Del. Lingamfelter Puts Out a Calls for New Leadership

The following message from Del. Scott Lingamfelter originally appeared on his Facebook page and is republished here with his permission:

I’ve been thinking….

Yesterday was a very rewarding and humbling one for me personally. Earlier this year, I had not planned to attend the Virginia GOP convention in Roanoke, besides it was scheduled on our 34th anniversary. But in the end, I felt an obligation to go and be among my party and support my pick for US Senate, Ed Gillespie. And yes I got back in time for a great evening with my bride, a day further made happier by the news that our son John and his wife Erika will be having a baby, our first grandchild!.

Sitting on the sidelines is not an option for me. And I am glad I went to Roanoke. Why? Because I was frankly overwhelmed by the touching reception I received by many people, folks who supported me last year, who gave me words of encouragement.

This is a period of reflection for me. Having sortied out in a statewide race where I fell well short of the mark, reluctance is an understandable emotion. It’s not a matter of desire, or fear of losing, or even contemplating the enormous commitment in time and treasure, not to mention the impact on the ones I love. Combat is in my blood. But I am dismayed with how we go about picking our leaders.

In a world where ambition and power dominate the politics of the day, would-be elected leaders are always looking for something that “defines” them. What we are left with in this practice is a party of many “champions” for this or that issue, but no real leaders who are willing to cross-cut the many challenges we face for fear of blemishing their central message. Platitudes seem to dominate the world of champions. We lack leaders. In America we lack elected leaders who are willing to take a stand and not worry about what is said of them in the news and even among their own ranks when they act on principle. Real leaders take on the tough issues, all of them, and when they do, they are sure to disappoint in some quarters. But that is the price of leadership. Platitudes don’t carry the burden of work. As Margret Thatcher was fond of saying “First you win the issue, then you win the vote”. What that means to me is you must lead in all of what faces us, not cherry pick what makes your supporters ears itch.

This week, we celebrated the 70th Anniversary of D-Day. I posted earlier Eisenhower’s message to the troops as they launched the assault. It was inspiring. What is not well known is that Ike also wrote a note in advance taking full responsibility for the operation if it failed. This was not fatalism at work. It was leadership and we lack it more than ever.

In the time that remains for me, I will be looking for real leaders, not champions. They come and go. But real leaders endure…

DPVA Calls Del. Lingamfelter, Tells Him Cuccinelli SUPPORTS Obamacare and Public Financing of Abortion

Gee, think the Democrats are getting antsy about their chances tomorrow?  Just get a load of what the DPVA is doing according to Del. Scott Lingamfelter who received a robocall from them last night.

About 25 minutes ago (7:24 PM 3 November) the Democratic Party of Virginia dropped a robo-call (that they said they paid for in the recording) at MY house to try to tell ME that Ken Cuccinelli supports Obamacare and public financing of abortion!!! Virginia, pa-leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzz understand that the party that wants Terry McAuliffe to be your governor will flat lie about anything! If you want proof that they will say ANYTHING to gain power over you and your life, you need go no further than the “robo-lies” they are sending around Virginia this Sunday evening. They are shameless in their tactics. (I guess they are trying to suppress GOP voters.)

Jeremy McPike’s Neighborhood Thugs

We’ve already told you about Democrat candidate for delegate Jeremy McPike’s involvement in an unfolding pay-to-play / political corruption scandal in the City of Alexandria where he is the Director of General Services. You may remember Willie Deutsch’s extensive coverage of his firing of an African-American man who blew the whistle on these activities that constituted $2 million in waste, fraud and abuse within his department (an act that cost McPike and the City of Alexandria $450,000 in damages awarded by a court to the whistleblower for his wrongful termination). Well, once again we get an insight into the kind of man that McPike really is courtesy of McPike himself and his campaign cronies.

What we learned about the experience with his handling of the whistleblower situation is that McPike is a petty, vindictive man who likes to bully people. Well that was on full display again yesterday in one Dale City precinct where McPike is facing off against Republican Delegate Scott Lingamfelter for the 31st District seat representing part of Prince William and Fauquier counties.

At about 1:50 PM on Friday, Oct. 25, a woman (whose name we are withholding for her protection) called the Republican headquarters in PWC.  She was rather upset, saying that she had just been threatened by someone from the McPike campaign. She went on to state that she had been confronted by a McPike canvasser who came to her door and incessantly badgered her to find out who she was supporting in the delegate race. When she continued to refuse to answer, the canvasser indignantly responded, “If you don’t tell me, you will be called relentlessly until you give an answer.”  Nice, huh?  (McPike himself must be giving Charm School lessons to his campaign staff and volunteers.)

In the meantime, the woman’s 6’6” fiancé tracked down the canvasser who made a hasty retreat from the neighborhood. That was probably the smartest thing the McPike supporter did all day.  Still upset by the treatment that she had endured, the voter called McPike himself to complain about the aggressive actions of his supporter.  McPike immediately blamed the canvasser and said he would discipline him.  I wonder if McPike fired him like he did the whistleblower. Well, probably not considering that the whistleblower was doing the honest and honorable thing, which is beginning to look like an anathema to McPike.  (I guess the Sorensen Institute will let anyone in these days.)

