jury, the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors voted to censure him anyway, and they took away the staff that serves all the citizens of Sterling Park.

I’m uneasy about taking action against anyone who’s been cleared after a six-month grand jury investigation.  But I especially hope the Board will reconsider its actions that appear directed against the citizens of Sterling Park I think it’s reasonable for Sterling voters to ask, “What have we done to deserve punishment by the Board of Supervisors?

Sterling Park elected Eugene four times.  He’s got a reputation for giving some of the best constituent service in the county.  In the wintertime, he’s been known to personally shovel snow to dig out seniors who were snowed in.  He replaces faded American flags to spruce up his neighborhoods.

I understand there’s a squabble over some phone calls and an employee who was disgruntled over certain things.  But to say that somebody would have broken the law if only the law had been different seems really odd to me.  We’re only required to obey laws as they are written; not as some private citizen on a grand jury wishes they had been drafted.  That’s why our constitution prohibits ex post facto laws.  It says you can’t change the law after the fact in order to make somebody guilty of a crime.  We just don’t do that in America.

Look, Eugene makes sure his working-class district isn’t forgotten.  I get his emails and I can tell you he keeps his people up to date on everything that happens, from crime to weather to community events.  He fights against taxes, because they endanger people on fixed incomes.  He voted against density packing that hurts his district.  He voted against Metro because he worried about the financial impact it might have on his residents—many of whom have little leeway in their budgets to handle major tax hikes.  He also fought for traditional family values, because that’s what his voters want him to do.  His positions don’t sit well with certain special interest groups, and those votes didn’t endear him to everyone on the Board.  But he represented the people who elected him and he kept his campaign promises a lot better than most people did.

Let me close with a couple of thoughts:  First, as a career prosecutor, I deeply believe in the presumption of innocence.  That means you don’t punish people we exonerate.  There’s an old saying that a grand jury “can indict a ham sandwich.”  That’s because the defendant doesn’t have a voice in a grand jury—the jury only hears one side of the case.  The special prosecutor in this matter was a Democrat who had the personal integrity to drop the case after an exhaustive grand jury investigation.  I don’t know why we can’t do the same.

Second, I have no vote in this matter, but if I did, I would not vote for punitive action against someone who successfully weathered a six-month grand jury investigationAnd I certainly would not vote to fire Eugene’s aide and deprive Sterling Park of their right to full and proper representation.  The Board’s responsible for making this decision, not me.  But I respectfully encourage the Board to carefully reexamine its decision regarding Supervisor Delgaudio before moving forward with these actions.  I just feel it’s the right thing to do for Sterling citizens.<<<

It is the right thing to do!

UPDATE:  An excellent post on this subject here.

BIG win for democrats, Scott York, and RINOs in Loudoun!

Tonight the Loudoun Board of Supervisors voted to censure Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio, remove him from all committees for the remainder of his term, and remove all funds for his office and staff.  His young aide, who has nothing to do with any allegations against Delgaudio, is out of a job.   Citizens in the Sterling district will now have virtually no representation on the Loudoun Board of Supervisors.

Chairman Scott York has had a vendetta against Eugene Delgaudio since 2007 and all his dreams of removing Delgaudio from the board were close to being realized tonight.  (Ignoring the fact that without Eugene’s support, York would not be chairman of the board because he would never have had the endorsement of Loudoun Republicans.)  York’s sycophants, were right there with him, doing his bidding at every turn.

There were so many gag worthy moments tonight, it’s hard to know where to start.  Was it the smirking and eye rolling by Shaun Williams, Scott York, Ralph Buono and Matt Latourneau whenever Janet Clarke spoke?  Or was it when when York said 7 times “enough is enough”?  Or when he refused to allow Janet Clarke to speak while practically feeding lines to  Shaun Williams?  Or was it when Suzanne Volpe claimed to be doing the work in her district and other districts as well with a voice getting louder and louder as the democrats nodded along with her ridiculous claims?   Or when she said she’d rather slit her wrists than go before another Grand Jury?  Or was it when Ralph Buono said that the board has the right to decide what is due process?  (They don’t need no stinkin’ Constitution!)

