New Global Warming Alarmist Problem: “Pre-Traumatic Stress Disorder”

So, now, those of us who don’t buy global warming alarmism are to be blamed for alarmists’ stress.

Andrew Stuttaford (The Corner) has the details

 Just when you think that the misery that climate change is bringing in its wake can get no worse, there is this.

Grist reports:

…From depression to substance abuse to suicide and post-traumatic stress disorder, growing bodies of research in the relatively new field of psychology of global warming suggest that climate change will take a pretty heavy toll on the human psyche as storms become more destructive and droughts more prolonged. For your everyday environmentalist, the emotional stress suffered by a rapidly changing Earth can result in some pretty substantial anxieties….

Lise Van Susteren, a forensic psychiatrist based in Washington, D.C. — and co-author of the National Wildlife Federation’s report — calls this emotional reaction “pre-traumatic stress disorder,” a term she coined to describe the mental anguish that results from preparing for the worst, before it actually happens.

There is, in my view, a perfectly reasonable case to be made that man may be contributing to the way that our ever-changing climate changes. That’s one thing, but how some choose to express their belief in that proposition can be something altogether, well let’s just say, less reasonable.

…and here I thought it would be about alarmists trying to process the sixteen-year pause and all their data problems.

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More wonderful news from the EUtopia

The single currency has become such a strait-jacket for Greece that it’s encouraging the one thing “ever closer union” was supposed to prevent: a rise in violent fascism (The Corner):

So what’s the state of the opinion polls in Greece, a few days after the arrest of a large slice of the leadership of the neo-Nazi (or thereabouts) Golden Dawn?

Macropolis has some details:

“Two new opinion polls were made public late on Monday night. Both put New Democracy narrowly ahead of SYRIZA and had Golden Dawn as Greece’s third biggest party, reaffirming the figures that have been seen in the past few days from other surveys. The GPO poll indicated New Democracy was on 21 percent, against SYRIZA’s 20.5. Golden Dawn was at 7.8 percent, still surprisingly high but lower then that 10.1 percent that it had polled in May in another GPO survey.”

Here’s a hint as to how bad things are in Greece these days: SYRIZA, the party so far to the left it outflanks the Communists, is very close to becoming the second left-wing endorsement ever from yours truly (if they were willing to exit the eurozone, my endorsement would be a done deal).

Yes, it’s that bad in EUtopia.

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Remember when the EU was supposed to bring Europe closer together?

It appears Spain didn’t get the memo. As the Spaniards suffer under policies designed not to bring them prosperity but to keep them trapped in the single-currency eurozone, their feckless leader has embarked on a typical distraction campaign aimed at…fellow EU member Britain (Telegraph), replete with new art celebrating a potential invasion of Gibraltar and mass slaughtering of Britons there (Telegraph).

I don’t remember the Brusselian Empire predicting such strife as a consequence of “ever closer union,” but then again, Britain still refuses to join the single currency, so perhaps that makes Spain’s bloodthirsty jingoism OK.

In any event, the fact that Madrid feels strong enough to lay into London but weak enough to kowtow to Brussels tells us all we need to know about the state of the EU…and it’s not good.

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About those tree rings…

Michael Mann made his mark in global warming alarmism with the use of dendrochronological data (a.k.a. tree-ring data) as a proxy for temperatures going back over 1000 years. He has clung to it despite its obvious ignorance of the Medieval Warm Period (to say nothing of how it deviated from recent history so much he had to truncate it from his analysis – hence the term “Mike’s Nature Trick”).

Well, as it turns out, the tree-ring data his a problematic bias (WUWT):

Basically, older trees grow slower, and that mimics the temperature signal paleo researchers like Mann look for. Unless you correct for this issue, you end up with a false temperature signal, like a hockey stick in modern times. Separating a valid temperature signal from the natural growth pattern of the tree becomes a larger challenge with this correction.

Trees that grow slower create lower temperature proxies, and thus can mask higher temperatures in periods like the MWP.

Yet another nail in alarmism’s coffin.

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About that global warming “consensus”…it doesn’t exist

Organization Studies has released a peer-reviewed survey of geoscientists and engineers (Forbes, via WUWT) and found the global warming alarmists’ claims of a “consensus” to be way off the mark.

Only 36 percent of geoscientists and engineers believe that humans are creating a global warming crisis, according to a survey reported in the peer-reviewed Organization Studies. By contrast, a strong majority of the 1,077 respondents believe that nature is the primary cause of recent global warming and/or that future global warming will not be a very serious problem.

