Answering Article V Convention Critics

You might expect that the birthplace of state’s rights would be leading the way. But ironically, Virginia is forfeiting its right to help reign in the federal government. George Mason warned that the federal government would never self-limit its power. Mason and Madison would likely be speechless and shake their heads at the current Virginia … More Answering Article V Convention Critics

Eleventh Hour Salon Mud – The Left Is Worried

Salon is trying to swing some voters at the eleventh hour for Tim Kaine using half-truths about George Allen.  It’s not surprising since 1) Democrats are worried about Allen’s lead with Independents and 2) Salon doesn’t want to be evicted from the cocktail parties for their coverage of Tim Kaine’s “I’d be open to a federal tax” … More Eleventh Hour Salon Mud – The Left Is Worried

Yes To Allen, No To Kaine

America is in danger.  We face unprecedented loss of liberty, weakened national security, ignored Constitutional firewalls, and an European fiscal future.  My children will inherit a severely weakened country; and her future is more uncertain than ever. The Senate election is just as critical as the Presidency; and my family’s choice is George Allen.  Tim … More Yes To Allen, No To Kaine

Questions for Anyone Who Thinks that Tim Kaine Is a Moderate

Name an instance where Tim Kaine led a Big Tent issue? Would a bipartisan leave office with a budget so bad that it was immediately voted down 97-0 and the bill’s patron voting present? Why would Tim Kaine, who claims to be pro-education, remove $120 million in funding for Northern Virginia which every Democrat and … More Questions for Anyone Who Thinks that Tim Kaine Is a Moderate

Tim Kaine’s History of Obstructing Military Votes

Those who care about voting integrity will want to consider how Tim Kaine’s administration participated in denying military votes in 2008.  To this day, he has never acknowledged or apologized for his role.  Meanwhile on the campaign trail, he pretends to be the military’s friend.  Back when our historically destructive President was being elected, Tim … More Tim Kaine’s History of Obstructing Military Votes

The Official Guide To Understanding Tim Kaine Bipartisanship

Tim Kaine, predecessor to Debbie Wasserman Schultz, is constantly trying to convince us that he is bipartisan.  After 20 years in office, if he was, then we could see that for ourselves. Tim Kaine has an odd and twisted approach to government.  It is a mix of Jeremiah Wright-style religion, extreme liberal policies, a tendentious … More The Official Guide To Understanding Tim Kaine Bipartisanship

The Kaine Polling Gap

In the Virginia US Senate race, George Allen is doing better than Mitt Romney and Tim Kaine is doing worse than Barack Obama.  Furthermore, Kaine’s numbers have weakened over the last three months.  How can a former governor who is also a consistent and visible supporter of Barack Obama also post worse numbers than the … More The Kaine Polling Gap

Unlimited Dulles Tolls: Tim Kaine’s Transportation Legacy

Former governor Tim Kaine is the central player and the initiating root cause that led us to the escalating tolls controversy on the Dulles Toll Road (DTR).  Immediately after taking office in 2006, Kaine exploited a legal gap that short-circuited the normal procurement process.  He then cut a deal outside of normal legislative oversight while … More Unlimited Dulles Tolls: Tim Kaine’s Transportation Legacy

Tim Kaine and the Decline in Democrat Party Affiliation

While head of the Democrat Party, DNC Chairman Tim Kaine presided over a steady decline in Democrat Party affiliation.  During his tenure from January 2009 to April 2011, the percentage of people who aligned themselves with the Democrat Party fell from 40.9% to 33.5%, and it has continued falling under Kaine’s successor the perpetually hyperventilated … More Tim Kaine and the Decline in Democrat Party Affiliation

Getting Involved as an Election Officer

Perhaps you have been asking yourself how I can get involved.  Maybe you have limited time or are not really comfortable with direct political solicitation like canvassing or phone banking.  Have you thought about serving as an election officer? Our electoral system hinges on citizen volunteers, ethical people who volunteer a day or two a … More Getting Involved as an Election Officer

The Gloss Is Off

There is bound to be more behind this week’s UVa story.  Methinks the Cavalier deniest too much.  How can they display so much enthusiasm for retaining an ousted school president and then deny the One?  No, there’s something amiss here and inquiring minds want to know. The stated reason doesn’t make any sense.  The first … More The Gloss Is Off

Gov. Demagogue

Gov. Kaine regularly exhibits passive aggressive behaviors, which is an unsettling trait for someone who seeks to wield the levers of power.   He is a second rate demagogue – Barack Obama being an example of a first rate demagogue.  Demagogues are deceptive and unreliable people who hold fast to an agenda that is as rigid … More Gov. Demagogue

Kristallnacht II

I agree 100% with Dan Cathy and applaud his courage in the face of this timid and conformist culture.  My generation’s trek down Abbey Lane has made one left turn too many, and now we are quite the totalitarians. Elected officials have brazenly threatened to use zoning and licensing powers to block a private enterprise … More Kristallnacht II

Allen-Kaine NoVa Tech Town Hall Q&A Notes

The Northern Virginia Technology Council held a Q&A today, June 28, at Microsoft’s Reston office.  One candidate was present at a time, Kaine first, then Allen.   Each gave a condensed stump speech and was then quizzed by the panelists followed by a few audience questions. 1. What is your position on sequestration?  (Sequestration is the … More Allen-Kaine NoVa Tech Town Hall Q&A Notes

UVa’s Campaign against Change

I initially viewed Teresa Sullivan’s forced resignation as an academic village squabble.  But the fixation on a procedural error while ignoring the substantial policy issues piqued my curiosity along with Larry Sabato, the Oracle of Hoosville, converting his Crystal Ball Facebook posts into a Save Our President live blog campaign.  Perhaps the Director of UVa … More UVa’s Campaign against Change

Readings During Our Summer of Discontent: The Roots of Obama’s Rage

On Father’s Day, as I watched President Obama end the week by again dishonoring our Constitution, I recalled Dinesh D’Souza’s book The Roots of Obama’s Rage.  D’Souza has studied and understands Barack Obama.  His book is the definitive Barack Obama decoder ring.  If you really want to understand Obama’s cold enigmatic approach, disinterest in race, … More Readings During Our Summer of Discontent: The Roots of Obama’s Rage

Behind Curtain #2: Our Talent Candidate

Our former governor, Tim Kaine, has spotlighted his campaign with the phrase Talent Economy.  This concept along with favorable magazine rankings forms his economic policy, which he would like to take to Washington. When Tim Kaine says Talent Economy, he is really advocating for three government programs: More spending on education from pre-K to post-graduate … More Behind Curtain #2: Our Talent Candidate