Sonnie Johnson’s take on the Ferguson Riots

10 Questions Citizens of #Ferguson Should Ask Outside Agitators – Sonnie Johnson

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It’s all fun and games until you burn down a damn city. The citizens of Ferguson should ask the outside agitators some questions before they let them continue to burn down their community…

  1. Where do you live? It would be nice to know that the people burning down your city will also be there when the destruction smolders. If they live in a gated community a thousand miles away, why are you letting them burn down your economy?
  2. How can they afford to be full time protestors? You don’t get paid to protest…or do you? Have you asked the protesters where they get their salary and what is the purpose of that salary? Has anyone offered you payment for time spent?
  3. What is your economic plan after the Ferguson protest? Now that the city is on fire, how do you plan to rebuild? Will it be private ownership that empowers the people or will Ferguson move to a more government-controlled structure like Detroit?
  4. Now that violence is a standard in Ferguson, from the police and protesters, who is going to protect the citizens caught in the crossfire? Gun sales in the Ferguson area have tripled in the last few months. Will it be incumbent upon the people to protect themselves?
  5. It’s going to take a lot of local tax money to repair all the damages caused to small business and public locations, are you going to contribute to local economy over and beyond what you have destroyed? You have proven your point, will you stay and be apart of cleaning up your anger and bitterness or will we have to live with it for a generation?
  6. You are telling me America is ruled by an oppressive government…but aren’t you the same people telling me to trust that government for my housing, food, healthcare, education, cell phone, etc? Don’t you think it’s dangerous to bite the hand that feeds you…while continuing to beg for scraps from their table?
  7. This is a black and white issue. White protesters; who said you, were an acceptable white? Do you have a white privilege null and void card to show proof you are really down for the cause? I mean, if you have a couple thousand in the bank and daddy’s credit card, you look like a 1%er to me.
  8. I’m asking this question for a friend…Why is it that every time Al Shartpon and his ILK show up, the media comes, but no actual change follows? You pop your head in, burns some shit down, the media displays them in full grandeur, and you leave the communities with nothing but heartbreak and anger?
  9. Do you think the events of Ferguson have cemented Progressive propaganda for an entire generation? We’re friends here, you can be honest. You have kept racism alive and well for an entire generation, are you proud? Which riot, or burning down of a city, will you relate Ferguson to when you tell the story of your battle in the Civil Rights movement?
  10. Was this a victory? Did you show America the value of black lives by burning down a damn city? Did you show black kids the value of hard work by looting? Did you explain 2nd amendment rights and RESPONSIBLITIES while you were shooting at police officers?  Is this what you really think black America looks like?

And this point, I’ll drop the mic and walk away.  There is no scenario where burning down your own shit is acceptable.  PERIOD.






Guest Post: Natural Gas – Virginia’s Small Business Boon

Guest Post by Willie Deutsch

In the 2014 Midterm Elections, voters supported candidates whose platforms focused on job creation for small businesses. This comes as no surprise, given that between 2005 and 2012 overall employment declined, adding the strain of economic turbulence to all of the other challenges small businesses face throughout the commonwealth. Most Virginians believe a healthy economy is reflected by small business growth, and they want policies that promote growth.

In a recent report by the Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council titled “Benefits of Natural Gas Production and Exports for U.S. Small Businesses,” economist Ray Keating explains how expanded natural gas production across the country has spurred job creation within the small business community, especially in Virginia. The report states that the Commonwealth’s production has expanded by over sixty-five percent from 2005 to 2012. As a result, businesses supporting oil and gas operations have quickly grown. For example, jobs within the oil and gas pipeline and related structures construction sector have grown by over 100 percent over the same period. While overall job growth was barely one percent, Virginia’s energy sector has continued to produce job and business growth opportunities.

These job increases correlate directly to Virginia’s small business community. According to the report, Virginia’s energy sector is overwhelmingly populated by small and mid-size businesses. In the five energy industries evaluated in his report, Keating notes that businesses with less than 500 employees make up at least 90 percent of employer establishments. Native small business enterprises are able to capitalize on the domestic shale revolution by hiring more employees to handle operations.

It would make sense, then, to support policies that allow oil and gas related small businesses to continue to grow. Unfortunately, current federal policies restricting natural gas exports undermine this effort. If Virginians want to support the continued expansion of oil and gas sector small businesses, it would be prudent to support unencumbered natural gas exports. As Economics 101 teaches us, a larger market will incentivize production which will in turn allow businesses to hire more employees. Doing so would create more jobs, increase GDP, and promote economic stability throughout the state.

Guest Columnist: Act NOW To Stop Stone Haven in PWC

GUEST COLUMN BY: Ralph Stephenson, co-founder of Prince William Citizens for Balanced Growth (PWCBG)

Board of County Supervisors Chairman Corey Stewart and Supervisors Wally Covington and Marty Nohe are trying yet again to slip past local citizens a huge housing development behind Jiffy Lube Live. This time the development is called “Stone Haven” and will put at least 1650 homes (at least 5000 people, assuming the county average of 3 per home) on just under 1.5 square miles in what is already one of the most congested areas in the state. This, in spite of the fact that, at last count, the county already has about 30,000 approved-but-not-yet-built homes.

Six years ago another, even larger development in that location called “Brentswood” was defeated by local citizens tired of extremely overcrowded schools, extremely congested roads, and unneeded, taxpayer-subsidized housing developments that benefit only developers. Current Chairman Stewart was strongly opposed to the development then and became Chairman of the Board of County Supervisors largely on the strength of his opposition to it. (For more info on Brentswood and Stone Haven, see

But as the saying goes, “power corrupts” and since then Chairman Stewart has become overtly ambitious, seeking not just county-wide office, but statewide office as well. And as anyone even somewhat familiar with Virginia politics knows, it is very difficult to achieve high office in Virginia without big money from residential developers. So Chairman Stewart has gone over to the other side, relentlessly championing residential developer causes in recent years, despite knowing all the things above, including his open acknowledgement in the following video that the county’s housing boom has “hurt the average person”:

Supervisor Covington’s identification with developer interests is so strong that he effectively sees those interests as his own, regardless of how they “hurt the average person.” Reportedly, he’ll be leaving office soon, but for years he’s been trying to put thousands of houses on the land behind Jiffy Lube Live; “Stone Haven” will allow him to finally achieve this goal.