I’ll leave it to the reader to define “strong”, but 51% of those surveyed either believed Nature is the dominant controller of climate (24%) or refused to say the matter is settled one way or another (27%). All of them (plus an additional 5%) have no use for the alarmists’ insistence that disaster awaits without massive carbon regulation.

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National Climatic Data Center caught “adjusting” past climate data

Joseph D’Aleo provides the details at WUWT (emphasis added):

[The National Climatic Data Center’s] adjustments made the dust bowl period cooler, while post 1995 had no adjustments applied. This results in a temperature trend that is steeper because the past is cooler than the present. The only problem is that it isn’t what the data actually recorded then.

I think maybe we need to coin a new term for NOAA NCDC – ‘dust bowl deniers’.  Yes it appears there is man made warming underway but the men are in Asheville, North Carolina at NOAA’s National Climatic Data Center.

The particular victim in this case was New York City, which suddenly had a cooler 1930s than any survivor of that decade would remember.

For those who are keeping track (admittedly not easy given the numbers), we have now reached forty-five examples of data manipulationerrorsand other shenanigans from global warming alarmistsand that’s just from what I’ve been able to blog on this subject since Climategate broke in November of 2009just under three and a half years agoand they just keep on coming.

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More defectors from the “consensus”

Remember when I noted that three scientists who were part of a paper decreeing a “consensus” on global warming told Watts Up With That that their positions had been misrepresented?

Well, Andrew at Popular Technology found four more who took issue with their classifications. Ironically, the one most sympathetic to AGW theory (Dr. Richard Tol) was the nastiest to one of the “consensus” paper’s authors (Dana Nuccitelli), telling Nuccitelli, “I think your data are a load of crap.”

For those who are keeping track (admittedly not easy given the numbers), we have now reached forty-four examples of data manipulationerrorsand other shenanigans from global warming alarmistsand that’s just from what I’ve been able to blog on this subject since Climategate broke in November of 2009just under three and a half years ago…and they just keep on coming.

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Whoops! Scientists ask out of the global warming “consensus”

The latest attempt of the global warming alarmists to silence debate – by screaming, “Consensus!” – has hilariously come a-cropper.

As usual, the good folks at Watts Up With That have the details, from three paper authors who take great issue with the characterization of their papers as endorsing global warming.

For those who are keeping track (admittedly not easy given the numbers), we have now reached forty-four examples of data manipulationerrorsand other shenanigans from global warming alarmistsand that’s just from what I’ve been able to blog on this subject since Climategate broke in November of 2009just under three and a half years ago.

More to the point, they don’t seem capable of stopping.

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London Meteorological Office caught upping the temperature data – again

“The Met” – as it is known – didn’t bother to warn anyone that is had “updated” their temperature data for their HADCRUT4 and CRUTEM4 data sets, choosing instead to simply unleash them on the public.

The folks at WUWT couldn’t help but notice that the data “updated”….

…are concentrated in the last 16 years, a period that the Met Office is under scrutiny for the lack of warming in their data.

Also, some of the regional changes appear quite contrived, e.g. it looks like they found five hundredths of a degree of extra warming in the Northern Hemisphere in the last couple years.

South America they found almost a tenth of a degree of warming over the last decade;

Africa, had five hundredths of a degree of extra warming in the last few years;

and Australia/New Zealand a tenth of a degree of additional warming over the last few years.

I left out the accompanying graphs, you can find them here. The WUWT fellows also note how this is part of a pattern of “adjusting” recent temperature data upward.

For those who are keeping track (admittedly not easy given the numbers), we have now reached forty-four examples of data manipulation, errorsand other shenanigans from global warming alarmistsand that’s just from what I’ve been able to blog on this subject since Climategate broke in November of 2009, just under three and a half years ago. More to the point, they don’t seem capable of stopping.

In this case, however, it is especially important to remember that the “adjustments” come right smack in the period of the data that has given alarmists their worst headaches: the post-1996 temperature stability. It could very well be that the “solution” is to simply jack up the numbers to make the stability go away…

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How the UN Covered Up a Cholera Epidemic in Zimbabwe

Title courtesy of The Atlantic, whose story (by Amin Rosen) details the how the United Nations chief official in Zimbabwe” decided that his own closeness with ZANU-PF overrode his responsibility to the UN’s missions and values.”