McPike later showed up at the woman’s door in order to “apologize” to her, but wound up adding insult to injury by getting her name wrong! Greeted by the 6’6” fiancé, McPike also made a hasty retreat, sweaty hands and all.

My guess is that McPike’s people are doing exactly what he asked of them – to be aggressive. But when he got caught by a savvy woman at the door, he immediately threw the canvasser under the bus.

Looks like a window into the man’s character and temperament to me.

VDOT Teaming Up With McAuliffe Against Cuccinelli And GOP Delegates?

We’re in the closing weeks of heated campaigns for Governor and the House of Delegates and what do we find? Campaign door hangers around Prince William County. But these aren’t for candidates.

bicounty parkway

VDOT is out campaigning for this highly controversial road at the same time that Ken Cuccinelli, Tim Hugo, Scott Lingamfelter, Rich Anderson, and Bob Marshall are all on the ballot in this same area. Each of those candidates just also happen to have come out against this project in the configuration that VDOT is pushing.

This looks a lot like Sean Connaughton’s VDOT (and Sean’s successor as PWC Chair Corey Stewart who is locally championing this road) working to undercut Cuccinelli and PWC’s GOP Delegates in the General Assembly right before Election Day.

VDOT and Terry McAuliffe teaming up. Unreal.

Why I Support Scott Lingamfelter for Lt. Governor

The following endorsement does not necessarily reflect the views of other contributors here on Virginia Virtucon. I speak only for myself.

I remember meeting Scott Lingamfelter in 2001 at the Prince William County Fair when he was running for delegate the first time. It was a three-way Republican primary and he wasn’t supposed to win. The other two candidates were always mentioned as the favorites, but never Scott.

I knew right away when we first met that he was a man of integrity and principle. My gut told me that if others saw in him what I did, that he would win that primary and that is exactly what happened. Despite being outspent 13 to 1 by one of the candidates, when all the votes were counted, he came out on top with 53% of the vote against his two opponents and shocked the establishment.

I didn’t live in his district, but once he was the nominee it was his bumper sticker that I placed on my car that fall. Scott was supposed to have a difficult time against his Democratic opponent, but he won that race, too, with a commanding 56% of the vote. Democrats have come at him time and again, but he has never fallen below 55% of the vote in a swing district, even in the most difficult of political climates for Republicans.

Scott has the ability to explain to voters why conservative solutions are the best choice for them. He not only persuades, but motivates. He not only wins, but leads.

That is why I am proud to support Scott Lingamfelter for Lt. Governor of Virginia. I have witnessed Scott as a member of the General Assembly these past 12 years and know that what you see is authentic. It is not in his nature to let down conservatives.

He is the kind of plainspoken candidate who can talk to voters and convince them to see things from his point of view. Scott never shies away from his conservatism. Instead, he lets it shine through like a beacon to attract new people to the party who are in search of common sense solutions to the problems of the day we all face.

Just as Scott overcame the long odds against him in 2001, I am convinced that he will once again prevail in this race and help the Republican ticket led by Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli keep Virginia moving in the right direction.

Join me in supporting Scott Lingamfelter for Lt. Governor this Saturday at the Republican Party of Virginia convention in Richmond.

Prince William County Tea Party Member Endorsement of Scott Lingamfelter

From the “those who know them best” department…

May 13, 2013

Dear Friends:

This election is very important — too important for me to sit on the sidelines. It would have been easy to let others decided who will be our Lt. Governor nominee. At this convention we must get it right. Therefore, I am endorsing Scott Lingamfelter for Lt. Governor, to give Ken Cuccinelli a strong partner on the Republican ticket. If you are still uncommitted, I am asking you to give strong consideration for his candidacy.

Those of us in the tea party movement believe it is our mission to educate and communicate ideas, values and principles. Among them are a belief in limited government, fiscal responsibility and the free market system. It is not that I just want to support someone that shares the same ideals that I do. I want to have someone in Richmond who I can trust. Scott Lingamfelter is that person.

Here are some of the reasons I am supporting Scott.

1. Over the years Scott resisted the pressure to vote for tax increases by voting NO. NO to the Warner and Kaine taxes. Voting NO on the recent Transportation bill that will raise your taxes by 6 Billion dollars.

2. Scott fought for eight years to audit State government. In 2009 the Audit Bill was signed by the Governor. Virginia benefited from the $1.4 billion uncovered in the Transportation Department.

3. As an elected official representing Prince William County Scott put the best interests of the first. He has, indeed, been a responsive representative.

4. Scott supported the Prince William County Tea Party Patriots. He was there when we put out the call for an elected official who could help us make some sense out of the workings of the General Assembly. He was willing to guide our members on how to be effective citizen lobbyists. He supported tea party during their Lobby Day activities.

