So, I waited a couple of days…

…and Schoeneman’s sour grapes hit piece on Whitbeck, Snyder, Colgate and the RPV Grassroots Challenge success is still ridiculous. I wanted to see if he walked it back, or “put it in context”, etc. Nope. He’s doubled down, both in comments and on social media. In the meantime, Chris Beer has spared the rest of us the task of debunking it in detail.

During and after the Sully primary, I was one of the conservative voices telling people to ease up on Schoeneman a bit, for the sake of party unity, plus, what does attacking Brian really accomplish?

Well, never mind that now. Carry on.

Great time at the Guevara general election kickoff shindig last night. Great turnout, plenty of candidates and activists came to enjoy the unique venue and hear Senator Allen talk about what we need to do to win in Virginia. Met my colleague here at VV, Steve Thomas, for the first time in person. I saw John Guevara give the best speech I’ve seen him give. We’re going to win in Sully.

Why Election 2013 Was Like 2001 (And 2014 Will Be Like 2006)

A Republican Attorney General popular with the social conservative movement bests a Republican Lt. Gov. rooted in the business community for the GOP gubernatorial nomination.  A multi-millionaire Democrat nominee for governor with no elected experience and a questionable history about how he made his money.  An unexpected Republican nominee for Lt. Governor popular with the grassroots, but woefully underfunded.  A major national event that freezes the race for weeks.

If you guessed these were Ken Cuccinelli, Bill Bolling, Terry McAuliffe, E.W Jackson, and the government shutdown, you’d be right.

If you guessed these were Mark Earley, John Hager, Mark Warner, Jay Katzen, and 9/11, you’d be right, too.

Everything old is new again in politics.  Everything is cyclical.  In retrospect, the dynamics at work in 2013 were extremely similar to what happened 12 years ago in so many ways.  About the only difference was in the Attorney General’s race which more resembled the 2005 election where a Republican member of the General Assembly, Bob McDonnell, narrowly defeated a Democrat state senator, Creigh Deeds, by just a few hundred votes.  (Even there, we had a Mark vs. Mark race like in the 2001 gubernatorial election.)

So, what forces are at work now and what past election year will 2014 be like?

A president in his second term.  A deeply unpopular policy considered to be the signature one of his presidency.  A popular Virginia U.S. senator (and former governor) from the same party as the president considered a major contender for president himself in the next election who voted for that policy.  No big name contenders from the other party in the race against said senator.

If you guessed George W. Bush, the Iraq War, George Allen, and Jim Webb / Harris Miller, you’d be right.

The 2014 election is tracking to be almost exactly like 2006 with Barack Obama, Obamacare, Mark Warner, and a still evolving GOP field as the players this time around.  Something to consider for any Republican with an interest in jumping in the senate race next year.  My advice to whoever may be on the fence — get in the race.  You don’t want to wind up kicking yourself for passing on it the way so many Democrats did after Jim Webb beat Allen.  Just make sure that you hammer Warner continuously for having cast the 60th and deciding vote to enact Obamacare and how that decision has hurt the American economy and destroyed full-time job creation in this country.  At the same time, have a message of your own about what you want to accomplish as one of Virginia’s U.S. senators.  If you do those two things, you can win.

UPDATE:  Virtucon friend Ben Marchi has floated the name of Brig. Gen. Bert Mizusawa (USAR) to play the Jim Webb role in ’14 against Warner’s Allen.  Very interesting indeed.

Boyd’s Blame Game

WMAL reported this morning that GOP consultant Boyd Marcus was blaming Mitt Romney, the RNC, RPV, conservatives in the VA General Assembly and everyone else but himself for George Allen’s loss in the Senate race last week.