Supervisor Nohe makes no secret of the fact that he represents residential developer interests and, in fact, receives much of his funding from big Fairfax County developers. (For more info, see: He has repeatedly campaigned for Stone Haven on Supervisor Covington’s behalf, including in Supervisor Covington’s district (the district to which many of you belong as well): Brentsville.

(For more info on these three supervisors’ conflicts of interest on land use, see, right side, top of page.)

Note that a house has to be worth about $450,000 to generate as much in real estate tax revenue as it costs the county in services (for police, fire, roads, schools, etc.) But in recent years the county’s median home value was only $331,700. (See this link for more info: Stone Haven will be no different; in fact it may be even worse as at least half of its homes will be townhouses. Guess who’ll pay the difference? Answer: you, the taxpayer. How does it make you feel to know that you have to pay higher taxes so that certain members of the Prince William Board of County Supervisors can ingratiate themselves with and receive big campaign contributions from residential developers? And not only do you pay higher taxes, but what you receive in return is overcrowded schools and roads, less green space, and sometimes even lower property values.

The County Planning Commission, which advises the Board of County Supervisors [BOCS], will take up the Stone Haven proposal Wednesday, 3 September 2014 at 7 pm, two days after Labor Day, and the day after school starts. The BOCS often schedules meetings regarding controversial land use proposals at times (such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and at the beginning of the school year) when it hopes citizens will not be able to attend. No notification is being given to citizens by the county on this hearing other than small, impossible-to-read-as-you-drive-by signs on Devlin announcing the hearing. But I hope that you will make your voice heard anyway. The next step after the County Planning Commission hearing, if the BOCS follows normal procedures allowing public input, will be a hearing before the BOCS, at which time the BOCS will vote whether to approve Stone Haven.

Here’s what you can do to stop Stone Haven. (Remember that citizen opposition is what defeated its predecessor, Brentswood, 8 years ago). Attend the 3 Sep, Wednesday meeting at 7 pm at the McCoart County Building located at 5 County Complex Court, Prince William, Virginia. Arrive early and sign up to speak briefly against it. You’ll be allowed to speak for 1-3 minutes, so plan a very brief speech that states why you’re opposed. Feel free to use the info I’ve provided above, if you like. If you let us know you’re coming, we’ll sign up early for you. Whether you can attend and speak against Stone Haven or not, please also send a brief e-mail to the BOCS and county Planning Commission. (See addresses following.) Again, feel free to use the info I’ve provided above; you can even just forward this to the Planning Commission and BOCs and say you concur with it, if you like.

Thank you for your interest in local affairs, which affects all of us, whether we wish it or not. It’s time to ensure that our county government serves the interests of its citizens and not the other way around. Remember that “only in the bright light of public scrutiny can the common good be secured, while in darkness and obscurity the interests of the powerful and affluent prevail.”

Ralph Stephenson, co-founder of Prince William Citizens for Balanced Growth (PWCBG)
Kathy Stephenson

Board of Supervisors:

Planning Commission:

President Obama’s Latest Interview on the Economy – More Pinocchios on the Way

Guest Post by Howard Roark:

President Obama was on a roll in a recent interview with “The Economist”.

“Feel free to keep your house” sounds for my comfort too much like “If you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor, period. If you like your health care plan, you’ll be able to keep your health care plan, period. No one will take it away, no matter what.” How does this guy think he deserves any say whatsoever in whether anyone gets to keep their home?

Politifacts rated the oft-repeated keep your health plan and doctor statement as the lie of the year in 2013, and many, many others agreed, including the “Washington Post” who gave the President the biggest Pinocchio of the year award.

Obama continued,

“Our policies have produced a record stock market, record corporate profits, 52 months of consecutive job growth, 10 million new jobs … an energy sector that’s booming … a housing market that has bounced back … I think you’d have to say that we’ve managed the economy pretty well.”

Let’s think about those claims a little. Anyone who knows anything about the stock market and the economy gives credit for the record stock market to Ben Bernanke and Janet Yellen rather than Barack Obama. Massive infusions of liquidity into the financial markets do more to pump up stock prices than does a massive expansion of government, taxes and regulations.

Corporate profits are expanding, but primarily because many of our biggest employers are fleeing the United States because of high taxes and other government-imposed costs, and others are shipping our jobs to other countries. Income for most Americans, however, has been flat. Real, per capita disposal income was $36,078 in 2008 and rose a whopping two percent to $36,815 by 2013. This is all great if you are Goldman Sachs, Microsoft, JP Morgan Chase or Citibank (all among Obama’s top-ten contributors in 2008) but not so good if you are a middle-class American trying to support a family and save for retirement.

Obama needs some remedial math schooling regarding his job creation numbers also. In December 2008, the last full month before he took office, total nonfarm employment was 134,774,000. It had risen to 139,004,000 by last month. I make that 4,230,000 jobs for paltry growth over those years of about 3 percent; not 10 million jobs.

By comparison, nonfarm employment was 90,943,000 jobs in December 1980; the month before Ronald Reagan took office. By December 1988; Reagan’s last full month in office, the number had grown to 106,906,000 for an increase of nearly 16 million jobs representing employment growth of about 18 percent.

A much larger percentage of the jobs created during President Reagan’s administration were good, full-time jobs as opposed to the largely part-time, low-wage jobs for which Obama can claim credit. Obama had better hurray. He has only a couple of years to catch up with President Reagan’s stellar job growth record and the improvements in our standard of living we saw in the 1980s.