5. Scott was the patron and championed tea party education legislation. He helped us move the legislation through the writing and committee processes. This was legislation written to achieve balance into the Standards of Learning and correct flaws in our text books and classroom materials.

6. In 2012, Scott answered the call when the Virginia Tea Party Patriots Federation needed support to kill two bad pieces of legislation covering longitudinal data.

7. He has demonstrated consistent leadership and support of law enforcement and our Commonwealth attorneys.

Scott is a principled conservative. He is motivated by the values and ideals that we tea party members hold dearly.

Please support Scott on May 18th. If he is not your first choice please make him your second round choice.


Yale Schiffman,
Prince William County Tea Party Patriots (organization listed for identification purposes)
Eye on Virginia Education (organization listed for identification purposes)
Former Vice Chair, Virginia Tea Party Patriots Federation (organization listed for identification purposes)

Something that delegates should look for at the convention on Saturday — how does Prince William County vote in the LG race. That will tell you where the wind is blowing.

Interview With LTG Candidate Hopeful — Scott Lingamfelter

HSLThe Honorable Scott Lingamfelter currently represents the 31st HOD. Delegate Lingamfelter is campaigning to run as the Republican candidate for Lieutenant Governor of Virginia in this state’s fall election. Scott graduated from VMI with a BA in History in 1973, whereupon he was commissioned in the US Army (artillery) and served for 28 years retiring as a Colonel in 2001.  He attended UVA, graduating with an MA in Government and Foreign Affairs in 1981.  Scott also served in Iraq during operation Desert Storm, where he was decorated.  Lingamfelter was first elected in 2001 and has served on several committees. He is married and is a father of three.

VV: Why do you want to be the Lt. Governor of Virginia?

HSL: It is not a matter of being something; it is a matter of getting something done.  I think the Lt Governor’s position will give me a chance to work on something that is important to me.  I was in the military for a long time, the military is good about inspecting itself. It has an inspector general who looks at all the parts from stem to stern.

When I was first elected in 2001, ‘What a great idea?’ I thought, let’s have an independent set of eyes look at government.  Let’s look at the redundancies; listen to the value proposition.  Let’s wring out the waste, fraud, abuse, and inefficiency. There are some things the government does do well, that we should expect it do well.  Whether it’s a DMV or paving the streets we need to be able to do them well and to the standards that the tax payer wants it done.  I called for the first statewide audit of the different commodity areas in order to shake them down, found out where there were savings, and reapply that money to other areas in government.

We finally got that passed after eight years, and we found $1.4 Billion sitting idle in the Virginia Department of Transportation. That’s the punctuation mark on the story. There is more to do.  One of the things that the Lt. Gov. has in his grasp is the power to convene. If there is a tough problem the lieutenant governor can call people to the table who are experts in the field and they will come. I want to become a convening authority, if you will, and bring people together to solve tough problems in order to reform how government does its business in Virginia.

While I want to use the bully pulpit, more specifically I do not want to get involved in all this appointed commission stuff, it doesn’t work.  You appoint a commission and you relegate yourself to the sidelines. I want to use my background in reform, in actually achieving reform, in a way that we can practically expand that reform agenda here in Virginia. I can do it; I know I can do it.

VV: With which of the founding fathers do you identify most?

HSL: Good question, I identify with one, which I feel very fond of in particular, and that is John Adams.  His is not a Virginian, but I would say this about John Adams: he is a man of deep conviction. He said something that I think is very decisive and that is that the people have a fundamental, indefeasible right to understand the character of their leaders. Why is that important to John Adams?  Why is that important to you and me? Because you’re getting ready to say okay Scott Lingamfelter be the lieutenant governor and I’m going to entrust to you the fact that you are going to protect our rights, that you are going to stand up for the right kinds of things. So you have a right to understand my character.

If I am not the person I say I am, if I am not doing things that I say that I do, if I distort my record and say that I lowered taxes when I actually raise taxes, when I say to you that I’m going to run a positive campaign and I run a negative campaign, then I’m beginning to bring my character into question. I don’t think that political office is something that you covet — I think political office is something that you seek to serve. There is a big difference. It goes to the character of the individual.

John Adams understood that.  He said we want to entrust our leadership to people of high character, people who will be trustworthy. The two big casualties in the post-modern era are truth and trust.

VV: Why did you vote against the McDonnell transportation bill?

HSL: It was a bad bill.  It was a bad bill because it raised taxes at a time quite frankly when businesses and families are struggling. If you think this economy is in good shape you’re just as clueless as a pig looking at Timex watch. Despite what’s going on in the stock market this economy’s in real danger. Fundamentally we have a problem in this economy; quantitative easing is ruining the monetary policy and driving interest rates through the floor, which is not good for the economy. This policy has not set the conditions for what you would call healthy growth. Our economic growth is flat.

