Jason Collins Is Gay? Yawn. Who Cares? He’s A Crummy Basketball Player.

Washington Wizards center Jason Collins yesterday announced, “I’m a 34-year-old NBA center. I’m black. And I’m gay.”

First of all, it is pretty obvious that he is black, so I’m puzzled as to why he had to tell people that.  Second of all, I really don’t need to know what people do with their private parts so long as they aren’t doing anything illegal.  What’s next?  Who will be the first major league sports athlete to come out as a chronic masturbator?  As living the BDSM lifestyle?  I just don’t care.  I don’t even want to know if a player is straight and monogamous.  I just want athletes to go out there and excel at their jobs.

There’s more to this.  The average age of an NBA player is just under 27 and the average length of experience in the league is under 5 years.  Collins is 7 years over on both counts.  Add to that the Wizards coming off a terrible 29-53 season and his abysmal stats for the year and you start to see the bigger picture.  His career is at the end of the line and one has to wonder if this is nothing more than a publicity stunt to try and extend it.

Jackie Robinson you aren’t…

Best Superbowl Commercials 2013

Great Superbowl game!  Congratulations to the Ravens who dominated the game from the opening drive.  Of course the commercials were a highlight.  You can see them all here and vote for your favorite.  My favorite was the one below, brought a tear to my eye with the beautiful pictures of our nation’s farmers and the moving words of Paul Harvey.

What were your favorite commercials?  The Joe Montana stain commercial was hilarious!

The Harbaugh Bowl is On!

For the first time in NFL history, brother coaches will face each other in the Super Bowl.  Separated by only 15 months, older brother John Harbaugh, age 50, will coach the Baltimore Ravens in Super Bowl XLVII, while younger brother Jim Harbaugh, age 49, will coach the San Francisco 49ers.  Early odds are on the Niners by 4 1/2.  Ravens were underdogs in the Championship by an even bigger margin and they won. My hope and my money is on the Ravens, my second favorite NFL team.

Redskins Quarterback Robert Griffin III has surgery to repair torn LCL and ACL. Was it bad Karma?

Earlier today RGIII had surgery to repair a torn LCL and ACL.  The Redskins have issued no statements leaving sport’s writers and others to speculate on when RGIII might be able to return to play football.  The Washington Post compares his surgery to that of Viking’s running back, Adrian Peterson, who recovered quickly from a torn ACL.  Since it wasn’t an LCL, which is more difficult to repair and recover from, I don’t know why sport’s writers continue to make such comparisons.  Stories here and here.

I am also reading more about the condition of the Redskins’ field on Sunday.  It was horrible.  Did it lead to two serious knee injuries, Redskin’s quarterback RGIII ,and Seattle’s defensive end, Chris Clemons?  I don’t know if the field caused those injuries, but the blame game seems to headed that way.  Stories here and here.

The injuries may have nothing to do with the field, or RGIII’s previously injured knee.  They injuries may all be a result of bad Karma, inflicted on the Redskins because of their offensive name, as Courtland Milloy writes in yesterday’s Washington Post?   This may be THE WORST sports column ever written.  Or, it may be a spoof.  Surely the Post didn’t really publish this drivel as a serious article.  Did they?

With injuries to his LCL and ACL, how bad is Robert Griffin III hurt? Will RGIII ever play football again?

It’s looking more and more unlikely.  Several news reports, including herehere and here, are reporting that Robert Griffin III has torn his ACL and LCL.  Coach Mike Shanahan is not saying what the MRI has shown, because he’s hoping for a miracle.  RGIII will get a second opinion today with another well known orthopedic surgeon, James Andrews in Florida.

I strongly suspect that the Redskins coaches know that RGIII has torn (either partially or completely) both ligaments in his right knee.  Didn’t we all know that it was very, very, bad when he took his last fall?  Couldn’t we all see that his knees was bent in a way that no knee bends? (See above picture.)  It reminded me of when LT broke Joe Theisman’s leg, that awful, unnatural, bend in the leg.   I knew it, yet I wasn’t ready to admit it.  Denial can be strong.

RGIII gave Washington such a wonderful season.  It was the first time in over a decade that fans had some hope of the ‘Skins returning to the great team that it once was.  So many people were so buoyed by what RGIII brought to the game. It was so exciting!  We were all so hopeful!  RGIII shirts were the fastest  selling jerseys for any rookie, ever!  More importantly, Griffin has been a wonderful role model for young Americans across the country.  He praises God, he works hard, and has become the team leader by example.  He comes from a strong, military, family with good values.  They have taught him the value of hard work, to always thank God for the gifts that he has received, and how to quietly lead.