Obama likes to claim, as he did in this interview with “The Economist,” that he faced the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression of the 1930s. Well, maybe. The unemployment rate during Reagan’s presidency resulting from the recession he inherited topped out at 10.8 percent in November and December of 1982. The highest unemployment rate during Obama’s tenure was 10.0 percent in October of 2009. I guess it all depends on how you spin the numbers.

The energy sector is booming, but despite the Obama Administration rather than because of anything they have done. The Obama Administration and its radical environmental supporters (remember, like the California hedge fund billionaire who helped buy the Virginia election for McAulliffe) have prevented a great deal of energy exploration, blocked construction of the Keystone Pipeline, and candidate Obama even stated his desire to kill off the coal industry. Imagine where the U.S. economy and energy industry would be if we had a growth- and jobs-friendly president.

Regarding home prices, the S&P Case-Shiller 20-City Home Price Index was at 150.67 in December of 2008. As of May of this year it was at 171.04. That’s nominal growth of about two percent per year; significantly below historical averages. Even then, whatever credit is due goes to the Federal Reserve rather than the Obama Administration. Hundreds of billions of dollars of quantitative easing purchases of mortgage-backed securities that infused massive liquidity into the mortgage market and kept mortgage borrowing rates down did more to bring about home price recovery than did anything from the Obama Administration. Or, perhaps, is Obama so self-deluded as to think that “cash-for-clunkers,” subsidies for Solendra and various fellow cronies, and other waste as part of his “stimulus” magically cured the housing market?

By the time this interview concluded I suspect that the White House maintenance people had to be called in. There’s no way the President would be able to get his head through a normal door frame with all of these new Pinocchios.

Culture of Corruption Continues – PWC Fills High-Level Position Without A Competitive Search

The following is a guest post from a long-time VV reader, The (Fringe) Observer:

When Prince William County Gainesville Dist. Supervisor Pete Candland raised the issue of ghost employees to pad the budget, PWC Chairman Corey Stewart and County Exec. Melissa Peacor both claimed among other things that all vacancies are publicly advertised and filled competitively. Stewart said that at least on one occasion during a Board meeting.

At the same time Stewart and Peacor were making this claim, they quietly promoted Ray Utz to Assistant Planning Director. As Long-Range Planning Chief, Utz was already being paid in excess of $100,000 per year and was one of the County’s highest-paid employees. They did not advertise the Assistant Planning Director position. Senior level, high-paying planning jobs like this one are highly sought after. Jurisdictions normally not only advertise locally for candidates, but also in the job vacancy listings with the professional associations, and their journals and websites. Had PWC followed that normal procedure, we would have had a boatload of good candidates from which to choose. Finding someone far superior to Utz would have been a cinch.

Stewart and Peacor did this despite Utz’s well-documented incidences of gender harassment and mismanagement. The new Planning Director, Chris Price, has not been as much of a rubber stamp for the developers as was his predecessor. Utz has always done as he was told, and was protected despite his behavior because he has always carried out instructions from Stewart and Peacor.

My guess is that Chris will be pushed out at some point and Utz installed as Planning Director as a payoff to the developers who fund Stewart, Nohe and other Board members. The “national search” for a County Executive a few years ago was nothing more than a figleaf designed to provide cover for Stewart to hire Peacor, which he had already decided to do prior to the search. In the recent case of Utz being promoted, they must have figured that no one would be watching and that they could get away without even the pretense of a competitive process to fill the job.

Score one more for corruption at McCoart and developer interests, and one more loss for taxpayers and honest citizens.

GUEST POST: Stafford Co. Rises As PWC Falls In Rank Of Wealthiest Counties

The following is a GUEST POST from an anonymous fellow Prince William County resident:

According to “Forbes” as cited on WTOP today, Falls Church, Fairfax, Loudoun and Stafford all rank ahead of Prince William County in terms of wealth now.  All are ahead of PWC, which was in the national top ten list of wealthiest counties as late as 2012 but has now dropped out.  Stafford County, located geographically to our south and farther from Washington, DC, has magnified its lead over Prince William County.  The only conclusion is that successful people are now eschewing PWC and leapfrogging us to buy homes in Stafford.  Also, Stafford has had far better results in attracting good businesses and good-paying jobs than PWC has had.  This represents an abysmal economic failure on the part of our Board of Supervisors and County Government, and is one clear result of rubber-stamp approval of all of the high-density townhouse and lower-end single-family developments in PWC.  The facts contradict the political spin County residents hear every quarter from Peacor and crew about the imagined economic successes our County has been enjoying.

This deterioration in our economic base will have profound implications for PWC’s ability to fund schools, police, roads, and everything else the public needs.  As we continue to expand our tax base of tax-negative residential units, taxes on existing property owners will need to increase even faster just to maintain the level of services we have now.  This impact will be even more pronounced, with the associated negative results for us, because of the Board’s failure to get even minimal proffers from developers.  With higher value homes and their owners now leapfrogging PWC for Stafford, Stafford County taxpayers will enjoy higher standards of living as PWC residents see a continued deterioration of their standard of living as their taxes rise.

GUEST COLUMNIST: A Libertarian’s perspective on Ken Cuccinelli

The following is a Guest Post by Paul A. Prados. This originally appeared on his blog, Northern Virginia Lawyer.

Every election, philosophical libertarians are faced with a conundrum: should we vote for principle/stay home or vote for the lesser of two evils. Democrats tend to be better on personal liberty issues and Republicans tend to be better on economic liberty issues. Occasionally you find the odd “moderate” that seems to be bad on both sets of issues. At least then we have something to vote against.

I am supporting Ken Cuccinelli for Governor in 2013. I found this decision easy, but my hope is that philosophical libertarians will take a strong look at Cuccinelli.