Let’s burst Boyd’s bubble, shall we?  From the State Board of Elections —

President (Virginia):
Romney – 1,822,466 – 47.28%
Obama – 1,971,777 – 51.16%

Allen – 1,785,487 – 46.96%
Kaine – 2,010,023 – 52.87%

So, if Romney dragged Allen down, how did Romney get 36,979 / 0.32% more votes than Allen did?  In fact, Kaine outperformed Obama both in the raw vote total and in percentage: 38,246 / 1.71%.  When you compare the total number of Democrat and Republican votes cast in each race, there were actually 1,267 MORE votes in the Senate race than there were for president.  The answer here is simple — Marcus ran an outdated campaign that did a disservice to George Allen and now he is seeking to escape the blame.

Yesterday I wrote about the ill-timed mailer sent out on behalf of Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling’s 2013 gubernatorial campaign.  Guess who Bolling’s top strategist is . . . Boyd Marcus.

Who has the momentum in Virginia?

The final “intimate” Biden/Kaine rally of 1,200 in Richmond?

Or the final Romney/Allen rally with over 10,000 people in Fairfax?

And that’s just what they could fit inside!

Mitt Romney and George Allen went into the People’s Democratic Republic of Northern Virginia and had as many people waiting outside the Patriot Center as they could fit inside.

Joe Biden and Tim Kaine go to Kaine’s hometown and barely break 1,000 people.

Who’s got the momentum?

Let the pictures do the talking.

WaPo runs a poll to boost their endorsed candidate Tim Kaine, wants you to seriously believe there are more Republicans in CA then in VA. Really.

This is funny. Today the Washington Post is releasing numbers that they say shows Tim Kaine with a clear lead in Virginia, running contrary to every other recent poll in the race. How on earth did the Washington Post find a 7 point lead for Tom Kaine Tim Kaine?

– WaPo would have you believe that Republicans only make up 23% of Virginia’s electorate. In the Obama surge election of 2008, CNN’s exit polls put Republicans at 33%. 23% is even less than California’s exit polls which put Republican turnout a 30%.

– WaPo would have you believe that there is an enthusiasm gap of EIGHT POINTS in the Democrats’ favor. EIGHT POINTS. In 2008, Obama carried the state when Democrats out polled Republicans by only SIX POINTS. The Washington Post insists that not only are Democrats more enthusiastic than Republicans this year, they’re more enthusiastic then they were in 2008! Nevermind that a week ago their own blog, Right Turn, talked about a Republican SURGE in Virginia.

So what does this poll really tell us?

George Allen is winning.

If Tim Kaine’s lead can not out pace the R/D/I split in the poll, Tim Kaine is in trouble. In fact, he trails. Tim Kaine is only up by 7 in a poll that oversamples Democrats by 8.

That means, without having access to the full demographic breakdown, we can conclude that George Allen must be leading among the crucial independent voters.

The Washington Post is doing everything in its power to in-kind assist their endorsed candidate Tim Kaine and inflate his campaign’s efforts when they’re clearly struggling to find a coherent message in the closing days of the campaign. The media is trying to build the narrative of inevitability for Tim Kaine to knock the wind out of GOP grassroots efforts but we can not and will not let it happen.

This 8 point enthusiasm gap is pure bunk. We can count on Victory, RPV, Romney and George Allen for U.S. Senate’s ground game to hammer the message home over the last ten days that we can do better and are ready for Ameirca’s comeback!

These numbers should make Tim Kaine very afraid and Virginia very confident that their voices will be heard in Washington again.

Allen Endorsed By Richmond Times-Dispatch

George Allen received the endorsement of the Richmond Times-Dispatch, ranking Allen “among Virginia’s most consequential chief executives in modern times” and stating:  “Allen would start from a stronger position… An Obama administration returned to power would make it increasingly difficult for Kaine to demonstrate independence. His tenure at the DNC emphasized his partisan ties… We recommend Allen’s election without reservation. His votes as a senator would more accurately reflect Virginia’s preferences.” 

