Progressive Jihad: Memo #42

From: Office of Truth And Justice
To: Our Dear Leader

MEMO # 42: Resistance Cell – “Sons Of Liberty”

The following message was intercepted by the resistance.  These reactionaries go by the name: “The Son’s of Liberty”  Among their racist, misogynistic and homophobic beliefs is that men should be judged by the content of their character, and not their skin color, income level, religious belief or sexual orientation.

We plan to deploy the response in our standard propaganda organs (NYT, ABC, CBS, John McCain etc.) No one will believe the following to be anything other than a farce.


From: Office of the High Priest
Church of Pain and Oppression
1600 Pennsylvania Av.
Washington, D.C.

To : Elders in the Congress and Courts

Subject: Allegiance to the Faith

My brothers and sisters in Despotic Progressivism . . . when confronted with an uncomfortable fact, lie about it. When confronted about the lie, lie about that also. If your antagonist persists, stonewall . . . then change the subject . . . roll out the racist, traitor, hate, capitalist pig, or 1-percenter cards. Maintain control of the narrative!

If all else fails summon the deacons of our order. Call forth the DOE, IRS, DEA, DOT, DHS, TSA, ATF, EPA, DHHS, SEIU . . . whoever . . . send a swat team in an up-armored Hum-V for a house call. Arrest the blasphemer for illegally ‘draining a wetland’ in their back yard, ‘failure to report garage sale income’ or ‘throwing a CFL lamp into the non-hazardous trash’ . . . it doesn’t matter.

The Doctrine of Limitless Transgressions is forever expanding. There are countless violations-of-convenience for which you may detain and discredit any blasphemer. We have thousands of perfectly legal opportunities to deal harshly with the enemies of the One True Faith. When an urgent need for new law is identified, notify my office immediately. Holy Writ appropriate to the circumstance will be crafted in a matter of hours. Until new law is in place, you can hold the blasphemer as a material witness.

To: My loyal deacons in the field.

Fear not. Your honor-less Congress, White House, courts and fellow bureaucrats-in-tyranny are consecrated. I have decreed, “Yea verily, ye can do no wrong. Go forth in confidence and with vigor for you have the blessings of your imperial president, force of law and a train-load of ammunition on your side.

Your humble servant in Alinsky,

B. Obama

Our Laws Are Perverse

The law in this country has been perverted. A human being needs to be safe in his person, he needs to be able to able to enjoy the fruits of his labor, and he needs to be free.  Free to speak, to travel, to work, and to associate as he sees fit. Protecting these three elements is the proper purview of the law. All people have the right to use force to defend themselves from theft, assault and enslavement. When the law expands beyond the community’s protection of the individual’s rights, it becomes an instrument of plunder and oppression.

Democrats and Republicans alike are guilty of perverting the law. The only difference is that in the ranks of the Republican Party are those who wish to reverse this trend. The Democrat Party seeks to further expand the role of government through even greater perversion of the law, with some statist Republicans going along as willing accomplices.

When the Law is used to abridge personal freedoms, as in the case of our current drug laws, the result is the rise of a black market and with it a criminal class.  The failed experiment in prohibition should have reversed this trend.  It has not.  Progressives, like Woodrow Wilson, pushed through a series of laws starting with the Harrison Act to curtail drug use.  This was the beginning of our 100-year odyssey in Federal social engineering.  Our abject failure in this arena is more than obvious; it is tragic.  Today close to 1.5M people are in the prison system because of possession charges.  Like alcohol prohibition, the only lasting impact is that the citizenry loses respect for all laws.

When the law is used to codify the plunder of one group at the expense of another, the result is not equality.  Three familiar forms under which this plunder will occur are crony capitalism, socialism, and communism.  In the first form, crony capitalism, a favored industry or company is handed a monopoly through the erection of tariffs against competition, or the industry is subsidized through the taxation of the general public.  Under communism, the state directly seizes all the means of production at every level and the end result is a planned economy.  The Great Leaps Forward of 1950’s China and the Five Year Plans of the Soviet Union are object lessons in the misery and death spawned by such state sponsored plunder of private property.  Socialism serves as the bridge from the statism of the Crony Capitalist to the statism of the Marxist.  State sanctioned plunder is a betrayal of the citizen and eventually leads back to the feudalism we witness today in places like North Korea.  Too-Big-to-Fail is but one of our steps down this path.