The source

I worked for Ken Cuccinelli as an attorney for the first four years of my career up until he took office as Attorney General. During that time I was exposed to many aspects of his life: his law career, political actions, and his family. I have had uncountable private conversations with Cuccinelli about his beliefs and actions.

What follows is my take on his beliefs vis-a-vis libertarianism. Unless I attribute the statement directly to him, it is merely my understanding. I will point out a few tidbits that he has not hidden, but are not known in a widespread fashion.

Principled stand on the Second Amendment

Most people know that Ken Cuccinelli is a strong supporter of the Second Amendment. What most people do not know is that support for gun control polled well above 50% in his Senate district, and he knew it was the case. In three elections there he did not waiver in his support of the Second Amendment despite knowing it was a dangerous position to take politically. He was repeatedly elected on principle and stuck to those principles. Libertarians tend to worry that Democrats and Republicans will abandon their libertarian leaning principles upon election. Cuccinelli does not.

Opponent of the overreach of police powers

Whether it is search and seizure, the rights of the accused, or dare I say, the death penalty, Cuccinelli repeatedly falls on the side civil liberties. Cuccinelli was constantly seeking to reduce the ability of localities to spy on citizens, whether it be through warrantless searches or traffic cameras. He supported restoration of voting rights to released felons. He knows all too well that our criminal justice system, despite its general effectiveness and a great many honorable public servants, sometimes falls short of doing justice. Cuccinelli personally took up the cause of the 27 year wrongfully imprisoned Thomas Haynesworth. To the press and to casual observers this appeared to be an aberration. To those of us who knew Cuccinelli, none of this surprised us. This is one of the reasons why Cuccinelli has such a dedicated base of followers.

Defender of the First Amendment

Ken Cuccinelli was lead counsel on a major case seeking to invalidate a law passed by the General Assembly that restricted the free association of political parties. This lawsuit originally entitled Miller v. Brown, successfully invalidated a restriction on how political parties can nominate candidates.

Cuccinelli’s religious beliefs

Cuccinelli takes a lot of flak for his stances on abortion and gay marriage. Cuccinelli believes that life begins at conception and deserves protection in the womb. He does not want to prevent access to contraception, but he does not consider abortion, chemical or surgical, to be “contraception.” This is identical to the position of Ron Paul, a supporter of Cuccinelli. Ron Paul reached his conclusions, in part, from being a practicing obstetrician. Cuccinelli does not take this position lightly.

Cuccinelli is opposed to state sponsored gay marriage. He does not believe in “criminalizing blow jobs.” It would take 500-1000 words, perhaps more, to explain the appeal of the ruling invalidating Virginia’s anti sodomy law. In short, the Attorney General’s brief submitted to the 4th Circuit en banc, and the Supreme Court both fully acknowledged in writing that the law cannot constitutionally ban sexual activity between consenting adults. It is my strong belief that the tide of public opinion and the court system will overtake his positions in the next 5-10 years.

If your feelings on one or both of these issues control your vote, please vote your conscience, just please remember not to let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

The final take

Cuccinelli, in the end, believes that the greatest minority is the individual and the protection of individual liberties is the primary purpose of government. Civil liberties, economic liberties, and constitutional freedom are the baseline for Cuccinelli. In the end, Cuccinelli is the strongest pro-liberty candidate to run statewide in Virginia with a reasonable chance of winning in modern history. He is not the lesser of two evils, he is a good that is worthy of your consideration.

Please get out and vote on Tuesday November 5, and no matter your take on Cuccinelli I look forward to working with all liberty minded individuals in the future.

GUEST POST: Black Power in America (Part 2) – Power In Victimization

The following is a Guest Post by Angela Shelton:


Black victimization is the power play in the media this week. How is it that Black columnist Jason Whitlock has the audacity to accuse the National Rifle Association of gun and drug running in Black communities without the fear of being dragged into court for slander! Whitlock’s good ol’ boy cooperation of considering that criminal perpetrator Kanas City Chief Linebacker, Jovan Belcher as a victim of CONSERVATIVE WHITEY. Meanwhile, forgetting the infant victim and her mother Kasandra Perkins, yet calling for the elimination of our second amendment right. Just like a college graduate majoring in Black Studies!

Another example of that type of Black power wielding came from none other than NBC White House correspondent Chuck Todd running his bigoted trap about the movie Lincoln, today’s Republican party, the debt cliff and the usual accusation of racism. Just like the typical White liberal media worker, always using their learned ability to stoke the inferiority complexes of many of their minority viewers, while stroking their own elitist/superiority complexes. Using the bygone era of American Slavery as the constant analogy since the election and reelection of the first Black President. This repeated mantra from mainly White liberals of Black people as victims for political gain/power has become the fruition of the 1960’s fist pumping proclamation for Black Power! The funk and stank of this reality burns my nose! Not once did my fore bearers envision power on their knees as recycled victims as White folks need them!

GUEST POST: Black Power in America

The following is a Guest Post by Angela Shelton:

Black Power in America

What could possibly explain Barack Obama?

We all know the story of the unknown from Chicago with little experience appearing on the national stage briefly in 2004 at the Democrat convention. We all know the truth that a White person with the same dismal record regardless of gender, would not have made it out of the primaries, let alone elected President of the United States. We witnessed the multitudes of young Black men and women voting and many more Black people voting for the first time (and second time in November). We witnessed millions of Americans regardless of skin color, voting for Obama, understanding the “Change” in the 2008 “Hope and Change” meant change from a history of white male presidents and allow a Black man “for a change”. Fast forward and almost a month has past since Obama’s reelection during the worst economy since the Great Depression. Millions of Americans added to the the welfare state in one form or another. “Do for self” is now, Government do for me! Obama is the ONLY president that could have survived a first term without ANY accountability for anything that went wrong, and much went wrong as you and I lived it. Black Power?

