How did your delegates vote at Republican Convention 2013?

For those who are wondering how their delegates voted at the recent Virginia Republican Convention in Richmond, the RPV has published the results, for each round of balloting.  Those results are here.

Looking at the results, it is very clear that Susan Stimpson (second in the first round of voting) was hurt by the announcement of the results of that first round of balloting.  The way the results were presented lead many delegates to believe that Susan had come in fourth, not second.  Pete Snyder’s staff and supporters immediately tweeted that Susan was in fourth place among the five remaining candidates and would be out in the next round of voting.  At that time Snyder still believed that Susan Stimpson was the biggest threat to him winning the convention.  Was the announcement orchestrated by the Richmond establishment Good Ol’ Boys to hurt Susan Stimpson and help their boy Pete?  Many delegates thought so.  If you look at the drop in Susan’s support between the first and second ballots, it would appear that it worked.  It hurt Susan and helped Pete.  Of course Pete Snyder was never able to overcome E.W. Jackson’s lead, despite his many deceitful attempts which included hundreds of flyers stating that Corey Stewart had endorsed Snyder, followed by hundreds more saying that Mark Obenshain had endorsed Snyder.  Both were lies, neither had endorsed Pete Snyder.   All of Pete’s lies, all of his establishment support, and all of his money, just couldn’t put him over the finish line.  The people prevailed!  It was a beautiful thing to behold!

Pete’s Big News! Rick Santorum!

The BIG secret has leaked out!  Pete Snyder will be introduced by Rick Santorum!  It’s been kept under wraps because it’s such HUGE news!  It’s Pete’s BIG surprise to go with his still undefined, BIG ideas.  An out-of-state, failed republican politician, will introduce Pete!  Woo-Woo!  I also hear that it’s costing Pete a small fortune.   It’s worth it to Pete to establish his conservative credentials. Unfortunately Santorum won’t be able do that.   Santorum’s big causes are social issues.  He is very opposed to gay marriage and birth control, issues that Pete has not focused on during his campaign.   Too bad Pete couldn’t get Oliver North to introduce him.  North is a great speaker, and not the angry politician that Santorum is.

So much fun to look forward to on Saturday!

What is Terry Hiding?

RPV has been hammering hard calling for Terry McAuliffe to release his tax returns. Susan Stimpson, candiddate for Lt.Governor agrees.

Stimpson has released a press release in which she has made her tax returns available and has called on all candidates seeking state-wide office this year to do the same.

“Everyone wants transparency in government. Ken Cuccinelli has led the way in disclosure of his tax records,” Stimpson said in a statement. “By contrast, his opponent Terry McAuliffe refuses to release his taxes.”


Facing pressure from Republicans, he provided that information last month days after Cuccinelli allowed reporters to review hundreds of pages of his tax records covering eight years.

Stimpson is one of seven Republicans pursuing the party nomination for lieutenant governor.

Her campaign manager Tim Edson said Stimpson is leading by example because “she has nothing to hide” just a record of paying taxes “like hardworking middle class Virginians do.”

Candidates who refuse to follow suit and release their tax records evidentally “have something to hide,” concluded Edson.

The Anti-Pete Snyder Videos — Inaccurate and Illegal

I have made known my share of criticism of Pete Snyder’s campaign, but I have also highlighted the praiseworthy attributes and even gone as far as to say that if he does not secure the LG nomination later this month that he would make an excellent candidate for U.S. Senate against Mark Warner next year.  He has even been a guest columnist here, so I guess you can say that things have run the gamut.

Today, I want to bring to everyone’s attention the following videos that have been sent to Virtucon contributors and posted here for our readership.  These videos lack the required campaign finance disclaimers showing who authorized and paid for their production (and the production value on these is quite good even if the content itself is shoddy in terms of the truth.)  They are also posted on throwaway YouTube accounts (Petey InSnyder·No public videos and Ol’ Pete·No public videos) in an effort to make them untraceable and therefore the individuals behind them unaccountable.

First, this video made its debut April 15.

Here’s my review.

Do I blame Snyder for incorporating in Delaware? Heck, no. To this day I don’t understand why Virginia doesn’t just adopt the Delaware corporation code in full and get in on the action.

Vacationing in Nantucket with John Kerry and the Kennedys? First of all, Nantucket is known as the Republican alternative to the more Democratic Martha’s Vineyard. Secondly, I’m pretty certain that many Virginians travel out of state on vacations (some other candidates for LG even leave the country on vacations! GASP!)

Owning office space in Washington, DC? Big deal. That’s where Corey Stewart has his law office, too.

