Just when you thought it couldn’t get any more bizarre, the Prince William County proposed budget for FY ’15 includes something truly weird — an escape tunnel from the Board of Supervisors’ chamber running out to the woods behind the McCoart building!

In fact, anonymous county employees have indicated that work has already begun on construction of the tunnel using “surplus” FY ’13 budget carryover funds. A work trailer from the engineering / construction firm of Hogan, Carter & Newkirk has been spotted out in the woods between the McCoart building and Pfitzner Stadium where the Potomac Nationals minor league baseball team plays. It is suspected that the location of the trailer is where the exit from the tunnel will be located. The entrance to the tunnel is said to be through a floor hatch just behind the board dais.

Some county employees have questioned whether this tunnel has anything to do with a new video surveillance system that was installed last week along the Prince William County Parkway that has a dedicated 24/7 monitoring station located within the McCoart building. There are whispers among county staff that this all has something to do with the reported federal investigation of certain county officials with the theory being the surveillance system was put in place to provide advanced warning to those officials so they could then make a run for it through the escape tunnel.

When asked for comment about the tunnel and surveillance system, county spokesman John Banner professed ignorance.

It will be interesting to see what the public has to say about this budget line item during the April 1 Board of Supervisors meeting…


Vote For John Whitbeck This Tuesday

I know John Whitbeck personally for several years now.  He is a good family man who runs a business, and the Washington Post, as usual, is conducting a character assassination of the Republican in a Northern Virginia Election.  Take the time to learn about who is John Whitbeck.

John believes that government exists to serve the people, and not the other way around. He is a fiscal conservative constitutionalist and a loyal Republican.  As Chairman of the 10th district he has shown himself to be a leader.   John is the founder of his law firm, a small business with offices in Loudoun County and Clarke County. His practice focuses on family law, criminal law, mental health law, and other litigation.  In his practice John has dealt with the real problems of real people, and understands the issues that confront Northern Virginians today.

With Terry Mcauliffe in the governor’s mansion do you want to give him out right control of the VA Senate?  Mcaulliffe wants to dump hundreds of millions of dollars in VA taxes into Medicaid expansion and try to set up an Obamacare state exchange.  Most state exchanges operate about as well as Oregon’s, which has cost that state $250M dollars and has not signed up a single enrollee.

The Washington Post as usual is endorsing the Democrat (Wexton) no matter how flawed – and allows her to misrepresent her record as a prosecutor and as a private attorney in her law firm where Wexton has violated her clients trust.   Wexton has issues with ethics and serious judgment issues, recently describing the Tea Party as rapists in her campaign adds.

The Post of course is also ignoring the issues with the former Republican cum independent Joe May.  May has been in politics for too long, and became a bitter clinger to power when he lost in the primary to David LaRock.  He showed his true colors a number of times during the primary campaign and then helped the Democrat in the general election against David, the Republican candidate.  He is looking for payback against Republicans, and has engaged in some dirty pool already.  This is not someone you want to see in the Senate.

Neither May nor Wexton live in the 33rd, as such are you really looking for a carpet bagging opportunist to get elected to the VA Senate?  This sort does not look out for their constituency’s interest’s. Instead they are seeking to further their own agendas.

If you live in the 33rd, or know someone else who does please get yourself to the polls.  Or, get your friends and neighbors to go and vote for John.  Down in Norfolk we have a recount going on for another VA Senate election were the difference was nine (9) votes.  Every vote counts!  Get the vote out for John Whitbeck!!

Sarvis is a Democrat Tool

It appears that Sarvis’ single biggest contributor is a Democrat from Texas with deep pockets who gave over $90K to the Democrats and Obama during the last campaign cycle. What connection does a wealthy Texas businessman have with a neophyte pseudo Libertarian wannabe? Terry McCauliffe is the link that joins these two together.

Lets remember that Sarvis may be a real politician.  He already talks out of both sides of his mouth.  His web page has a number of Libertarian sounding paragraphs.  Other positions are of dubious Libertarian timber.  What came out in his interview is that Robert Sarvis is not in the Austrian Economic camp, and supports progressive programs like Obamacare as well as raising taxes.  You cannot be a Libertarian without believing in small government, a free market and the right to go to hell in your own way.