Ambassador Rice is seriously being considered for Secretary of State in the mist of a foreign affairs scandal? Could black power the explanation? I do know that Black power was on full display in the media, when perfectly legitimate questions were asked of Rice concerning the obvious lies she told the American people concerning the September 11, 2012 terrorist attacks in Benghazi, Afghanistan. U.S. Senators are now labeled as White U.S. Senators to make it known that because they are White they are illegitimate in the questioning of ANY Black Democrat, especially the Black U.N. Ambassador.

Certain words and phrases are now considered intimidating and threatening – Chicago, Food Stamps, others escape me. Any and all White Republicans are automatically suspect! Determined to be hate filled bigots and illegitimate in all areas of governing. Black republicans are even more illegitimate and down right disgusting – any derogatory name or label will do to discredit, intimidate and discourage them! Black Power has arrived.


Guest Post: “Post-Election Obama Administration”

The following is a guest post from a long-time VV reader, The (Fringe) Observer:

As was reported widely at the Democratic Convention, Obama and his people are confident of winning and assume that Mitt Romney has no chance.  Also, recall last March when the open mike caught Obama saying to Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, “let me get reelected first, then I’ll have a better chance of making something happen.”

What many people don’t know yet is that the Obama administration is already laying their plans to implement fully the Obama philosophy and agenda in a way that was impossible in his first term, after he is reelected and has a better chance of making something happen.  They’ve already hired a new White House spokesperson and started recording some messages to broadcast right after election night in November.

Here’s one of them

Guest Columnist: Pete Snyder – “Our Blamer-In-Chief”

It seems President Obama’s line about a “do-nothing” Congress is about to ring a little less true. Since 2011, he has bemoaned his miserable fate of having to work with a—gasp!—divided Congress. But the picture he painted of a valiant president and his party fighting obstructionist Republicans was never quite accurate.

After all, President Obama had two years of one of the most liberal Congresses ever, and even Senate Democrats to this day refuse to pass his budgets. This reality was brought into even sharper focus today with President Obama’s announcement about his plan to let the Bush tax cuts lapse: Democrats aren’t buying it.

As CNBC reports:

Former President Bill Clinton told CNBC Tuesday that the US economy already is in a recession and urged Congress to extend all the tax cuts due to expire at the end of the year.

Democratic Senators Jim Webb and Ben Nelson also oppose raising taxes on any income brackets next year, with still more saying they might vote no. And even Larry Summers, Director of Obama’s National Economic Council through the first two years of his term, disagrees:

Lawrence Summers, who led the White House National Economic Council in early years of the Obama administration, said Congress should temporarily extend tax cuts set to expire at the end of the year.

So, never mind the fact that this is so clearly such bad policy that prominent economists and Obama’s own supporters like Jim Webb and Tim Kaine are railing against it. Never mind that it would take earnings out of the hands of our nation’s crucial job-creators and spenders at precisely the moment we need them to be investing and hiring workers. The real question is: who will President Obama blame this time?

He’s now lost his favorite targets—Republican lawmakers—because even Democrats won’t go along with his insensible policies. He’s lost the “millionaires and billionaires” because he still needs someone to beg for campaign dollars (on Air Force One, no less).

It seems that this is the point at which any reasonable president would finally have to look himself in the mirror and realize that he is the reason for his failures of the past three-and-half years. But, with President Obama, our Blamer-in-Chief, the chances of that happening are slim to none.

Guest Post: “Obama Fulfilling Ayn Rand’s Prophecy”

The following is a guest post by long-time Virtucon reader “Howard Roark”:

I’m going to ask you to take a little time today to understand better where Barack Obama and his gang of collectivists are taking us. Obama announced today that he is going to grant a one-year reprieve from the impending January 1 tax hikes to those whom he considers worthy, regardless of any contribution they may or may not be making to our economy. He plans to allow massive tax hikes to go “forward,” using one of his favorite terms, for those who don’t, in his eyes, pay their “fair share” regardless of how many jobs they are creating or how many people they are keeping off the welfare and unemployment rolls.

From today,

“’Let’s make some progress on our spending by doing away with tax cuts for people that quite frankly don’t need them, tax cuts that haven’t worked and have them pay their fair share,’ Gibbs told CNN Chief Political Correspondent Candy Crowley.”

“’We have got to make sure that those of us who can afford to do a little bit more, because we have been so blessed by this country, that the wealthiest among us can pay a little bit more to help close this deficit,’ Obama said at a campaign stop in Poland, Ohio, on Friday.”

Go to the following link on YouTube and listen to the reading from Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged” written in 1957. It takes a little while, but is worth the time to hear.

A collectivist deciding who is and who is not worthy of enjoying the fruits of their own labor? Deciding who should receive and consume regardless of what they have contributed to production in the nation’s economy? A committee deciding who receives the benefits of health care paid for with the reward of someone else’s labor? A beaten down labor force with no hope of moving ahead in the world from their desperate circumstances? People who have lost so much hope that they are content with meager handouts from the government instead using their own will, ambition and reason to do better?

This is the world that Ayn Rand saw over fifty years ago. This is the world that Barack Obama is creating today.

Noxious Chemical Spill at Virtucon!

There Goes the Neighborhood


Thanks to the good people here for their kind welcome.  I am excited to bring my own “solvent” approach to the Virtucon team, even if my posting opportunities are limited. 

Briefly, about me:

I’ve been living in Fairfax County for about eight years, but grew up in Maryland.  I’m married and have two boys.  Some of you who have been hanging around Virginia blogs for a few years may remember how my older son was a renowned caption contest contestant when Commonwealth Conservative was active.

My blogging career started partly by following interesting news items at the Wall Street Journal’s “Best of the Web” blog, run by James Taranto.  From there, I found interesting writers like Powerline and the funny (if somewhat foul-mouthed) Ace of Spades.  My friend and blog-mother Zelda encouraged me to start blogging, so here I am.  Since then, I have had the privilege of meeting quite a few of my blog buddies and hope to meet more of you in the future.

