ELECTION DAY OPEN THREAD – Share Your Stories Here!

Polls are now open in the Commonwealth of Virginia and will remain open until 7 p.m. tonight. So long as you are in line by 7 p.m., you will be allowed to vote.

Have you voted yet? How long did it take you to get through the line? What sort of turnout has there been in your precinct so far? How were the various campaigns and parties represented at your polling place? Share your stories here throughout the day and keep checking back to see what others are saying!

OPEN THREAD: Which NOVA Elected Officials Will Wind Up With Extended Stays With The McDonnells At Club Fed?

News that the FBI is zeroing in on political corruption in Northern Virginia and with lists of targets for them to investigate now starting to pop up, we thought now was a good time for an Open Thread to find out which elected officials you think may wind up with an extended stay with indicted former first couple of Virginia Bob and Maureen McDonnell at Club Fed. Bloviate below…

Club-Fed-Poster-225x300[1]White Collar Crime…Doing Time Has Never Been So Good!

ELECTION DAY 2013 OPEN THREAD (Continuously Updated)

Keep coming back throughout the day for updates on Election Day 2013. Post your experiences here. How was turnout in your precinct? (Please give your county and precinct name as well as the time you were there.) Any observations about which side appeared to have the advantage in getting their supporters to the polls, etc. We want to hear from YOU!

FINAL UPDATE — It’s over.  Goodnight, Virginia.  Welcome to South Maryland.  Congratulations to everyone who voted for McAuliffe (or who were accessories by way of voting for Sarvis) – you just voted to turn Virginia into the places that you left behind because taxes were too high, regulations were too burdensome, and jobs were too few.

Update 6:45 PM (Riley) – Prince William County, General Turnout –

Here’s the top 21 precincts in terms of turnout in Prince William County as of 3 p.m.  ALL of them went for Bob McDonnell in 2009 (the % is what Bob McD got in that precinct and those with an * were not in existence then and those are Romney’s numbers from 2012.)

Prec #




















* 53%





























Cedar Point






Signal Hill
























Mountain View





















































I’m predicting a COMFORTABLE win in PWC for Cuccinelli & Co. based upon this turnout.  The Democrats just didn’t get their voters to the polls in even their most reliable precincts.

Update 2:55 PM (Riley) – Prince William County, General Turnout – From Inside NOVA we get a view at the county’s early turnout:

As of 10 a.m., voter turnout was 8.77 percent at polling places in Prince William County, according to the county Office of Elections.

Top five precincts in voter turnout (so far) are listed below. Next report due at 3 p.m.

1. Kilby: 19.45 percent
2. Marshall: 16.16 percent
3. McCoart: 15.69 percent
4. Signal Hill: 15.10 percent
5. Washington/Reid: 14.4 percent

Here is how those precincts voted in 2009 —

Kilby: 19.45 percent (53% Deeds – 275 votes)
Marshall: 16.16 percent (67% McDonnell – 616 votes)
McCoart: 15.69 percent (*N/A 2009 / 2012 53% Romney – 918 votes)
Signal Hill: 15.10 percent (69% McDonnell – 827 votes)
Washington/Reid: 14.4 percent (58% McDonnell – 683 votes)

As the Washington Post wrote just yesterday, Prince William County is THE swing county in Virginia. It appears that, at least early on, the very solid Republican precincts are performing the best. That has to be extremely troubling for Democrats.

Update 3:00 PM (Thor’s Hammer) – General Turnout – Went back to check out Blue Virginia again. They seem to be pleased that McAuliffe appears to be doing better in Arlington than Creigh Deeds did. Let’s see how that works out for them…

More from their comments:

Prince William County
Just voted at Battlefield High School in western Prince William County. Voter number 664. Was told that turnout was high.
by: janmaxwell @ Tue Nov 05, 2013 at 16:16:45 PM UTC

664 is high
Total turnout in ’09 Battlefield was 1481. There’s been some pretty high population growth in Western PW, but that’s still high for 11am.

