When did Purcellville Mayor Lazaro become a Democrat?

A few years back Purcellville Mayor Lazaro joined the Loudoun County Republican Committee and sought their endorsement when he ran for Mayor.   Since Mayor Lazaro seemed to share our republican ideals, and support our candidates, the party was happy to endorse him for Mayor.   We continued to frequently see the Mayor at republican events.   He gave every indication that he was a republican.

A few weeks ago I heard that the good Mayor is now supporting Obama and even had an Obama sign on his lawn. (Since Obama signs must be purchased I have to wonder how much he paid for the sign).   His lawn also sports a Tim Kaine sign:


Since I considered the Mayor to be a republican, I found this rather shocking as did all the other local republicans.  It would appear that the Mayor is now a democrat.  Does he not realize how the election of Obama and Kaine will hurt every small business in his town?  Kaine will vote for the Obama agenda which includes Obamacare and the burden it puts on small businesses.  Small businesses will see more regulations and higher taxes with Tim Kaine and Obama.  If the Mayor, or anyone else, is still considering voting for Tim Kaine, here are 81 reasons to not for Kaine.  Another outright lie from Kaine.  The biggest reason for Mayor Lazaro to NOT support Kaine and Obama is because of what their election will mean for every small business and citizen of the town that Mayor Lazaro represents, higher taxes, more regulations, and more government intrusion.

Mayor Lazaro continues to support our Congressman Frank Wolf.   Does he realize that Frank Wolf can’t get anything that he supports through the Senate, and signed by the President, unless George Allen and Romney win?   Unless republicans have control of the Senate, and the White House,  Congressman Wolf treads water for 2 more years.  How does Congressman Wolf feel about Mayor Lazaro’s support for another democrat,  tax and spend,  Senator from Virginia, who will thwart everything Wolf wants to accomplish in Congress?

Guess Who Cut Out Early On Obama At The DNC Last Week…

President Barack Obama gave his acceptance speech last Thursday night.  But guess who was spotted blowing out of Charlotte earlier that day on the 11:30 a.m. US Airways Flight 1730 direct to DC…

THREE Democrat U.S. Senators — Virginia’s own Mark Warner, Iowa’s Tom Harkin and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.  (Former U.S. Rep. Patrick Kennedy was also onboard the flight in First Class, so even the Kennedy’s were getting out of Dodge before Obama spoke.)

Now, I can see Warner trying to run as far away from Obama as he possibly can given his survival instincts and political cowardice (I’m hoping Artur Davis decides that this is the 2014 race where he can do the most good instead of a House race), but Harkin is an ultra-liberal and Reid is the chief waterboy for the president.  They can say all they want as far as excuses go regarding why they did not stay to support their party’s nominee and incumbent president, but Congress didn’t return to session until Monday the 10th so there was no pressing business for them to attend to either on Thursday afternoon or on Friday.  What does it say when three senators — ALL FROM BATTLEGROUND STATES — abandon their presidential nominee on the biggest night of their convention?


You Didn’t Fill That…

Uh, huh.  The Democratic National Convention has decided to move Thursday night’s Obama acceptance speech and coronation from the 73,778 seat (not including on-field seating or standing room only) Bank of America Stadium…

..to the much smaller Time Warner Center where the first two days of the convention are being held and which has a maximum capacity of 20,200.

(Note that only about 1/3 of the floor is actually available for seating due to large areas reserved for the media and the vast majority of delegates are in the orange spectator seats, so the maximum capacity for this set up is below the 20,200 figure.)

The official reason for the move is chance of severe thunderstorms on Thursday night.

Let’s check The Weather Channel’s forecast for tomorrow night.

A 30% chance of rain with isolated thunderstorms early?  That means there is a 70% chance that it won’t rain at all.  In fact, Politico points out:

Brad Panovich, a meteorologist at Charlotte’s NBC affiliate, who wrote “there are actually very little weather concerns Thursday night” and said the “severe threat is almost zero.”

Let’s stop pretending.  We all know the REAL reason why this is being moved despite the campaign previously saying this would go on rain or shine.