So thanks again, and I hope to post again soon the next time I get a “brake.”

Briefer version of this announcement was also posted at Isophorone.

More on the GACRE: Speaker Bill Howell and Delegate Lacey Putney corrected both Gov. Kaine and Jody Wagner on GACRE’s purpose back in 2007.

I previously posted on Jody Wagner’s dishonest attack on Bill Bolling’s lack of attendance of meetings of the Governor’s Advisory Council on Revenue Estimates (GACRE). Riley also covered it here as well.

While I was gathering information on the GACRE through Google Search and other sources, I came across this letter (PDF) dated December 20, 2007, signed by Speaker Bill Howell and Delegate Lacey Putney, Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, which was sent to Governor Tim Kaine. I found this particular paragraph to be interesting:

In your [Governor Tim Kaine’s] address this past Monday, you referenced the inclusion of members of the General Assembly in meetings of the Governor’s Advisory Council on Revenue Estimates (GACRE). This is a point Secretary of Finance Wagner has repeatedly noted when appearing before the House Appropriations and Senate Finance Committees. As we all know, however, the GACRE meetings have never involved the actual approval by legislators or business leaders of the revenue forecast by specific source, the prerogative of which resides solely with the Executive Branch. The long standing purpose of the GACRE meeting is for the Administration to seek input from business leaders on the overall economic and business conditions of the Commonwealth, and to ensure that legislative leaders are appropriately informed about these matters.

In the same letter, Speaker Howell and Delegate Putney asked that a meeting of the GACRE be held no later than January 18, 2008, so that data from the Christmas sales season could be assessed so the best possible revenue estimates would be available at the beginning of the General Assembly’s regular session. Instead of doing that, Governor Kaine refused to hold a meeting of the GACRE until February 11th.

The more and more I read and find out about this whole situation, the more it looks like Kaine and Wagner have a plaque on their desks that reads: “The buck stops at the Governor’s Advisory Council on Revenue Estimates, not here.”

Does The WaPo know anything about Virginia’s criminal justice system?

I caught this story in The WaPo today regarding the murder of a Lansdowne man and the rape and aggravated malicious wounding of the man’s wife. I hadn’t heard about the story before (been watching Richmond-area news recently), and I actually paid attention to the story. These two parts caught my eye:

A 17-year-old Loudoun County youth was indicted for first-degree murder Tuesday in the March beating death of a man walking with his wife in the Lansdowne area and also charged with aggravated malicious wounding for the critical injuries inflicted on the man’s wife during the attack.

At a preliminary hearing in Loudoun juvenile court last week, a Loudoun sheriff’s investigator testified that Ayala claimed he was merely the driver for two other young men, who leapt out of a van driven by Ayala on the morning of March 22. Ayala reportedly told the investigator that while he waited in the darkness, his two friends beat William Bennett, 57, and Cynthia Bennett, 55, along Riverside Parkway, and that he later helped the two burn their bloody clothes.


Ayala cannot be charged with capital murder because he is a juvenile. The Supreme Court has ruled that the death penalty cannot be imposed on anyone younger than 18.

Wrong, please try again WaPo.

Yes, while it is true that the Supreme Court of the United States did find the death penalty to be “cruel and unusual punishment” for crimes committed by juveniles in Roper v. Simmons, that does not stop a prosecutor from pursuing a capital murder charge against a juvenile.

You may be asking what’s the point of pursuing a capital murder charge against a juvenile if you can’t fry him? Well, under Virginia law, a capital murder charge for a juvenile carries a mandatory life sentence if convicted. Capital murder is punished as a Class 1 felony (§ 18.2-31) and § 18.2-10(a) specifically mentions juveniles:

(a) For Class 1 felonies, death, if the person so convicted was 18 years of age or older at the time of the offense and is not determined to be mentally retarded pursuant to § 19.2-264.3:1.1, or imprisonment for life and, subject to subdivision (g), a fine of not more than $100,000. If the person was under 18 years of age at the time of the offense or is determined to be mentally retarded pursuant to § 19.2-264.3:1.1, the punishment shall be imprisonment for life and, subject to subdivision (g), a fine of not more than $100,000.

A first-degree murder charge, on the other hand, is punished as twenty years in prison to life (§ 18.2-10(b)). Not quite the same as a mandatory life sentence, now is it?

Former lobbyist and chief counsel to Joe Biden to get the United States Attorney post for the Eastern District?

That’s what The Washington Post is saying:

Neil MacBride, who has been an associate deputy attorney general since January, is undergoing FBI background checks for the Alexandria job, said the sources, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because no appointment has been announced.

MacBride, 43, is also a former prosecutor, former chief counsel to Vice President Biden and was a vice president at the Business Software Alliance, which represents Microsoft, IBM and several leading computer companies. He was a registered lobbyist for that organization in 2007, lobbying the Senate on topics such as copyright enforcement and cybersecurity, according to Senate records and federal officials.

It would be unusual for a recent corporate lobbyist to be a U.S. attorney, and some prosecutors and governmental watchdogs have questioned whether appointing MacBride would run counter to the spirit of the Obama administration’s efforts to change the lobbying culture of Washington.

What spirit? Banning the hiring of lobbyists by executive order than granting exception after exception after exception? That’s what I call the spirit of business as usual.

I also posted previously on my blog about Timothy Heaphy, the nominee for the United States Attorney post for the Western District of Virginia, and how he had contributed at least $6,138 to various federal and state Democratic candidates and PACs. Ironically, Heaphy previously penned an article for Legal Times titled “Good Choice, Sir: Let’s Try a Truly Merit-based System for Picking U.S. Attorneys”.