The majority of the board had NO problem taking this action against a sitting member of their own board without that member ever having had a day in court.  “Innocent until proven guilty” was thrown out early in the game.  The right to address our accusers was never afforded Supervisor Delgaudio, and none of RINOS on the board cared in the least, despite some of them claiming to have law degrees.  There was no due process, Delgaudio was never allow to present his case nor was his attorney allowed to speak.  Ralph Buono even said that the board has the right to determine what is due process!  Wow.   They wanted an excuse to please the democrats, and the Washington Post, while supporting Scott York in his vendetta.  They found that in the report of the Grand Jury.  Of course the Grand Jury heard NO testimony from Delgaudio or his attorney.  A bunch of anonymous witnesses, with no challenges to their testimony, were taken as gospel by this board of Supervisors.

We have three conservative republicans on the Loudoun Board of Supervisors, Geary Higgins, Janet Clarke and Eugene Delgaudio.  The rest are RINOs, at best.  The nearly all democrat audience cheered the RINOS comments throughout the night and rushed to congratulate them at the end of the meeting.

During a particularly gag worthy moment Suzanne Volpe  again claimed to be a conservative, claimed that Eugene Delgaudio taught her most of what she knows about politics, and then went on to say that she often did his work for him serving his constituents in Sterling!  It’s amazing all the hard work she does for everyone!  She’s covering her district and Eugene’s district! Amazing!  Be sure to thank her when you see her.  All of the 6 supervisors who opposed Eugene told us over and over that it wasn’t partisan, it wasn’t personal, and it wasn’t a vendetta.  Really?  Methinks they doth protest too much.  It was all of those things.

Geary Higgins and Janet Clarke were the adults in the room tonight and that won’t be forgotten.  In talking to republicans after the meeting it was very clear that they will not support the RINOs on the board, not with their time or their money.  The three conservatives on the board, Higgins, Clarke, and Delgaudio will receive support from republicans, the others will not.

The metro vote was bad, this vote was worse.  How foolish Shaun Williams, Ralph Buono, Suzanne Volpe, Scott York and Matt Latourneau were in saying that this vote would end any and all discussion of Eugene in the press and the public.  How very, very, naive they are.  Their behavior assures that people will not stop talking and the press will have a field day.  If they really wanted this to end, they would have taken the Grand Jury report, acknowledged that they had some work to do in establishing some rules, and ended any further discussion about Eugene Delgaudio.  Since they refused to do that, they are now facing more subpoenas and a lawsuit.  This will continue to be in the news weekly because of their actions, because of Scott York’s vendetta and his naive sycophants on the board who fear his power over them.  I sure hope he can help re-elect them, because republicans won’t.

If York’s boys (and gal) thought this would destroy Eugene they will be proven very, very, wrong.  Since Eugene Delgaudio will have no ability to pay a staff he will have many volunteers working for him, volunteers who owe nothing to the county, and who Scott York and his boys will have no ability to oversee.  No oversight whatsoever for Delgaudio’s staff.  Knowing Delgaudio, he will work twice as hard for his constituents, with an army of volunteers helping him.

Congratulations to the board, your actions have guaranteed that this story won’t end.  Stay tuned, You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet!

Eugene’s not the embarrassment on the board, the six RINOs are.

Mid-year financial filings for Virginia Candidates

In June 3,741 people contributed to  the campaign of Ken Cuccinelli  for a total $1.1 million.  Cuccinelli currently has $2.7 million on hand. Terry McAuliffe took in $2,232,412 in June and now as a whopping $6,012,697 on hand.

Lt. Governor candidate E.W. Jackson raised $118,608 in June and currently has $90,025 on hand.  During the same period Ralph Northam raised $226,412 and has $106,184 on hand.

Mark Obenshain has broken all previous records for fundraising in June by a candidate for Attorney General,  taking in $479,916.  Currently he has $487,044 on hand.  His opponent, Mark Herring, raised $$206,360 in June and has $127,680 on hand.

Current cash on hand for all candidates for the House of Delegates can be found here. 

The latest financial reports for all candidates can be found here and here. 

