So, I waited a couple of days…

…and Schoeneman’s sour grapes hit piece on Whitbeck, Snyder, Colgate and the RPV Grassroots Challenge success is still ridiculous. I wanted to see if he walked it back, or “put it in context”, etc. Nope. He’s doubled down, both in comments and on social media. In the meantime, Chris Beer has spared the rest of us the task of debunking it in detail.

During and after the Sully primary, I was one of the conservative voices telling people to ease up on Schoeneman a bit, for the sake of party unity, plus, what does attacking Brian really accomplish?

Well, never mind that now. Carry on.

Great time at the Guevara general election kickoff shindig last night. Great turnout, plenty of candidates and activists came to enjoy the unique venue and hear Senator Allen talk about what we need to do to win in Virginia. Met my colleague here at VV, Steve Thomas, for the first time in person. I saw John Guevara give the best speech I’ve seen him give. We’re going to win in Sully.

Is “Boss” Herrity the New Tom Davis of Fairfax County?

Is Supervisor Pat Herrity trying to control Republican politics across Fairfax County and become the new Tom Davis? That’s exactly what’s happening according to Mason Conservative in this excellent piece available HERE.

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Vote For John Whitbeck This Tuesday

I know John Whitbeck personally for several years now.  He is a good family man who runs a business, and the Washington Post, as usual, is conducting a character assassination of the Republican in a Northern Virginia Election.  Take the time to learn about who is John Whitbeck.

John believes that government exists to serve the people, and not the other way around. He is a fiscal conservative constitutionalist and a loyal Republican.  As Chairman of the 10th district he has shown himself to be a leader.   John is the founder of his law firm, a small business with offices in Loudoun County and Clarke County. His practice focuses on family law, criminal law, mental health law, and other litigation.  In his practice John has dealt with the real problems of real people, and understands the issues that confront Northern Virginians today.

With Terry Mcauliffe in the governor’s mansion do you want to give him out right control of the VA Senate?  Mcaulliffe wants to dump hundreds of millions of dollars in VA taxes into Medicaid expansion and try to set up an Obamacare state exchange.  Most state exchanges operate about as well as Oregon’s, which has cost that state $250M dollars and has not signed up a single enrollee.

The Washington Post as usual is endorsing the Democrat (Wexton) no matter how flawed – and allows her to misrepresent her record as a prosecutor and as a private attorney in her law firm where Wexton has violated her clients trust.   Wexton has issues with ethics and serious judgment issues, recently describing the Tea Party as rapists in her campaign adds.

The Post of course is also ignoring the issues with the former Republican cum independent Joe May.  May has been in politics for too long, and became a bitter clinger to power when he lost in the primary to David LaRock.  He showed his true colors a number of times during the primary campaign and then helped the Democrat in the general election against David, the Republican candidate.  He is looking for payback against Republicans, and has engaged in some dirty pool already.  This is not someone you want to see in the Senate.

Neither May nor Wexton live in the 33rd, as such are you really looking for a carpet bagging opportunist to get elected to the VA Senate?  This sort does not look out for their constituency’s interest’s. Instead they are seeking to further their own agendas.

If you live in the 33rd, or know someone else who does please get yourself to the polls.  Or, get your friends and neighbors to go and vote for John.  Down in Norfolk we have a recount going on for another VA Senate election were the difference was nine (9) votes.  Every vote counts!  Get the vote out for John Whitbeck!!

Why John Whitbeck is the Best Candidate in the 33rd Senate District and Why You Should Care

Two Republican candidates are running for the nomination in the district Senator Mark Herring will vacate if he wins the recount for Attorney General. Voters in the 33rd Senate district will make their choice in a Mass Meeting to be held on Monday, December 16th, at Park View High School, 400 W. Laurel Avenue, Sterling, VA 20164, with registration from 6:30 PM until 7:30 PM. You must be at the high school prior to 7:30 to register to vote. The meeting will begin promptly at 7:30. Since several hundred people are expected to attend so getting to the school early would be a good idea. If you are unsure of your state Senate district, click here.