And it looks like MacBride has been doing a little donating to Democratic causes as well. There’s the $2,300 to Hillary Clinton’s campaign, the combined $2,300 to Joe Biden’s campaign, the $1,000 to Barack Obama’s campaign, as well as $500 to the DNC, for a total of $6,100 to Democratic candidates and organizations according to the FEC.

With the exception of the donation to the DNC, his employer is listed as being the Business Software Alliance. But didn’t Obama claim that he never accepted any money from lobbyists during his campaign?

H/t: Virginia Lawyers Weekly’s Blog

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Gangs? I thought we only had “wannabes” here in Caroline County, along with some other thoughts on gang denial.

Does anyone remember the Caroline County constitutional officers debate back in 2007 at the Bowling Green Town Hall? Perhaps when the question of gangs and gang crime came up to the candidates for Sheriff? Tony Lippa stated that we only had “wannabes” in the county.

Here are some pictures that were taken of graffiti found in Port Royal in mid-July (photo credit: My brother, Garrett Watson; shameless plug: check out his own two hate-blogs, On The Right and Orange, VA Independence Day Tea Party):

Here’s some information about the graffiti from my brother as well:

This is the second time there has been gang graffiti in Port Royal, about 2 years ago there was Bloods graffiti in the trailer park in the western end of the town. Now this is on the town square. […] The graffiti is at the intersection of King and Middle street in Port Royal.

Judging as far as the graffiti goes, it is from the Traveling Vice Lords, or TVLN, TVL, a gang unified under the People Nation. The gang started in Chicago. They are united with Bloods and the United Blood Nation on the east cost. The heart symbol in the graffiti is a Vice Lord symbol, the upside down 3 pointed pitchfork is a disrespecting symbol to the Folk Nation, the rival to the People Nation, Vice Lords, and Bloods in the area. The name “duece” is most likely a street name of the writer of the graffiti or could be another Vice Lord clique that the TVL are affiliated with. If the “duece” is the gang members street name, the 2 under the two hearts means he is a 2 star Lieutenant within the gang.

He sent that information to several people in the Sheriff’s Office and the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office and never got a response. So much for that ‘community policing’ the Sheriff’s Office is supposed to pride themselves on. Thankfully, at least the property owner, or someone else, had painted over the graffiti by the next day.

And it get even funnier when you read Portsia Smith’s “Caroline Crossroads” blog, where she notes the events for last night’s National Night Out:

Ladysmith Neighborhood Watch, the Attorney General’s Office and the Caroline County Sheriff’s Office will host “National Night Out” August 4 at the Ladysmith Village Residents Club starting at 5:30 PM.

At 6:30 PM the Attorney General’s Office will discuss gang prevention, and screen an award-winning educational video, The Wrong Family-Virginia Fights Back Against Gangs.

Wait a second, I thought we only had “wannabes”! So, do we have gangs or a gang problem or not in this county? And where do I go to get a straight answer to that question?

Then we have someone else involved in the criminal justice system in Caroline County — who shall remain nameless — that says we don’t have gangs, we have “different groups” which commit crimes.

That’s right, different groups. That commit crimes. Let’s review the definition of a “criminal street gang” in Va. Code § 18.2-46.1:

“Criminal street gang” means any ongoing organization, association, or group of three or more persons, whether formal or informal, (i) which has as one of its primary objectives or activities the commission of one or more criminal activities; (ii) which has an identifiable name or identifying sign or symbol; and (iii) whose members individually or collectively have engaged in the commission of, attempt to commit, conspiracy to commit, or solicitation of two or more predicate criminal acts, at least one of which is an act of violence, provided such acts were not part of a common act or transaction.

What constitutes a “predicate criminal act” and an “act of violence” are also defined in the same section.

Looks like these “different groups” that go around committing crimes are pretty close to the definition of a “criminal street gang”, if they don’t meet the requirements already.

Other sections of the Code of Virginia provide for increased punishment for crimes that are committed to the benefit of the gang, such as recruitment, as well as for gang activity in school zones, and provides for civil asset forfeiture for the proceeds of gang crimes.

But this problem isn’t restricted to just Caroline County. A couple of years ago, a Virginia State Trooper who worked in Fredericksburg stated to a room with 30 people in it, “Fredericksburg does not have a gang problem, it has a gang presence.” To which anyone with a brain or a sarcastic bone in their body would think: Isn’t the presence a problem? (The Trooper also stated that there was no gang graffiti in the city, and any vandalism that you saw was the work of “taggers”. Um, yeah, sure.)

To demonstrate how absurd that comment is, think about this: Would anyone state the following?

“We don’t have a mafia problem, we have a mafia presence.”

“We don’t have a serial-killer problem, we have a serial-killer presence.”

“We don’t have a terrorist problem, we have a terrorist presence.”

Heck no. And if anyone stated that privately — much less publicly — they would be kicked out of their organization faster than you can say “gang problem”. But that doesn’t happen in this case, of course, because the Trooper is just repeating the company line.

One thing I want to make clear, however, is that I’m not advocating for a ‘moral panic’ liked what happened in Las Vegas and Nevada from the late ’80s to the early ’90s. (If you want to learn more about that, read The Political and Organizational Response to Gangs: An Examination of a “Moral Panic” in Nevada [PDF] by Richard C. McCorkle and Terance D. Miethe.)

The problem here is that people in the government — state or local — refuse to acknowledge and accept the reality of the situation. And while gangs may commit the same types of crimes that individuals do, there are support systems, tools (some of which I outlined above), and strategies that can used specifically against them. If the police and prosecutors in the area refuse to acknowledge the existence of gangs in their jurisdictions, those support systems, tools, and strategies are useless.

There’s also another possibility: The police and prosecutors know full-well that there are gangs and/or a gang problem in their jurisdictions and they just choose to lie to the public while simultaneously refusing to use those support systems, tools, and strategies.

Someone tell me which option is worse: Willful ignorance or lying to citizens?