Governor McDonnell’s approval ratings tank

According to a new PPP poll in Virginia the Governor’s approval ratings have dropped 12% in the last month.  For the first time his disapproval percentage is higher than his approval percentage, 46% of those polled disapprove of the job he’s doing as Governor while only 36% approve.  That’s a 30% drop in approval ratings from just a few months ago.  At one point McDonnell had the highest approval rating of any Governor in the US, close to 70%!  The Governor’s current favorability numbers are even worse with only 32% viewing him positively while 46% view him negatively.  Only 31% view him as an ethical politician while 45% do not.

The good news for the Governor, ‘only’  35% of the people think that he should resign while 45% believe he should remain in office.

This report also says “McDonnell’s issues could be a liability for the Republican ticket this fall as 31% of voters say they’d be less likely to vote for a candidate backed by him to only 15% that say they’d be more likely to support someone based on his blessing. Among independent voters it’s 29% less likely and 13% more likely.

Tomorrow PPP will release their latest polling on the Virginia races.

The DailyBeast covers how McDonnell’s troubles may effect our candidates in the fall, quoting Tom and Jeannemarie Davis.

Governor McDonnell to Resign on Monday

So says the well connected Mike Belefski.   Mike was the Northern Virginia Field Director for Bill Bolling during his run for Governor.   Much more about Mike on Google.   Mike has posted today on his Twitter account and on his Facebook page that Governor McDonnell will resign on Monday. is reporting that the Governor has cleared his schedule for next week, to vacation at the Virginia Military base, Camp Pendleton.  It looks like a good place to hide from the press.

Bill Bolling’s lifelong dream to become Governor is about to come true.  It also appears that Willie Deutsch was right.

UPDATE:  More on the Governor’s troubles here.  We simply cannot have a trial begin just before the November elections.  It will sink our republican candidates.

UPDATE part Deux:  Mike Belefski is reporting on Facebook that the mainstream media will be covering the story this weekend.

The Richmonder has confirmed that the Governor has been in negotiation with the federal authorities.  He says the First Couple is “now trying to avoid a felony conviction in exchange for a quick and clean exit from Virginia’s Governor’s Mansion.”  How sad that is.   Story here. 

Saturday UPDATE:  Rumors abound in Richmond that there will be a special meeting/conference call on Sunday for the House of Delegates, prior to the Governor’s big announcement.  I assume that means a republican caucus call and not the full HOD.

Anyone else find it odd that the Governor’s spokesman is in San Diego “for work”?  And without comment about the Governor’s impending resignation?

Finally, a denial, sorta,  So he won’t resign Monday?  Will it be Tuesday?  Friday?   Nothing on his twitter account,

Much more coming on Sunday.

Early Sunday Update:  The Governor’s resignation tied to the Travyon Martin verdict?  So says TooConservative.  Seems unlikely but the verdict is now behind us.

Second Sunday Update:  The above link no longer works.  It seems all posts and comments critical of the Governor have been scrubbed from TooConservative.

An excellent post by Delegate Scott Surovell on the behavior of our Governor here.

Late Sunday Update:  HOD conference call for tonight was cancelled.  I have no idea what that might mean.

If Governor McDonnell does not resign tomorrow, he needs to make a statement of some kind about the allegations against him.  This has gone on long enough.

Artur Davis to run in Virginia’s 10th district?

Artur Davis is testing the waters in Virginia’s tenth Congressional district, a seat held for decades by Frank Wolf.   Davis recently polled 432 republicans in the district asking  which of these candidates they would prefer to run for Congress next year:  State Senators Jill Vogel (not currently a resident of the 10th district) and Dick Black, State Delegates Barbara Comstock and Tim Hugo, and Prince William County Chairman Corey Stewart.  Dick Black and and Jill Vogel came out on top in the poll.  Story here. 

There’s a big problem with Davis’s potential run in the 10th district.  Frank Wolf will seek re-election in 2014.  No one will beat Frank Wolf.  He’s won every election since 1984 by 17% or more.  Artur Davis needs to look at a district other than the 10th for his run for Congress.

Frank has an opponent!  Sam Kubba?  Never heard of him.

It’s good to be the Governor of Virginia!

Looking at Governor McDonnell’s statements of Economic Interests since 2008, I am struck by the all the fun things a Governor gets to do, courtesy of the state and friends in high places.  While the Governor’s salary  is not exorbitant at $175,000, there are definitely some nice perks.  It takes many years of hard work to reach the office of Governor.  It’s nice that there are some rewards for all that work.