State sponsored plunder serves only to balkanize the nation.  Those whose property is plundered resent the beneficiaries of this wealth transfer.  Those who receive this plunder develop a festering resentment, as they justify this largess as their deserved recompense for the structural inequities of society.  The political class plays upon these resentments.  When plunder has been codified long enough, the citizens are reduced in stature from being freemen who elect public servants, to dependents of a political overlords patronage.

Republican Party statists seek to criminalize every vice and Democrats seek to make every virtue a requirement.  These impulses are perverse, for they employ the overwhelming force of the state to crush the free will of the individual.  A man has the right to ruin his health and turn his back on his neighbor.  A man has the right to be ignoble. The state becomes monstrous when it usurps the conscience of a man.  A people, if it is to remain free, must refrain from the base impulse of using the law to right past wrongs or use the law for social engineering; the result is always a spiral of violence, poverty, and reprisal.  The 20th century is a testament to this folly and the millions of graves are a rebuke to those who would play God, which is the ultimate perversion.

Martha Boneta and Scott Lingamfelter: Standing Against the Tide of Liberalism

“I marveled at how this great Virginian, this great man stood up for me and all small family farmers — going toe to toe with powerful lobbyists, state senators and others. The other side called him every name in the book, but not once did Scott waver in his core beliefs, his principles, or in his desire to stand up for a fellow Virginian……we will soon be back to fight another day!”
— Martha Boneta

Please vote Yes on Question 1 in Virginia

Amidst the whirl and rush about the candidates, there is a critical ballot initiative up in Virginia tomorrow. Question 1 would enshrine in the state constitution private property rights against eminent domain – rights that were presumed to be in the federal Constitution until the Kelo decision.

This is an excellent example of the dangers of relying to heavily on the federal document – which does little to restrain overreaching state and local governments even with Amendments IX and XIV. This proposed amendment to the Virginia Constitution would put a badly needed limitation on a document ratified in the Big-Government-knows-best era (1971, to be exact).

So please vote Yes on Question 1.

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Virginia Should Allow Hunting On Sunday

Back in 2003, when I ran for the Prince William County Board of Supervisors I received a piece of Air Mail one day with the return address in Iraq.   At the time I thought it was a little odd, I didn’t think I knew anyone who was serving in Iraq at the time.  When I opened the mail it contained one of my campaign brochures a hand written note and a $10 bill.  It was from a high school friend who’s parents still lived in Dale City and had received my campaign flyer.  My friend’s parents had sent him the flyer in Iraq.  In turn he was kind enough to contribute $10 to my campaign and send a note letting me know he was in Iraq and encouraged me in my run for office.  It was one of the treasures of my campaign that I still keep in a locked safe – the $10 bill and all.

A couple of years ago I again heard from my friend via Facebook.  He was out of the Army and living in the Virginia Beach area.  He’s an avid hunter and found that Virginia still has a ban on hunting on Sunday; even on private property!  Knowing I was fairly active in politics he asked me some advice on how to go about changing the law.  Not long after my friend, Matt O’Brien had started a Facebook Group dedicated to the issue and started recruiting like minded hunters.   Soon the Facebook group grew in membership and the fight to allow hunting in Virginia on Sunday was taking shape.  I tried to keep up with Matt and send him advice when I could, but it was pretty apparent he was well on his way to making sure in the not too distant future Virginia would have hunting on Sundays.

This year legislation on the issue finally started to gain traction.  Recently, the Virginia State Senate passed on SB 464 which allows hunting on Sunday on private property.  On the House side a similar bill has stalled in committee.   The sponsor of the bill Delegate Scott Lingamfelter says he just doesn’t have the votes to move it forward.  There have been interest groups lobbying against the bills for various reason.

