Bill Whittle outlines the way forward for conservatives

An excellent and practical video. It’s well worth the hour you’ll spend watching it, and for those of us who have been extremely discouraged by the results of the election, Bill give a gracious-but-firm kick in the butt!

Werewolf sighted in Woodbridge overnight.


I think the time is right to introduce the new Hornady Werewolf Max Ammo.


Perhaps county police should start carrying silver bullets.

Officers were called late Monday to the area of Colchester Road and Randall Drive in Woodbridge after a neighbor reported seeing something suspicious.

“A coyote, or a werewolf,” said Prince William County police spokesman Jonathan Perok.

The resident said they spotted the creature in the woods at 10:05 p.m.

It wasn’t a full moon, and apparently no one else saw any mythical wolf-like creature prowling the streets and woodlines near Featherstone Plaza.

Officers searched, but found no signs of any werewolf, or coyote. No signs of Bigfoot either.

“They were unable to locate,” Perok said.

Airplane! 3: The Reality Show?

JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater is an overnight sensation after an unruly passenger swore at him, hit him with a bag from the overhead baggage compartment and then Slater called out the passenger over the PA system, said he’d had enough, deployed the inflatable emergency exit slide, grabbed a couple of beers from the service cart and slid out the plane.

Ironically enough, Slater looks eerily like Stephen Stucker who played Johnny in the movie Airplane!