Electing Kaine and Obama means 200,000 out of work in Northern Virginia

Today’s Wall Street Journal has an excellent column about Allen’s position on the looming sequestration and what it will mean to Virginia.  Allen is reminding voters that we wouldn’t be facing sequestration, with huge cuts to defense and defense contractors, if the democrats hadn’t refused to allow cuts in the federal budget.  If sequestration happens (which is looking more and more likely) over 200,000 people in Northern Virginia will lose their job.  Kaine believes that raising taxes is the way to close the financial gaps, instead of cutting spending.   That’s Kaine’s answer to everything, raise taxes!

If Obama wins re-election, and Kaine is with him, our military and Defense Department will be held hostage until the democrats get the tax hikes that they want.   That  means 200,000 of our friends, family, and neighbors, just in northern Virginia, will be out of work and many more in Hampton Roads and Norfolk.  This will devastate Virginia’s economy and our families.   We cannot let this happen.

As yet another poll shows him leading, George Allen rolls out new ad “Ready”

In a new poll released yesterday by Kimball Political Consulting, George Allen has opened up a 7% lead over Tim Kaine in the Virginia Senate race while Mitt Romney leads Barack Obama 54-43. This poll follows the trend not only of George Allen’s internals showing him ahead, but also polls from We Ask America and Let Freedom Ring that show Allen leading because of his focus on the issues voters are most focused on: economy, jobs and defense.

Hot on the heels of these numbers and just in time for the third and final debate against Tim Kaine tonight, George Allen is out with a new ad called “Ready” that focuses on his commitment to keeping America strong and getting our economy back on track without having to resort to Tim Kaine’s only solution of raising taxes.

Huge Romney Rally in Leesburg!

Romney had a great rally in Leesburg yesterday,  over 10,000 people!  (Compare that to the 900 who turned out for Obama when he came to Leesburg in August.)   It was so exciting, such a happy, enthusiastic crowd!  We could feel the energy in the air, people know that Mitt Romney and George Allen will win in Virginia, on their way to the White House and Senate!    Our Loudoun Board of Supervisors rushed to attend the rally despite having a scheduled meeting.  They got through the hearings just in time to get to Ida Lee Park and hear Romney speak.   I appreciate their efforts and I’m glad they didn’t have to miss the rally!   I know they all wanted to be there.   It was electrifying!  We all wanted to be a part of it.  

Romney looked, and sounded, like the next President!  He’s so tall!  Also funny!  Dennis Miller was hilarious, even if he did forget our Congressman’s last name!   The Washington Post covered Dennis Miller here. 

Susan Allen spoke on behalf of her husband, George Allen, looking great, and delivering her  optimistic, enthusiastic, message.   Much of her message, and Romney’s message, centered around women and how much they have suffered over the last 4 years under Obama, with lost jobs and much higher prices for gas and groceries.

My favorite Romney line,  “I don’t want to make America like Europe … I want to restore to America the freedoms that drive our economy – our economy is driven by freedom, by personal freedom, by people pursuing their dreams.”  Yes, our economy is driven by our freedom, freedom to choose without the government getting in our way.

More local coverage here,  with some great pictures.   Even better pictures were taken by Nova Digital Films.  Here are a few more of his photographs.  

Romney, Allen Take The Lead In VA

Pollster John McLaughlin (not to be confused with the pundit) conducted a statewide poll of Virginia for George Allen’s senate campaign this Mon. and Tue., surveying 600 likely voters.  Unlike media and university polls, McLaughlin works for clients and no candidate wants to hire someone who isn’t accurate.  John is an ace pollster who I worked closely with for Steve Forbes in 1996, so I know that if he is going public with these numbers he is extremely confident in their accuracy as his entire reputation depends upon it. With that preface, drumroll please…

Romney 51% – Obama 44% – Goode 1%

Allen 49% – Kaine 46%

Complete crosstabs can be found here.

