May Campaign Ploy Backfires

Who is Freedom Works?  It appears that Delegate Joe May does not know; for he has mistaken them for the LaRock campaign.  There is a difference.  LaRock is running a local grass roots campaign, seeking to unseat 20 year political veteran Joe May on a challenger’s budget.  Freedom Works is the goliath of conservative grassroots organizations.

Founded in 1984, FreedomWorks is headquartered in Washington, DC, and has hundreds of thousands of grassroots volunteers nationwide. Matt Kibbe is the President and CEO.

FreedomWorks members know that government goes to those who show up, and are leading the fight for lower taxes, less government, and more freedom.

LaRock has put together a fine campaign — but mistaking it for Freedom Works smacks of desperation.  Joe May proudly announced on his facebook page, that three members of the LaRock campaign were served with trespassing warrants.  Having someone served with such a warrant is easier than getting a grand jury to indict a ham sandwich — so what is there to crow about Joe?  Not knowing who you sic-ed the cops on is certainly nothing to crow about Joe.

The plot thickens when one actually takes the time to talk to the people from Freedom Works.  John Trent was one of the three Freedom Works grassroots workers who were served with the trespassing warrants.  The episode began last Friday around noon.  John and two others from Freedom Works were putting up signs.  They noticed someone was taking down the signs they had just put up; that someone turned out to be Joe May’s campaign manager, Jon Conradi!

Freedom Works entered the Joe May campaign headquarters in Purceville and asked Conradi if he knew anything about the missing signs.  This was Conradi’s chance to come clean but he opted for the other road and feigned ignorance.  At this point Trent told Conradi that they all saw him take the signs down; Conradi’s response was to throw them out of the office.  Trent and his compatriots complied and left the building.  Conradi followed them outside and threatened to have their vehicle towed.

At this point Trent and his companions just wanted the campaign signs back and were speaking to another witness who also saw the signs being stolen by Conradi.   It was during this time that Conradi called the Purceville Police.  Officer Hood arrived shortly thereafter, took statements from Trent and his Freedom Works co-workers regarding the theft of the signs, and as per the request of the May Campaign, Officer Hood did issue the trespassing warrants.   Critically, Officer Hood also entered the May Campaign Office and retrieved the stolen signs!

There are several unanswered questions at this point: 

  1. Did Joe May instruct Jon Conradi to take those signs?
  2. Did Joe May know that the people who entered his campaign office were from Freedom Works?
  3. Would Joe May knowingly disseminate a falsehood that David LaRock’s campaign was involved?
  4. Why is the May Campaign picking a fight with Freedom Works?
  5. Why is Jon Conradi stealing signs, in broad daylight?

The May campaign needs to get its facts straight.  They are sacrificing Joe’s good name on the alter of re-election.  At one time no one would think Joe would take part in such seedy tactics.  After the mud slinging of the past few months, the campaign signs being stolen or vandalized, all such illusions are now gone.  What happened to Joe?

Boyd’s Blame Game

WMAL reported this morning that GOP consultant Boyd Marcus was blaming Mitt Romney, the RNC, RPV, conservatives in the VA General Assembly and everyone else but himself for George Allen’s loss in the Senate race last week.

Let’s burst Boyd’s bubble, shall we?  From the State Board of Elections —

President (Virginia):
Romney – 1,822,466 – 47.28%
Obama – 1,971,777 – 51.16%

Allen – 1,785,487 – 46.96%
Kaine – 2,010,023 – 52.87%

So, if Romney dragged Allen down, how did Romney get 36,979 / 0.32% more votes than Allen did?  In fact, Kaine outperformed Obama both in the raw vote total and in percentage: 38,246 / 1.71%.  When you compare the total number of Democrat and Republican votes cast in each race, there were actually 1,267 MORE votes in the Senate race than there were for president.  The answer here is simple — Marcus ran an outdated campaign that did a disservice to George Allen and now he is seeking to escape the blame.

Yesterday I wrote about the ill-timed mailer sent out on behalf of Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling’s 2013 gubernatorial campaign.  Guess who Bolling’s top strategist is . . . Boyd Marcus.