He owns a farm in Mississippi? As I understand it, the farm was inherited, is quite modest, and goes back generations in the family.

Then this video appeared yesterday:

Where to begin with this?

Phil Cox?  He has been a staple of GOP politics in Virginia for quite a while and became the Exec. Dir. of the Republican Governors Association under Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell’s term in office as its chairman.

Chris Reilly lost the primary for Congress in Pennsylvania last year to now U.S. Rep. Scott Perry, so he isn’t a Congressman and NEVER WAS.

Peter Fitzgerald was a U.S. Senator (as the voiceover states), NOT a Congressman (as the text indicates), from Illinois and he has been out of office for 9 YEARS now.

Furthermore, Snyder has raised the most in-state money of any candidate for LG.

Snyder: $434,373 in-state

Stewart: $381,484 in-state

Davis: $266,909 in-state

This video, too, lacks the required disclosure.

To put it bluntly, these videos are both inaccurate AND illegal.

Clearly, someone (and by that I mean a rival Lt. Gov. campaign) has the money and motive to put these out.  Do we know which campaign?  Well, we have it down to 99.9% certainty on that based upon a variety of factors including a slip-up that the campaign in question made in sending one of those videos to us here.

Stay tuned.  This could get very ugly for one of the candidates real soon.

Who supports Pete Snyder for Lt. Governor?

Primarily people from outside of Virginia and some in Fairfax, Arlington, and Alexandria.

Looking at Pete’s 93 campaign donors for the last six months of 2012, fewer than half, 42, were from Virginia.  The majority, 51, were from outside Virginia.  By far the largest contributor is the Super PAC, Ending Spending, financed by Nebraska Billionaire, Joe Ricketts.   That PAC contributed a whopping $235,000 in those 6 months.

Of the 42 donors from Virginia, all but 6 live in Fairfax, Arlington and Alexandria.  Only 6 are from other parts of Virginia, one from each of these localities:  Dumfries, Virginia Beach, Roanoke, Harrisonburg, Henrico and Hume.  One person from each of those six locales.   No donors from anywhere else in Virginia, not even one from Loudoun or  Richmond or Blacksburg or Chesapeake or Suffolk.  Not one from anywhere else in Virginia.

Contrast Pete Snyder’s donors to those of candidate Susan Stimpson.  Her candidates during this same time period were 100% from Virginia.   Candidate Scott Lingamfelter’s donors are very similar, with 99% of them being from Virginia.   Corey Stewart’s donors are also overwhelmingly from Virginia with a few donors from out of state.   Why is it only Pete Snyder who has a majority of his support from out of state?  Why do all these out of state donors support a Lt. Governor’s candidate in Virginia?   Just what do these donors from across the country expect from a Virginia Lt. Governor?

My conclusion?  People from out of state support Pete Snyder and some from NOVA.  The rest of the state?  Not so much.   Sounds like he’s the liberal republican’s choice for Lt. Governor.

While we continue to wait for Pete’s Big Ideas to be defined, we can also ponder what kind of beer is in his Pete’s Big Beers.  Perhaps both the Big Ideas and the Big Beers are all in the head!

Lt. Governor Candidate Susan Stimpson wins the Young Republican Vote!

Earlier today Virginia Young Republicans held their convention in Arlington.  In their straw poll for their choice for Lt. Governor,  Susan Stimpson won easily with an impressive 40.5% of the vote in a field of 7 candidates.  Pete Snyder came in a distant second with 21.5% of the vote.  What makes the vote particularly interesting is Pete’s support is to be found almost exclusively in Northern Virginia (and out of state) and the convention was held in Arlington, the most northern of Northern Virginia, and what should be the very heart of support for Pete Snyder.

Pete Snyder spends Half a Million in one quarter in his quest for Lt. Governor!

In the first quarter of this year, Pete Snyder spent $506,499.  That’s a heck of a lot of pork for the Pig Rig! Perhaps Pete’s Rock star tour t-shirts were much more costly than they appear to be!  Other than pork and t-shirts, I have no idea how he spent that much money in one quarter for a party convention nomination.  It’s record setting spending.  Who knew that someone would, or could, spend that much money to win a nomination for Lt. Governor?  It must be a VERY valuable office!

Corey Stewart didn’t outspend Pete but he has a lot more money on hand to spend in the coming weeks before the republican convention on May 18.  Corey has on hand $363,087 to Pete’s $178,647.   Surprisingly, Jeannemarie Davis took in almost as much Pete in the first quarter of this year.  She raised $256,620 to Pete’s $276, 814.  Of course Pete way outspent her, as he outspent everyone.  Pete’s out-of-state donors have really come through for him in this campaign!  It pays to have rich friends in other states!   I have to wonder what their motives are.  Who invests in a campaign for Lt. Governor in another state?  And why?