The Virginia Economic Development Partnership paid for some expensive trips both nationally and internationally:

Europe  $14,325

London and Ireland $11,288

Asia $14,812, plus a similar amount for the First Lady

Israel $9,806, plus a similar amount for the First Lady

Paris Air Show $12,151

According to the Washington Post, during McDonnell’s first 18 months in office he spent over $200,000 traveling in the state’s two planes and 4 helicopters.  Story here. 

The Redskins gave the McDonnells $19,000 worth of tickets and another company, S.J. Strategic Investments, gave the family another $8,940 in Redskins tickets.

Lots of private plane trips along with other fun and interesting gifts can be found on the documents here.

Only In Politics! Corry Bliss finds Employment, despite his record.

Last month I wrote about Corry Bliss, adviser to Joe May in his primary race against Dave LaRock for the 33rd district in the House of Delegates.  Joe’s campaign had turned nasty and vicious as campaigns generally do under the guidance of Corry Bliss.  Despite being a 20 year  incumbent, Joe May lost big.  Dave LaRock won easily, with 14% margin.  Once again, for the 6th time, Corry Bliss lost a race.  He has never won a campaign.  His campaign tactics do not work.

Yesterday I learned that another republican candidate is taking a trip down loser lane with Corry Bliss.  He has been hired to manage the campaign of a Georgia candidate for Senate, Karen Handel.  Only in politics could a manager have a record of 0 and 6, and have no problem getting a new job.  I can’t begin to explain it.

Mrs. Handel’s campaign staff: 

  • General Consultant – Chris LaCivita
  • Campaign Manager — Corry Bliss
  • Treasurer – Roger Santi
  • Legal Consultants — Strickland Brockington Lewis LLP
  • Pollster – Whit Ayres
  • Communications Consultant: Dan McLagan, Tactical Communications Solutions
  • Finance Consultant: Ashlee Reid Morehouse
  • Direct Mail: Ron Butler, Creative Direct
  • Internet/Social Media: Vincent Harris, Harris Media, LLC
  • Scheduling: Sarah Beth Kirbo
  • Grassroots Coordinator: Tori Wester

Vincent Harris (owner of the blog is much like Bliss, he too has never worked on a winning campaign.

Since the race isn’t until next year, Karen Handel has plenty of time to make changes to her staff.  Let’s hope that she does.

How Much Worse Can it Get for Governor McDonnell?

The Washington Post is reporting that the McDonnells accepted a total of $145,000 from Jonnie Williams in 2011 and 2012.  Last year Mr. Williams gave $70,000 to a corporation owned by Governor McDonnell and his sister.  The money was not reported as a gift or a loan as required by law.  Previously Mr. Williams had given Maureen McDonnell $50,000.  He also  helped pay for the weddings of the two McDonnell daughters, Cailin in 2011, and his year for Jeanine.  Williams paid $15,000 for a shopping spree in New York for Maureen and a $6,500 Rolex watch for the Governor.  This is all under investigation by state and federal authorities.  A grand jury will begin hearing from witnesses next week.

The complete timeline for this evolving scandal can be found here.

Is it time for McDonnell to resign?  BearingDrift has a poll up.  Express your opinion here.

The longer this mess continues, the more it hurts our party and all of our candidates for office in November.

How could Bob McDonnell have been so dumb?  What the hell was he thinking?  This is so very disappointing.

Governor McDonnell hires the Big Guns to Defend Him

Decades ago there was saying in Washington DC,  “if you know you’re guilty hire Edward Bennett Williams“.  Conversely when a person hired Edward Bennett Williams, people assumed he was guilty.    Williams was the founding partner of the famous DC law firm, Williams and Connelly.   He defended such people as Senator Joe McCarthy and Jimmy Hoffa.   Williams also owned sports teams, including the Redskins and Orioles. 

Last week we learned that a high powered, well known, Williams and Connelly partner, Emmet T. Flood,  was hired by the Governor and met with him at the Governor’s mansion on Tuesday.  Hiring Flood is the modern day equivalent to hiring Edward Bennet Williams.  In a statement about their  meeting McDonnell said, “Over the last couple months I’ve felt that given some of the things that were occurring with reviews being done on statements of mine, that it was proper for me to seek counsel.