Two candidates, John Whitbeck and Ron Meyer Jr., are running to face democrat Jennifer Wexton in a special election; the date has not yet been set.

Ron Meyer Jr. is 23 years old and without a regular job. He has been a young spokesman on Fox News on a few occasions but was fired from his most recent job when he said John Boehner would resign as Speaker. Admitting this rather large mistake, Meyer said ” Look, I’m a 23-year-old activist who’s just starting”. He’s right, he’s just a kid starting out. He may well make a good candidate in 10 or 20 years. He’s just not ready yet.

Ron rents an apartment in Herndon with his girlfriend. He’s never had a mortgage or a business or even a regular job. After deciding to run for State Senate Ron proposed to his girlfriend in a rather opportunistic move on Thanksgiving. Until a few weeks ago Ron Meyer was running for Congress in the 11th district. He has refused to return money that donors gave him for the 11 district race while he uses their money in this current race for State Senate. Many donors are extremely angry about Meyer using money that they donated for one purpose only to see their money used for a completely different purpose in a district that doesn’t even represent them. Is that even legal? I can find no endorsements for Ron Meyer Jr on his website or anyplace else.

John Whitbeck is 35 years old, married for 10 years, with two little girls and another due next month. He is a well respected attorney in Leesburg having run his own business for years. As Chairman of Virginia’s 10th Republican District, John has been a solid conservative who has been able to join together all factions of the party. In 2008 Virginia’s 10th district voted for Obama. Under John’s guidance the 10th district voted for Romney in 2012. John owns a home in Landsdowne and has been President of their Home Owner’s Association. He is a solid conservative who will not raise taxes, he supports the Second Amendment, and is pro Life. He knows how to beat democrats and he has proven it as the leader in the 10th Congressional district. John has been endorsed by an overwhelming majority of the elected officials in Loudoun County.

Please visit John Whitbeck’s website and learn more him and his ideas for our future. I think you will agree that John is by far the best candidate to represent us in the special election for Mark Herring’s seat, should such an election become necessary. Republicans need to take back this seat to control the State Senate and stop McAuliffe from expanding Obamacare into Virginia and raising our taxes. John is the candidate who can do that. If you are a voter in the 33rd State Senate district please vote on Monday for our future and the future of our children.
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UPDATE: The Meyer campaign has contacted Virtucon with corrections that they would like to make to this post:

1) Ron is 24, not 23.

2) Ron does have a regular job as a PR professional.

3) Ron has not been on Fox on a few occasions, but has made over 100 appearances on national cable news.

4) He was not fired from his job after the “Fire Boehner” incident. Ron left American Majority Action more than 2 months after this incident on his own accord because he was announcing his candidacy.

5) Ron has run a business and held a regular job.

6) As a personal friend to Ron, I know that proposing to Celia is something that he has had planned for months leading up to Thanksgiving and was unrelated to his candidacy.

7) Ron has not refused to return money to donors that have requested this sort of action. You will be able to see in his upcoming FEC and SBE filing reports that Ron has refunded thousands of dollars to donors that have requested refunds.

8) The only money that Ron has transferred from his Congressional account to the state level account is money from donors that have given Ron the approval to do so. Not a single cent from a donor has been transferred over against their wishes.

Maybe Jennifer Wexton Can Buy Dave Marsden’s Old Futon

Loudoun and Fairfax Democrats plan to nominate their candidate for the 33rd State Senate Dist. currently occupied by Mark Herring this Saturday.  Never mind that Herring is still in office.  Never mind that Virginia has yet to certify the results of the election for Attorney General.  Never mind that with only 164 votes separating Herring from Mark Obenshain out of 2.2 million cast that there will be a recount that still could change the outcome of this race.

No, Democrats want to move fast so they can nominate Jennifer Wexton as their candidate.  There was some question as to whether Wexton even lives in the district, but we have been told that she moved into an apartment within the district right before the deadline to change registration, did so, and then voted in her new precinct.  Never mind that her husband and kids didn’t move with her.

What kind of person moves out of her home and into an apartment, leaving her husband and children there, just so she can get residency in a new senate district?