Ken Cuccinelli, working hard to elect Romney and Allen

A few days ago I got a call from Ken Cuccinelli’s office.  They asked what I was doing in the next month to help elect  Mitt Romney and George Allen.   I told them that I would be volunteering at the Leesburg Victory Office, and the various other things that I am doing  to help elect Romney and Allen.  They told me how important it is that we all do all we can to elect Romney and Allen.  I couldn’t agree more.   Tonight I read this article in the Hampton Roads paper, reporting that Cuccinelli is “all in” for George Allen.

Every month I attend the NOVA Tea Party meeting in Ashburn.  Every month I hear them talk about  important this election is,  we must help elect Romney and Allen to save our country.   The Tea Party is working very hard to elect our republican candidates.  Last month I heard their leader, John Jaggers, urge everyone to join their local republican committee and do all that they can to elect our republican candidates.  Our country may not be able to survive 4 more years of Obama.  America will be a shell of what it once was.

Americans for Prosperity, with an office in Leesburg, is working hard to elect Romney and Allen.  They KNOW how important it is for the prosperity of country, for our future, to defeat Obama and the democrats.   They’re walking the walk daily, and making phone calls to voters daily.

So why am I hearing that some of Ken’s most ardent supporters, some of the most conservative members of  local republican committees, and some Tea Party members, are going to help re-elect Obama??  Why am I hearing that they’re sitting out this election, or voting for libertarian Gary Johnson or Virgil Goode?!   Why would ANY republican, much less a conservative supporter of Ken Cuccinelli, help elect Obama?  Why is any member of any local republican party, or worse, on the state central committee, not working to help elect Romney and Allen?  Do they not think that taking back the Senate is important?  Or that’s it’s ok if we’re all stuck with 4 more years of Obama?  Is it really about a protest vote over a convention rules change?  Can they be so silly as to think that their protest vote will ‘punish’ the RPV or RNC and not punish the country, our children and their children, for decades to come?  (Assuming that we will EVER be able to get our country back if Obama is re-elected?)  Have they forgotten what happened in 1992 when Ross Perot cost George H. W. Bush the election?  (What ever happened to crazy Ross Perot and his crazy aunt in the attic?)  Do they REALLY want to be responsible for helping to re-elect Obama?    I see in this blog post that one of our own  in Fairfax is admitting to doing just that while others are making their protest more quietly.  No one in Virginia can think that a vote for Gary Johnson (L-New Mexico) or Virgil Goode (D-VA, then I-VA, then R-VA, now?)  is anything but a vote for Obama.   Do they think we won’t notice that they are helping elect Obama?

Does the executive committee of LCRC think we won’t notice those people on the ex Comm who are doing NOTHING to help elect Romney and Allen?  I spoke with one district chair who apparently had not heard that he should help elect Romney, never heard of volunteering for Romney, didn’t know about the victory offices, and had done absolutely nothing to help during this election, (nor has the supervisor he represents).   Joining some of those on the ex comm are some of our board of supervisors who seem to feel  there is no need for them to do anything to help in this election.   They’re busy, doncha you know.   We’ll remember that when they run again and expect campaign help.

An excellent blog post on this subject, urging all republicans to stop sitting on your hands, can be found at Nova Town Hall.

To all those ‘republicans’ who are sitting out this election, or staging their own little ‘protest’ vote,  SHAME ON YOU.  We know who you are, and we won’t forget.  My children will suffer because of you and your little protest.    We won’t forget that you helped re-elect Obama and helped him to continue bring down America, to make us more like Greece and France and to put our children in more and more debt to China.   When you lose your job and can’t find a new one, we’ll be sure to remind you that you helped re-elect Obama.   We won’t forget that you were once a republican but decided to help re-elect Obama and ruin our nation.   Please don’t show up at Tea Party meetings and republican committee meetings pretending to care about the people of this nation when you won’t get out there and help defeat Obama.  I don’t ever want to hear you say that you’re a good republican who cares, because it’s obvious that you don’t.  Get out and help, or get the hell out. We don’t need you if you can’t support our candidates at the most crucial time in our nation’s history.  And don’t think that we don’t know who you are, and what you’re NOT doing to help elect our candidates.  We know exactly who you are, your absence is glaringly obvious.  Your little protest vote is not as secret as you may think and we will never let you forget it.   Please consider your country and our future, get off your butt, follow Cuccinelli’s lead, and help elect Romney, Allen and Wolf, before it’s too late for all of us.