Unfortunately, Battlefield is a ruby red district. 76% McDonnell.
by: knopfler @ Tue Nov 05, 2013 at 16:26:09 PM UTC

Update 2:10 PM (Thor’s Hammer) – Fairfax County, Bucknell precinct – We just heard the same thing from someone who cast a ballot at 11:30 a.m. today in the Bucknell precinct at Bryant School on Popkins Lane in the Fairfax portion of Alexandria. Only four voters in the entire place. This was a 64% Creigh Deeds precinct in 2011.

Update 2:00 PM (Thor’s Hammer) – Arlington County, Gunston precinct – Long-time friend of Virtucon reports that he just voted at the Gunston Community Center in Arlington. He had a 3 hour wait last year, but was in and out in 3 mins today. He went at the same time too. Don’t believe the hype that turnout in Arlington is off the charts. It isn’t, but more in line with 2009 which must have the D’s scared to death.

Update 1:05 PM (Thor’s Hammer) – Prince William County, Cedar Point precinct – Roughly 700 out of the 3500 registered voters (20%) have already cast their ballots. This precinct went for Bob McDonnell with 66% of the vote 4 years ago.

Update 10:45 AM (Jesionowski) – found an interesting bit of advertisement n the web regarding the election:

Find Your Polling Place


Do you know where you’re voting today? Confirm where you vote!

This sort of thing will target Democrats, because they are drawn to the name.  It is simple.  It works.  The Democrats are far more savvy when it comes to use of the web and social media.    The message of economic freedom and small government translating into individual liberty requires the GOP to stop advertising using the latest tech from the 20th century.

Update 10:45 AM (Riley) – Prince William County, Swans Creek precinct – My wife just voted and there was no one there. She walked right in to an empty polling place. Last year, the wait time during the day was in the 2 hour range. As she was exiting, she ran into one of our neighbors who is another reliable GOP voter. Our son’s daycare provider voted earlier this morning (for the GOP ticket) at Swans Creek and reported that there was no one in there. Dems are not turning out in PWC in the kinds of numbers they need to carry the county.

Update 10:05 AM (Thor’s Hammer) – General Turnout – Just perusing the forums over at Blue Virginia to see what they have to say. Of interest:

Out In the Valley…Heavier Turnout Than Expected
Of the 4 Wards in Waynesboro, the highest turnout thus far is in the reddest. But there were voters waiting at 6AM at every one.


Voters 93 and 94 in Falls Church
at 7:30 this morning. No line, but passed another school en route to metro and it looks a lot busier.


In Charlottesville
I’m at an almost completely student precinct in Charlottesville, and turnout is, to put it mildly, “light.”

In 2012 this precinct, Venable, had 1638 votes (out of 3100 registered – so 52.8% turnout).

As of 9:30 AM, we have 134 votes (4.3% turnout – yikes, not sure what that’s on track for, though half the students probably aren’t awake yet).

Update 9:14 (Steve Albertson) – Stafford turnout so far (non-scientific) running at about 12-15% by 9:00 AM in generally GOP precincts. Consistent with overall turnout by the end of the day in the neighborhood of 35-40%. [Update: these numbers are for heavy GOP precincts…some mixed precincts with turnout at around 7-8%.]

Update 8:25 AM – Prince William County, Brentsville precinct – PWC GOP Chairman Bill Card posts this photo of Ken Cuccinelli going in to vote.


Update 8:15 AM – City of Alexandria, NOVA Arts Center precinct – Extremely light turnout in this Dem heavy precinct. No waiting line at all.

Update 7:46 AM (Riley) – Prince William County, Dumfries precinct – No one waiting outside town hall to vote. Only signs for the 3 statewide Republican candidates and the unopposed Democrat incumbent Delegate, Luke Torian. No Democrat statewide candidate signs. Three 4’x8′ Cuccinelli signs plus one each for Jackson and Obenshain in the town limits.