My answer to that — someone whose priorities in life are grossly out of whack.

Maybe Dave Marsden can sell her his used futon from when he did the same thing four years ago.

How is your local government doing?

While counties to the north are raising taxes, Stafford County, yet again, eliminated taxes.

Fairfax County is doing it (Supervisor Pat Herrity’s email newsletter)

Yesterday, the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors voted to increase the property tax rate by one cent to $1.085. With the increase in assessments that translates to a 4.5 % or $216 increase in taxes on the average homeowner. This increase is on top of a 1.9% increase last fiscal year (FY2013) and another 4.5% increase in next year’s tax bill (FY2015) if cuts are not made for a total of 11% over three years. I voted against this budget.

Prince William County is doing it (Virginia Virtucon post, April 23, 2013)

The Prince William Board of County Supervisors will vote tomorrow, April 23, on the FY 2014 tax rate. A resolution has already been drafted setting the rate at $1.181 per $100, which amounts to an average tax hike of 2.3 percent. There is much flowery language included in an attempt to provide a fig leaf here (“lowest tax bill”, “lowest tax burden”, “efficient and effective governance”, etc.), but the bottom line is people’s taxes are going up.

Stafford County is NOT doing it (Chairman Susan Stimpson’s email April 24, 2013)

Want proof that conservative governing and ideas work? Look no further than what we did in Stafford County last night. The Stafford County Board of Supervisors unanimously passed a budget that:

  • Returns approximately $3.4 million to the taxpayers
  • Zeroed out the machinery and tools tax
  • Zeroed out the motor vehicle carrier tax
  • Zeroed out the boat tax
  • Focused dollars into the classroom and cut approximately 10% of the school administration costs by targeting categorical funding to instruction and technology
  • Put a mechanism in place that will address surplus funds, returning $2.4 million back to the taxpayer.

Conservative governing works and Susan Stimpson, Bob Thomas, Paul Milde, Cord Sterling, Gary Snellings, Jack Cavelier and Ty Schieber, all members of the Stafford County Board of Supervisors are proving it.

Never Forget! These Virginia Republicans sold us out!

These republicans voted for the transportation bill that will cost us all of us billions of dollars.  Do NOT forget these ‘representatives’ who failed to represent the people of Virginia.  Every single one of them needs to face a primary.  Start looking for candidates now!

House of Delegates: Dave Albo (42), John Cosgrove (78), Kirk Cox (66), Mark Dudenhefer (2), Jim Edmunds (60), Tag Greason (32), Chris Head (17), Gordon Helsel (91), Keith Hodges (98), Sal Iaquinto (84)*, Riley Ingram (62), Chris Jones (76), Terry Kilgore (1), Barry Knight (81), Jim LeMunyon (67), Manny Loupassi (68), Joe May (33), Donald Merricks (16), Randy Minchew (10), Richard Morris (64), John O’Bannon (73), Bobby Orrock (54), Charles Poindexter (9), Bob Purkey (82), Lacey Putney (I, declared R if running for re-election – 19), Tom Rust (86), Ed Scott (30), Beverly Sherwood (29), Chris Stolle (83), Ron Villanueva (21), Michael Watson (93), David Yancey (94), Joseph Yost (12), Speaker Howell (28)

State Senate: Harry Blevins (14), Bill Carrico (40), Jeff McWaters (8), Tommy Norment (3), Frank Ruff (15), Walter Stosch (12), Frank Wagner (7), John Watkins (10).

Who is Funding Pete Snyder’s Run for Lt. Governor of Virginia?

Currently there are seven candidates vying for the republican nomination for Lt. Governor.  One of them is Fairfax county’s Pete Snyder, a very successful businessman and entrepreneur.   He was less successful in 2012 when Governor McDonnell chose him to run the victory campaign for the Republicans in Virginia.   While I keep hearing that his stock is rising, I’ve yet to understand the reasons for that rise just as I do not understand why establishment Richmond, and the Governor, are so enamored with Snyder.  I’ve heard him speak twice and was underwhelmed both times.  At a forum of the seven Lt. Governors on Sunday, there were several candidates (nearly all of them) who were much more impressive than Snyder.