Organized labor admits to ignoring Obama/Kaine War on Coal for “weeks”

Amidst the brouhaha over the labor bosses’ PAC “Worker’s Voice” ads ripping Allen in Northern Virginia, many of us in the rightosphere wondered why the union folks were suddenly ignoring the plight of their brothers and sisters in the United Mine Workers of America (UMWA) who are losing employment in heavy numbers in southwest Virginia due to President Obama and Tim Kaine’s determination to shut down coal production (Shaun Kenny at BD). Well, the folks at WV were good enough to answer, via Twitter:

@WorkersVoice: @bearingdrift sorry to burst your conspiracy bubble, but we’ve had these ads for weeks. Just waited for conventions to end to run them.

So…they’ve been ignoring the Obama/Kaine War on Coal “for weeks.”

I’m glad that’s been cleared up!

Cross-posted to the right-wing liberal

George Allen Fighting For Virginia’s Coal Workers While Kaine’s Union Buddies Scream “RACIST!”

If you still had any doubt on whether unions’ main interest is protecting employees’ jobs or blindly supporting any candidate with a “D” after their name on the ballot, this should put it to rest.

While George Allen has long-fought the EPA and the Obama administraion’s “War on Coal” that even today is costing Virginians their jobs, Tim Kaine’s union allies are resorting to calling Allen a racist.

Workers’ Voice is putting $54,000 into web ads hitting Allen in Northern Virginia over a range of race-related controversies. One ad says Allen “hung a Confederate flag in his living room,” another that he “voted against MLK Day” and another that he “kept a noose in his law office.” One ad just says “Macaca.”

Fearmongering and name calling doesn’t create a single job.  Neither Kaine nor his union buddies have any idea how to create jobs, so they fall back on what they know best — attack and demagogue.  Kaine showed he is quite capable of doing that as the Chairman of the Democratic National Committee.

Simply pathetic and unworthy of a Virginia senate campaign.

INFOGRAPHICS: Absentee Governor Tim Kaine’s Real Record

Tonight, Tim Kaine will address the Democratic National Convention and try to paint a rosy picture of Obama’s agenda and his own time as Governor of Virginia and Chairman of the DNC. But the truth isn’t in Tim Kaine’s favor and his own record as Governor shows a failing administration while Kaine spent his time running the DNC and “doing what the President wants me to do” instead of focusing on Virginia.
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Tim Kaine's record on higher education
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Tim Kaine's record on VDOT
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Tim Kaine's record on taxes
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Tim Kaine dismisses your fundamental disagreement with female political figures as sexist, you bigot

Do you take issue with the politics of Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan? If so, you probably didn’t agree with their being appointed to the Supreme Court because of their controversial stances thing such as gun control, professional work for Obamacare, or overall Liberal slant.

Well, Tim Kaine thinks your full of it. Because you, like the NRA and George Allen, opposed Sotomayor and Kagan not over fundamental issues with their politics or questions over their ability to be unbiased in the face of some cases brought before the SCOTUS merely because they were WOMEN.

In a fundraising appeal yesterday titled “What the NRA attack is really about,” Tim Kane actually puts his name to a disgusting attack that asserts that the NRA and even George Allen opposed Sotomayor and Kagan because they were female:

Recently, the NRA started a negative ad campaign against me — circulating mailers, robocalls, and internet ads attacking me for supporting Sonia Sotomayor.

In the first debate of the Republican primary, George Allen stated that he would have opposed Sonia Sotomayor’s confirmation, as well as the confirmation of Elena Kagan — women who now serve with distinction as the Supreme Court’s third and fourth female justices, respectively.