In short, Robert Sarvis, when the curtain is pulled away is just another dyed in the wool progressive.  Ron Paul has says you have to be nuts to vote for Sarvis.  Beyond that Sarvis is a tool for the Democrats.  Most pols show he pulls two Republican votes for each Democrat he captures.  This is the reason why the Democrats are pouring money into his campaign.  Considering the blatant dishonesty of McCauliffe during this campaign, his own outrageous behavior he described in his autobiography, is it any wonder he found a pawn in Sarvis.

Benghazi Is A Phony Scandal? Why The Polygraphs And Nondisclosure Agreements?

President Obama has taken to deriding those seeking answers about the murder of U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other U.S. personnel in Benghazi last Sept. 11 as a “phony scandal.”

If there is nothing to this, then why are Benghazi survivors bound to keep silent by a nondisclosure agreement as Congressman Frank Wolf has brought to light?  Why are they, according to CNN, being subjected to monthly (if not more frequent) polygraph tests to find out if they are talking to either the media or people on Capitol Hill?  What were dozens of CIA operatives doing on the ground in Benghazi during the attack (other than for whatever reason not protecting / rescuing our ambassador)?

Something is phony here, but it isn’t the scandal.

Bill Whittle outlines the way forward for conservatives

An excellent and practical video. It’s well worth the hour you’ll spend watching it, and for those of us who have been extremely discouraged by the results of the election, Bill give a gracious-but-firm kick in the butt!

Loudoun BOCS Once Again Shows Up PWC

WMAL reports this morning that the Loudoun Board of County Supervisors will vote tonight on whether to launch an investigation to determine if long-time Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio improperly used county resources to benefit his political campaign. A former staffer has charged that he made her do campaign work on county time in county offices.

Time will tell if there is anything to this or whether this is just a disgruntled former employee and he will exonerated. That said, Loudoun’s BOCS is doing the right thing in at least taking the first step to decide if an investigation is warranted or not.

Contrast that with Prince William County’s Board where for months there has been mounting public evidence, not just disputed allegations, that multiple BOCS members including Brentsville’s Wally Covington, Neabsco’s John Jenkins, and Potomac’s Maureen Caddigan have used county resources, staff, and funds for political purposes. What has the PWC Board done to address this? NOTHING. Not a peep as to whether this is something that should be looked into. If their intention is to solidify the county’s reputation as a corrupt backwater jurisdiction, they’re doing a heck of a job at accomplishing it. Is it any wonder that the region’s high tech firms and defense contractors largely bypass PWC in favor of Loudoun and Stafford counties respectively?

Kudos to Loudoun for doing the right thing to address the appearance of impropriety and continued shame on PWC for sweeping its growing pile of dirt under the rug.

UPDATE:  The Loudoun BOCS has unanimously voted to go forward with an independent investigation.

At the board meeting Wednesday, the supervisors unanimously supported a motion by board Chairman Scott K. York (R-At Large) to retain an outside party to investigate the allegations against Delgaudio. The board authorized up to $15,000 to fund the investigation, the results of which will be addressed publicly, York said.

York reiterated that Mateer’s complaint had been previously provided to Loudoun Commonwealth’s Attorney James E. Plowman (R), who referred it to the commonwealth attorney’s office in Arlington County. That office did not recommend pursuing charges against Delgaudio, York said.

Conservative Virginia bloggers demand revocation of Laura Vozella’s press credentials to the RNC

The Honorable Pat Mullins
Republican Party of Virginia
115 East Grace Street
Richmond, Virginia 23219

Dear Chairman Mullins,

On August 20th, 2012 the Washington Post launched a scurrilous, yet sadly typical, attack on Republican U.S. Senate nominee George Allen.