I’ve been told Snyder’s  big advantage is his ability to raise money.   So I looked at Snyder’s campaign funding page at VPAP.   I immediately noticed that only 1/4 of Snyder’s donors actually  live in Virginia.  Contrast Pete’s page with that of another candidate, Corey Stewart, whose page rarely shows a donor who does not live in Virginia.  My first question is, why are so many out of state people funding a Virginia race for Lt. Governor?  And why have they chosen Pete Snyder?  I’ve never seen any Virginia candidate with so much out of state money.

I also noticed that Pete has received a huge chunk of his funding, $235,000, from a Denver based PAC called “Ending Spending Fund” (sounds like a contradiction in terms).   Their webpage says they are “a non-partisan political action committee that independently sponsors advertisements which advocate for the election or defeat of candidates across the country on the basis of a particular candidate’s position on fiscal issues.”   Since all the candidates are fiscal conservatives, and all of the current candidates who have held political office have proven themselves to be fiscal conservatives, again, why Snyder?  Since Snyder has never held office, we will have to take him at his word that he will be a fiscal conservative in office.   So why did this PAC choose Snyder for their candidate and why did they choose to give him so much money?

Digging further I found that the “Ending Spending Fund” is owned by Joe Ricketts, the reclusive 70 year old founder and chairman of Ameritrade investment company.  The Washington Post said this about Ricketts:

“he’s a man with some pretty close ties to Obamaworld and the Democratic Party.

Ricketts himself is a former Democrat who became a Republican and later an independent.

His daughter, Laura, is a gay and lesbian activist and big-time Obama bundler, having raised around half a million dollars for the man her father would apparently like to bring down.

The Ricketts family also owns the Chicago Cubs, which is in negotiations with former Obama chief of staff Rahm Emanuel (now the mayor of Chicago) to get city help in renovating the team’s 98 year old stadium, Wrigley Field. One of Joe’s sons, Tom, leads those negotiations as the Cubs’ chairman.

The family’s net worth has been ranked as high as 93rd on the Forbes list of wealthiest Americans. In 2009, Joe Ricketts himself ranked 371st, with assets estimated at $1 billion.”

A previous Washington Post article on Joe Ricketts is here.

I’m left wondering, who is Pete Snyder, why is he running for LG, and why is he getting so much attention and money from outside Virginia?

More to come.

Senate Bill Seeks To Allow Local Income Taxes Without Referenda

According to The Derecho, state Sen. Walter Stosch is at it again, this time with SB 1313.  This bill would remove the requirement for those localities permitted to institute local income taxes to put such measures to a referendum of the voters.  (And here we thought Del. Dave Albo’s local food and bevereage sales tax bill without referenda was bad.)

Adds the City of Portsmouth to the list of localities authorized to impose a local income tax to generate revenue to be used for transportation purposes. The bill also removes the requirement that the local income tax be approved by a referendum and repeals the five-year sunset on the local income tax.

So, which counties and cities are subject to this?

Arlington, Fairfax, Loudoun, and Prince William, and the Cities of Alexandria, Fairfax, Falls Church, Manassas, Manassas Park, Norfolk, Portsmouth, and Virginia Beach

Here’s how the vote went in the Senate Finance Committee:

01/31/13 Senate: Reported from Finance (8-Y 5-N)
YEAS–Stosch, Howell, Saslaw, Hanger, Watkins, Lucas, Ruff, Wagner–8.
NAYS–Colgan, Marsh, Newman, McDougle, Carrico–5.

Hang on to your wallets, people!!!

Ken Cuccinelli for Governor

For what should be obvious reasons, Election 2012 maintained center stage until November 7 (and somewhat afterward). Now, slowly, Election 2013 is coming to the forefront for Virginians – in particular the race for Governor. Recent events have made clear that Ken Cuccinelli is the superior choice.