This dollar is better spent by a small business than by the government. A small business will create jobs and opportunity the government will not.

VV: looking back legislatively what is your greatest regret?

HSL: I think 3202 in 2007 was a bad transportation bill that we probably should not have passed; It violated a tenant of the Virginia  constitution.  It was an important bill in that I learned a lot from that experience. In many ways that experience colored my analysis of what to do with this transportation bill this year. My view is bills need to be constitutional, they need to be supportive of families, and supportive of small businesses. If they can’t pass those three tests, news flash, vote no!

VV: A number of Republicans have run as conservatives, but they do not vote that way — could you describe your voting record as fiscally conservative? 

HSL: Yes very definitely. If you want to know what a person is going to do you need to look back and see what they’ve done. I think the reform bills I’ve done are very important, I actually worked this. I was relentless and kept going after these bills and I got that done. We saved Virginia $1.4 billion. We sent those auditors into VDOT and found money tucked away in this account and that account and recouped that money.  That was based on the reform audit bills that I have been working for eight years.

The other piece that I think is important is that I am in one of the budget hawks on the Appropriations Committee. We have actually reduced general fund spending in Virginia by $7 billion. That is a huge reduction when you look at the rest of the country. The general fund is what comes from your taxation — income, sales, corporate. The non-general fund is a flow-through accounting mechanism. Fishing licenses go through the non-general fund. I cannot control how many people buy fishing licenses. We cannot control the number of people who go to school and pay tuition at our universities.  All this goes through the non-general fund.  Non-general fund spending has tracked population growth in such areas.

We cannot control how much money the federal government sends VA, for highway funding or Medicaid, all of which then goes into the non-general fund.  That is what they send down.  That is why the non-general fund has one up.

People like Stimpson, Stewart and Snyder have distorted the debate by focusing on the non-general fund.  When you look at where your tax money is concerned: income, sales, corporate, recordation; that spending has gone down. The reason spending has gone down is that your fiscal conservatives, like myself, in Richmond are fighting for us.  That is clearly something that I focus on.

VV: could you describe your voting record as socially conservative, libertarian or progressive?

HSL: It’s socially conservative. Here’s why. The Constitution is vital. The family is the civilizing agent of our society. Small businesses are everything to our economic prosperity. That is the framework of our society.

VV: So you think culture matters?

HSL: Absolutely it does. If you don’t believe it matters look at all the dysfunction going on in the country.

VV: What bills have you proposed that further the conservative agenda?

HSL: The Six-Year Capital Outlay Plan, here’s what we did. For years the universities came in and each year would change their building outlay plans, this eats up money.  We put an end to that.  I got with Lacey Putney and constructed legislation that required the University’s to stick to the building plans that they first proposed. If you come back in next year and tell the legislature that you don’t want this, you have used your chit. This brought some fundamental, practical, and fiscal conservatism to our capital construction program.

Here is a factoid for you. Under the Virginia Constitution we can have debt up to 25% of revenues. We are at four percent right now, we’re 80% below what our Constitution provides. Localities should be doing the same thing. Look at Prince William, debt: $203 million increase in the last seven years. Fact.

VV: Is the Virginia budget too large? If so how would you shrink it?

HSL: The general fund can be reduced because we actually have more waste to get rid of.  Once we do that I think we should reallocate our general fund spending to more infrastructure and transportation. We’re spending gobs of money on public education and we’re not getting a good result from it. The result would be a lot better if we had real school choice. The non-general fund problem is different. The only way to do that is to return to families and say we’re not going to expand University opportunities; we’re going to cap the number of applicants. I just don’t support that. I think the more kids we have attending four-year institutions the better. So guess what is going to happen with more kids in school? The non-general fund is going to go up. The budget is made up of both general and non-general items.  The Virginia Constitution states that every penny spent has to be appropriated.

VV: There is an oil boom in Nebraska, you have a natural  gas and coal and uranium in Virginia; how as Lieut. Gov. could you help to bring legislation to the table that would bring these resources to market?

HSL: We are trapped by a federal government that is putting politics above our national security. What Lieut. Gov. Lingamfelter can do and will do is harangue our leaders in Washington every day that they do not allow us to use our resources here in Virginia to our benefit.

In a perfect world we have full exploration offshore. We would get rid of the perfectly ridiculous regulations that are destroying the coal industry in Virginia. If you look at the cost of the coal commodity, fully 30% of the increase in price over the last few years is due to regulation. Commodity prices have been about the same, labor and mining operation prices have not really been up. It’s all about regulation. It’s all silly regulation designed put the industry out of business.

VV: Liberty has many aspects many of which are enshrined in our Constitution, which aspects are most important to you?

HSL: I think they hang together in a very important way. Fundamentally the First Amendment, the freedom of speech, and the disestablishment clause, which caused religion to flourish because now it is a matter of choice. That is a foundational principle. Right behind it is the Second Amendment.  I repealed the one-gun-a-month law in Virginia; I got the Carter-Wright award from the NRA which states I am the top guy in the country supporting gun rights according to the NRA. The guy who got it before me was Ted Cruz. I have an A+ rating from the NRA.