While Allen had made a statement repudiating Missouri U.S. Senate candidate Todd Akin’s remarks, the Washington Post‘s Laura Vozzella chose to take the opportunity to attack Allen by linking him to a vote for a judicial appointment — a connection so bizarre, it could only have come from a DSCC opposition research book, not to mention far beyond the scope of her article.

Vozzella has a long history of bashing conservatives, so naturally the Washington Post is a perfect home for her.

What strikes the bloggers and readers of the Jeffersoniad as bizarre is this: why would the Republican Party of Virginia grant this vitriolic and anti-conservative “reporter” with credentials at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida?

Bloggers have long been up front and critical about the difference between real journalism that presents perspectives and the sort of op-ed reporting the Washington Post has long engaged in against Virginia conservatives — particularly George Allen.

Therefore, the members of the Jeffersoniad Blog Alliance demand the Republican Party of Virginia immediately revoke Laura Vozzella’s credentials for the 2012 RNC Convention in Tampa, Florida as an example and a warning that while journalism will be respected, copy-and-paste hatchet jobs courtesy of the Kaine/DSCC machine can no longer be treated as journalism and is unworthy of such respect.


Jim Hoeft
Bearing Drift

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Bearing Drift – “WaPo’s Laura Vozella Sure Knows How to Slant the News

Washington Post – “George Allen criticizes Akin for ‘legitimate rape’ comments; voted to confirm judge who once held similar view

NC Gov. – Suspend Congressional Elections

Democratic NC Gov. Bev Perdue:

“You have to have more ability from Congress, I think, to work together and to get over the partisan bickering and focus on fixing things. I think we ought to suspend, perhaps, elections for Congress for two years and just tell them we won’t hold it against them, whatever decisions they make, to just let them help this country recover. I really hope that someone can agree with me on that. The one good thing about Raleigh is that for so many years we worked across party lines. It’s a little bit more contentious now but it’s not impossible to try to do what’s right in this state. You want people who don’t worry about the next election.”

Meanwhile, President Obama’s former budget director Peter Orszag is saying we need less democracy and should instead empower automatic policies and “depoliticized” commissions.

It’s All George Bush’s Fault!

I received an email recently that contained the comments of a liberal columnist, Chuck Green, who writes for the Aurora (CO) Sentinel, and I thought I would share them in case you have not seen them.  I have taken some literary/editorial license with his original comments, adding my own commentary to update his comments to the current state of affairs America finds herself in.

The original Article and comments are here.

The article explains a lot about the Obama administration and the tough times it has encountered, and Mr. Green’s column of Feb 7 2010, is particularly poignant leading up to President Obama’s speech to the American people from the House floor this coming Thursday.

If you have been listening to the President and his surrogates over the last three years you already know that Obama is merely a victim of Bush’s failed administration and lately, the many natural events that have doomed his brilliant policies to failure.

 Even though Barack Obama is setting records during his first term in office:

Largest budget ever; Largest deficit ever; Largest number of broken promises ever, he is not responsible for these failures. George Bush is!  It’s all George Bush’s fault !

Despite the fact that Bush no longer occupies the White House, and has not one vote in Congress, he is to blame for everything.

He broke Obama’s promise of “the most transparent administration ever”, and to put all bills on the White House web site for five days before signing them.  He also made Obama sign bills with thousands of earmarks, thus breaking the Obama promise to end earmarks entirely.

He broke Obama’s promise, to end the hiring of former lobbyists into high White House jobs, and he even invited union cronies like Richard Trumpka to the White House on a regular basis to conspire on economic affairs; producing policies resulting in the ruination of our economy; all Bush’s fault.

Bush kept Obama from fulfilling his promise, to have Congressional health care negotiations broadcast live on C-SPAN.

Bush forced the Obama White House to break the promise to disclose the names of all attendees at closed meetings in the executive mansion; many of them resulting in legislation that the States are now suing the federal government over.

He broke Obama’s promise, to keep unemployment from rising above 8 percent; and he continues to do his best to block all those shovel ready jobs which as it turns out “were not as shovel ready” as Obama was lead to believe….by Bush of course!