I believe that when our leaders better reflect the backgrounds and perspectives of our communities, we all benefit. That’s why, as Governor, I appointed four excellent female leaders to my cabinet and numerous other women as agency heads. I was also proud to appoint the first African-American woman to the Virginia Court of Appeals.

Note the complete lack of discussion of POLICY DIFFERENCES. Nope, Tim Kaine doesn’t care about an open and educated discussion on policy. That debate isn’t one that fires up the base. No, he’s going to drive a dirty and divisive wedge between the voters and say you’re either with him and his party or you’re a bigot.

This is more of the same from Tim Kaine. He can’t focus on the issues. He can’t focus on finding common ground with the opposing party. Instead of looking at where we agree and where we can work together, Tim Kaine has spent this entire campaign childishly mocking George Allen and Republicans, attacking him with language like “smashmouth” or “lie” or “bully” or “war” or “sexist”. These aren’t words of a uniter. These aren’t words of someone who can work across the aisle to get things done.

These are the words of the former Chairman of the Democratic National Committee, one of the most heavily partisan jobs in the nation, and they are very telling about the kind of Senator Tim Kaine wants to be.

YOU deserve better then to be called a bigot just because you disagree with the man.

Virginia deserves a heck of a lot better for a Senator.

Tim Kaine’s Pay Cut Gimmick

Former DNC Chairman Tim Kaine fired off a new ad this week where he tried to tell the camera that he was awesome as Governor. No, seriously. Here’s the ad with a bit of history added thanks to the good people over at Virginia Right:

Notice the part where Tim Kaine modestly tries to remind us that he sacrificed his very own pay for the sake of the budget? Does anyone else smell baloney?

RPV does:

This week, Tim Kaine is appearing in a TV ad once again bragging about how he set an example by cutting his own pay as Governor. But, it’s years late and dollars short of other Virginia Governor salary cuts.

George Allen kept his promise to taxpayers by cutting his pay by 10 percent all four years as Governor. In fact, Mark Warner, whom Tim Kaine salutes for his “outstanding leadership” as Governor, cut his pay by 20 percent. But Tim Kaine? He effectively gave himself a pay raise on the backs of Virginia taxpayers by taking more money than his predecessor and waiting until the end of his second year in office to cut his pay – and then by only 5 percent.

“As a small business owner, I know that my pay is first on the line when times get tough for my business,” said State Senator Bryce Reeves. “Tim Kaine thinks ‘leading by example’ is running out the clock and then giving up only five pennies to the dollar. Tim Kaine may pat himself on the back in his new TV ad, but Virginians would rather turn the channel. George Allen is the only candidate in this race who delivered on his promise to Virginians by cutting his own pay by 10 percent all four years as Governor. In November, Virginians won’t give Tim Kaine a gold star for being years late and dollars short on his own pay cuts while over 100,000 jobs were lost under his watch.”

Oh, and remember how Tim Kaine spent his last year as part time Governor thanks to all of his work as DNC Chairman? Of course he should have had his pay cut!

Facts are tricky things with Tim Kaine. If he can’t make them up he just tries to run from them.

Tim Kaine Announced He Was Cutting His Salary By Only 5% In October 2007, Approaching The End Of The Second Year Of His Four-Year Term. October 2007: “Gov. Timothy M. Kaine is taking a 5 percent pay cut.” (Pamela Stallsmith and Jeff E. Schapiro, “Governor’s Plan Includes 74 Layoffs,” Richmond Times-Dispatch, 10/2/07)

Kaine’s Predecessor, Mark Warner, Cut His Salary By 20%. “Gov. Tim Kaine and former Gov. Mark Warner also cut their salaries by 5 percent and 20 percent, respectively.” (, 1/5/2010)

Allen Wrote A Check To The State Treasurer In Order To Fulfill His Promise To Cut His Salary By Ten Percent. “That was the amount of the check that Allen wrote from his personal account to the treasurer of Virginia, the first installment of a promise to reduce his $ 110,000 annual salary by 10 percent.” (John F. Harris, “Allen Signs Check To Cut His Salary,” The Washington Post, 2/2/94)

C’mon, Timmy. Cutting your pay 5% while pushing for $4 billion in tax hikes is nothing to brag about.