Here’s the thing that fascinates me about the Second Amendment, people believe it’s about guns. It’s not about guns. It’s about liberty. It’s the forcing function that tells tyranny you stay over there and if you try to come over here, you have me and the force that my founders said was mine to keep you at bay.

I don’t want to diminish the other seven amendments that were our deca of the Bill of Rights, but truly those two are vital. Also the 10th amendment in this regard, this amendment was designed to keep federalism in its  proper balance. We have destroyed that balance in this country. You have an aggressively postured federal government that continues to press down on the people of the states. If we allow them press down, then our rights will be destroyed. If we don’t push back then we will be pushed down.

VV: there been a number of straw polls, given the results how strong is your position?

HSL: I think we’re in a good place. I know we are not the frontrunner. Many people have come to the place were people see us as the statesman in the race. That is what I set out to do.  We have a very vibrant support. The second piece is: there are many people who have come and said that we are their number two choice.  As we go through the winnowing process we are in a very good place to attract people to my position. At the end of the day people have to be able to trust their nominee and I am in a great place to win the favor of this convention.

VV:  Why vote for you?

HSL: You vote for me because you look for someone in leadership with a real pedigree in leadership. I was 28 years in the army, in war and peace.  Allen West has endorsed my campaign.  He and I were in combat together.  12 years in the general assembly, I was the chairman of the committee that killed the gun grabbing bills.  Then there is the 2nd piece, what I call authentic conservatism. I got an A+ from the NRA, 100% from the Family Foundation, 100% from the National Foundation of Independent Businesses.  There is a 3rd component: I have a record not simply a brochure.  Everybody is pro-life. Everybody is pro-2nd amendment. Everybody is for lowering taxes. Everybody loves their mom. Everyone eats apple-pie. The difference is the reform agenda is measurable in my case. I sponsored the Six-Year Capital Outlay Plan, I repealed One-Gun-A-Month when everyone said it couldn’t be done.  I have been a consistent, solid conservative fiscally by reducing our spending by 7 billion dollars in the general fund.  The last piece is electability.  I have won 7 elections in northern VA, in a swing district.

 VV: Thank you for your time, Delegate Lingamfelter, and for the service to your country.

Martha Boneta and Scott Lingamfelter: Standing Against the Tide of Liberalism

“I marveled at how this great Virginian, this great man stood up for me and all small family farmers — going toe to toe with powerful lobbyists, state senators and others. The other side called him every name in the book, but not once did Scott waver in his core beliefs, his principles, or in his desire to stand up for a fellow Virginian……we will soon be back to fight another day!”
— Martha Boneta

What is Terry Hiding?

RPV has been hammering hard calling for Terry McAuliffe to release his tax returns. Susan Stimpson, candiddate for Lt.Governor agrees.

Stimpson has released a press release in which she has made her tax returns available and has called on all candidates seeking state-wide office this year to do the same.

“Everyone wants transparency in government. Ken Cuccinelli has led the way in disclosure of his tax records,” Stimpson said in a statement. “By contrast, his opponent Terry McAuliffe refuses to release his taxes.”


Facing pressure from Republicans, he provided that information last month days after Cuccinelli allowed reporters to review hundreds of pages of his tax records covering eight years.

Stimpson is one of seven Republicans pursuing the party nomination for lieutenant governor.

Her campaign manager Tim Edson said Stimpson is leading by example because “she has nothing to hide” just a record of paying taxes “like hardworking middle class Virginians do.”

Candidates who refuse to follow suit and release their tax records evidentally “have something to hide,” concluded Edson.

Congressman Allen West Endorses Scott Lingamfelter for Lt. Governor

Congressman Allen West served with Scott Lingamfelter in the Army and has now endorsed his friend for Lt. Governor. As a well known conservative, West’s endorsement is a big one for the Lingamfelter campaign.   Scott has also been endorsed by another well known conservative, Senator Dick Black.

Congressman West’s endorsement may be found here.  It’s well worth reading.

UPDATE:  We can add two more endorsements to Scott’s list, Virginia Delegates Steve Landes and Charles Poindexter.  More here on their endorsements.

Lingamfelter Wrong on the Liberty Caucus

Del. Scott Lingamfelter is a decorated combat veteran, a retired U.S. Army colonel, and candidate for lieutenant governor.  He’s an energetic, positive force  in Richmond, with a well-deserved reputation for leadership.  I admire and respect him and his service to country and Commonwealth.  However, I am disappointed by the divisiveness of his latest public statement.

Yesterday, Lingamfelter sent a heartfelt message to supporters rightly denouncing former Rep. Ron Paul for his disgraceful Twitter post about the tragic murder of former Navy SEAL Chris Kyle.  As a fellow veteran and American Legion member myself—and a huge admirer of Chris Kyle and his life’s work—I join Col. Lingamfelter and countless other veterans outraged by Paul’s insensitive and disrespectful remark.