ZANU-PF is the criminal organization – errrrrr, political party – run by dictator Robert Mugabe. Apparently, Agostinho Zacarias (and his UN buddies back in New York) felt keeping Mugabe happy was worth letting hundreds of Zimbabweans die. When Georges Tadonki said otherwise, he was fired.

Under the bizarre nature of UN procedure – which exempts the organization from being sued – Tadonki had to search for recompense from a panel internal to the UN. As Rosen himself puts it:

Because the UN cannot be sued, tribunals convened by the UN itself deal with employment claims, pseudo-courts that don’t adhere to several important aspects of accepted U.S. and European legal procedure.

So it’s significant the tribunal’s 104-page ruling in this case is such a damning survey of misplaced priorities and institutional rot.

Significant indeed.

Of course, the UN is appealing the ruling, and Zacarias still has a cushy job with them.

I had always felt the UN was too incompetent, and its people too lacking in intelligence, to be a serious danger. In light of this, I may have to question that assumption: incompetence and stupidity combined with favoritism killed at least 4,000 in Zimbabwe alone.

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Marcott’s update to his global warming paper: never mind everything I said

Shaun Marcott – the latest fellow to claim he’s discovered “unprecedented” warming in recent years – made a stunning admission to Steve McIntyre over the weekend. Ross McKittrick has the details in the Financial Post:

Meanwhile, in a private email to McIntyre, Marcott made a surprising statement. In the paper, they had reported doing an alternate analysis of their proxy data that yielded a much smaller 20th-century uptick, but they said the difference was “probably not robust,” which implied that the uptick was insensitive to changes in methodology, and was therefore reliable. But in his email to McIntyre, Marcott said the reconstruction itself is not robust in the 20th century: a very different thing. When this became public, the Marcott team promised to clear matters up with an online FAQ.

It finally appeared over the weekend, and contains a remarkable admission: “[The] 20th-century portion of our paleotemperature stack is not statistically robust, cannot be considered representative of global temperature changes, and therefore is not the basis of any of our conclusions.”

In other words, the most recent part of the data – the very part Marcott et al claimed “proved” the dramatic warming – was junk.

McKittrick also details how Marcott redated ice core tops (if that sounds like fudging data to you, that’s because it is) and grafted current temperature data (which can show variations annually at worst) on top of the past data reconstruction (which smoothed out centuries of variations).

For those who are keeping track (admittedly not easy given the numbers), we have now reached forty-three examples of data manipulation, errorsand other shenanigans from global warming alarmistsand that’s just from what I’ve been able to blog on this subject since Climategate broke in November of 2009, just under three and a half years ago.

I am amazed that anyone still believes this stuff.

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Cyprus, Europe, and the nature of the political left

The fiasco that is Cyprus hasn’t quite reached the radar of the Virginia blogosphere (except for yours truly’s reports on another blog), but it is a warning that all of us need to hear.

The short version: in a desperate attempt to shield the German taxpayers from the cost of the bailout of Cypriot banks (and Cyprus itself) – taxpayers who will be voting for a new Bundestag in September – the EU, IMF, and ECB (a.k.a., “the troika”) floated the idea of a “levy” on Cypriot bank deposits. Cypriots didn’t take too well to the idea, and the Parliament in Nicosia shot it down. Now, Cypriot banks will be closed all week in order to prevent a bank run…and some of them might never open again.

Oh, and Russia – the source of many foreign deposits in Cypriot banks is negotiating with Cyprus’ Finance Minister in private (the rumors surrounding those negotiations have been particularly entertaining) and blasting the seizure of deposits in public (Zero Hedge).

Memo to the Eurocrats: when a Putinist can accuse you of being a bunch of tyrants – and be right – you have a serious problem.

Meanwhile, Lars Seier Christense (also at ZH, emphasis in original) asks not for whom the taxman trolls…

That we have already come to a stage where politicians blatantly attempt to confiscate innocent and weak citizens’ savings is a new low that was somewhat unexpected already at this point. It bodes ill for what can happen when the crisis deepens in the future – which it will.

The idea of a one-off wealth tax, however, is not new. Several research reports have pointed in recent years to the fact that the desperate need for funding in the public sector could – and probably will – eventually lead to confiscation of wealth in a monumental scale. Boston Consulting Group suggested in a recent report that about 29 percent of ALL private wealth, not just deposits, will eventually be likely to be confiscated to cover the debts already incurred.(Read the article on So we had better get used to seeing our money being appropriated by money-hungry politicians. This is just the beginning. The cat is out of the bag, no matter if this particular deal should fall apart.