Update 6:46 AM (Riley) – Prince William County, Swans Creek precinct – In this Dem heavy precinct that President Obama won twice and even Creigh Deeds carried in 2009, turnout at 6 a.m. was no more than 1/20th of what it was last year at the opening of the polls. In the morning rush of people voting before going to work, I waited for less than 10 minutes total. Republicans had 2-3 volunteers, numerous yard signs for everyone on the ticket, and were handing out sample ballots. The Democrats sent one volunteer who didn’t show up until 6:15 when he put out a handful of ticket signs (no signs for their candidate for Delegate at all.) I’m guessing that by the end of the day turnout here won’t match 2009 and may even be more analogous to an off- off-year election when state senate seats are up. By the time I left at 6:40, there was NO waiting line at all to vote.

OPEN THREAD & POLL: Romney or Gingrich?

Yes, I Tivo the Sunday Morning political shows.  Yes I love it when all 4 members of the McLaughlin Group talk at the same time.  Yes, I really have a sound mind…

In reviewing the commentary of late, it appears that surprise of surprise: all of our Presidential candidates have baggage….  The leaderboard has changed 4 times over the last six months.  I suppose anything can happen, but we’re less than a month away from Iowa, Cain’s campaign has collapsed (likely the first of several), and the Christmas holiday probably places the current numbers largely on hold for a bit….  This got me to thinking:


This is the place for you to report what you’re seeing and hearing this Election Day.  How is turnout where you are?  Which party and candidates have the upper hand at your polling location?  What is the feel on the ground and what is your gut telling you?  Share it all here!  And be sure to come back tonight after 7 p.m. for a comprehensive Election Night report as we call the winners in key races across the Commonwealth!

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OPEN THREAD: Today’s Primaries (UPDATED)

The big day is finally here!  Is there a race where you live?  Did you vote yet?  What is turnout like where you are?

Below is our list of endorsed Virginia Virtucon candidates appearing on the ballot today — how many do you think will win?

Is anyone expecting any surprises of interest today?  Late Independent candidate filings? Surprise school board candidates?  Surprise upsets?  This is your chance to tell us what you think!


WashPo is reporting that the turnout at PWC’s Glenkirk precinct is light, but those who are showing up are motivated more by the supervisor race than the state senate contest.

Those who came said they were motivated mainly by the local race between Lawson and incumbent W.S. Covington III for the county board. Those casting ballots said they want to see new leadership in the county.

“We need a change,” Brentsville resident Juergen Lanthaler, 44 said. “Growth here is out of control and we don’t have the infrastructure to support it. I have three kids in school and they are sitting in trailers.”

This appears to be a good omen for Virtucon-endorsed candidate Jeanine Lawson!


According to several news reports, Tito Munoz is stationary today at Belmont Elementary School when he should be visiting different precincts and working the phones to get out his supporters.

Will Tito even crack 35%?


Senate – 13th Dist.

Senate – 36th Dist.

Senate – 37th Dist.

Senate – 39th Dist.

House – 10th Dist.

House – 87th Dist.

Fairfax County Sheriff

PWC Board of County Supervisors
Brentsville Dist.

PWC Board of County Supervisors
Gainesville Dist.

Stafford Commonwealth’s Attorney


What are you seeing and hearing as you go to vote? Tell us what congressional district, county and precinct you are in, how turnout compares to recent elections and what your gut is telling you about it. Here’s your chance to sound-off now and compare notes with others around the Commonwealth of Virginia!

UPDATE 6:30 am from Hirons — Krystal ball’s campaign gives up in Stafford. Rather than handing out kb lit going into the polls their poll workers are handing out a lie sheet about upcoming comp plan battle in the county.

UPDATE 7:30 am from Riley — Two years ago my precinct in PWC had 400+ people waiting in line at 6 am when the polls first opened. As of 7:30 am this morning, a total of 150 had voted. Expected turnout is 30-35 percent, but at this rate they won’t even get there. Caller to WMAL this morning from the 11th CD in Fairfax reports similar experience. The Obama voters are nowhere to be seen. Bad, BAD news for the Dems.

UPDATE 8:30 am — NRO Campaign Spot reports HUGE drop-off in voting in VA-5 from 2008 levels.  Bye, bye Tommy P.  Talk is Perriello is already looking ahead to a statewide campaign in 2013, possibly challenging Ken Cuccinelli for AG, using George Allen ’93 as the model.  Here’s the difference — Allen lost his House seat to redistricting, not an opponent.