Bush somehow managed to keep Obama from fulfilling his promise, to close the detention center at Guantanamo Bay, and blocked the decision of AG Eric Holder to hold terrorists’ trials in New York City, and also his decision to try the Christmas Day underpants bomber as a civilian.

Bush stopped Obama from making peace through direct, unconditional talks with America’s most hate-filled enemies during his first year in office, through which Obama had planned to usher in a new era of global cooperation.  Bush was able to thwart every Obama peace initiative all without leaving Crawford.

He broke Obama’s promise, to end no-compete contracts with the government, and forced Obama to make even more sole source contracts with the likes of the hated Halliburton.

George W. Bush completely ignored the Obama promise, and a drum beat of demands from the President, for a new era of bipartisan cooperation and civility, and instead egged on Congressional Democrats to spew forth wave after wave of violent hate filled rhetoric against the citizenry of the United States.

And we cannot forget all of the natural disasters that George Bush caused ;  a couple of hurricanes, an earth quake and tsunami, an oil spill, numerous rounds of flooding, another earthquake, (I’m sure I am missing some), and let’s not forget about global warming.  (No doubt Cheney and Rumsfeld had a hand in all these too; maybe even Condi Rice).

Yes Virginia, it’s all George Bush’s fault!

President Obama is nothing more than a Bush puppet in the never-ending failed Bush administration that continues to linger three years after it left office.

If only George Bush wasn’t still in charge, President Obama would be able to solve all our problems.

If only George Bush wasn’t still in charge, we’d have real “Hope and Change” by now.

I think it bears repeating…

We probably cannot repeat this enough times to undo what liberals have inflicted upon the “norm” projected by the yellow press.

Almost anytime you have a random conversation with any normal fellow, you usually get the uninformed water cooler version of the “Bush ramped the deficit….and Obama is trying to bring it back down”. That, in reality, is the biggest bunch of hogwash swill I’ve ever heard….
So, I have to pull out a factual graph to illustrate how it actually went down.


The first thing you notice is Clinton’s term being in the “black”. Good for him! I’ll never complained about the work that he did to get it there. Or the Congress that made it happen.

The most important thing you need to notice is that starting in 2002, the amount started back into the “red”. Hey! Isn’t that immediately after the year that America was attacked and ramped up to bring those responsible to justice. Damned skippy it was.

Now, here’s the tricky part. Look at the graph in 2002 and look directly over to 2007-8 and see that our deficit spending for the period from 2002 until early 2008 was eliminated.
Sure, it went up in the years between — but it is exactly back to where it was in 2002 (after those attacks). So we exited 2007 with the deficit where it was in 2002.

Everyone would like it to be less, but what were we supposed to do after 9/11? Suck it up and lob a missile or two and call it good?? Sorry- but THAT can got kicked down the road, and we played the “paper tiger” for FAR too long, and I’d argue that it’s realistically the reason for the attacks in the first place.

And then the real ugly truth begins in 2008, with the election of Democrats to the Senate and House majorities in 2008. Pay particular attention to 2008, because the democrat majority in Congress TRIPLED that 2007 figure in one year!

And the last point you notice is the HUGE multiplication of their own excess in 2009.
The dems TRIPLED their TRIPLE.

Now, who likes to bitch about Bush blowing the deficit out ??? Maybe they should abolish all access to the DOCUMENTED truth, so they can continue to feed us bullspit and keep us in the dark

Cross-posted at TBM

Janet Howell Should Resign Her Committee Chairmanship

State Sen. Janet Howell, Chairman of the Senate Privileges & Elections Cmte., has shown herself to be not only lacking in the type of fairness and decorum that any committee chairman should put forward, but also lacking the knowledge of proper procedure as well by invoking the heretofore nonexistent “Because I Said So” clause of Robert’s Rules of Order and the Rules of the Virginia State Senate.  With State Sen. Chuck Colgan, the dean of the senate Democrats, having called out Howell and her fellow committee members over this brazen abuse of power, it is clear that the time has come for a more fair-minded and knowledgeable member of the Democratic caucus to take the reins of the P&E Cmte.