As State Senator, Ken established a near-perfect record figthing to keep spending low, taxes to a minimum, and government interference as limited as possible on family, communities, and localities. He has continued to do this as Attorney General, refusing to rewrite laws via opinions, and thus respecting the will of the legislature that wrote the law at all times. When others might think first of their political viability, Ken put the viability of the law first. It is this record that has shown he will be an excellent Governor for Virginia.

Additionally, Ken has revealed himself to be the best choice to defeat the Democrats in November. He is the first gubernatorial candidate in the history of the Republican Party to win election to office in Fairfax County three times (2002, 2003, and 2007). Two years later, depsite being considered the most controversial of the three statewide nominees (and up against arguably the most difficult opponent), he won 57.5% of the vote, and came a mere 36,000 votes shy of running first among all statewide candidates.

In summation, Ken’s record over the past decade has shown he will be an excellent nominee, and an excellent Governor.

“Difficult News” For Fairfax County From Their County Exec.

This makes you wonder not only how much Fairfax has been overspending over lo these many years (a Gerry Connolly legacy?), but also how the consequences of Obamacare are affecting them.  This could be Obama’s WAR on Fairfax County, Virginia, and other locales…

From: County Executive Ed Long
Sent: Monday, August 06, 2012 10:43 AM
To: All Fairfax County
Subject: Difficult News

As we continue to hear every day, our nation’s economy is recovering slowly, and this national situation impacts Fairfax County as well. So far this year, our local economic indicators point to much slower growth than we hoped. In addition, it is far from clear how the federal budget deficit will be addressed in the coming months.

As a result, we are projecting budget shortfalls for the next two fiscal years, FY 2014 and FY 2015, and I have asked every agency director to work with employees to find new and creative ways to cut their budget by 5 percent during each of the next two budgets. As they look for ways to trim programs and services, this could mean that positions will be cut.

I am also evaluating for FY 2014 and FY 2015 the county’s options to fund employee compensation and rising benefit costs, particularly for health insurance. Our latest experience indicates that health claims expenditures are increasing at a higher rate than previously projected, and the cost of insurance for both employees and the county will rise. We are going to need to critically evaluate the balance between service delivery, compensation and benefits, and the tax burden on our residents.

I know that many of the reductions will significantly impact the ability of county agencies to provide services. The impact of these reductions on service delivery will be clearly defined and agencies will also need to identify efficiencies through continued process improvement and collaboration that can offset reductions.

To help us deal with the difficult times ahead, I am implementing a multi-year budget process to provide more insight into how decisions in the budget year will impact the following year. This multi-year budget will serve as a planning tool to provide county decision-makers with a broader perspective of issues and array of options for balancing the FY 2014 budget while being aware of the FY 2015 budget impact.

It would be much easier to be a high performance organization in an environment of ample resources. We’ve all been asked to do more with less before, and since the economy is cyclical, we can expect a few more years before revenues improve. Team Fairfax has demonstrated time and time again that we can adjust to changing conditions and continue to manage well in lean times.

I appreciate the diligent efforts you have made to find ways to streamline operations as well as offer thoughtful suggestions for budget reductions. These past few years have demonstrated more clearly than ever that we cannot sustain all of the services we would like to provide with unreliable revenue growth. Nevertheless, we are strongly committed to doing our best to keep Fairfax County a desirable place in which to live, work and play. I truly appreciate all your efforts in addressing ongoing budget challenges; our success in responding to the uneven economic recovery has brought credit to all who serve the public.

We will continue to evolve as an excellent organization despite fiscal, service and personnel challenges. Thank you for your fine work and dedication.
Ed Long
County Executive

Fairfax County Democrats, Taxed Enough Already

When living in Fairfax County I always found it interesting when Fairfax democrats frequently complained, loudly and bitterly, about sending their tax money to Richmond to help fund the rest of the state.  It seems democrats from one of the richest counties in Virginia resent helping out counties like Wise and Lee, counties where the median income is $20,000.  I  thought democrats believed in redistribution of wealth?  So why wouldn’t the good liberals of Fairfax County want to send their money to Richmond to be redistributed to the poorer parts of the state?  I never understood their complaints.  Now has picked up on this contradiction with an excellent article on Fairfax Democrats’ attitudes toward sending their money to Richmond. The writer concludes “Americans, say liberals, cannot be left to their own devices. So it is entertaining to watch a locality where such an ideology defines the political center – Fairfax is a bedroom community for federal bureaucrats – chafe under the very sort of paternalism it otherwise endorses.