Conservative Virginia bloggers demand revocation of Laura Vozella’s press credentials to the RNC

The Honorable Pat Mullins
Republican Party of Virginia
115 East Grace Street
Richmond, Virginia 23219

Dear Chairman Mullins,

On August 20th, 2012 the Washington Post launched a scurrilous, yet sadly typical, attack on Republican U.S. Senate nominee George Allen.

While Allen had made a statement repudiating Missouri U.S. Senate candidate Todd Akin’s remarks, the Washington Post‘s Laura Vozzella chose to take the opportunity to attack Allen by linking him to a vote for a judicial appointment — a connection so bizarre, it could only have come from a DSCC opposition research book, not to mention far beyond the scope of her article.

Vozzella has a long history of bashing conservatives, so naturally the Washington Post is a perfect home for her.

What strikes the bloggers and readers of the Jeffersoniad as bizarre is this: why would the Republican Party of Virginia grant this vitriolic and anti-conservative “reporter” with credentials at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida?

Bloggers have long been up front and critical about the difference between real journalism that presents perspectives and the sort of op-ed reporting the Washington Post has long engaged in against Virginia conservatives — particularly George Allen.

Therefore, the members of the Jeffersoniad Blog Alliance demand the Republican Party of Virginia immediately revoke Laura Vozzella’s credentials for the 2012 RNC Convention in Tampa, Florida as an example and a warning that while journalism will be respected, copy-and-paste hatchet jobs courtesy of the Kaine/DSCC machine can no longer be treated as journalism and is unworthy of such respect.


Jim Hoeft
Bearing Drift

Jim Riley
Virginia Virtucon

Tom White
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D.J. McGuire
The Right-Wing Liberal

Trent A. Barton
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Bearing Drift – “WaPo’s Laura Vozella Sure Knows How to Slant the News

Washington Post – “George Allen criticizes Akin for ‘legitimate rape’ comments; voted to confirm judge who once held similar view

As George Allen Racks Up Endorsements, Tim Kaine Hides From His

Yesterday, the National Federation of Independent Business announced their endorsement of George Allen for U.S. Senate:

“George Allen has been consistent in his push to reduce the tax burden placed on businesses and individuals,” said Nicole Riley, State Director, NFIB Virginia. “He has shown solidarity with our membership by publicly expressing his opposition to recent National Labor Relations Board actions such as ‘ambush elections’ and his push to enact real health-care reform that lowers costs for individuals and small businesses really resonates with NFIB members in Virginia. George Allen is the proven small-business advocate that our members so desperately need in Virginia.”

This comes after last week’s endorsement by the Fraternal Order of Police and follows last month’s endorsement by the US Chamber of Commerce.

Tim Kaine, on the other hand, seems to want to hide from his endorsements. Sure, he’ll take credit for the Virginia Credit Union trade association endorsement, but absolutely no where on his site does he proclaim his pride in receiving the endorsement of the Virginia AFL-CIO back in January.

Yup, Tim Kaine was endorsed by the AFL-CIO, had a quote in their release and everything, but has tried his best to hide that endorsement from the public view.

Know what else is missing from Tim Kaine’s website? Take a peek. Check his Facebook too. Do you see any mention of Barack Obama? Or any pictures or posts about his visit to Virginia where Tim Kaine spoke before him?

No. You don’t.

Tim Kaine is trying to quietly embrace elements of the left that Virginian’s might not be comfortable with. He says he’s proud of the union endorsement and an unabashed supporter of the President, but does he put either of those anywhere on his own public forums for visitors to find?