More details on money and spending here and here.  Pete’s expenses here.  He certainly has a large payroll!    And don’t miss this video on “Virginia” Pete!

Why did Mike Farris endorse Pete Snyder?

In 2011, conservative republicans in Loudoun were surprised and puzzled by Mike Farris’ support of Scott York for Chairman of the Board of Supervisors.  Mike Farris, Chancellor of Patrick Henry college and chairman of the Home School Legal Defense League Association is known as a solid conservative.  So why did he support Scott York in Loudoun over the true conservative, Steve Stockman?  A couple of weeks ago Farris endorsed Pete Snyder for Lt. Governor.  Again, conservatives were puzzled.  Why Pete Snyder, the man with no record as a conservative, or anything else?  Why would Mike Farris support Pete over known conservatives like Susan Stimpson,  E.W. Jackson, and Scott Lingamfelter?

Now we’ve learned the reason for both of these endorsements.  It’s widely rumored that Mike Farris intends to run for Senate next year against Mark Warner.  It’s also rumored that Pete Snyder and Mike Farris have agreed to trade endorsements.  Mike Farris will support Pete Snyder this year for Lt. Governor, and next year Pete will endorse Mike for Senate.   No doubt, Mike made the same deal with Scott York.   If Mike Farris intends to run for Senate next year against Mark Warner, having the endorsement of the Loudoun Chairman of the board, and the Lt. Governor, would be a great start in a campaign for the republican nomination for Senate.


Pete Snyder for U.S. Senate?

Yesterday’s April Fool’s post about me running for the U.S. Senate was apparently taken seriously by many more people than I expected.  I have had to spend more time tamping down interest from Republican activists and consultants (seriously!) than I ever thought I would.

I just got off the phone with a friend who called to see if the post was real or an April Fool’s joke.  After I assured her that it was the latter and not to go setting up meet and greets or fundraisers among the D.C. lobbyist community for me that she offered to do, we started talking about who the GOP should run against Mark Warner next year.  Everything that I wrote in my original post aside from me running was accurate.

To say that Mark Warner’s first-term in the Senate has been underwhelming and without notable accomplishment would be an understatement.  Aside from lending his name to a couple of the countless (and typically meaningless) bipartisan “Gang of [insert varying number of senators here]” groups, he has done nothing.  He has not lifted a finger to reduce the tax and debt burdens on our families.  He has not put forward solutions to alleviate our crushing traffic congestion.

What he has done is vote to approve Obamacare which has only led to increased insurance premiums and skyrocketing regulations that threaten to strangle the best health care system in the world.

Mark Warner does not understand the plight of the middle class.  How could we expect him to do so?  After all, he got rich early in life trading on inside information gained as a congressional staffer, a practice that is now illegal.  Ever since then, all he has sought to do is get elected to the Senate — not because he wanted to do something, but because he wanted to be someone.

That is not the kind of senator that Virginians need.

After we tossed around a couple names (as Gov. McDonnell does not seem to be inclined to enter the race) — Bill Bolling, Artur Davis, some of the other LG candidates — we got to Pete Snyder. At that point, it just clicked.

If Snyder does not secure the LG nomination next month, it might not be all for naught. He has certainly built up name I.D. and good will with this campaign and shown that he can fundraise. Sure we’ve made a few jokes at his expense here, but overall he is a likable individual who is handling his first political campaign well.

I would like to see him stop just mentioning “Big Ideas” and actually discuss what those ideas are and how they would improve the lives of Virginians. At the PWC GOP convention a few weeks ago, he talked about “big ideas” and then never elaborated on what those ideas are, but he proceeded to yield back nearly 5 minutes of his alotted time. He has begun to lay them out on his website, but they could use some more meat on the bones.  Even then, Snyder has “more there there” than Warner ever has when it comes to policy.

Snyder is telegenic (more so than Warner), hails from Northern Virginia, and has his own ties to Virginia’s business and hi-tech communities to counter Warner’s.  If there is anyone on the GOP bench better suited to defeat Warner than Pete Snyder, his or her name escapes me at the moment.  Pete Snyder may very well be the GOP’s 2014 version of the Dem’s 2006 Jim Webb – an underdog who goes on to become an unlikely giant slayer.

How does Pete Snyder get his email lists?