But, Scott’s message on this came with an unfortunate subtext.  He did not stop with denouncing the remark and the man who made it, but instead seemed to lash out at a whole segment of our party.  Stating that the “Republican house is divided,” Scott then says that the problem is the fault certain conservative leaders  (i.e., Ron Paul).  He further writes that “those that follow him” are “worthy of utter disdain,” and that we are witnessing “the utter destruction of our Republican Party at the hands of those who would rather destroy than build-up our GOP.”

Respectfully, Col. Lingamfelter is way off base here.  Sadly, he’s not alone in his reflexive hostility to the new blood in our party over the last few years, whether it be from “Paulistas” or Tea Partiers, or others motivated by growing threats to liberty.  Leaders in our party too often forget that, as Reagan taught us, politics is a game of addition, not subtraction.  Instead of opening doors and opening arms to welcome newcomers, many party leaders instinctively sense a threat to their parochial interests and go to the mattresses against them (see, for instance, the recent drama surrounding the Northumberland County GOP’s handling of “newly arrived extremists“).

To be clear, Ron Paul deserves opprobrium for his tasteless Tweet.  But let’s not create division across the whole party because of it.  There is plenty of room for disagreement around the edges without alienating some of our newest and most energetic activists.  Libertarians and Tea Party-types have improved our discourse, and helped us as a party to sharpen our focus on bedrock conservative principles.  They helped fill the phone banks and campaign headquarters last fall.  Many of these new activists are already serving in leadership roles in local committees, and even on RPV’s Executive Committee.  The newcomers have made us better.  It is well past time to lay out the welcome mat—and begin building our future—instead of howling about invaders destroying our party.

Scott Lingamfelter is a good man, loyal to his brother warriors, who is righteously indignant about a stupid Tweet and its author.  But his reaction here is not the right one for the future of our GOP.

Davis “Wins” Both Virtucon LG Polls

Jeannemarie Davis has “won” both of Virtucon’s polls on the LG race.  First, the good news for her…

Whom Do You Support To Be The GOP Lt. Gov. Nominee In 2013?

Jeannemarie Davis 31.88% (895 votes)
Pete Snyder 26.68% (749 votes)
Steve Martin 21.41% (601 votes)
Susan Stimpson 6.34% (178 votes)
EW Jackson 5.06% (142 votes)
Corey Stewart 4.45% (125 votes)
Scott Lingamfelter 4.17% (117 votes)

Total Votes: 2,807

You can immediately tell which candidates put the full force of social media behind their straw poll efforts and we applaud former Sen. Davis, Mr. Snyder, and Sen. Martin for mounting such vigorous online campaigns and congratulate Mrs. Davis on her victory. Never did we imagine that over 2,800 votes would be cast in this poll (which was restricted so only one vote could be made per IP address.) Martin and Snyder both utilized their Facebook pages with great frequency to push their followers to vote in the straw poll while the Davis campaign sent out this last minute plea:

From: “John Pudner”
Date: Jan 17, 2013 10:01:23 AM
Subject: reject negative voting; vote for Jeannemarie at

I have a favor to ask. Please reject negative voting, and instead go to to vote for Jeannemarie Davis for Lt. Governor.

The posting of this first on-line poll surprised many, but revealed what we have been seeing all over the Commonwealth, a groundswell of support for Jeannemarie. In response, a poll was quickly added to let those who would rather attack a fellow Republican pick their last choice. Then suddenly a bunch of votes came in almost all at once picking Pete Snyder as their first choice and Jeannemarie as their last choice.

I am happy to report that despite that block of pro-Snyder/anti-Jeannemarie voters, more than 82 percent of those voting for a candidate refused to pick a “last choice.” Of the first 2,497 to cast votes, only 6.8 percent picked Jeannemarie as their last choice.

I hope you will vote for Jeannemarie at as the best candidate to win the race for Lt. Governor by defeating the Democrats in the Fall, but most important I hope you will consider joining the 82 percent who refused to play into the Democrats hands in the fall by picking out a least favorite Republican.

With your help, Jeannemarie can win the Convention on May 18th and face the Democrats in November with tremendous momentum.

take this opportunity to show your support for Jeannemarie!

All my best,

John Pudner
Senior Advisor
Jeannemarie Davis for Lt. Governor;

For the record, former Sen. Davis was nowhere near the top when the “Who is your last choice?” poll was added shortly after the first one launched. In fact, we were going to do a “Who is your second choice?” poll, but then figured that would have been easier for campaigns to manipulate as they would simply ask their supporters to vote for their candidate in both. Since the nomination will be decided by convention, determining who the last choice of delegates for the nomination is would be much more instructive. And there is the bad news for Mrs. Davis’s other “win.”

Who Is Your *LAST* Choice For The GOP Lt. Gov. Nomination In 2013?