UPDATE 9:10 am from Isophorone — At my poll (in western Fairfax County), the Democrats did not even show up (as of yet, and it’s already 9 AM).  No literature, no yard signs, no personnel.  Several voters expressed frustration with the fact that they were unable to vote out Gerry Connolly, because we are in the 10th District, rather than the 11th.  If voter reception is any indication, Frank Wolf should win 90% of the vote.

Very few people wanted to take my leftover Halloween candy (which I call “Republicandy”) either.

UPDATE 10:25 am from Kat – VA-5 in Pittsylvania (East Gretna) – Not a lot of folks, but steady participation; as one machine opened up, there was a voter waiting to vote, although there were no lines. Oddly enough, the kids were at school – is seemed that some were being dropped off at this late time (???). No campaign workers outside, only a couple of ladies handing out sample ballots. A few signs; I noticed only Hurt on the way in, but saw a couple for Perriello on the way out. Very low key. A small issue with changing my choice on one of the amendment issues (I’d hit the wrong button initially), but hitting “change,” then selecting the question, and THEN changing my choice finally worked. Wonderful, friendly people working to record and assist voters; very typical of my area. (Update to my update – a friend notified me via Facebook that our schools had a 2 hour delay this morning – no clue why… But that explains the “late” arrivals. /update)

UPDATE 11:00 am from Isophorone — As of 11 AM the Democrats still haven’t shown up, and 380 people (16%-ish) had voted.

UPDATE 11:20 am from VA Patriot — Interesting morning as the chief poll worker confronted several volunteers and I outside with the demand that we move 40 feet from the sidewalk which is itself approx 60 feet from the door to the poll.  Rebuffed by yours truly, she huffed her way back inside only to reemerge with a gentleman in a suit 20 min. later.  He stated that he was from the electoral board and that he had chatted with the rebuffed poll chief and that they had agreed that we could stand approx. 50 ft from the door.  I said that was not the law.  He said well do you have a tape measure?  I said no, do you?

I don’t know if anyone else has had problems with poll workers who don’t know the law, but I thought I would pass this along.  It’s 40 ft from the door.

Turnout here is 22 percent

UPDATE 11:45 am from A.G. Gilmore – Cast my ballot around 10:45 at the Tuckahoe Precinct.  I live in an area that is pretty well Republican, and with Cantor not really being challenged, I didn’t know what to expect.  As I drove up, I couldn’t find a parking spot initially in the TES lot.  I waited patiently until this nice lady let me have her spot.  There were no campaign workers out front, aside from these two people handing something out for Walter Stosch, which I promptly ignored.  Tuckahoe never has a “line” to wait in, but I was behind two or three people.  They have the alphabet broken into five sections.  I was voter 191 in my particular section.  Seems that there had already been 650-700 voters by the time I got there.  To me, that number seems really high for my precinct in a non-Presidential year.  Bad news bears for Democrats.  UPDATE from the 5th district.  My good friend DJ Sporty Rooster voted this morning at Venable Elementary in Charlottesville.  He noticed that there seemed to be a lot of people there, but far less than in 2008 (my take….  very bad news for Perriello).  There was a big Perriello presence there with signs, but that is to be expected in Charlottesville.

UPDATE 2:00 pm from Riley — Turnout below 20 percent at the Dem-leaning precinct I’m working.  The new Obama-voters still nowhere to be found.  One African-American gentleman who had an Obama bumper sticker on his car until recently said that he came out to vote for Rob Wittman.  Dem poll worker finally showed up at 10:30 am and left by 1 pm.  Another Dem poll worker who was visiting the various precincts came up to him and said, “Who’s this Krystal Ball?  She isn’t the one who posed for those photos, is she?  Oh, she is?”

Also, Gerry Connolly has posted signs in the 1st Dist.  That explains why 15 people have come into this precinct and complained that Keith Fimian isn’t on the ballot here.  Way to go Big Doofus!!!

In those parts of PWC in the 11th, turnout is VERY heavy in key GOP precincts such as Henderson, Montclair and Pattie.  All good signs for Fimian as those were the precincts that carried him over Herrity in the primary.