There’s a lesson in that. Even people who benefit from big government love it less when they have to live under it.”
Read the article.

Toddy Puller – “I Want To Lose!”

That’s the only take away that one can have from her statement late last week:

“I’m still a strong supporter of Obama.”

Really?  Even Obama’s BFF / handpicked DNC Chairman fmr. Gov. Timmy! found a convenient excuse not to appear alongside him during the president’s trip to Virginia last week.  The WashPo went as far as to write an article about all the Virginia Democrat candidates who are scurrying as far away as they can get from Obama.  In that article, it said that Puller refused to say whether she would vote for Obama or not  in 2012.  She now clarifies:

“I am planning to vote for him, always have.”

Puller said that ever since the Post ran the article her phone has been ringing off the hook.  (Good work, VV readers — MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!)

On a side note, the WashPo continues to run a 20-something year old photo of Puller to accompany their stories, eliciting humorous comments to their articles such as the ones below

How old is this pic?

and my personal favorite

It is unfortunate that the Post can no longer afford current pictures of elected officals. It would be interesting to know when the picture of Toddy was made.

If the Post is unwilling to show the voters how Puller appears today, then Virtucon will gladly do so.

A Real Lemon of an Endorsement

Recently, Steve Spiker posted at NoVA Common Sense about the Washington Post’s endorsement of John Cook over Janet Oleszek for Braddock District Supervisor in Fairfax County.  With all due respect to Steve and the rest of my friends there, I must register my emphatic disagreement.  You may find this surprising, particularly on this blog, but when you read my reasoning, I think you will understand.


You and the Post completely miss the point here.  Janet Oleszek is the only candidate who can bring ZESTY LEMON BARS to the Fairfax Board of Supervisors.  Ask yourself — how have we been able to get along so well in Fairfax without ZESTY LEMON BARS.  When Oleszek was on the School Board between 2003 and 2007, she was 100% committed to bringing ZESTY LEMON BARS to the School Board to do her part to add to the conversation on important school quality issues.


In fact, Janet Oleszek makes ZESTY LEMON BARS an important part of the diet of her campaign manager, a person who is not smart enough to boil an egg, so he does not suffer from carbohydrate or cholesterol deficiencies (which are highly underreported health problems in this country).  Do you see the Washington Post taking about these kinds of challenges?  NO!  Then again, this is the same kind of corrupt newspaper that chooses not to report about Janet Oleszek’s ZESTY LEMON BARS.


So remember, if you are a Fairfax County resident who is only concerned about “constituent service, able representation, and someone attempting to represent the whole of the district and not just their friends,” go ahead and vote for John Cook.  But if you want to add a new “flavor” to the Board of Supervisors with ZESTY LEMON BARS, then you should vote for Janet Oleszek.


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Fairfax Sheriff Stan Barry Looks To Steal $1M In Taxpayers’ Dollars

Team Fairfax:

Fairfax County Sheriff Stan Barry, a democrat, has broken his word and violated the public’s trust. And his first public response to the revelation that he is personally profiting from a retirement program he shouldn’t even participating in… to the tune of over $1 million dollars he says… “What I want to do is be re-elected sheriff. I’m not looking for any extra pay,’ said Barry.

What? You aren’t looking for extra pay? Oh ok… then why join the DROP retirement program in the first place?

Sheriff Stan Barry is the epitome of an arrogant politician out of touch with reality and the voters and taxpayers of Fairfax.

Let’s review the situation:


Stan Barry enrolled in a public employee pension program, called “DROP” (Deferred Retirement Option Program) that was never intended to be for elected officials. Government workers who have reached retirement age can enroll in DROP to continue working for three years, and after those three years they leave. This process is irreversible, and by enrolling in the program you give your word that you’re out after three years. Stan Barry has broken this promise.


