Exploratory Committee Announcement – UPDATED

Later today, I will be filing the appropriate paperwork with the Federal Election Commission to establish an exploratory committee to run for the United States Senate in 2014 against incumbent Mark Warner.  Just as in 2006 George Allen failed to draw a top Democratic challenger, Senator Warner has yet to see Republicans field a first-tier challenger to oppose him.  In the absence of another candidate stepping forward, I find myself being thrust forward to accept the task of representing the concerns of middle-class families like mine in the political arena of ideas.

To say that Mark Warner’s first-term in the Senate has been underwhelming and without notable accomplishment would be an understatement.  Aside from lending his name to a couple of the countless (and typically meaningless) bipartisan “Gang of [insert varying number of senators here]” groups, he has done nothing.  He has not lifted a finger to reduce the tax and debt burdens on our families.  He has not put forward solutions to alleviate our crushing traffic congestion.

What he has done is vote to approve Obamacare which has only led to increased insurance premiums and skyrocketing regulations that threaten to strangle the best health care system in the world.

Mark Warner does not understand the plight of the middle class.  How could we expect him to do so?  After all, he got rich early in life trading on inside information gained as a congressional staffer, a practice that is now illegal.  Ever since then, all he has sought to do is get elected to the Senate — not because he wanted to do something, but because he wanted to be someone.

That is not the kind of senator that Virginians need.  With your prayers and support, we can stun the political establishment just like what happened in 2006.

Keep your eyes on RileyforSenate.com.

More to come….

UPDATE:  Apparently, the FEC does not accept campaign filings on APRIL FOOL’S DAY.

FBI investigating Petraeus and girlfriend for months

UPDATE: The girlfriend of General Petraeus  is Paula Broadwell, a journalist who wrote a book about Petraeus.

According to this article, the FBI has been investigating General Petraeus and his girlfriend for months.   How nice of him to help Obama by waiting until after the election to resign.  Just in time to avoid testifying!  Just a coincidence, right?

So who was/is the girlfriend?   According to the article, she’s a journalist who was writing about him.  It shouldn’t be there hard to figure how who she is.  Stay tuned, there’s more to this story!

General David Petraeus resigns and will not testify on Benghazi Coverup!

UPDATE:   Petraeus will NOT be testifying before the Senate Intelligence Committee next week as had been scheduled.   Story here.

After admitting to an extramarital affair, General Patraeus has resigned as Director of CIA.  More here.    I have to wonder if there’s something more to this, something more like the Benghazi cover up.  Time, and investigations, will tell.

More here and here.   What a dope to have thrown away his life and his future this way.   His kids were so proud of him, now that’s all gone.  Now any thought of a career after this is gone.  His marriage may well be gone too.

Who would ever have thought that General David Petraeus would turn out to be no better than sleazy John Edwards?

The question remains, why confess this now and resign?   There’s more to come with this story.

UPDATE:  General Petraeus was scheduled to testify next week on what happened in Benghazi.   After his resignation it was announced that he will not testify.   He has maintained that neither he nor the CIA refused to help the Navy Seals.