UPDATE 2:15 pm from Riley — WSJ reports turnout dangerously low in Chris Coons base areas in Delaware.  Sen. Christine O’Donnell?

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Who will win today’s special election for U.S. Senate in MA?  What will the final vote percentages be?  What will it mean for the big picture?

To start the ball rolling, I’m predicting Scott Brown wins by 5 and this triggers a wave of Democrat retirements in both the House and Senate (including Virginia’s own Rick Boucher.)  A Brown victory means Democrats will likely lose the House in Nov. and control of the Senate may even be in play by then.


The polls are now open and so is Virginia Virtucon’s Election Day Open Thread!

How long were the lines at your voting place?  Any signs of trouble?  What was the mood of people?  Were both parties represented outside?  What kind of feel are you getting?

Here’s the place to offer all that plus your predictions.

Check back throughout the day to see what your fellow Virginians have to say as well as updates from the Virtucon team.  And be sure to be back here at 7 p.m. tonight for our coverage of the returns and analysis.

Election Day 2008 Open Thread

This is the place for you to discuss what you’re seeing and hearing, both here in Virginia and from family or friends anywhere in the U.S.  How long did you have to wait to vote?  What number voter were you?  What were people saying while waiting in line?  Which campaigns had poll workers present?

At some point today, I may be providing a Virginia update on Sirius Satellite Radio’s Indie Talk Channel 110, so if you have any interesting anecdotes, post ’em here and maybe I’ll get to tell the nation.

NOTE:  UPDATES will be in reverse chronological order, with the most recent at the top and the first at the bottom.

UPDATE 11 (Riley):

The wife just voted.  No wait.  She just walked right in.

UPDATE 10 (Hirons):

Stafford County turnout is close to 2004.  We’re happy about that.  Expect similar results.

UPDATE 9 (Va Patriot):

2:30 p.m. Turnout in the populous GOP heavy precincts of Chesterfield County is high.  At the polling station I was working, it was well over 58% as of 2pm.

UPDATE 8 (Hirons):

1 p.m. — Why has obama deployed poll watchers and lawyers for every poll he’s the one who should be watched cheater-in-chief?

UPDATE 7 (Riley):

CNN is reporting problems with ballots in Chesapeake.  Apparently, rain running off of people’s clothing is getting the paper ballots wet and the optical scanners are having a difficult time reading them.

Also just received a phone call from Julie Lucas informing me that Obama supporters have stapled signs for their candidate onto VDOT signs all along the Pr. Wm. Co. Parkway.

UPDATE 6 (Pedro’s Dwarf):

Update from LoudounCo –

We got to the middle school to vote around 5:55, and found the line had hundreds in it.  To give you an idea, suppose the precinct was at Potomac H.S.: the line would have stretched to Mary Williams E.S.  Our precinct was split into lines by alphabet, and I was the 189th voter in the K-N line (easily the longest of the five lines).  I’m guessing I was around the 500th voter, and was out of the precinct about 6:50.  We have one electronic machine and probably 15 or so booths for optical scanner ballots … the optical ballots were a huge time saver.  I can’t figure out why someone would use the electronic.

Oh, and Riley got a write-in vote for Senate.  I’m still pissed we didn’t have a primary.

UPDATE 5 (Riley):

ABC News reports on two other guys in Barry Obama’s neighborhood who have shown up at his polling place to vote: Bill Ayers and Louis Farrakhan.

UPDATE 4 (Riley):

Townhall.com reports problems in Philadelphia where

GOP Election Board members have been tossed out of polling stations in at least half a dozen polling stations in Philadelphia because of their party status.

. . .

The City of Brotherly Love was roiled in controversy during the 2004 election because of rigged voting machines that showed nearly 2,000 votes for Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry before the polls had opened. A man also used a gun to intimidate poll workers at Ward 30, division 11 in 2004.

UPDATE 3 (Not Not Jay Hughes):

6:35 AM – Eddie just told me there is a line that’s been looped 4 times over by election officials to accommodate the huge turnout and the polls weren’t even open. Folks are having to park in the Union Bank & Trust parking lot and walk across ladysmith rd to get to the school.

