Appoint Chris Royse To The PWC School Board

There is an opening on the Prince William County School Board in the Woodbridge Dist. due to the resignation of Denita Ramirez who stepped down on account of a new job offer.  The school board will now begin the process of selecting a replacement who will serve until the seat can be permanently filled at the next general election.

Even before he made his interest known in this position, I thought of Chris Royse.  Royse and his wife Kathy have lived in Woodbridge for years where they are raising their three children who all attend PWC schools.  One can only describe these two as involved parents concerned about the educational opportunities for their children and wanting nothing but the best for our county’s students.  Chris has waged two hard-fought campaigns for Woodbridge Dist. supervisor based upon detailed, issue-oriented platforms.  Many of the issues that he has shown great commitment to, both in those races and as a citizen, relate either directly or indirectly to education — whether it be continuing to improve our schools, job training or public safety matters.  In fact, he has served as the At-Large Representative on the School Board’s Safe Schools Advisory Council.  His professional life has prepared him well for this position, too, in particular his role in the rebuilding the earthquake shattered nation of Haiti.

Chris Royse would be a great asset to the PWC School Board and I urge them to appoint him to represent Woodbridge.

Rumored! Royse To Run Republicans?

Word is spreading quickly that elected officials and conservative activists are courting Chris Royse, two-time candidate for Woodbridge Dist. Supervisor, to run for Chairman of the Prince William County Republican Committee.  If these rumors are correct and Chris decides to enter the race, he will have my full support.  Royse has the knowledge and organizational abilities to take the PWCRC to the next level, building upon the successes of outgoing chairman Lyle Beefelt.  Chris ran in an extremely challenging district with little party infrastructure to help him out, but ran competitive races both times that, in any other district in PWC, would have carried him to victory.

I’ve had numerous conversations with Chris and his wife Kathy over the past year or so, before, during and after his campaign for supervisor and I have great confidence that he has a vision of what needs to be done to strengthen and broaden the party.

Prince William County is the second largest county in Virginia behind only Fairfax County.  With its 6-2 GOP majority on the Board of County Supervisors and 7-1 GOP majority in its House of Delegates contingent, PWC is the largest GOP majority county in the Commonwealth, yet it is often overlooked as the powerhouse that it is.

I look forward to seeing if Chris takes this opportunity to bring new members and new energy into the county committee, claiming for PWC the status that it deserves.

McDonnell Endorses Royse For Woodbridge Supervisor

Gov. Bob McDonnell Endorses Chris Royse for Woodbridge Supervisor

Prince William County, VA – Woodbridge Supervisor Candidate Chris Royse today announced that he has received the endorsement of Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell in his bid to represent the Woodbridge District on the Prince William Board of County Supervisors.

Gov. McDonnell stated, “I am pleased to endorse Chris Royse for the Prince William Board of County Supervisors, Woodbridge District.  He understands that keeping taxes and regulation low, and government focused on its core priorities is what creates the best environment to generate private sector jobs.  Chris is dedicated to making Prince William County, and Virginia, a better place to live, so I ask that you join me in supporting Chris Royse for Supervisor on November 8.”

“Governor McDonnell is providing tremendous leadership in Virginia as we move our state forward,” Royse said.  “I will work to not only follow his lead in Woodbridge, but to support the continuing success of the current majority on the Prince William Board of County Supervisors.

“Bob McDonnell is a giant in Virginia politics. I am proud to receive his support.”

Gov. McDonnell’s endorsement is another major success in a long list of achievements for the Royse campaign. Chris Royse has also been endorsed by Virginia’s Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling, and by the Prince William County Republican Party.  The campaign has knocked on thousands of doors, spoken with hundreds of voters in Woodbridge, and has received more contributions than his opponent for the past two months.

“Gov. McDonnell’s endorsement, coming as it does on the heels of my opponents decision to begin negative campaign attacks, is a testament to the strength of my campaign, and the power of our positive message of jobs, personal services to constituents, improved public safety, and common sense transportation solutions,” observed Royse.  “Bob McDonnell knows that I have the ideas, energy, and leadership skills to ensure Woodbridge shares fully in Prince William County’s, and Virginia’s,  prosperity.”