Following a successful pilot program with firefighters, Fairfax County extended DROP to all government workers. When a worker reaches retirement age, they have the option to enroll in DROP. They continue to earn salary and benefits for three years, but they no longer contribute to the retirement system and their pension is invested and accrues interest. After three years, they leave the job and can get their increased pension in a lump-sum payment.

This benefits workers by allowing them to increase their pension while still earning salary and benefits. It benefits the county by retaining the institutional knowledge of older civil servants and making the transition from retired workers to their replacements more orderly. When you enroll in DROP, you have an unmovable date that your employment ends. This helps County departments plan more efficiently for departures.


The DROP system was never intended for elected officials, because elected officials can’t be fired by the County. Stan Barry enrolled in DROP anyways, violating the honor and fairness of the system. After his three years is up in March 2012, Stan Barry intends to continue being employed by Fairfax County, $1,000,000.00 richer from the three years he was in DROP. The law is clear… if you are in the DROP program you must retire at the end of your three years. By running for re-election Sheriff Barry is now violating that County law as well.


Do the math. Stan Barry knew DROP was not intended for elected officials. As the top law enforcement officer in the County, he found a loophole in the law he has sworn to uphold. Stan Barry knew that DROP was set-up to provide an orderly transition as retirees leave the workplace. By running for re-election, he has proven he has no intention of honoring the committment he made by enrolling in DROP, nor did his decision have anything to do with a transition. It had to do with money. Your money. The only other reason is to exploit the loophole for personal gain. And now you and your family will have to open your wallet so Stan Barry can fill his.


Tell your neighbors. Tell your friends. Forward this email on. Write a letter to the editor.

Check out and find out more.

Most important, vote on November 8th and let’s DROP democrat Stan Barry for good!

Anthony Bedell
Fairfax County Republican Committee

How will FCPS replace Jack Dale?

In 2004 Fairfax County Public Schools hired Jack Dale for Superintendent in a process that was totally closed to the public. No one knew who was being considered for superintendent until the school board had made their choice and issued a press release. The school board solicited no input from the community. Will Dale’s successor be chosen the same way? Or will the process be open and transparent? Will the public have any input in the process? It all depends on who voters elect to the school board in November. The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. If voters re-elect the same old school board members they will get the same old results, a complete lack of transparency and a total disregard for the views and input of parents and voters. That’s how the current board has behaved in the past and that’s how they will behave in the future. Throw the bums out, and elect people who care about the parents, students, and citizens of Fairfax County.
More here.

Virginia Home To Half Of The Nation’s Top 10 Wealthiest Counties

The latest rankings of the nation’s wealthiest counties has come out from the Census Bureau and Virginia counties hold five of the top 10 spots.

1. Loudoun

2. Fairfax

5. Arlington

7. Stafford

9. Prince William

Montgomery County, MD has fallen out of the Top 10 and now ranks 12th.  Of the other five in the Top 10, there is one from Maryland (Howard – 3rd), three from New Jersey (Hunterdon – 4th, Somerset – 8th, and Morris – 10th) and one from Colorado (Douglas – 6th.)

The WashPo has this to say about our neighbor to the north:

The declines have produced a Cinderella-worthy change in wealth rankings: Montgomery County, home to Congressional Country Club, now has a lower median household income than Prince William County, home of the Potomac Mills outlet mall.

Maryland officials chalk it up to changing demographics, but ignore that Virginia has a better business and tax climate.

While I am glad to see Stafford doing so well, there really is no excuse for them to be ahead of Prince William County.  Maybe now that PWC is rid of Martin Briley as its economic development director we can finally get some high-end growth going.  Unfortunately, the only way we were able to get rid of him was for him to essentially get promoted to the state level, which is not good for Virginia.  (He must have wowed them during the interview with his “secret plan” for economic development that he often talked of, but no one ever saw in PWC.)