“Emmet Flood is an attorney that’s advising me on things and I don’t think anybody should be surprised with that.” (I am surprised at the strange wording of the statement and have no idea what he’s trying to say.)

Mr. Flood  defended Dick Cheney on behalf of the Bush White House when sued by Valerie Plame.  Flood also represented Bill Clinton during his impeachment proceedings.  McDonnell and Flood have been in consultation for months, despite the Governor’s office refusal to discuss it.   At issue is not the $108,000 in cash and airfares  that McDonnell supporter Jonnie Williams gave the Governor and his PAC.  Mr. Williams is the CEO of Star Scientific, a former tobacco company that now makes dietary supplements.  The company  is under a federal securities investigation.  Williams is also in litigation with the state of Virginia over a $700,000 tax dispute.  Mr. William’s attorney is Jerry Kilgore.  (Yes, THAT Jerry Kilgore, former Virginia Attorney General and candidate for Governor.  Things just get curiousier and curiousier.)

At issue is other ‘gifts’ that Mr. Williams gave the McDonnell family and the lack of reporting of these gifts.   Williams paid for the McDonnell daughter’s wedding reception at the Governor’s mansion in 2011.  He paid for Maureen McDonnell’s shopping spree in New York which included a $10,000 jacket, several pairs of designer shoes and handbags, and a designer dress.   Mr. Williams also provided a Rolex watch that was given to the Governor by his wife.  Williams lent the McDonnell family his vacation home for their personal use.   He may also have helped pay for the McDonnell family to attend the Final Four basketball tournament in 2011.  A federal grand jury and been convened and  is now investigating these gifts.  The jury is expected to begin taking testimony from witnesses next week.

Governor McDonnell has maintained that Mr. Williams has been given no special treatment by the state.

Although this had nothing to do with Mr. Williams, Maureen McDonnell was hired as a consultant to the United Company and paid $36,000 for a few days work.  This was not reported because she was made a trustee.  Perhaps more maneuvering around the law?  That story here. 

Much more here and here and here.   It’s now very obvious why the Governor felt it necessary to hire the someone of the stature of Emmet T. Flood.   When you care enough to hire the very best, you turn to Williams and Connelly and Emmet Flood.

UPDATE:  The Governor has also hired former Virginia Attorney General Tony Troy.   Mr. Troy has taken to leaving threatening emails to bloggers who dare to write that our Governor may be leaving office.  That story here.   It’s never a good idea to go after a blogger.  It tends to anger them, and other bloggers.  Why make unnecessary enemies in the blogging community?   This could have been handled better.

UPDATE 2:  This is indeed getting worse by the minute.  More from BearingDrift. 

Governor McDonnell to Resign?

So says  It’s not exactly a surprise after the Washington Post’s steady drumbeat of scandal, after scandal,after scandal, after scandal involving the Governor.

My concern is, how do these scandals effect Ken Cuccinelli?   It’s hard to believe that his staff kept the knowledge of these scandals involving Star Scientific secret from the Attorney General.    The Washington Post’s timeline of the Attorney General’s involvement with Star Scientific doesn’t look good.

It’s hard to believe that Governor McDonnell, our former Attorney General, was so careless with these ‘gifts’ from a major donor with business before the state.  How could he throw away his political future like this?  Over a Rolex watch and chance to drive a Masserati and some new clothes for the wife?

Bill Bolling’s dream of being Governor may soon be realized.  And then what?  Will he run in November? And what happens to Ken Cuccinelli’s candidacy?

More on the resignation rumor here. 

The Virginian-Pilot editorial on the subject here.  They’re calling it a crisis.

UPDATES on this story include the phrase “swirling the drain” when referring to McDonnell. More   here and here.

Yet another UPDATE here.   An interview with the Bearingdrift author here.   This one is very hard on McDonnell and his spokesman.  And the drumbeat continues……..

Historic photos of Leesburg, Fredericksburg, and Washington Recreated

I came across this Business Insider site with some old photographs imposed over current day photos  Click on the picture to see a much better view of these amazing shots.  This is but a small sampling of what’s on the website.  