No. He wants it both ways:

Hey, guys who love unions and Obama, I’m with you, I’m at your events, see! Yay!

Wait, don’t worry independent voters, I’m not so extreme, I mean, look at my website, do you see any talk of unions or the unpopular President?

Tim Kaine: hiding his record, hiding his supporters, hiding from Virginians.

Latest QPac / NYT / CBS Poll Thinks Only 23% Of VA Voters Will Be GOPers

This is becoming comical.  The just released Quinnipiac / NY Times / CBS poll on the presidential and U.S. Senate races in VA is out.  Before we get to the results of those match-ups, let’s look at WHO they polled:

Republicans – 23% / Democrats – 30% / Independents – 40%

The last time Republicans only comprised 23% of the electorate in Virginia was probably sometime shortly after Reconstruction in the late 1800s.

Let’s revisit more recent history —

2006 – 39% Republican, 36% Democrats, and 26% Independents
2008 – 33% Republicans, 39% Democrats, and 27% Independents
2009 – 37% Republicans, 33% Democrats, and 30% Independents

That gives us an average of:

36.3% Republicans, 36.0% Democrats, and 27.6% Independents

At a minimum, even going by 2008 numbers, they’ve undersampled Republicans by 10%.  While you could argue they undersampled Democrats as well while vastly oversampling “Independents,” Democrats are still in the 30s while QPac appears determined to push the GOP into the teens by the end of this polling season.

So, how does Mitt Romney and George Allen stand up against their opponents with the deck so stacked against them in this poll?

Obama 49%, Romney 45%

Kaine 48%, Allen 46%

Margin of error for each candidate?  +/-3%.

That means that even by skewing this poll against Republicans more than any other poll released so far this year, both Romney and Allen still fall within the margin of error.

UPDATE:  More things from this poll to digest —

  • Among independent voters in Virginia: Governor has a +38 approval; President is -16
  • Among female voters in Virginia: Governor has a +14 approval; President is only +6 (Which of course flies in the face of recent narratives)
  • Further, among college-educated white women in Virginia: Governor has a +20 approval; President is -17, that’s a stunning 37 point gap
  • Romney LEADS among independent voters 50-43; Allen LEADS among independent voters 49-41
  • Among independent voters Romney’s favorability is +5; President’s favorability is -10
  • The enthusiasm gap is real: 41% of Republicans MORE excited to vote; only 33% of Democrats
  • On the economy: 43% of independent voters think national economy is getting worse; 16% better. BUT same voter pool, 31% think VA economy is getting better; 17% worse. Complete reverse in perspectives
  • Independent voters give Romney a +20 margin over the President on who would do best with the economy
  • Also, independent voters overwhelmingly think Romney’s policies would help them financially, while the President’s would hurt. 45% of indy’s say Obama policies would hurt, only 21% say help. 29% of indy’s say Romney policies would help, only 24% say hurt.

Unable to defend his position on defense cuts, Kaine resorts to 6 year old lies

Remember that discredited VoteVets attack ad against George Allen back in 2006? Tim Kaine does, though he forgot that whole “discredited” part.

You see, Tim Kaine’s feeling the heat this week after saying last year’s super committee deal that has led to a looming $500 billion defense cut that would cost Virginia over 200,000 jobs was “the right thing to do.” Even with the media behind him he still can’t get from under the fact that this deal will be devastating for Virginia if we don’t do something about it.

So what does he do? He digs up old mistruths and gets the media to run with it. Whoops, looks like The Hill had to update their article because they didn’t check their sources before running with Kaine’s web ad.

Man, if only these arguments weren’t already disputed SIX YEARS AGO by sites like Black Velvet Bruce Li, QandO, and even Time Magazine.

Tim Kaine claims he’s against “smashmouth” politics. His campaign purposefully recycling old lies and believing it’s OK to mislead the public with these kinds of discredited attacks says otherwise.