Like most people, I have more than one email account.  One such email account I check infrequently.   On that account I receive emails from Lt Governor candidate Pete Snyder.  They always address me as “Caroline” and it’s clear they think I live in Prince William county, where I have never lived.  I ignored that until recently when I remembered that another campaign had also thought I was Caroline in Prince William.  I searched my emails and found it was Victory 2012 that also thought that I was Caroline in Prince William.  No other campaigns have addressed me in this way.

It appears that the Snyder campaign is using the Victory mailing list.  How did Snyder get it?  Did Pete duplicate the list during the year he spent as Victory chair?  If so, that was a pretty good deal and a good reason to take the Victory job in preparation for a run as Lt. Governor.

I assume that the Victory email list was owned by the Republican Party of Virginia.   Did the RPV give the list to Pete?  If so why?  Why Pete?  Why wasn’t it given to ALL the candidates?  Or need I even ask?  If Pete simply appropriated the list, well, that seems unlikely since taking that amount of data is a felony.  NotLarrySabato recently addressed this very issue.

How did the Victory 2012 email list fall into Pete’s hands?   Any guesses?

Why is Pete Snyder (still) running for Lt. Governor?

Pete Snyder has a rather short history in Virginia politics.   He seemed to have come out of nowhere in 2012, and that’s pretty close to reality.

In 2008 Pete and his wife paid $1.675,000 for  a house in Alexandria, prior to that he lived in Arlington and DC after growing up in Pennsylvania and graduating from William and Mary.  He didn’t appear at Fairfax county Republican Committee until 2012 although he gave the committee $500 in 2004, a year prior to giving the same amount to Tom Davis for his run for Congress.   (The FEC search function is here, search with Pete’s name and filter by using Virginia so that you don’t get other men sharing Pete’s name in various states).    In 2010 and 2011 he was not a republican delegate at any conventions.  He wasn’t even on the Virginia Republican’s radar screen.

Snyder contributed to some republican candidates prior to 2012, most notably, $25,000 to Bill Bolling’s campaign in 2008-2009.   The only money Snyder has ever given to the current candidate for Governor, Ken Cuccinelli, was a measly $130 for his inauguration in 2010.    Snyder gave more than that to his opponent, Jeannemarie Davis, for her run for Senate in 2003.  That’s one of Pete’s earliest contributions to any republican, anywhere.  Pete has never given ANY money to ANY republican Presidential candidate, with the exception of Rudy Giuliani.   Pete’s FEC donations are here.   If Snyder could afford a house worth well over a million, and we keep hearing how wealthy he is due to his successful business endeavors, one might think he could have given some of our Presidential candidates a dime or two.

So when did Pete enter the political scene in Virginia?  In 2011, McDonnell announced that Snyder would chair the Victory 2012 campaign.  Shortly after that, in December of 2012, Snyder let it be known that he intended to run for Lt. Governor in 2013.    Could it be a coincidence that Snyder gave $25,000 to Bolling’s campaign, was then appointed to be Victory Chair and at the same time decided to run for Lt. Governor with Bolling on the top of the ticket? No, it couldn’t be.  When Pete was appointed to be Victory Chair 2012  McDonnell and Bolling  thought that  Snyder could then be all over the state, introducing himself to voters, in preparation for his run with Bolling in 2013.  That explains why in the summer of 2012 Snyder gave ridiculously long speeches at Loudoun Republican committee and Fairfax Republican committee talking about himself.  He was supposed to speak about Victory 2012 for 2 minutes.  Instead of that, he was mercifully stopped after a 25 minute speech about himself.  In 2012 Pete failed miserably at his job at Victory and  inexplicably continued his run for Governor.   He and Bolling were going to prevail, doggone-it!  But things didn’t quite work out the way that McDonnell and Bolling had hoped.  Bolling saw the handwriting on the wall and knew that he couldn’t beat Ken Cuccinelli at a convention.  Bolling dropped out of the race for Governor although he may soon return as a third party candidate, or a democrat challenging Terry McAuliffe.  ( Senator Steve Martin isn’t the ‘wild and crazy guy’ in Virginia politics, Bill Bolling is.)

After Bolling dropped out, Pete continued on his own.  He was chosen to run for Lt. Governor by Bill Bolling and McDonnell and now Pete is all that is left of their ‘dream team’,  all that remains to carry on the old Bolling message.    Poor Pete, left with only his BBQ grill and a cadre of young people from the Bolling campaign.    The good news is that Pete has plenty of out of state money coming in, thanks to his wife having spent many years on Capital hill, working for Senator Roy Blunt.   (Yeah, that Roy Blunt.)  That out of state money is hiring young followers  across the state to help spread the Bolling message and grill BBQ.   All of those connections were supposed to help elect the Bolling/Snyder team.  Now Snyder alone will benefit from all of those hefty out-of-state donations. 