Jeannemarie Davis 35.89% (271 votes)
Pete Snyder 33.64% (254 votes)
Susan Stimpson 12.05% (91 votes)
Steve Martin 7.15% (54 votes)
Corey Stewart 6.49% (49 votes)
Scott Lingamfelter 3.18% (24 votes)
EW Jackson 1.59% (12 votes)

Total Votes: 755

Only a little more than a quarter of voters from the first poll cast a vote in the second one, but it is clear that 7 out of 10 participants are lined up against the two candidates from Fairfax County, Davis and Snyder.

Obviously, these straw polls are unscientific and not determinative of outcomes, but they do shed light on the state of the race much the same way that the recent fundraising reports did.

Davis and Snyder both proved that they can organize (at least online) and raise money, but they both appear to have high negatives among the party faithful as well.  Lingamfelter and Stewart both have low negatives here (only surpassed by Bishop Jackson who almost no one doesn’t like) and have shown significant fundraising capacity.  Stimpson remains in the mid-range in terms of support and fundraising (which isn’t necessarily a bad place to be.)

As we’ve said before, with this being a convention, the nomination is almost anyone’s at this point, but there are danger signs for both Davis and Snyder who placed first and second in both polls.  Let the campaign roll on!

Lingamfelter Adds Teeth to Farm Freedom with Boneta Bill

Legislation protecting the property rights and individual liberties of farmers will be the subject of a press conference January 8 at 11 a.m. in House Room 1 of Richmond’s historic Virginia State Capitol.

Virginia’s Right to Farm Act (VRFA) was intended to protect the rights of Virginians to engage in something that is fundamental to a way of life in the Commonwealth, and indeed America:  farming.

Despite the VRFA, county ordinances and actions of county officials have resulted in restrictions on the farming lifestyle and defining down what it means to be a farmer. 

Read more about Delegate Lingamfelter’s proposed amendment to the VRFA on Fauquier Free Citizen.

The press release from today is HERE.

Bishop E.W. Jackson Set to Announce Bid for Lieutenant Governor

The already crowded field for 2013 Lieutenant Governor candidates just got a little more crowded.

I am told by a close friend who is a huge fan of E.W. Jackson that the bishop held a conference call today for a large group of supporters.  On this call Jackson announced that, in response to a groundswell of support, he will throw his hat into the ring to succeed Bill Bolling by seeking the Republican nomination for Lieutenant Governor at next spring’s convention in Richmond.

Jackson will join Prince William’s Del. Scott Lingamfelter and Chairman Corey Stewart; Chesterfield’s Sen. Steve Martin; and Stafford’s Chairman Susan Stimpson among those announced for the run. (Apologies if I left anyone off the list… ;-) )  Still others are rumored to be considering a bid, including failed Virginia Victory coordinator, Pete Snyder.

2013 GOP Gov. Cash Hauls

For the period of 1/1/12 – 6/30/12


Bill Bolling
$983,239 Starting Balance
$962,061 Raised
$1,479,100 Cash On-hand

Ken Cuccinelli
$0 Starting Balance
$922,846 Raised
$627,337 Cash On-hand

Also of note in the LG race:

Corey Stewart
$0 Starting Balance
$430,048 Raised
$401,090 Cash On-hand

Del. Scott Lingamfelter declared his candidacy just before the filing period ended, so he had only begun his fundraising efforts at this point.

We’ll have the AG numbers later…


GOP 2013 LG Candidates’ Facebook Race

First there was PWC Chairman Corey Stewart, who had the field for LG in 2013 all to himself for months.  Then fellow PWC resident Del. Scott Lingamfelter formally joined the race.  Then state Sen. Steve “Not The Wild And Crazy Guy One” Martin quickly followed.

On June 23, 2012 GOP Senate candidate Jamie Radtke stated in the Richmond Times Dispatch that she’s considering a run for LG, too.

So, where do these candidates stack up in terms of Facebook likes?

Draft Jamie Radtke for Lt. Governor currently has 512 likes, Jamie Radtke (personal) has 3,675 friends and Jamie Radtke for Senate (political) has 4,331

Corey Stewart (political) is at 642 likes and Corey Stewart (personal) has 1,970 friends.

Senator Steve Martin (political) has 555 likes while Steve Martin (personal) has 5,157 friends .

Scott Lingamfelter (personal) has 1,225 friends.

How all this will translate into support at a convention is anyone’s guess…

More Toddy Puller Photo Duplicity

As if using 20 year old photos on web sites and yard signs to mislead the voters wasn’t sad enough, State Sen. Linda “Toddy” Puller has managed to stoop to a new low on her campaign homepage.

Who does Puller feature on her website?  Gov. Bob McDonnell and Del. Scott Lingamfelter, both of whom have issued ringing endorsements of her opponent, former Del. Jeff Frederick.  Apparently, Puller can’t run away from her fellow Democrats fast enough in an attempt to save her faltering campaign and is rushing to try and embrace Republicans.