Recent polls show Gov. McDonnell’s popularity at 61%.  Quinnipiac University Polling Institute has observed, “”Not only is he personally popular, but so too is his budget. Virtually every other governor in the country must be envious about Bob McDonnell’s numbers.”

Chris Royse came to  Woodbridge, Va., 13 years ago to work for the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  He and his wife Kathy have been married for  21 years, and have three children in the Prince William County Public Schools.  Chris is a former U.S. Army Green Beret, and works in the defense and homeland security industry as a management consultant.   To learn more about Chris Royse, visit his website at


PWC #1 in VA, #3 in U.S. for Job Growth

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics finds that Prince William County was tops in Virginia for job growth between March 2010 and March 2011 and third NATIONALLY during this same period.  This is largely attributable to the business-friendly climate fostered by the Republican-majority Board of Supervisors led by Chairman Corey Stewart and stalwart conservatives on the Board such as Mike May and John Stirrup.

If Democrats had any hope of swiping a GOP-held BOCS seat 11 days from now, what little may have existed has just gone up in smoke.  The best Dr. Babur Lateef can hope for at this point is that he acquires some new patients for his practice (which may be why he is including “Dr.” on all of his campaign signs) as his already futile campaign against Stewart just became exponentially more so.  We wish him well with his practice and hope that he learns to manage his own money better in the future so he won’t get foreclosed on again.

While we will miss Stirrup’s leadership on the Board, Peter Candland promises to bring the same philosophy and energy that John did for the Gainesville District.

For PWC to take the top spot nationally, the county needs to address the anchor weighing it down which is the Woodbridge Dist. and the failed policies of Frank Principi.  Only one candidate in that race, Chris Royse, has provided ideas outside the box while Principi continues to wait in front of Marumsco Plaza for Godot to show up and make things better.

Three sitting GOP supervisors are unopposed on Nov. 8.  Voters need to send Stewart, Marty Nohe, Candland and Royse to join them for the next four years as well.  (This will give the GOP a 7-1 BOCS majority.)



Coles Dist.


Gainesville Dist.


Woodbridge Dist. – B2R

Democrats’ Dying Gasps Of The 2011 Campaign

When candidates of either party decide it is time to run on guns and abortion as their main issues, you know they’re desperate and are still trying to rally their own base.  That is exactly where Democrats find themselves today less than two weeks out from Election Day.  How bad is it?  Well, even Barbara Favola who is seeking to represent part of Arlington County (the 31st Senate district stretches all the way out to Loudoun from there) is employing this strategy against Caren Merrick.  Same thing in the 13th Senate Dist. where Shawn Mitchell is running around talking about guns and abortion while Dick Black is staying focused on job creation, transportation, education, spending and taxes.  (Let’s not forget Fairfax County Board Chairman Sharon Bulova’s appeal to progressive values!)  When you’re not talking bread and butter issues, you’re losing and losing badly.

Then you’ve got poor old Chuck Colgan resurrecting his “Rocky” ad for his try at a tenth four-year senate term representing the 29th District, but instead of coming off like Rocky Balboa, he reminds people of Rocky’s decrepit trainer, Mickey Goldmill played by Burgess Meredith.  He’s running in a 56% McDonnell district (that’s an improvement for Dems after redistricting) and is reduced to putting up signs wherever he can saying how much money he has steered to the county.  Last time I checked, PWC wasn’t looking for a Robert Byrd clone — perhaps he should have thought of naming everything after himself like Byrd did. Unfortunately (for him), these 4’x8′ signs read like a novel there are so many words on them and by the time you get to line 2 or 3 out of 8 you’re already driving by them.  Most people never get to his name at the very bottom.  His other 4’x8′ signs are just as bad — they read “Re-Elect Senator Colgan.”  First, in this political climate, “re-elect” could be viewed as a dirty word.  Second, it seems that he has changed his first name from “Charles” to “Senator.”