UPDATE 2 (Hirons):

05:25 — Off to work the polls happy election day! Checked on Falmouth first line 60 deep already.  Then off to Drew M.S. smaller line here.  Turn out is high in Stafford — probably not good news for the good guys.

08:32 — AP doing exit polling in Stafford.  Talking 4 to 1 to minorities over whites at a Republican precinct (Falmouth).  Expect it to be skewed.  Don’t trust the exit polls as they start to trickle out.

UPDATE 1 (Riley):

4:50 a.m — Arrived at polling place.  Already about 30 people in line.  Brand new precinct.  First time any election has been held there.  No Democrat signs or poll workers.  I plastered the place with signs for McCain/Palin, Gilmore and Wittman.

5:05 a.m. — Got in line.  I was approx. number 50.

5:11 a.m. — About 70 people in line.  Mostly African-American.  Still no Democrat signs or poll workers.

5:34 a.m. — Now about 150 people in line.  Still probably about 90 percent African-American. Still no Dem signs or workers.

5:45 a.m. — Sudden large influx of white voters.

6 a.m. — Polls open.  Probably about 350 people in line at a precinct that has just over 2,900 voters registered.  Told that over 200 people had already voted via absentee ballot.

6:15 a.m. — Made it through the line and voted.  Prepared to work the polls outside.  Found they messed up our sample ballots for my precinct, putting down Keith Fimian for Congress instead of Rob Wittman.  This was after they also messed up and didn’t get any Wittman signs.  Fortunately, Hirons dropped off a bunch for me last night.

6:30 a.m. — Dem workers finally showed up.  Definitely not from the community.  Had Obama/Biden, Warner and Bill Day signs.  Also had coffee and sample ballots.

7 a.m. — FOX News reports that Jeri Thompson, wife of fmr. Sen. Fred Thompson, said that there were around 300 people at 5:40 a.m. at her polling place in McLean.

OPEN THREAD – 2013 Elections and Beyond

In the final installment of our series of dog days of summer Open Threads dedicated to future election years we look ahead to 2013 and beyond.  We’ll find ourselves in yet another Gov. / LG / AG year.  Will Bill Bolling finally claim the top prize that year?  Will PWC Chairman Corey Stewart take it statewide in a run for LG?  Just because this election isn’t for another 5 years don’t think that people aren’t already maneuvering for position.  Will RPV Chairman Jeff Frederick make a leap for statewide office (if he hasn’t already jumped into the 2012 race for U.S. Senate)?

Here’s your chance to shine and prove just how politically astute you are!

OPEN THREAD – 2012 Elections

Welcome to the fourth installment in our series of dog days of summer Open Threads dedicated to future election years.  This time up, we travel to the year 2012 and the first elections for Congress after the 2010 census redistricting.  Not to mention a presidential year and Sen. Thinskin “Beavis” Gump’s (D-WashPo) (a.k.a. Jim Webb) senate seat as well as the two state party chairmen posts.

Where will the congressional district lines shift?  Will these changes finally mark the end of Rick Boucher’s tenure and shift this seat into GOP hands?  Who will rise up on the right to claim the GOP’s U.S. Senate nod and end the national embarassment that is Sen. Gump?  And most importantly, who stands to claim the nominations for President of the United States on each side?

Join in the free for all!

(Previous Open Threads – 2009, 2010 and 2011.)

OPEN THREAD – 2011 Elections

Up next in our series of dog days of summer Open Threads dedicated to future election years is 2011.  This will be the first election held after redistricting based upon the 2010 census, so much is bound to change.  All 140 members of the General Assembly will be up (40 senators and 100 delegates) as well as local races in some of Virginia’s biggest counties including Fairfax, Prince William and Loudoun.

Which areas will gain seats and which will lose them?  How will these changes help the GOP as they strive to retake the Senate or will the Dems put control of the House in play?  Who will join the ranks of elected officials at the local level for the first time and become part of their team’s bench for future years?

Let it all loose here!

(Previous Open Threads can be found here: 2009 and 2010.)