This issue boils down to private property rights.  The origins of the bill were outdated blue laws that forbid a number of things on Sunday.  To stand behind the ban on hunting on Sunday is just telling private property owners, yet again, the state knows better than you how you can use your property.

I am very proud for the effort my friend Matt has lead.  Having no political background he has done a tremendous job building the grass root effort that will hopefully move this issue forward and allow property owners to make their own decisions and allow hunters to hunt on Sundays in Virginia.

A coalition of supporters for hunting on Sunday have published a website.  I hope you will visit and send a message to your legislators to tell them to pass the bill to allow hunting on Sunday in Virginia!

Oppose The PWC Land Use Advisory Committee’s “Smart Growth” Plan

Today’s WashPo has an article about a proposal from the Land Use Advisory Committee to build 25 new high density developments in Prince William County.

The county wants to transform almost 20 square miles, about 12,500 acres, into “centers of community” and “centers of commerce” — half-mile circles of high-density, mixed-use projects built around mass transit.

I’m sorry, but PWC is NOT Arlington, Alexandria or Tyson’s Corner nor should it strive to be.  I’m not opposed to town center-type of developments along the lines of what is currently being built at Potomac Town Center or in the infrastructure stages on the Cherry Hill peninsula.  In fact, I strongly favor both those developments.

Let’s take a closer look at these 25 centers first:

The 19 community-focused centers would be made up of low- to mid-rise offices, townhouses, county parks, libraries, schools, religious institutions and public safety facilities.

The six centers of commerce, located along Interstates 95 and 66, would be designed for regional use. They would serve as urban town centers, with a mix of big-box retailers, malls, movie theaters, hotels and mid- to high-rise condominiums and corporate, government and high-tech offices.

As far as I can tell, the free market is serving the county fairly well at this point with regard to much of this.  Just look at Virginia Gateway in Gainesville and the aforementioned Potomac Town Center in Woodbridge.  Businesses are coming in to fill the needs and desires of the area’s consumers.  These two locations are in addition to the Potomac Mills area that is already in place.  And they want six such centers of commerce along I-66 and I-95?  Even if they counted Potomac Mills, Potomac Town Center and Virginia Gateway as part of those six (which I do not believe they do), that would still be calling for an additional three the size of those developments along those corridors.  I have a difficult time seeing how the market, not just today, but decades from now, could support that much development.

It is not up to the county to engage in social engineering, but they do need to make sure that what they approve makes sense in the long-run.  This proposal makes no sense whatsoever.

What we need in Prince William is to shift away from this stale notion of “smart growth” where government is telling us what is best for us and move towards the concept of “quality growth” that is driven by citizens who are the consumers.  To the extent that we see continued growth in Prince William County — and there will always be growth of some kind — we should ensure that the growth we experience enhances the quality of life for both current and future residents. Irresponsible development policies of the past are mistakes that we cannot afford to repeat.

Delegates take an axe to Contract Law & Prop. Owners’ Assoc. Act

Yesterday morning, the House Transportation Committee’s Sub-Committee: 2 (comprised of Chairman Bill Carrico and Dels. Tom Rust, William Fralin, Manoli Loupassi, Jeion Ward, Dave Marsden, and Paul Nichols) killed H.B. 1027, a bill that would have allowed a property owners’ association whose declaration or rules restricts the parking of commercial vehicles within that development to petition its local governing body to promulgate restrictions of such vehicles on the public roads within its boundaries.

Unfortunately, subcommittee votes are not officially recorded for public disclosure, but from the accounts of those present, the vote against this bill was nearly unanimous, with perhaps one Delegate supporting it. Those Delegates who voted against this narrowly drawn, carefully crafted bill have taken an axe to Virginia Contract Law and the Virginia Property Owners’ Association Act. Make no mistake, we WILL hold them accountable for this in the next election — regardless of party — by supporting any viable challengers they may have, either in a primary or the general election.
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