Then there is silly, silly Frank “The Clown Prince of Woodbridge” Principi who is watching his time as Prince William County Woodbridge Dist. Supervisor slip away.  He thought that he could launch an October surprise by putting in a FOIA request to find out who his opponent Chris Royse had spoken with at AFRICOM regarding moving it to the Woodbridge area.  Well, if Frank had a brain in his head or was intellectually honest, he would realize and/or admit that Royse has never claimed to have had direct negotiations with the Department of Defense or AFRICOM officers.  Royse has had conversations about this with U.S. Rep. Rob Wittman who represents part of Woodbridge (including where Royse lives) and is a Subcommittee Chairman on the House Armed Services Cmte.  He has also discussed this with fmr. U.S. Rep. Tom Davis as well as a former commander of AFRICOM.  Here is what Royse had to say about Frank’s manufactured “controversy” tonight:

Its all over the media that AFRICOM may move to the US [Sens. Warner and Webb are pitching to bring it to Virginia], all I’m trying to do is position Woodbridge to compete for it should that happen. However, I have NEVER said I am working directly with AFRICOM to anyone, anywhere. Because I work in the Defense Industry I am grateful [Principi] put this DOD document out there because if there was anyone that had the perception I was using my business contacts to help my political career, which would be unethical by the way, that question has officially been removed now and I’m a much stronger Candidate because of it.

Instead, Principi is claiming that Royse is misleading voters when in fact Principi is the candidate who is doing that.

These are but a few examples of the dying gasps you can expect to hear from Democrats over these last 12 days before Election Day.  Undoubtedly, the wheezing will only get louder as Nov. 8 gets closer.

Royse Outraises Principi for Woodbridge Supervisor; Enters Final Weeks With 2-1 Cash On-Hand Advantage

This just hot off the State Board of Elections campaign finance report web site. Woodbridge Supervisor Frank Principi raised $14,075 during the month of September and spent $12,226.97. He still has an outstanding loan of $5,807.82. His ending Cash On-Hand is $8,976.46.

Compare that with Chris Royse who reports having raised $20,457.41 during the month, spent only $1,149.48 and has an ending Cash On-Hand balance of $20,809.62 heading into the final weeks.  Royse already has big plans for that cash and is putting it to good use throughout the district in the form of signs, literature and mailers.  So far, the only Principi signs I have seen in Woodbridge are in the window of his campaign HQ while Royse has 4x8s up at several area businesses as well as countless yard signs.

Don’t be surprised to see a GOP sweep of Woodbridge in 3 weeks with Jeff Frederick & Tom Gordy winning Senate seats, Mark Dudenhefer and Cleveland Anderson winning House seats, Corey Stewart repeating for PWC Chairman (he won Woodbridge in 2007 as well) and Royse as Woodbridge Supervisor.

Royse for Woodbridge Supervisor event with George Allen THIS SATURDAY!

Come spend some time this Saturday afternoon along the Potomac with Governor George Allen supporting Chris Royse’s campaign for Woodbridge Supervisor.

Saturday, October 15 · 12 – 2pm

Tim’s Rivershore Restaurant and Crab House

1510 Cherry Hill Road
Dumfries, VA 22026
$25 per person / $40 per family
More details here.

Get Ready for a REAL “New Woodbridge” after November 8th!

Prince William County Woodbridge Dist. Supervisor Frank Principi – a.k.a. The Clown Prince of Woodbridge – is sending out ridiculous fundraising emails spouting such drivel as:

My 2007 opponent, who ran against me and the vision of a New Woodbridge, is back and is working harder than ever to derail our efforts to make Woodbridge a better place. He would rather talk about divisive national issues then deal with the real problems facing our community. I need your help more than ever so that we can see the vision of a New Woodbridge come to fruition. Join me and let’s finish making our vision of a New Woodbridge our reality.

