NL East Champions!

Quick diversion from politics. A couple of years ago we celebrated the opening of the Washington Nationals stadium on in DC.  Tonight the Nationals proved they are a team to contend with. With a Pittsburgh Pirates win over the Atlanta Braves the Nationals are National League East Division Champs!  On to the playoffs! Maybe we … More NL East Champions!

Another reminder . . .

. . . being a Jets fan is the price I pay for being a Yankees fan. Yesterday’s defeat also means I’ll be discussing the NFL labor brouhaha a little earlier than I’d hoped. Such is life. Stay tuned. Cross-posted to RWL

Well THAT’S bizarre

After nearly two decades here in Virginia (just over half my life), I only have two strong ties left to my birthplace: family and professional sports teams. As a Yankee fan, I’m used to hearing, deflecting, and taking as pride the resentment of fans of other teams – and I must say it feels good … More Well THAT’S bizarre

Happy Patriots’ Day

Today, the third Monday in April, is Patriots’ Day, commemorating the anniversary of the first battles of the American Revolutionary War — the Battles of Lexington and Concord — that occurred on April 19, 1775. Every year on Patriots’ Day, the Boston Marathon is run and the Red Sox play an 11:05 am game (today … More Happy Patriots’ Day

Jim Rice Heading for Cooperstown; Roger Clemens Heading To Court?

Long-time Red Sox left fielder Jim Rice has finally been elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame following 15 years on the ballot.  Meanwhile, former Red Sox pitcher Roger Clemens is under grand jury investigation for possibly lying under oath to Congress.  At this rate, Clemens won’t have to worry about what cap he’ll be … More Jim Rice Heading for Cooperstown; Roger Clemens Heading To Court?

Congressman Davis and the MLB

Full story here on A source close to Rep. Tom Davis, R-Va., told’s T.J. Quinn that the congressman says he was misquoted and misunderstood in a published report about Andy Pettitte‘s deposition. Appearing on ESPN’s “Outside The Lines,” Davis wouldn’t directly address the details contained in the Newsday report but said that Pettitte’s … More Congressman Davis and the MLB

R.I.P. Johnny Podres

One of baseball’s all-time greats, Johnny Podres, has passed away.  Podres was the 1955 World Series MVP for the Brooklyn Dodgers.  My dad met Podres when he was in boot camp with him and still has the photograph of the two of them together.  Podres had an incredible impact upon baseball right through today with … More R.I.P. Johnny Podres

Was the Rocket Turbo Boosted?

Roger Clemens is going to be named in the Mitchell report naming pro-baseball players who used steroids.  According to The Bergen Record “several” prominent Yankees will be named in Mitchell’s report, which will be released today at 2 p.m. UPDATE: Here is the list of all players mentioned in the report —

Cleveland Indians Pitcher Caught Buying $25K Worth Of Performance-Enhancing Drugs

A big dark cloud has been cast over Cleveland Indians pitcher Paul Byrd with today’s revelation that he has purchased $25K worth of human growth hormone and syringes “from a Florida anti-aging clinic that was targeted by law enforcement for illegally distributing performance-enhancing drugs.” But wait, it gets better. Two of Byrd’s prescriptions for growth … More Cleveland Indians Pitcher Caught Buying $25K Worth Of Performance-Enhancing Drugs

“The Curse of Clinton” Continues for Yankees

June 10, 1999 – Upon deciding to run for the U.S. Senate from New York, Hillary Clinton claims to be a lifelong New York Yankees fan.      Oct. 26, 2000 – Yankees win the World Series. Nov. 7, 2000 – The people of New York elect Hillary Clinton to the U.S. Senate. 2001 – Yankees lose the World Series … More “The Curse of Clinton” Continues for Yankees