Who is Supporting Pete Snyder for Lt. Governor?

(Rudy Giuliani in one of his drag costumes.)

The short answer is the most moderate factions of the republican party, the same people who opposed Ken Cuccinelli for Attorney General because he would ‘bring down the whole republican ticket’ now support Pete Snyder.  These are the same people who supported Anna Lee for 10th district chair over John Whitbeck, a real conservative who won with over 80% of the vote.  Further evidence is today’s announcement that Pete Snyder has received the endorsement of Arlington County GOP chair,  Charles Hokanson.   Is there any republican committee in Virginia more moderate, aka liberal, than Arlington County?   Some people in Fairfax are supporting Pete because they want the most ‘moderate’ candidate and they view only Jeannemarie Davis and Snyder as party moderates.  The other five are “too conservative’ according to Fairfax republicans.

Just how moderate/liberal is Pete Snyder?  In 1997 Pete worked for Rudy Giuliani in his campaign for Mayor of New York.  Let’s not forget, the Liberal Party endorsed Giuliani three times, while the Conservative Party of New York refused to endorse him in any of his runs for office.  The Conservative Party was founded by William F. Buckley in 1960 and remains a political force in New York.  More about them here.   They refused to endorse Giuliani but Pete Snyder supported him.  Meanwhile the liberal party endorse Guiliani and  said this about him:

“…when the Liberal Party Policy Committee reviewed a list of key social issues of deep concern to progressive New Yorkers, we found that Rudy Giuliani agreed with the Liberal Party’s stance on a majority of such issues. He agreed with the Liberal Party’s views on affirmative action, gay rights, gun control, school prayer and tuition tax credits. As Mayor, Rudy Giuliani would uphold the Constitutional and legal rights to abortion.”
 –N.Y.S. Liberal Party Endorsement Statement of R. Giuliani for Mayor of New York City April 8, 1989″
Rudy Giuliani not only supports abortion but has refused to denounce even partial birth abortion.  Few would argue that partial birth abortions should be legal.  It’s horrific and disgusting.
Pete Snyder’s support for Rudy Giuliani didn’t stop after his runs for Mayor.  Snyder continued his support for Giuliani when he ran for President in 2008, Snyder maxed out his contributions to him.    Snyder’s wife also maxed out her contributions to Guiliani’s run for President.   That’s a lot of money for one family, demonstrating their solid support for Guiliani for President.       
The moderate/liberals in NOVA argue that Snyder has amazing abilities to bring in money from across the country and that will help our republican ticket.   We know that he has a great deal of appeal from outside Virginia, the vast majority of his current support is from outside Virginia.   How do we know that he intends to share these funds with the other candidates?  Ken Cuccinelli is much better known nationally.  He is a conservative hero across the country.  With only a few states having elections this year, Ken Cuccinelli will draw tremendous support from conservatives across the country.  He will have little need to depend on the largess of the relatively unknown Pete Snyder.   So that argument falls flat.

The real reason for Snyder’s support among the moderate/liberals in the party support is because he is the candidate who is most like them.  They share his views, just as they share the views of Rudy Guiliani.   I expect Snyder to gain support at the convention from Fairfax, Alexandria, and Arlington.  The Rest of Virginia?  Not so much.  The majority attending the convention will be Ken Cuccinelli delegates.  Who can forget 2009 when Ken’s supporters and their Gadsden Flags that filled the convention hall?   Those delegates will not be supporting the most liberal candidate running for Lt. Governor, but will chose among the five conservatives.

Snyder claims he is full of Big Ideas, but we have yet to see any details of these Big Ideas.  While he can steal and parrot positions after other more conservative candidates in the LG race publish we have no idea where Snyder really stands on taxes, economic issues, transportation, abortion, 2nd Amendment or any other issues that concern conservatives.  Snyder is running a terrific campaign for Prom King, but this year this race is more important than clever gimmicks and cute ads.

Sorry Pete, but it ain’t you babe.

UPDATE:  I learned today that some of Pete’s recent endorsements are the results of meetings facilitated by Pat Mullins, Virginia Republican Chairman.  I thought our chairman was supposed to remain neutral in races among republicans.  Once again, I have to wonder why establishment Richmond Republicans pulled Pete Snyder into the party last year, grooming him to run for Lt. Governor and eventually Governor?  Why chose an unknown, a political outsider and complete novice,  when so many republicans in the state have proven records in the party and solid conservative credentials?  I’d love to know the answer.