Janet Howell should resign her committee chairmanship immediately and, if she fails to do so, I hope that Sen. Colgan and others within the Democratic caucus take action to remove her from that post.

Violent Outrage by Party Fringes is Nothing New

There has been a lot of news made out of recent violent outrages by fringe individuals against Members of Congress (and families) who voted for the Health Care Reform bill.  Many news outlets are making this out to be something new and the work of mainstream Republican activist.

However as evidenced by the list below violent acts against the opposition by fringe individuals and fringe group organizations is nothing new.  These are acts by individuals and fringe groups and neither the left or the right should be grouped together as being responsible for these illegal and violent acts.

h/t to VARight

Rounds Out Blog has a listing of 55 bombings and vandalism and other acts of violence AGAINST THE MILITARY ALONE!!!
between 2003 and 2008.

These DO NOT INCLUDE the violence against George Bush and other Republicans.

They really need to check themselves before accusing the right of violence.

Righteous indignation only works for the righteous. Not the criminally insane left wing radicals.


March 11, 2008 Code Pink continues to harass Marines by camping out in the street CA – Berkeley

March 06, 2008 Suspected anti-war insurgent bombs Armed Services Recruiting Center in Times Square NY – New York

February 27, 2008 FBI investigating FOUR pipe bombs or ‘hoax’ bombs found at recruiting stations OR – Portland

February 22, 2008 Recruiting centers attacked multiple times, windows broken with 40 pound rocks MN – Minneapolis

February 21, 2008 New SDS group storm a downtown DC Recruiting station

February 18, 2008 Protesters attempt to rally and attempt civil disobedience but chicken out CA – Santa Monica

February 15, 2008 Protesters invade and trash a recruiting station in Washington DC

February 15, 2008 Several anti-war groups shut down Recruiting Station in Harlem – love to “report” on each other NY – Harlem

February 12, 2008 Berkeley City Council refuses to apologize to Marines CA – Berkeley

February 01, 2008 City Council approves special sound and assembly permits for anti-war activists Code Pink CA – Berkeley

January 01, 2008 Damages to recruiting office total about $1,000 TX – Beaumont


December 20, 2007 Vandals spray paint “war on terror? war is terror” TN – Murfreesboro

November 30, 2007 A 15-year old becomes a ‘badass’ and a hero when she encouraged 13 people to get arrested VT – Jericho

October 17, 2007 Pro-Troop forces strike back as Code Pink continues to protest USMC Recruiting Center CA – Berkeley

October 04, 2007 Code Pink anti-war activists vandalize recruiting center and call Marines ‘traitors’ CA – Berkeley

September 08, 2007 Protesters of the NYC War Resisters League block main entrance to Times Square recruiting station NY – New York

August 21, 2007 Disgruntled 68 year old man leaves fake bomb packages at recruiting center CT – Stamford

August 15, 2007 Moonbats set fire to Armed Forces Recruiting Station, burn the whole place down NC – Asheville

July 24, 2007 Far left radicals comment on news story about recruiters being shot at with pellet guns. TX – Lufkin

July 10, 2007 A self-described ‘CELL’ of a communist AND anarchist network of groups trash a recruiting office MD – Rockville

June 30, 2007 19 year old man goes on mad-tires-slashing spree, causes $4,200 in damage to government vehicles WA – Silverdale

April 11, 2007 Several protesters try to photograph and intimidate police at a recruiting station – several arrests PA – Ellsworth

April 05, 2007 Protesters attack Marine recruiting station that ONLY recruits officers splatter paint and… PA – Pittsburgh

March 24, 2007 More explosives or suspicious devices found at Marine Corps recruiting stations. OR – Salem

March 22, 2007 Mix of lefties and patriots arguing about the 21 people arrested for disorderly conduct days …. WI – Milwaukee

March 20, 2007 Police arrest 21 vandals who broke windows and vandalized a recruiting center in Wisconsin WI – Milwaukee