First of all, Frank’s efforts should be derailed because they are failing miserably and are not making Woodbridge a better place — Principi himself derisively referred to it as a “ghetto” not that long ago.  Even Five Guys burgers, which is expanding nationally, pulled out of Woodbridge late last year, closing the restaurant closest to their own corporate HQ which is just up Route 1 across the Occoquan River from the location.  Apparently, his idea of making Woodbridge “upscale” is bringing in a new thrift shop.  PUH-LEEZE!

Second, the only “national issues” that Principi’s opponent, Chris Royse, has talked about are bringing jobs to the district in general and AFRICOM’s new headquarters in particular.  In fact, Royse discussed this with U.S. Rep. Rob Wittman last week.  Wittman represents parts of Woodbridge in Congress and sits on the House Armed Services Cmte. where he is a subcmte. chairman.  What the “divisive national issues” that Principi is referring to are anyone’s guess.  Ask anyone who has had Chris knock on their door and they will tell you he says, “I’m running on a ‘Bring a more personal touch to constituent services and jobs to Woodbridge’ platform…”  Not exactly divisive OR national.

Now remember, this quote is from a fundraising email.  Principi’s goal for it?  $1,000.

Even if he made that goal (and he was still $200 away from making that at 7 p.m. on Fri. night with a midnight deadline and no additional updates have been added since then), he may soon find that it won’t be enough.  You see, Royse held a fundraiser last Friday where he brought in $22,000 in one day alone — 22x Principi’s goal.  (That doesn’t take into account some rather large contributions received earlier in the week from Route 1 business leaders, either.)  A virtual who’s who of Republican office holders kicked in contributions at a Royse event held at Brixx pizza in Potomac Town Center.  PWC Chairman Corey Stewart donated $2,000 at the event.  Potomac Supervisor Maureen Caddigan, who has been a vocal critic of Principi, gave $500 (or roughly 1/80th of the $40K+ cash on-hand that she has despite being unopposed in either the primary or general elections.)  The rest of the Republican BOCS members as well as members of the General Assembly from PWC chipped in as did a number of Woodbridge residents tired of the poor representation they have received over the past four years.

A REAL “New Woodbridge” is coming to PWC after Nov. 8th and this one is not just a fantasy vision as Frank’s is, but rather a reality based upon the hard work and dedication of Chris Royse.

Come Meet The Next Woodbridge Supervisor, Chris Royse, This Friday!



Please Join

Members of the Prince William County Board of County Supervisors

at a Meet and Greet

with the next Supervisor from Woodbridge, VA



Friday, September 30, 2011 from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.



Brixx Woodfired Pizza 14900 Potomac Town Plaza

Woodbridge, VA 22191

Sponsorship Levels (The Attributes of Leadership):

Integrity $5,000

Accountability $2,500

Transparency $1,000

Availability $500

Creativity $250

Requested Contribution of $25 per attendee, $40 per family

Please R.S.V.P. NLT Friday September 30, 2011 10 a.m.

Word is Royse raised $8,000 yesterday alone!

Interesting Findings In The Latest PWC Campaign Finance Reports

VPAP has the latest campaign finance filings for Prince William County.  Here are some interesting nuggets:

Chairman’s raceCorey Stewart holds a more than 2-1 cash on-hand advantage ($217,246 to $102,491) over Babur Lateef going into the final six weeks of the election with independent John Gray a non-factor with just $884 in the bank. The only bright spot for Lateef (other than Paul Ebert’s continued cover-up of the criminal investigation into his personal finances) is that he outraised Stewart by $1,200 between Aug. 11 and Aug. 31.  But wait!  It seems that the man who lost his home to foreclosure was able to pump another $10,000 into his own campaign on Aug. 31 in order to boost his anemic fundraising totals.  I still can’t believe that Ebert is such a political hack that he would sacrifice his own reputation to try and save Lateef, which even barring this scandal would be a hopeless task.  All the more reason to write in Ham Sandwich for Commonwealth’s Attorney on Nov. 8.

Brentsville SupervisorWally Covington spent a total of $117,963 this year in beating back a strong challenge from Jeanine Lawson by a margin of 52-48.  Lawson spent just $26,144 between April 1 and the Aug. primary, nearly overcoming a more than 4-1 cash disadvantage.  Covington is unopposed in the general.