…for (s)he trolls for you.

This is a reminder – as if we needed one – of what happens when social democrats take charge of an economy: it becomes permanently subordinated to politics. The Postchristendom elite has made it clear it will do anything to keep their dream of “ever closer union” alive, including seizing bank deposits.

It is a lesson those of us outside Europe must heed – and remember.

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Steve McIntyre sends another hockey stick alarmist to the penalty box

Steve McIntyre is the mathematician who destroyed Michael Mann’s “hockey stick” graph (which supposedly proved global warming) in the last decade. This year, he takes aim at the latest nonsense, from Marcott et al. On his blog (Climate Audit), he explains how the timing of  the data was manipulated – in one case, a dataset was moved over 1000 years – to get the desired effect.

For those who are keeping track (admittedly not easy given the numbers), we have now reached forty-two examples of data manipulation, errorsand other shenanigans from global warming alarmistsand that’s just from what I’ve been able to blog on this subject since Climategate broke in November of 2009, just under three and a half years ago.

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FOIA (the Climategate whistleblower) reveals what caring about the poor really means

Watts Up With That found in his inbox the password to a slew of Climategate emails, courtesy of the anonymous whistleblower (who took the pseudonym Mr. FOIA).

Humor and political schadenfreude aside (well, almost – I particular like the part where “Reviewer B.” admits, “I don’t think we can say we didn’t do Mann et al because we think it is crap!”), FOIA explains his actions – and in so doing schools the lefties on what compassion for the impoverished really is (emphasis added):

That’s right; no conspiracy, no paid hackers, no Big Oil.  The Republicans didn’t plot this.  USA politics is alien to me, neither am I from the UK.  There is life outside the Anglo-American sphere.

If someone is still wondering why anyone would take these risks, or sees only a breach of privacy here, a few words…

The first glimpses I got behind the scenes did little to  garner my trust in the state of climate science — on the contrary.  I found myself in front of a choice that just might have a global impact.

Briefly put, when I had to balance the interests of my own safety, privacy\career of a few scientists, and the well-being of billions of people living in the coming several decades, the first two weren’t the decisive concern.

It was me or nobody, now or never.  Combination of several rather improbable prerequisites just wouldn’t occur again for anyone else in the foreseeable future.  The circus was about to arrive in Copenhagen.  Later on it could be too late.

Most would agree that climate science has already directed where humanity puts its capability, innovation, mental and material “might”.  The scale will grow ever grander in the coming decades if things go according to script.  We’re dealing with $trillions and potentially drastic influence on practically everyone.

Wealth of the surrounding society tends to draw the major brushstrokes of a newborn’s future life.  It makes a huge difference whether humanity uses its assets to achieve progress, or whether it strives to stop and reverse it, essentially sacrificing the less fortunate to the climate gods.

We can’t pour trillions in this massive hole-digging-and-filling-up endeavor and pretend it’s not away from something and someone else.

If the economy of a region, a country, a city, etc.  deteriorates, what happens among the poorest? Does that usually improve their prospects? No, they will take the hardest hit.  No amount of magical climate thinking can turn this one upside-down.

It’s easy for many of us in the western world to accept a tiny green inconvenience and then wallow in that righteous feeling, surrounded by our “clean” technology and energy that is only slightly more expensive if adequately subsidized.

Those millions and billions already struggling with malnutrition, sickness, violence, illiteracy, etc.  don’t have that luxury.  The price of “climate protection” with its cumulative and collateral effects is bound to destroy and debilitate in great numbers, for decades and generations.

Conversely, a “game-changer” could have a beneficial effect encompassing a similar scope.

If I had a chance to accomplish even a fraction of that, I’d have to try.  I couldn’t morally afford inaction.  Even if I risked everything, would never get personal compensation, and could probably never talk about it with anyone.

I took what I deemed the most defensible course of action, and would do it again (although with slight alterations — trying to publish something truthful on RealClimate was clearly too grandiose of a plan ;-).

Even if I have it all wrong and these scientists had some good reason to mislead us (instead of making a strong case with real data) I think disseminating the truth is still the safest bet by far.

We may never know who this person is, but I think James Delingpole had it right in calling him “the man who saved the world”…

…unless Mr. FOIA is actually Ms. FOIA, of course. Either way, this is truly a heroic person.