Who is Funding Pete Snyder’s Run for Lt. Governor of Virginia?

Currently there are seven candidates vying for the republican nomination for Lt. Governor.  One of them is Fairfax county’s Pete Snyder, a very successful businessman and entrepreneur.   He was less successful in 2012 when Governor McDonnell chose him to run the victory campaign for the Republicans in Virginia.   While I keep hearing that his stock is rising, I’ve yet to understand the reasons for that rise just as I do not understand why establishment Richmond, and the Governor, are so enamored with Snyder.  I’ve heard him speak twice and was underwhelmed both times.  At a forum of the seven Lt. Governors on Sunday, there were several candidates (nearly all of them) who were much more impressive than Snyder.

I’ve been told Snyder’s  big advantage is his ability to raise money.   So I looked at Snyder’s campaign funding page at VPAP.   I immediately noticed that only 1/4 of Snyder’s donors actually  live in Virginia.  Contrast Pete’s page with that of another candidate, Corey Stewart, whose page rarely shows a donor who does not live in Virginia.  My first question is, why are so many out of state people funding a Virginia race for Lt. Governor?  And why have they chosen Pete Snyder?  I’ve never seen any Virginia candidate with so much out of state money.

I also noticed that Pete has received a huge chunk of his funding, $235,000, from a Denver based PAC called “Ending Spending Fund” (sounds like a contradiction in terms).   Their webpage says they are “a non-partisan political action committee that independently sponsors advertisements which advocate for the election or defeat of candidates across the country on the basis of a particular candidate’s position on fiscal issues.”   Since all the candidates are fiscal conservatives, and all of the current candidates who have held political office have proven themselves to be fiscal conservatives, again, why Snyder?  Since Snyder has never held office, we will have to take him at his word that he will be a fiscal conservative in office.   So why did this PAC choose Snyder for their candidate and why did they choose to give him so much money?

Digging further I found that the “Ending Spending Fund” is owned by Joe Ricketts, the reclusive 70 year old founder and chairman of Ameritrade investment company.  The Washington Post said this about Ricketts:

“he’s a man with some pretty close ties to Obamaworld and the Democratic Party.

Ricketts himself is a former Democrat who became a Republican and later an independent.

His daughter, Laura, is a gay and lesbian activist and big-time Obama bundler, having raised around half a million dollars for the man her father would apparently like to bring down.

The Ricketts family also owns the Chicago Cubs, which is in negotiations with former Obama chief of staff Rahm Emanuel (now the mayor of Chicago) to get city help in renovating the team’s 98 year old stadium, Wrigley Field. One of Joe’s sons, Tom, leads those negotiations as the Cubs’ chairman.

The family’s net worth has been ranked as high as 93rd on the Forbes list of wealthiest Americans. In 2009, Joe Ricketts himself ranked 371st, with assets estimated at $1 billion.”

A previous Washington Post article on Joe Ricketts is here.

I’m left wondering, who is Pete Snyder, why is he running for LG, and why is he getting so much attention and money from outside Virginia?

More to come.

This one is incompetent

Got a mailer from a candidate today titled “This one is Different”, should be titled “This one is incompetent”. The letter was addressed to “Scott & Charles”. You see my first name is Charles and middle is Scott. I typically sign up for political email, etc. using Scott, since most people know me as Scott.

When you steal data lists from your former employer and cobble it together with voter lists and other lists, then try to household the list you end up showing off your incompetence.  This is a bit of a surprise since the guy boasts about how he ran a marketing company. Marketers typically deal with data all the time and take painstaking steps to ensure they don’t screw up like this.

To top it off I’m apparently a conservative leader in Waynesboro. According to Google Maps Waynesboro is about 2 hours away from Falmouth, which is in Stafford County (which is where I live and the mail was addressed to). Either the guy needs a new map of the Commonwealth of Virginia or I have a bunch of conservative minions in Waynesboro I never knew about. Well for my following of conservatives in Waynesboro, please take note of this incompetence.

To combine this with his first move out of the gate sending a blast email out with the salutation of *|FNAME|* there should be some serious concern about the quality assurance efforts out of a team that is relying on serious business experience as cause for candidacy.


Davis “Wins” Both Virtucon LG Polls

Jeannemarie Davis has “won” both of Virtucon’s polls on the LG race.  First, the good news for her…

Whom Do You Support To Be The GOP Lt. Gov. Nominee In 2013?