March 20, 2007 Group of 21 protesters break windows, throw smoke bombs and apparently spread ‘human excrement’!!! WI – Milwaukee

February 09, 2007 Protesters using the name “Surge Protection Brigade” block entry to recruiting stations. KS – Lawrence

January 17, 2007 Two recruiter’s cars have tires slashed by anti-war activists who also wrote slurs such as “murderer” OH – Athens


December 29, 2006 Someone wrote “troops out now” in green and black spray paint on the exterior of the building at … WI – Wausau

December 16, 2006 Police charged five protesters on Friday during the second demonstration in a month outside the new NC – Chapel Hill

September 26, 2006 Police fail to follow up on reports of vandalism, suggests disinterested attitude. MD – Silver Spring

August 11, 2006 Homemade bomb left at recruiting office MO – St. Louis

April 27, 2006 Two ROTC Buildings are vandalized on two separate campuses, 5 gallon buckets of “blood” (paint) NC – Raleigh / Durham

April 27, 2006 UNC-CH Students deface ROTC Armory with paint and spray-painted messages NC – Chapel Hill

March 28, 2006 Anti-War protester talks about breaking windows WI – Madison

March 23, 2006 Two military recruiting centers are vandalized and spray-painted all over the windows. NC – Raleigh / Durham


October 16, 2005 Man throws a rock through recruiting center window and spray-paints anarchy symbols, is later charge WA – Spokane

July 27, 2005 MOLOTOV COCKTAIL thrown through the window of a recruiting center NY – Vestal

May 19, 2005 Hoodlums break the window of one recruiters vehicle and shoot a the window of another with a firearm SC – IRMO

April 29, 2005 Recruiting center SHOT UP by angry anti-military activists. Local paper calls it…“vandalized by CO – Denver

March 18, 2005 Four incidents of vandalism at Army Recruiting Stations in a short span of time MO – Joplin

February 25, 2005 Someone busted a window and spray-painted graffiti on the Armed Forces Recruiting Center PA – Harrisonburg

February 05, 2005 Recruiters find broken windows at Army and Navy recruiting center. NJ – Orange

February 04, 2005 Mob of Seattle Central Community College students chased military recruiters off campus WA – Seattle

February 01, 2005 Group called “War is SH*T” spray-paint symbol of Anarchy, smash windows and throw buckets of FECES OH – Toledo

February 01, 2005 Army recruiters attacked, burning rubble thrown at recruiting centers NY – NYC (Bronx and Manhattan)


December 08, 2004 Protesters spray paint SWASTIKAS at recruiting station WI – Milwaukee

December 08, 2004 Protesters set at least 10 cars of Marine Recruiters ON FIRE in several areas near DC DC – Washington, DC

October 14, 2004 Recruiter’s office broken into, vandalized, graphitized, and two vehicles set on fire. CA – San Jose

June 15, 2004 Protesters splatter their own REAL blood at recruiting center, drip blood on US Flag! NY – Ithaca


November 08, 2003 Burglars stole seven laptops and equipment valued at over $10,500 FL – Jacksonville

June 18, 2003 Protesters cause over $3000 in damage smashing windows at recruiting center WI – Milwaukee

March 28, 2003 Vandalism and Nazi propaganda at Santa Fe college and Albuquerque recruiting center NM – Albuquerque

March 16, 2003 Recruiting office found with 5,000-10,000 in damage to windows shattered.

HB 570 goes down

Sadly, the Assessment Accountability Act (my term for HB570) was defeated in the Senate Finance Committee.  According to Norm (TQ) . . .

(Delegate Sal Iaquinto, the bill’s sponsor) said it looked like the lobbyists for Virginia’s counties and cities has done a thorough job of tilting the Democrats, at least, against it.

And sure enough, when it came time to speak on the bill, VaCo and the VML (RWL: I think that’s the Virginia Municipal League) announced their opposition, as did a handful of tax collectors from Fairfax, Prince William and Augusta counties.

Wait, Norm, did you say the tax collector from Augusta County?

Paging Mrs. Mitchell, Mrs. Lynn Mitchell . . .