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Case in point: Watch a perfectly good car be destroyed.

This Volvo decides to resist (kinda long, you might want to just skip to the end):

Ace of Spades (which also gets a hat-tip for the video) reports that the dealers are pouring sodium silicate into the gas tanks.

Gotta wonder what all that oil is going to do to nearby rivers and steams. Oh well…

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House of Representatives approves an additional $2,000,000,000 in corporate welfare.

Because the “Car Allowance Rebate System” (CARS) program  (commonly referred to as “cash for clunkers”) needs a bailout after receiving higher than expected interest. The Obama Administration and Congress were shocked — shocked, I tell you — that when the government starts handing out $4,500 to anybody, they get a huge response!

It’s bad enough that there was $1,000,000,000 originally dedicated to this program but now the House, in its infinite wisdom, has decided that it needs another $2,000,000,000. And to make matters worse, 77 Republicans voted for this most recent monstrosity of corporate welfare (roll call vote). At least all the Republicans in Virginia’s Congressional delegation voted against it.

The only thing that would make this whole situation halfway rewarding is if all the cars are being sold by Ford and foreign automakers so Government Motors (GM), Dodge, and Chrysler don’t receive anymore welfare payments.

And this has to be one of the saddest pictures I’ve seen in awhile:

Autos Cash For Clunkers

Yes, I know it’s a gimmick ad by some car dealer but it represents perfectly what the government is doing. They’re paying for the destruction of vehicles, not because they don’t work, but because a couple of businesses need another bailout and the government has the ability to throw away money by the billions. Cars that cost thousands of dollars, and which hundreds of people spent dozens of hours building, are being destroyed by government fiat.

And think about this: What happens when someone just out of college, or someone that has been saving money for a year to buy a used car, goes out and tries to buy a car and finds out to his surprise: “What the heck! Used cars are a lot more expensive than they were a year ago!”?

Why? Because the government has interfered with the free market and worked to destroy the existing supply of used cars.

I’m halfway through reading Atlas Shrugged, and it’s amazing how much this country is starting to look like the situation in that book…

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Guest Post By Virtucon Reader “Pedro’s Dwarf”:

From First Read:

First 100 Days Mania: While today is technically Obama’s 94th day in office, that hasn’t stopped the political world from starting its “First 100 Days” retrospectives of his presidency. David Broder today has a column that mostly praises Obama’s start (“What he has shown …is a mastery of the art of managing the presidency”). So does Time’s Joe Klein, per Politico (Obama’s start has been the most impressive of any President since F.D.R.”)

Maybe it’s just me, but I think I’d go with hostages kissing the ground as Reagan was being sworn in as the most impressive start. I can’t really put getting rolled on a pork barrel stimulus and proposing a budget that vastly expands the deficit in that ballpark.

Guest Columnist – Thoughts on PWC Budget

Pedro’s Dwarf 

Hmmm, after years of having no budget pressures, the Prince William Board of County Supervisors actually have to make some decisions. It’s interesting that they are citing increased growth as the reason for the increase in the tax rate, even though a) increased growth would mean more to fill the coffers and b) (and most interestingly) the school superintendent is citing REDUCED enrollment as a reason his budget is down.

I’d dare say the reduced enrollment is directly related to the crackdown.

Guest Columnist – U.S. Rep. Eric Cantor “The Mother of All Tax Fights”

Virginia Virtucon is proud to present as our guest columnist here today, U.S. Rep. Eric Cantor.  We extend our thanks to Congressman Cantor for choosing Virtucon as his venue to present this message on the latest congressional Democrat follies over taxes.

“The Mother of All Tax Fights”
by U.S. Rep. Eric Cantor
Virginia Virtucon Guest Columnist

I wanted to drop by today to let you know about a critical legislative debate that is brewing in the U.S. House, a debate that will have a dramatic effect on the nation and will directly impact you and your families. 

We have long known that Chairman Charlie Rangel, the leading Democrat on the Ways and Means Committee, would attempt to raise your taxes this fall.  However, we did not know the tax hikes would be so sweeping and expansive. 

Mr. Rangel has promised that this fall he will host “the mother of all tax bills.”  His objectives are clear – a sharp tax increase on American families, small businesses, and investors. 

Brushing aside warnings from seasoned economists House Democrats, since taking the reigns of power, have done nothing but play petty politics with America’s economy.  Their reckless actions have already had a negative effect. 

House Democrats have tried to hide their failures behind the tired liberal rhetoric of class warfare; yet, the simple reality is that just nine months into Democrat control, you are more likely to be unemployed in America, you are more likely to lose your home, and rising interest rates have made it harder for you to achieve the American Dream. 

We may be in the minority, but conservative Republicans are not going to allow these taxes to go through without a fight.  With your help, it is a fight I know we can win. 

Rather than raising taxes on hardworking American families, why don’t the Democrats cut wasteful spending from the massive federal bureaucracy? 

The Department of Treasury internally had over $24.5 billion “unreconciled transactions” in one year alone – these are transactions for which auditors cannot account.  The bureaucrats spent $25 billion somewhere on something; they don’t know who spent it, where it was spent, or what it was spent on. 

Bureaucrats at the Department of Agriculture wasted taxpayer dollars, by making personal purchases with federal credit cards.  An internal review that sampled just 300 random employees established a 15% abuse rate among card holders; these are government workers spending your hard-earned money on Ozzy Osbourne tickets, tattoos, lingerie, bartender school tuition, car payments, cash advances, and more.  This is just from 300 employees – over 55,000 bureaucrats have government credit cards, including 1,549 cards that are still held by people who no longer work there. 

These are just two examples of unacceptable government waste by the federal bureaucracy.  Yet, rather than cut this spending, the Democrats want to raise your taxes. 

Charlie Rangel promised the “mother of all tax fights.”  Well, if he tries to raise your taxes, a fight is exactly what we conservatives will give him.