Jeannemarie Davis 31.88% (895 votes)
Pete Snyder 26.68% (749 votes)
Steve Martin 21.41% (601 votes)
Susan Stimpson 6.34% (178 votes)
EW Jackson 5.06% (142 votes)
Corey Stewart 4.45% (125 votes)
Scott Lingamfelter 4.17% (117 votes)

Total Votes: 2,807

You can immediately tell which candidates put the full force of social media behind their straw poll efforts and we applaud former Sen. Davis, Mr. Snyder, and Sen. Martin for mounting such vigorous online campaigns and congratulate Mrs. Davis on her victory. Never did we imagine that over 2,800 votes would be cast in this poll (which was restricted so only one vote could be made per IP address.) Martin and Snyder both utilized their Facebook pages with great frequency to push their followers to vote in the straw poll while the Davis campaign sent out this last minute plea:

From: “John Pudner”
Date: Jan 17, 2013 10:01:23 AM
Subject: reject negative voting; vote for Jeannemarie at

I have a favor to ask. Please reject negative voting, and instead go to to vote for Jeannemarie Davis for Lt. Governor.

The posting of this first on-line poll surprised many, but revealed what we have been seeing all over the Commonwealth, a groundswell of support for Jeannemarie. In response, a poll was quickly added to let those who would rather attack a fellow Republican pick their last choice. Then suddenly a bunch of votes came in almost all at once picking Pete Snyder as their first choice and Jeannemarie as their last choice.

I am happy to report that despite that block of pro-Snyder/anti-Jeannemarie voters, more than 82 percent of those voting for a candidate refused to pick a “last choice.” Of the first 2,497 to cast votes, only 6.8 percent picked Jeannemarie as their last choice.

I hope you will vote for Jeannemarie at as the best candidate to win the race for Lt. Governor by defeating the Democrats in the Fall, but most important I hope you will consider joining the 82 percent who refused to play into the Democrats hands in the fall by picking out a least favorite Republican.

With your help, Jeannemarie can win the Convention on May 18th and face the Democrats in November with tremendous momentum.

take this opportunity to show your support for Jeannemarie!

All my best,

John Pudner
Senior Advisor
Jeannemarie Davis for Lt. Governor;

For the record, former Sen. Davis was nowhere near the top when the “Who is your last choice?” poll was added shortly after the first one launched. In fact, we were going to do a “Who is your second choice?” poll, but then figured that would have been easier for campaigns to manipulate as they would simply ask their supporters to vote for their candidate in both. Since the nomination will be decided by convention, determining who the last choice of delegates for the nomination is would be much more instructive. And there is the bad news for Mrs. Davis’s other “win.”

Who Is Your *LAST* Choice For The GOP Lt. Gov. Nomination In 2013?

Jeannemarie Davis 35.89% (271 votes)
Pete Snyder 33.64% (254 votes)
Susan Stimpson 12.05% (91 votes)
Steve Martin 7.15% (54 votes)
Corey Stewart 6.49% (49 votes)
Scott Lingamfelter 3.18% (24 votes)
EW Jackson 1.59% (12 votes)

Total Votes: 755

Only a little more than a quarter of voters from the first poll cast a vote in the second one, but it is clear that 7 out of 10 participants are lined up against the two candidates from Fairfax County, Davis and Snyder.

Obviously, these straw polls are unscientific and not determinative of outcomes, but they do shed light on the state of the race much the same way that the recent fundraising reports did.

Davis and Snyder both proved that they can organize (at least online) and raise money, but they both appear to have high negatives among the party faithful as well.  Lingamfelter and Stewart both have low negatives here (only surpassed by Bishop Jackson who almost no one doesn’t like) and have shown significant fundraising capacity.  Stimpson remains in the mid-range in terms of support and fundraising (which isn’t necessarily a bad place to be.)

As we’ve said before, with this being a convention, the nomination is almost anyone’s at this point, but there are danger signs for both Davis and Snyder who placed first and second in both polls.  Let the campaign roll on!


VA LG candidate Pete Snyder sent out an email yesterday announcing his campaign is now up on the air.

And today, we continue to bring our Big Ideas campaign straight to Virginia Republicans with the first ad of the 2013 campaign: “Outsider” – which will run on conservative talk radio across the Commonwealth, highlighting my record as an innovator and proven job creator, as well as my near 20-year service in the conservative movement. Click here to give it a listen.