During the Seattle game, many, many, people were screaming for Mike Shanahan to be the adult in the room and take RGIII out of the game.   Following the game, the argument was that if we had won, no one would have questioned Shanahan’s decision to leave RGIII in the game.  I disagree.  Even if we had won the game, would anyone argue that it was worth it to lose RGIII, even for one season?  It was obvious that he was hurt and wouldn’t be playing any more games this year, so what was the point of leaving him in?  So that Cousins could face Atlanta?  Really?   Would Atlanta have won by 3 touchdowns or 4?  Shanahan was dead wrong to risk it all by leaving RGIII in the game after it was painfully obvious to everyone that he was injured.

The Redskins wouldn’t be taking RGIII to Florida if they weren’t hoping for a different outcome than what their own experts found.  The Skins hire the best of the best in orthopedic surgeons and MRI equipment.  They know the injuries to RGIII are very, very, bad.  They are hoping against hope for other news but I seriously doubt that they’ll get it.  Even if RGIII has ‘only’ re-torn his ACL, his recovery will be at least a year.  He’ll never be able to play in the same way that he did this year.  If has torn both ligaments, which it sounds like he has,  and needs full reconstruction, he is not likely to ever play football again.  RGIII could have been one of the best players to ever play the game.   There is no justification for what Shanahan did to him.  (These decisions should NEVER be left in the hands of the athlete, they always want to play.  More on that subject here.) That’s exactly why Mike Shanahan is so reluctant to tell us the truth about RGIII’s injuries.  He knows the truth, and knows that he let Griffin stay in the game when he should have taken him out, while costing Griffin his future, and the future of the Redskins.  It’s all on Shanahan.

UPDATE:  Passing the buck has begun. Dr. James Andrew claims he never cleared Griffin to return to the game although Shanahan has said it was Andrews who made the decision.  It appears this has happened before.  

The Washington Redskins—America’s Team!

It seems all of America wants the Redskins to beat Dallas on Sunday night at Fed Ex field.   I’m calling this “the love of RGIII factor”.   The whole nation loves our rookie quarterback.


In an ESPN poll, of 200,000 football fans the results show 73% of the country wants the Redskins to win.

From a Washington Post sports blog,

“As you can see, 73 percent of voters would like to see the Washington Redskins win, and only in Texas do a majority of voters favor the Dallas Cowboys.

Of course, the Cowboys hate seems even stronger away from the DMV, where many deranged weirdos (including my daughter’s kindergarten teaching assistant) grow up rooting for the Cowboys. Maryland (78 percent Redskins), Virginia (77 percent) and D.C. (76 percent) trail places like Michigan (82 percent Redskins), Pennsylvania (82), New Hampshire (82), Vermont (82), Massachusetts (82), Maine (81), Wisconsin (80) and Minnesota (80) in right-mindedness.”

Poll results here. 

UPDATE:  The country was right!  The Redskins beat Dallas, 28 to 18!  We’re number ONE in the NFC east for the first time since 1999.  RGIII was nine years old when we last held the title!

RGIII Injury is Mild, may play on Sunday against Cleveland

Good news for Washington Redskins fans!  Robert Griffin III has a mild knee sprain, grade 1, to his LCL, not his ACL.  RGIII may be able to play in Sunday’s game.  According to his father, RG intends to play on Sunday.   Everyone in Washington may now resume breathing.

The Best and the Worst of yesterday’s game against the Ravens.  Was that the most exciting game ever?!!  As a Redskins fan, when was the last time that you can remember paying this much attention to the games in December?  RGIII has made football fun again!  And very, very, exciting!

Football, Kids and Marriage

Everyone is talking about Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher who murdered his girlfriend this weekend before he killed himself.  Then there’s NBC’s Bob Costas turning this into an anti-gun crusade (never mind that O.J. Simpson’s ex-wife Nicole was murdered with a knife.)  Not many people are picking up on the aspect of Belcher’s girlfriend also being the mother of his child or, if they are, it is being treated as something normal and accetable that they had an out-of-wedlock child.

Well, why wouldn’t they when the Washington Post runs a Thanksgiving Day quasi-puff-piece on a HIGH SCHOOL football player in D.C. who is juggling football and fatherhood.  This kid is 18 years old and has TWO children under the age of 2 with two different women — although the Post notes that he still dates one of the moms.

Here’s the line that got me —

Matthews started seeing a new girlfriend at Dunbar, Donica Dowery, which strained his relationship with Sheffield.

DUH! You think?

I am heartened by this part, though —

Dowery considered having an abortion.

