Where’s FEMA? MIA

Hundreds of thousands, close to a million people, are still without power  in NY and NJ.   Many won’t have their power restored until at least Thanksgiving, 2 weeks away.  This is not acceptable.   What happened to Obama and FEMA?  Where are they?   FEMA closes because of the weather???  FEMA runs out of water?   People are freezing in shelters!   FEMA is supposed to provide temporary housing yet they’ve only placed 24 people out of the 5,200 who have applied.  Currently they are considering the use of an old prison to house displaced people.   People are ready to snap, they’ve been 10 days in the cold and dark.   They’ve been pushed to their limit.  How many more will die before FEMA actually does something?   Why aren’t we hearing more about this?  Too many white people for anyone to care?

New Jersey unions would let people die, rather than accept non union workers

On Saturday our Attorney General posted this picture and comment on his Facebook page.

“Ran into some AEP Texas power truck and crews that were headed to New Jersey. However, they were rerouted to New York after being told non-union workers were not welcome to restore power in New Jersey. It is sad to see President Obama’s union allies prefer blackouts over allowing non-union help.”

Over 100 people have died in NY and NJ.  More will die unless power is restored.  Over 2 million people in NJ are still without power and the unions are turning away help.  Disgusting.   This makes me so thankful to live in a right to work state where this can’t happen.