Snyder can legitimately claim to be an innovator and job creator, but to claim to be an “outsider” is simply disingenuous.  His campaign is loaded with former staffers for Gov. Bob McDonnell, LG Bill Bolling and the Republican Governors Association that McDonnell led.  Not to mention he accepted appointment as the head of Virginia Victory 2012 (and let’s not forget what a bang-up job he did in that capacity for Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, and George Allen) as a stepping stone to run for LG by increasing his name ID with activists around the state.  Notice how quickly he dropped that title from his political resume after Election Day.

I suppose if Snyder is trying to say he is an outsider, maybe that is on account of the bulk of his financial support coming from outside Virginia.




Ummmmm…  Yeah.  Someone needs to tell Pete Snyder that selling yourself as the hi-tech candidate for Lt. Gov. means you can’t have a major #FAIL with the very first word you are communicating with most voters.


I am reaching out to you today to let you know I am running to become the 40th Lieutenant Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

If you are looking for a career politician, I’m probably not your guy. At heart, I am an entrepreneur and an innovator. For more than a decade as a job creator, I have seen first hand what it takes to build successful businesses: big ideas, constant innovation and a laser-like focus on results.

The Lieutenant Governor of Virginia has never been more important than right now. We need a conservative Republican Governor to lead Virginia forward, and we need to elect a Lt. Governor we can trust to cast the pivotal tie breaking vote in the Senate and deliver real results for a conservative, reform-minded agenda.

I am fired up for what is ahead for Virginia. Yesterday, I announced my intentions in Richmond and am already out working hard, campaigning in Southwest Virginia. Please take a moment to watch my campaign announcement, and see what this campaign is going to be about:

Even though the stakes for our country and Commonwealth have never been higher, doesn’t it seem that the politics have only become smaller? Our campaign will be about big ideas, innovation, and real results.

Both our party and our country need serious change. Some say capitulation and higher taxes are the answer. I firmly disagree. We need to reapply our conservative principles. In order to win new hearts and minds, we need big, bold, new ideas like sweeping Education Reform that will help Virginia lead again and rescue generations of students and communities from failing schools.

Please take a moment to stop by my website, and learn more about this campaign. Like me on Facebook, and follow me on Twitter. Get involved in changing our party and our country by signing up to be a delegate at the convention this year, and join us in our movement.

Based on my lifetime as a strong conservative voice and on my record of real results in the real world, I know I can be that leader for Virginia. Thank you, and I look forward to seeing you and talking with you very soon.

Ready to Bring the Heat,

Pete Snyder




Pete Snyder Inexplicably Running For LG

So, party insiders appoint you to serve as the statewide Virginia Victory chairman to give you a leg up on running for Lt. Governor and you go 0 for 2 in the statewide races. Even before Election Day, you have people running around telling activists that you’re going to be running for LG the next year and you go about appearing in places to raise your own profile when you should be buckling down and focusing on the task immediately ahead of you.  What do you do after you come up empty?  You announce for LG anyway and you conspicuously omit that you were the Virginia Victory 2012 chairman in your press release.


SPRINGFIELD, VA – Technology entrepreneur, social media pioneer and conservative Fox News commentator Pete Snyder today announced his candidacy to become the 40th Lieutenant Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

“The technology company that booted up in my kitchen over a decade ago created hundreds of high-paying Virginia jobs over the years, and founded an entirely new industry worldwide,” said Snyder. “I learned that big ideas, constant innovation and putting customers first drives growth and prosperity. As Lieutenant Governor, I’ll apply those lessons so we reform and transform our education system, make Virginia number one in the nation in new job creation and stop the rush to higher taxes and job-killing regulation.”

Snyder was the founder and CEO of New Media Strategies (NMS), the world’s first social media marketing agency based in Arlington, VA. NMS was named to the “Inc. Magazine 500 Fastest Growing Companies in America” list three times. Both Washingtonian Magazine and Washington Business Journal called NMS one of the area’s “Best Places to Work.” Snyder was named “2006 Best Boss” by Fortune Small Business, a “Tech Titan” twice by Washingtonian Magazine and a “Disruptor We Admire” by Smart CEO Magazine.

“We need to fix our country and our party,” said Snyder. “We’ve gone from Ronald Reagan’s Big Tent to something more resembling a pup tent. Some say capitulation and higher taxes are the answer. I think that is dead wrong. We need to double down on our conservative principles and work to win hearts and minds with big, bold, new ideas like Education Reform that will help Virginia to lead again,” said Snyder.

Snyder, a graduate of the College of William and Mary, was appointed to its Board of Visitors by Governor Bob McDonnell. He serves on the marketing board of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, the Board of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation, and the Board of Trustees of Cushing Academy. He is also a World Championship certified BBQ judge.

He and his wife Burson live in Fairfax County, Virginia.