“The doctors visit . . . I couldn’t do it,” said Dowery, who was 18 at the time. “When they showed me, like, the little picture of him, he already had, like, a little body, little arms.”

The article does get into various aspects of responsibility this young man is trying to take such as getting a job, caring for his children and focusing on the need to go to college.  How sad is it that this young man’s high school actually operates a daycare center?  Of course, then it comes out that he grew up in a home without a father, too.  This poor kid is just perpetuating the cycle of what he knows.

According to the CDC and the U.S. Census, 40% of all births are to UNMARRIED women.  We are nearing the tipping point on this (if we have not passed it already) where what was once a source of shame that could at least make someone think twice before giving in to their desires that could result in the creation a child is no longer a deterrent to them.

It used to be well-understood that if you are a man and you got a woman pregnant, then it was up to you to marry the mother of your child — preferably before the child is born — and care for your new family.  Belcher was a professional football player, so he certainly could have afforded to do this.  (And I’m not letting Tom Brady off the hook for the child he had with Bridgit Moynahan, either.)  Two of the biggest pop culture influences on society are sports and entertainment — what the rich and famous from these fields do shape how millions of young people perceive things.

Until celebrities starting taking basic responsibility the way we used to expect everyone to do so, we will continue to see this spiral out of control and generations more of children will suffer the consequences.

David Stern went too far

Let me be blunt: the NBA has no business demanding teams set their rosters as David Stern sees fit.

Every fan (and I say this because David Stern claims to have acted in the fans’ name when he fined the Spurs because Coach Greg Popovich rested his older star players instead of flying them to Miami to play the Heat) understand he was acting to preserve his stars for the playoffs. The league itself acknowledged this last year when the Spurs did the same thing in Utah.

Stern may have said it was about the fans, but the $250,000 fine actually turned Spurs fans into second class citizens. It was a terrible decision, and sends an awful, anti-competitive message.

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New Stadium To Include Commuter Lot; Woodbridge Supervisor Opposed The Move, Called It “Hot Dog Jobs”

InsideNOVA is first to report that the proposed new stadium for the Potomac Nationals in Woodbridge would include a VDOT commuter parking lot.  This is a great idea to incorporate that into the plans and would more than make up for the parking spaces lost  at Potomac Mills as a result of its expansion.  We’ll keep our eye on the final details of this agreement, however, to ensure that the taxpayers aren’t put on the hook for the cost of building the stadium.

Now, let’s hop in Virtucon’s “Wayback Machine” that we borrowed from Mr. Peabody and his pet boy Sherman and return to last fall’s campaign for Woodbridge Supervisor between incumbent Frank “The Clown Prince Of Woodbridge” Principi and challenger Chris Royse.

The issue of building a new stadium in eastern PWC was raised during a debate between the two at Potomac Club.  While Royse was supportive of the move and the economic development potential and job creation that it would bring to Woodbridge, Principi came out squarely against it and dismissed this by saying, “We don’t need hot dog jobs.”  Well, that’s easy for someone to say who was hired to wind down a business and then got the government to bail him out so he could instead continue running it and pay himself a nice salary, but most people aren’t in that position.

Remember this when Principi goes rushing before the reporters to claim credit for this — he opposed this, he fought this and he derided this as “hot dog jobs.”  So, who’s the real “Woodbridge Wiener” then?

Yes, I’m all-Lin

Just over a week ago, being a Knick fan was its usual torture: the team was 8-15; Amare and Carmelo were vying to control an offense neither is equipped to run (that’s why teams have point guards); and it looked like yet another season was ready to be written off.

Now the team is at .500, having won seven in a row. The team ha a point guard, who just happens to be a media sensation. Lin-sanity has descended upon Knick fandom.

If anything, I liked his last game the best. He had only 10 points, but 13 assists (and his turnovers were down to 6 – still needs lowering, but an assist/TO ratio of better than 2:1 is more than adequate). With Carmelo coming back from injury tomorrow, this team could finally be something special.

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Reason #48576 why I love the NBA

I’ll be honest, the Knick loss hurt, but no other sport has the linguistic creativity of the Association. Find me an NFL, MLB, or NHL writer who can match Stephen A. Smith when he pens lines like this (ESPN):

But if someone told you the Knicks would dominate seven-eighths of this game, that they would hold an opponent below 90 points just like the Celtics’ top-rated defense, someone would request a drug test — before requesting whatever drug that individual was taking.


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For the first time in ten years, the New York Knicks have a winning season.

For those of us used to the tragedy that has been Knick basketball, this is the real sign that they have turned the corner (the East has been weak enough to see several sub-.500 teams make the playoffs, including the Knicks themselves in 2004).

On to the playoffs.

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