So, what do those who Puller features on her own website have to say about her?

Del. Lingamfelter:

“I need Jeff with me in Richmond fighting against the tax-and-spend policies of the current Senator, Toddy Puller, whose liberal voting record in the State Senate is out of step with Virginians and the 36th District.”

Gov. McDonnell:

“Having served with Jeff in the state legislature, I know him to be an energetic small-business owner who will focus like a laser on creating jobs and improving Virginia’s economy. We need Jeff Frederick in the State Senate to help us control spending, lower taxes, and create jobs.”

Apparently Puller respects these two men enough to prominently display them on her webpage, so the least we should do is abide by their opinions of her.

Scott Lingamfelter Endorses Jeff Frederick

Delegate Scott Lingamfelter Endorses Jeff Frederick in 36th District Primary

Woodbridge, Virginia (August 15, 2011) – Delegate Scott Lingamfelter (R31 – Prince William and Fauquier) along with State Senate Candidate Jeff Frederick today issued this joint statement regarding Lingamfelter’s endorsement of Frederick for the Republican nomination in the 36th State Senate race.

“I am proud to call on voters of the 36th Senate District to go to the polls on August 23rd and vote for my friend and former colleague Jeff Frederick,” said Lingamfelter.

“I served with Jeff Frederick in the House of Delegates for six years and I know him to be a man dedicated to serving his constituency. He has a proven record of standing for fiscally responsible policies in Richmond, working to lower taxes, and striving to improve the quality of life for the people he represents. His principled conservative voice will be an invaluable asset as we enter the 2012 General Assembly Session which is why I will be voting for him in the August 23rd Republican Primary,” Lingamfelter added.

“I need Jeff with me in Richmond fighting against the tax-and-spend policies of the current Senator, Toddy Puller, whose liberal voting record in the State Senate is out of step with Virginians and the 36th District,” said Lingamfelter.

Jeff Frederick said of Lingamfelter’s support for his candidacy, “There’s too much good legislation passing the House of Delegates and then dying in the State Senate. I’m running for office so I can help fellow conservatives like Scott Lingamfelter in Richmond stand up to big government.” Frederick concluded, “We must have a strong conservative alliance between the House and Senate to advance common-sense governance. I am running to be part of that essential partnership.”

Lingamfelter is a resident of the 36th State Senate district and his Delegate district overlaps with the portions of the new 36th State Senate District.

The Republican Primary is on Tuesday, August 23rd. The winner will face incumbent Toddy Puller in the November 8th General Election.

Delegate Scott Lingamfelter has served in the General Assembly since 2001, representing the 31st House District which includes parts of Prince William County and Fauquier County. He is a retired U.S. Army Colonel and combat veteran.


McDonnell, Bolling, Allen, Wittman, Stewart, Lingamfelter React To Obamacare Ruling

(NOTE:  This post will be updated as new reactions come in.  These statements are arranged in the order they were released.)

First up, VA Gov. Bob McDonnell:

Statement of Governor Bob McDonnell on Federal Health Care Ruling

Continue reading

One Gun a Month Repeal

So the Washington Post has an editorial today discussing the potential repeal of the “One Gun a Month” law.  And by discussing, I mean pontificating with scare tactics:

Because if Mr. Lingamfelter’s bill is enacted, here’s what police and prosecutors expect: Crack dealers in New York will pay 21-year-olds with no criminal records to buy dozens of Glock pistols at Virginia gun shops.

and this gem…

But plenty of corrupt gun dealers circumvent the system by selling guns off the books or to straw buyers.

I’m really happy that we live in an age where the media is not required to site studies, post evidence, and is allowed to make blanket statements like “but plenty of…”  How many is plenty?  Five? Ten? Fifty thousand?

The problem I have with this law is that it really does nothing to limit crime or gun deaths.  In the United States there are over three hundred million guns.  With that figure in mind, do the editors of the Washington Post really think that “crack dealers in New York” won’t get their guns somewhere else?  Essentially this is not a “highly useful law enforcement tool” because all it does is limit those who are willing to follow the law.

IF I really wanted to commit a crime like murder, or dozens of murders, or rape, does anyone really believe that a limit on the number of guns I can buy will stop me from getting multiple guns or committing the crime at all?  I would have already made the decision to break the law, and I’d be willing to bet that a gun ban would not stop me.

If we’re going to talk about ACTUAL “useful law enforcement tools”, I cite programs like Project Exile.  In the case of Project Exile, it is a law that is directed at the criminals.  If you commit a crime in Virginia with an illegally purchased gun, or are even caught with an illegally purchased gun, you go to jail in addition to having to stand trial for the crime you were committing.  See, a law like that does not affect the everyday person.

Lastly, if the Washington Post is really interested in the future of this law, why do they ask about its future in the Senate?  Why not ask if Governor McDonnell will sign this legislation?  To my recollection, he voted FOR the one gun a month law when it was passed in 1993.