Meanwhile, WUWT continues the fight by continuing to take apart the latest hockey-stick nonsense (Easterbrook and Eschenbach).

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Another busted hockey stick

The latest attempt by the global warming alarmists to make the Medieval Warming Period disappear came into the crosshairs of Watts Up With That – and ended up looking a lot like the gel torsos on Deadliest Warrior.

First up is Don J. Easterbrook, who notices something about the data…

Eighty percent of the source data sites were marine, so temperatures from 80% of the data set used in this paper record ocean water temperatures, not atmospheric temperatures. Thus, they may reflect temperature changes from ocean upwelling, changes in ocean currents, or any one of a number of ocean variations not related to atmospheric climates. This in itself means that the Marcott et al. temperatures are not a reliable measure of changing atmospheric climate.

Making matters worse, one of the land datasets was a tree ring reconstruction from none other than Michael Mann himself (he of “Mike’s Nature Trick”). Keep in mind, Mann has already admitted to errors in his tree ring data.

Meanwhile, David Middleton reveals another problem with the data – time intervals. He graphically explains why using old data that measures by 140-years-plus along with new annual data can cause problems.

Back to the penalty box.

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Will Michael Mann never learn?

The latest desperate attempt by global warming alarmists to seize the political initiative fell apart once again – due to exposure to the outside world.

Michael Mann, he of the Nature Trick, is trying to claim that the temperature models really haven’t been exposed as bunk after all. There are only two problems: he uses the wrong set of data, and he stops in 2005.

Steve MacIntyre has the details (Climate Audit or WUWT).

For those who are keeping track (admittedly not easy given the numbers), we have now reached forty-one examples of data manipulation,errorsand other shenanigans from global warming alarmistsand that’s just from what I’ve been able to blog on this subject sinceClimategate broke in November of 2009 just under three and a half years ago.

I am stunned that Mann really didn’t think he would get caught.

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ExxonMobil’s tax bill for 2011: $100 billion (twice its profits)

Every year, lefties rise as one to rip ExxonMobil for its “obscene” profits. How much ExxonMobil pays the governments of the world is usually never part of the conversation.

That changes today. Economist Mark Perry sent Nick Schulz (Forbes) this table listing what EM paid in taxes since it was born of the merger of Exxon and Mobil in 1999 (via Steve Everley and Greg Pollowitz, NRO).

That’s right, EM’s taxes are more than three times its profits for the last dozen years. For 2011 alone, the firm paid over $100 billion in taxes, more than twice its profits. On income alone, the firm had an effective tax rate of 43% – higher than any marginal income tax rate in the United States.

In other words, ExxonMobil had a higher tax rate than you, me, Mitt Romney, Barack Obama, or any other American you can name. Something to think about when lefties demand EM pays its “fair share.”

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NASA gets caught fudging the temperature record

Randall Hoven (American Thinker, h/t SDA) caught NASA “adjusting” past data again:

A funny thing happened on the way to determining how hot 2012 has been on a global basis: temperatures changed in 1880.

I knew NASA would occasionally update its estimates, even its historical estimates. I found that unsettling when I first heard about it. But I thought such re-estimates were rare, and transparent. There is absolutely no transparency here. If I had not kept a copy of the data taken off NASA’s web site two months ago, I would not have known it had changed. NASA does not make available previous versions of its temperature record (to my knowledge).

NASA does summarize its “updates to analysis,” but the last update it describes was in February. The data I looked at changed sometime after early July.

In short, the data that NASA makes available to the public, temperatures over the last 130 years, can change at any time, without warning and without explanation. Yes, the global temperature of January 1880 changed some time between July and September 2012.

Surprise of surprise, the change had the effect of making the long-term temperature record support conclusions of faster warming. The biggest changes were mostly pre-1963 temperatures; they were generally adjusted down. That would make the warming trend steeper, since post-1963 temperatures were adjusted slightly upward, on average. Generally, the older the data, the more adjustment.

C’mon, NASA, did you really think we wouldn’t notice?

For those who are keeping track (admittedly not easy given the numbers), we have now reached forty examples of data manipulation, errors, and other shenanigans from global warming alarmists, and that’s just from what I’ve been able to blog on this subject since Climategate broke in November of 2009 just under three years ago.

Keep this in mind the next time someone screams “hottest (day/week/month/year) on record.”