Market and King Streets in Leesburg:

Market and King streets, Leesburg, VA



Leesburg back in the day



King Street Leesburg, Caulkins Jewelers: 

Caulkins Jewelers---back in the day




Washington, DC: 


DC imposed


The website has many more of these interesting pictures from Virginia, Maryland, and DC. 

Sacre Bleu! The FDA goes too far, holding Mimolette hostage!

For the last 2 months I have been unable to find my favorite cheese, a French hard cheese, Mimolette. Louis XIV ordered the first production of Mimolette.   It has been imported to the US for decades.  I am lover of cheese, all kinds of cheese, and Mimolette is the best cheese I have ever tasted.  Being a creature of habit I have enjoyed it everyday for the last few years.  Now, I can’t get it.  Today I learned why.  The FDA has decided that the microscopic mites on the rind of Mimolette are a danger to society.  “Some people might be allergic to them”, although there is ZERO evidence that anyone has ever had any reaction to Mimolette.  There have been NO reports of ANY problems with the cheese.   The tiny mites are part of what makes Mimolette what it is.  The  mites are blown off the rind prior to shipping from France but a few of these microscopic mites remain.  The FDA has declared that to be unacceptable.   We now have thousands of pounds of Mimolette being held hostage in warehouses across the country.  The FDA will not allow it to be released!  This is outrageous!!

The Cato Institute said this about the ban, “Could this be the most useless allocation of FDA resources yet? It just mite.”

From the Washington Times Editorial entitled “Free the Cheese Mites”,  ”

The FDA appears to have started a war on French cheese without an exit strategy. Who knows where cheese creep could take us? But the agency risks biting off more than it can swallow. Cheese is one of the staples of the American diet; we eat 33 pounds of cheese per person every year, on average. The International Dairy Foods Association says it’s an $11 billion a year business.

Nannies, whether mayors or governors or FDA commissioners, don’t actually care what people eat, or listen to, or watch, or whether life’s little problems are real or imaginary. They just groove on bossing people around. The nannies at the FDA should cut a slice of Mimolette, brush off the bugs, pour a glass of Kendall-Jackson pinot noir 2009, break out a package of crackers and leave the rest of us alone. And let the rest of the Mimolette, mites and all, out of jail.”

I couldn’t agree more!  Free the Mimolette!   Go to this Facebook page to join the protest!  Contact your Congressman and Senators and ask them to demand that the FDA release the best cheese ever made!  We can’t let the FDA get away with this!  Enough is enough.  We can’t let the FDA control our lives and our cheese!   YOUR favorite cheese could be next!

More on this important story  here, here, and here.

UPDATE:  The libertarians want to free the Mimolette!  The Daily Beast report on the over reach of the FDA.

Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio Witch Hunt Yields Nothing

After a Special Grand Jury investigation  lasting over 6 months interviewing 31 witnesses and hundreds of pages of material, no charges will be brought against Sterling Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio.

At the end of the investigation the Arlington Commonwealth Attorney Theo Stamos,  who was in charge of proceedings, declined to ask the Grand Jury to hand down any indictments.  There simply wasn’t evidence of crimes having been committed.  Page 6 of the Special Grand Jury report states ““there is no solid evidence” of the basic charge of improper fund raising”.   On page four the report states “Despite the suspicions, the aide has no absolute proof of wrongdoing.”

Supervisor Delgaudio’s attorney, Charles King issued a statement explaining the Special Grand Jury actions.  That statement can be found here.

So why was a Grand Jury impaneled when there was never evidence to charge Supervisor Delgaudio?  As we all know, a Grand Jury can, and will, indict a Ham Sandwich.  Yet in this very, very, costly case, there was no evidence to indict Eugene Delgaudio.   Why were millions of taxpayer’s dollars wasted on this witch hunt?  Was it all because of the Washington Post’s series of charges against Eugene Delgaudio?  Charges, with no merit.  Who in Loudoun fed the information to the Post, encouraged the series of articles, and pressed for a Grand Jury?  One need look no further than our own elected officials in Loudoun.   Millions of dollars wasted on this witch hunt.

Special Grand Jury report here.  Since when do Grand Juries recommend changes in the law?

More herehere and here.