Coles SupervisorMarty Nohe cruised to 74%-26% primary victory in a vastly reshaped Coles District, spending $43,131 and entering the general election with $31,360 still in the bank. His Democrat opponent in November has raised just $1,750 and has only $905 set aside for the general election.

Gainesville SupervisorPeter Candland survived a five-way primary in this heavily GOP district, spending just under $42K to win 43% of the vote and capture the nod by 10 points.  He entered September with just over $4,300 in his campaign account, but look for that to be quickly replenished.  The Democrat has $22K entering the final stretch, but $15K of that is in loans and somehow one’s own money doesn’t get spent as quickly as other people’s money.

Neabsco SupervisorJohn Jenkins is unopposed and sitting on $59,074. Unlike Paul Ebert, Jenkins isn’t sticking his neck out for Lateef. In fact, Jenkins has only donated $350 to Sen. George Barker’s reelection campaign, $100 to Del. Rev. Luke Torian’s reelection and $100 to the PWC wingnuts, I mean Democrat Party.

Occoquan SupervisorMike May is also unopposed and has $28,638 in his account.  I understand that he is being very supportive of Chris Royse’s campaign in the Woodbridge District and has pledged a significant contribution to Royse and will be involved in a big fundraiser for him.  With John Stirrup leaving the Board at the end of this year, look for May to fully take on the role that Stirrup played as the taxpayers’ champion and most thoughtful member of the BOCS.

Potomac Supervisor – Another unopposed race, Maureen Caddigan has $40,762 in her campaign coffers. She has been a very vocal critic of Woodbridge Supervisor Frank Principi and has been seen publicly supporting Royse. We will be keeping an eye open to make sure that she actually puts a good chunk of this money where her mouth is.  Anything less than A $5K contribution to Royse would certainly bring her commitment into question.

Woodbridge SupervisorFrank Principi faces a rematch with his 2007 opponent Chris Royse.  Principi is the only endangered incumbent on the Board this November and the latest finance reports confirm that.  Principi enters the home stretch with only $7,128 in his bank account and there won’t be any $17K transfer of campaign funds from his predecessor Hilda Barg to save him this time.  While Royse ended August with just about $1,500 in his account, over the past three weeks he has been lining up donations from business leaders in the district, setting up some high profile fundraising events sure to bring in the cash, and knocking on plenty of doors (something the rotund Principi is averse to doing lest they be slammed in his face and he be forced to waddle away out of breath.)  Watch for Royse to come on strong in these final six weeks.

Chris Royse Working On Bringing AFRICOM’s New HQ To Woodbridge

With JFCOMs official disestablishment ceremony complete, it can now be revealed that Woodbridge Supervisor candidate Chris Royse has been working since January to bring AFRICOM’s potential new headquarters to Woodbridge.  It is a perfect location for a joint-command located right between Quantico MCB and Fort Belvoir with two nearby VRE stations for commuter rail to bring employees to the Pentagon as needed and a significant population of African immigrants in the area who could bring invaluable experience to such an operation that will be increasingly vital to our national security.

This is precisely the kind of thinking that Eastern Prince William County needs in terms of economic development rather than the pie-in-the-sky dreams of Frank “The Clown Prince of Woodbridge” Principi who can’t even keep a Five Guys burger joint from leaving much less bring in the kind of development he talks about.

UPDATE: See coverage in today’s News & MessengerPotomac Local and Woodbridge Patch.

Help Us Wish Chris Royse, Woodbridge Supervisor Candidate, A Happy Birthday!

Chris Royse is running for the Woodbridge Dist. seat on the Prince William Board of County Supervisors. If there is any place in the county that has been lacking leadership and direction the past four years, it is here. Woodbridge and the county need Chris in this seat, which is why we are doing a “money bomb” today for his campaign on this, his 43rd birthday. Help us wish Chris a Happy Birthday by contributing to his campaign $43 or some multiple of that — (x2) $86, (x5) $215, (x10) $430 or whatever you can!