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Greek PM embarrasses himself and his countrymen

The latest European politician to endorse Mario Draghi’s Plan 10 from Outer Space is Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras. As usual with the Euro-elite, Samaras envisions a doomsday scenario outside the euro – and utterly embarrasses himself in the process.

Here’s how Samaras portrayed a hypothetical return to the drachma in Greece (Telegraph):

If we left the euro, pensions wouldn’t be cut; they simply wouldn’t exist. There would be no spending on medicine. Petrol wouldn’t be more expensive: it would be rationed . . . Greece would die

Yes, he actually said that, “Greece would die.”

I’m not sure what scares me more: that he thinks he can get away with nonsense like this, or that he actually believes it, in which case Greece is led by a government afflicted with mass hysteria.

Either way, it appears Greece will be ruined to save the euro.

Heaven help then when it becomes clear the euro can’t be saved anyway.

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Of all the excuses for a tax increase I’ve ever heard…a UN invasion? Really?

When it comes to local elected officials and revenue, experience has taught me that it is flat out dangerous to get between them.

The latest exhibit comes from Lubbock, Texas.

There, County Judge Tom Head (in Texas, the County Judge is the equivalent to the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors) is asking for a property tax increase in order to fund…an insurrection against a re-elected President Obama.

What’s that? I can’t be serious, you say? Read for yourself (FOX34, h/t Kevin Williamson):

Lubbock County Judge Tom Head and Commissioner Mark Heinrich went into great detail Monday night on FOX 34 News @ Nine about why it is necessary to raise the tax rate by 1.7 cents the next fiscal year.

. . .

Judge Head said he and the county must be prepared for many contingencies, one that he particularly fears, is if President Obama is reelected.

“He’s going to try to hand over the sovereignty of the United States to the UN, and what is going to happen when that happens?,” Head asked.

“I’m thinking the worst. Civil unrest, civil disobedience, civil war maybe. And we’re not just talking a few riots here and demonstrations, we’re talking Lexington, Concord, take up arms and get rid of the guy.

“Now what’s going to happen if we do that, if the public decides to do that? He’s going to send in U.N. troops. I don’t want ’em in Lubbock County. OK. So I’m going to stand in front of their armored personnel carrier and say ‘you’re not coming in here’.”

That’s right. Judge Head is using fear of a U.N. invasion to justify raising taxes. They really will resort to anything to get more of your money.

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Hiding the decline, again

You may have seen reports that last month in America was “the hottest July on record.” Well, Anthony Watts (WUWT) noticed it, too, and went to work trying to see if, for once, the global warming alarmists got it right.

Guess what? They didn’t.

In fact, Watts noticed a temperature two-step that in the old days would have snowed the populace (damn right, pun intended). Instead, it’s just the latest incident of alarmist fudging exposed.

For those who are keeping track (admittedly not easy given the numbers), we are now at thirtynine examples of data manipulation, errors, and other shenanigans from global warming alarmism, and that’s just from what I’ve been able to blog on this subject over the last two and a half years.

First off, Watts noticed that July 1936 (the actual hottest July on record) isn’t what it used to be anymore:

And with all the adjustments that have been going on, which 1930′s are we really talking about? The real one or the adjusted one? NASA GISS uses NCDC adjusted data, which according to this graph from Steve Goddard, suggests there’s been a whole lot of adjusting going on.

The graph below shows the almost two degree US upwards adjustment trend being applied by USHCN between the raw thermometer data and the published monthly data.


The adjustments they are making are greater than the claimed trend, meaning that all man made US warming is occurring inside ORNL and GISS computers.

Read that last line again: “The adjustments they are making are greater than the claimed trend, meaning that all man made US warming is occurring inside ORNL and GISS computers.”


Of course, rewriting the past is not enough, and Watts also finds that the NOAA is refusing to use its new USCRN network for temperature reports. Why not? Here’s why not:

Using the old network, NOAA says the USA Average Temperature for July 2012 is: 77.6°F

Using the NOAA USCRN data, the USA Average Temperature for July 2012 is: 75.5°F

The difference between the old problematic network and new USCRN is 2.1°F cooler.

This puts July 2012, according to the best official climate monitoring network in the USA at 1.9°F below the 77.4°F July 1936 USA average temperature in the NOAA press release today, not a record by any measure.

So…”adjust” the past so it looks cooler, use the inferior measurement network so the present looks hotter, and Heston presto: you have a new “record” and a perfect alarmist press release!

Nice try, fellows, but that’s not going to work anymore.

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