Cross-posted to RWL

Throwing Stones from Inside Glass Houses

Ben Tribbet the owner of the notorious blog Not Larry Sabato (get your own link) has often posted fake outrage at an off the cuff comment, or rumored activity by pols on the right.  He presents himself as a holier than thou blogger who has never done any thing derogatory to any race or sex.  Well, today he took care of both of those birds with one stone.

Apparently Tribbet is no friend of Delegate Charniele Herring (D-Alexandria), and today she voted in favor of a piece of legislation Tribbet did not support.  How does he respond?  By calling this African-American, female legislator a beast.

After the vote was cast Tribbet tweeted -” notlarrysabato Hey Alexandria- Charniele Herring (D) has now voted for Katrina Cars and the “Mark of the Beast” bill. Who’s going to primary the beast [emphasis added]?”

Now, I’m not going to pretend to know what Tribbet had in mind when he chose his words, but I do know “beast” is no way to talk about a lady in any context.

I hope we see a post soon on Not Larry Sabato calling out Ben Tribbet for his offensive remark.  I also hope we see an  apology issued to Delegate Herring.

UPDATE: Not exactly an apology.


Bearing Drift weighs in:

Beast? He called an African American woman a “beast?”

And this is the “blogger” that political hacks left and right grovel before because they’re afraid of what he’ll say? Why does he get any respect at all? This is a pattern for Tribbett.

And unlike “macaca” we all know what a beast is. Nobody has to follow Tribbett’s pattern of editing Wikipedia for three days before talking about it.

Racist. Sexist. Wrong.

And so does Yankee Phil:

Is Ben Racist or Sexist for his comments? Or is he just a major left wing nutroot ???

Okay. So The Whole “Slavery Supporter” Angle Didn’t Work…

How about we just scare you into supporting Barack Obama’s health care legislation?

President Obama told ABC News’ Charles Gibson in an interview that if Congress does not pass health care legislation that will bring down costs, the federal government “will go bankrupt.”

I’m honestly a bit stunned by the hypocrisy of Democrats.  For eight years you accused George W. Bush of  spitting fear rhetoric to get through his agenda.  You decried him as being un-American and a liar.  But now, without even blinking an eye the President, who led much of the charge, is now claiming that America will go bankrupt if we don’t pass Health Care Reform.

Mr. President, is this kind of like the time where you said we HAD to pass the second stimulus bill as quickly as possible or else unemployment would go above eight percent?    Oh, and just to be clear, I didn’t support the first stimulus under Bush either.

“It starts with acknowledging he’s my president, and not my homie.”

Tavis Smiley is promoting his new book “Accountable: Making America as Good as Its Promise” as a measuring stick for the Obama administration.  Smiley seems to want to move beyond adulation (otherwise known as Obamania, Barackology, etc) to a more of an issues-oriented approach to presidency evaluation. 

Issues such as the elimination of racial profiling and the double-digit unemployment rate among blacks are noted in the piece.  It is issues like these which many of our HOD and statewide candidates this year can take note of in their campaigning, policy-making and beyond.

It is deeply upsetting to many of us that the Democrat party continues to reap consistent electoral gain by pretending its policies will benefit people.  What we really want is a battle over ideas because when it is about ideas, we win. 

Take the double-digit unemployment issue.  We know from history that cutting taxes, reducing regulation, and promoting small businesses is the recipe for employing a workforce long term in this country.  Yet, Obama’s administration is hiking taxes, increasing regulation (just wait until universal health care regs arrive), and isn’t doing nearly enough to promote small businesses.  They tell folks that corporate greed is behind this downturn when it was the Community Reinvestment Act – a government invention.  When questioned, the Obama team sluffs off concern over inflation when it will literally affect every single person in this country when they buy their groceries, fill up their gas tank, and pay for child care; they will see their hard-earned dollar value go from just making it to just not enough. 

And so, by all means, if it takes Tavis Smiley and a new book to get us to focus critically on issues affecting people, bring it on.  We are ready to debate.