Schoeneman Denounces False Push Polls Being Run in the 37th District

Fairfax, Virginia – Republican nominee Brian Schoeneman issued the following statement today on the false, malicious push polls being run against him in the 37th House District race in Fairfax:

“Since I got into this race, I have made a point to focus on the issues, laying out my vision for the future of our district and my stance on the priorities that matter to Fairfax.  Yesterday I learned from an angry voter of malicious push polls being run against me labeling me a ‘radical libertarian’ and a ‘segregationist.’  These charges are baseless.

Anyone who knows me both personally and professionally, particularly my record as a lobbyist in Washington, my record in the Bush Administration and the voluminous writings I have produced as a blogger over the last few years knows that I am a common-sense Republican, someone who has fought for tolerance and against bigotry.  I have been a credible, rational voice and that’s how I’ve run my campaign.  That’s my record and I’m proud of it.

I have spoken with David Bulova, my opponent, who assures me that his campaign has nothing to do with these polls and is unaware of who is behind them.  I respectfully ask David to join me in condemning this ham-fisted attempt at smearing my good name and I hope we can again make this campaign about what it should be about – what we in the General Assembly can do to foster job creation, a stronger economy, a better educational system and the kind of investment in our transportation infrastructure we all expect and demand for Northern Virginia.

This campaign is about ideas and issues, not about name-calling.  These kinds of push polls have no place in this campaign and I strongly call upon whoever is behind them to cease using them immediately. I stand willing to defend my record and my goals from further false and scurrilous attacks.”

Schoeneman is running in the 37th House District, comprising the City of Fairfax, George Mason University, Fair Oaks, and a portion of Centreville.


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Tito Muñoz Should Fire His Campaign Consultants

What a dumb gimmick to try and win the GOP primary.


Tito Muñoz Challenges Jeff Frederick to Debate in Spanish Language

 GOP Nomination Contest Cast as Between Two Hispanics – 

WOODBRIDGE – Tito Muñoz, candidate for the Republican nomination for the Virginia Senate in the 36th District, today issued a debate challenge to his primary opponent, former Delegate and ousted Chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia Jeff Frederick.  Muñoz challenged Frederick to a debate, or forum, to be conducted in only the Spanish language.

Both Muñoz and Frederick can claim a background from Colombia.  In a recent piece in the Washington Post, this point is made clear.  Muñoz was born in Colombia and emigrated to the United States in the mid 1970s.  He became a naturalized citizen in 2008.  Frederick had a parent who was born in Colombia, and was himself born in Fairfax County.

“This is a great opportunity for the voters of the 36th District, particularly the Hispanic population,” said Muñoz.  “Since we have two Hispanic candidates for the Republican nomination, what better opportunity is there to reach out to our growing population?  I hope Jeff agrees that our Hispanic brothers and sisters might like to be spoken to in their native language.”

Muñoz will contact the Frederick campaign to establish a date, time, location and moderator for the debate, assuming Frederick’s agreement.

Muñoz, a native of Colombia who became a naturalized American citizen in 2008, will focus primarily on issues that directly affect the quality of life for Virginians: job creation, economic expansion, reduced taxes on businesses, energy independence, transportation and educational choice.

Tito “The Builder” Muñoz is the founder of the Conservative Hispanic Coalition.  He hosts “America Eres TU” (“America Is You”) on Radio WURA 920AM in Quantico, Virginia, and nationally and internationally via Ustream.  Active members of the Prince William County Republican Committee, Tito and his wife Deborah support and campaign for conservative candidates and causes locally and nationally.

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Governor McDonnell endorses Spike Williams for Fairfax Chairman!

In one of his first endorsements in northern Virginia, the nation’s most popular Governor has endorsed my friend, Spike Williams, for Chairman of the Board in Fairfax County.   Congratulations Spike!


“I am proud to endorse fellow Fairfax County native Spike Williams for Chairman of the Board of Supervisors.  Spike understands how important strong leadership is to bringing more jobs and opportunity to Fairfax, and how transparency and accountability from government are essential components in this process.  Spike will bring a fresh, fiscally conservative perspective to the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors, and I strongly endorse his candidacy for Chairman.”
 -Bob McDonnell
Governor of Virginia