Chris Royse Off And Running!


Chris is going to make an outstanding addition to the Prince William Board of County Supervisors.  He has the potential to be for Woodbridge what Rudy Giuliani was for New York City — the right person at the right time with the right ideas.  His website is now live as well, coinciding with the official kickoff of his campaign.  Be sure to check it out via the link below!


Royse Rolls Out 2011 Campaign Model On Tuesday

Chris Royse will formally announce the kickoff of his campaign for the Woodbridge Supervisor seat on the Prince William Board of County Supervisors (BOCS) on June 21, 2011 at 1:30 PM in the lobby of the McCoart Government Center immediately preceding the BOCS meeting.

What:  Chris Royse to Announce Campaign Kickoff

When:  June 21, 2011 1:30 PM

Where: McCoart Government Services Building (Lobby)

1 County Complex Court

Prince William, VA 22192

Chris Royse has worked hard over the past four years and positioned himself well for this rematch with the Clown Prince of Woodbridge, Frank Principi.

Chris Royse To Run For Woodbridge Supervisor

Chris Royse will announce to the Prince William County GOP at their monthly meeting Monday night, June 13, that he will be running for Woodbridge Supervisor against incumbent Frank Principi.  A formal campaign announcement is expected the following week.

Chris narrowly lost to Principi 4 years ago in a four-way free-for-all.  Several factors at play in 2011 will assure a different outcome than 2007.  First of all, Frank has had a full-term in office now and a chance to alienate more people, including his predecessor Hilda Barg.  Principi has been bad-mouthing Barg to numerous people who have gotten the word back to her what he has been saying.  This isn’t exactly grateful behavior from Principi, someone that she chose, groomed and nearly fully-funded in 2007 and she is reportedly very upset with Frank to the point that she will not support him.  Despite being on opposite sides of the political aisle, Barg and Royse have maintained a cordial relationship.

Second, Principi only had $4,650 in cash on-hand as of March 31, 2011.  Barg was his top donor in 2007, contributing $16,821 from her campaign coffers, and getting her business supporters to give to Frank.  Over the past four years, Principi has managed to offend most of the businesses in Woodbridge by one means or another, whether it be opposing a car dealership’s proposal to install a giant American flag or trying to force an auto salvage yard to plant flowers outside of it in an area where nothing can grow.  A vast majority of Barg’s supporters now appear ready to throw those financial resources towards Royse.

Third, illegal immigration remains a hot-button issue in the Woodbridge District according to various recent surveys and polls.  Principi has been on the wrong side of the issue in nearly every vote and has even voiced support for repealing the county’s rule of law resolution.

Fourth, Frank has given his opponents plenty of ammunition on the issues, whether it is his waffling on pro-life with regard to regulation of abortion clinics or his bizarre attempted walk-out from the Aug. 24, 2010 BOCS meeting where he intended to leave and deny quorum for a vote, but stood at the door while Mike May quickly called the vote and passed it.  (Let’s not forget his War on Prosperity gaffe.)

Finally, Principi has droned on and on about his “New Woodbridge” vision about upscale living and businesses.  Yet the reality of his record is this guy couldn’t even keep a Five Guys burger joint in his district despite the fact that the chain is booming nationally and the restaurant location was the closest one to its corporate headquarters just across the Occoquan River in Fairfax.  He is trying to claim credit for the new Neabsco bridge on Route 1, but that was planned, funded and construction begun even before he was elected.  Likewise the Route 1 / Route 123 interchange is happening because of Stewart and the Commonwealth of Virginia.  Principi’s record has been so abysmal that the Board heeded my advice and stripped his district of PWC’s crown jewel, the Harbor Station development on the Cherry Hill Peninsula.

Frank’s empty platitudes contrast starkly with Royse’s deep and knowledgeable experience with business and economic development, traits that would serve the Woodbridge District well.  Virginia Virtucon is once again proud to endorse Chris Royse for Woodbridge Supervisor!