Sen. Steve Martin Defends Himself, Blasts Corey Stewart’s Record on Taxes

GOP LG hopeful (and no one can say that he is not hopeful) state Sen. Steve “Not the Wild and Crazy Guy One” Martin took to the airwaves this morning to defend himself (and by extension the other members of the General Assembly running for LG who were also included on the mailer in question) against attacks that he was responsible for tax hikes in Virginia because he was a member of the legislature when they were approved. Never mind the fact that Martin and the others voted against them.

On the John Fredricks show being interviewed about the attack piece sent to [RPV convention] delegates, trying to blame me for spending increases I voted against, while hailing an opponent from Prince William as the hero – a budget cutter. One would have to be a stranger to the process to believe either thing. The record shows my “no” votes on the spending bills, and the Prince William record shows tax increases, which he supported. His claim of net tax cuts is based on a decline in property values.

This gets to an important issue. Let’s say that your home value goes down from one year to the next and your county board changes the tax rate so you pay the same amount in taxes in both years. Percentage-wise, wouldn’t that mean your taxes went up? After all, you are paying the same amount in taxes on something that is not worth what it was before.

Think of it this way.  You buy something for $10 and pay 5% sales tax on it, which comes to 50 cents.  Now let’s say that same something is on sale for $5 and you buy another one and with 5% sales tax you pay 25 cents in taxes.  If you were to pay 50 cents in taxes on both, the sales tax on the second item would jump from 5% to 10%.  Then they say that because you paid $10.50 for the first item (5% sales tax) and $5.50 for the second item that was on sale (10% sales tax) that you got a tax cut when in fact your taxes went up and in reality you only paid less because the value of the item itself went down.

Is it any wonder local governments prefer the method of charging a set dollar amount per $100 in value rather than a set percentage?

What is Terry Hiding?

RPV has been hammering hard calling for Terry McAuliffe to release his tax returns. Susan Stimpson, candiddate for Lt.Governor agrees.

Stimpson has released a press release in which she has made her tax returns available and has called on all candidates seeking state-wide office this year to do the same.

“Everyone wants transparency in government. Ken Cuccinelli has led the way in disclosure of his tax records,” Stimpson said in a statement. “By contrast, his opponent Terry McAuliffe refuses to release his taxes.”


Facing pressure from Republicans, he provided that information last month days after Cuccinelli allowed reporters to review hundreds of pages of his tax records covering eight years.

Stimpson is one of seven Republicans pursuing the party nomination for lieutenant governor.

Her campaign manager Tim Edson said Stimpson is leading by example because “she has nothing to hide” just a record of paying taxes “like hardworking middle class Virginians do.”

Candidates who refuse to follow suit and release their tax records evidentally “have something to hide,” concluded Edson.

Davis “Wins” Both Virtucon LG Polls

Jeannemarie Davis has “won” both of Virtucon’s polls on the LG race.  First, the good news for her…

Whom Do You Support To Be The GOP Lt. Gov. Nominee In 2013?

Jeannemarie Davis 31.88% (895 votes)
Pete Snyder 26.68% (749 votes)
Steve Martin 21.41% (601 votes)
Susan Stimpson 6.34% (178 votes)
EW Jackson 5.06% (142 votes)
Corey Stewart 4.45% (125 votes)
Scott Lingamfelter 4.17% (117 votes)

Total Votes: 2,807

You can immediately tell which candidates put the full force of social media behind their straw poll efforts and we applaud former Sen. Davis, Mr. Snyder, and Sen. Martin for mounting such vigorous online campaigns and congratulate Mrs. Davis on her victory. Never did we imagine that over 2,800 votes would be cast in this poll (which was restricted so only one vote could be made per IP address.) Martin and Snyder both utilized their Facebook pages with great frequency to push their followers to vote in the straw poll while the Davis campaign sent out this last minute plea:

From: “John Pudner”
Date: Jan 17, 2013 10:01:23 AM
Subject: reject negative voting; vote for Jeannemarie at

I have a favor to ask. Please reject negative voting, and instead go to to vote for Jeannemarie Davis for Lt. Governor.

The posting of this first on-line poll surprised many, but revealed what we have been seeing all over the Commonwealth, a groundswell of support for Jeannemarie. In response, a poll was quickly added to let those who would rather attack a fellow Republican pick their last choice. Then suddenly a bunch of votes came in almost all at once picking Pete Snyder as their first choice and Jeannemarie as their last choice.

I am happy to report that despite that block of pro-Snyder/anti-Jeannemarie voters, more than 82 percent of those voting for a candidate refused to pick a “last choice.” Of the first 2,497 to cast votes, only 6.8 percent picked Jeannemarie as their last choice.

I hope you will vote for Jeannemarie at as the best candidate to win the race for Lt. Governor by defeating the Democrats in the Fall, but most important I hope you will consider joining the 82 percent who refused to play into the Democrats hands in the fall by picking out a least favorite Republican.

With your help, Jeannemarie can win the Convention on May 18th and face the Democrats in November with tremendous momentum.

take this opportunity to show your support for Jeannemarie!

All my best,

John Pudner
Senior Advisor
Jeannemarie Davis for Lt. Governor;

For the record, former Sen. Davis was nowhere near the top when the “Who is your last choice?” poll was added shortly after the first one launched. In fact, we were going to do a “Who is your second choice?” poll, but then figured that would have been easier for campaigns to manipulate as they would simply ask their supporters to vote for their candidate in both. Since the nomination will be decided by convention, determining who the last choice of delegates for the nomination is would be much more instructive. And there is the bad news for Mrs. Davis’s other “win.”

Who Is Your *LAST* Choice For The GOP Lt. Gov. Nomination In 2013?

Jeannemarie Davis 35.89% (271 votes)
Pete Snyder 33.64% (254 votes)
Susan Stimpson 12.05% (91 votes)
Steve Martin 7.15% (54 votes)
Corey Stewart 6.49% (49 votes)
Scott Lingamfelter 3.18% (24 votes)
EW Jackson 1.59% (12 votes)

Total Votes: 755

Only a little more than a quarter of voters from the first poll cast a vote in the second one, but it is clear that 7 out of 10 participants are lined up against the two candidates from Fairfax County, Davis and Snyder.

Obviously, these straw polls are unscientific and not determinative of outcomes, but they do shed light on the state of the race much the same way that the recent fundraising reports did.

Davis and Snyder both proved that they can organize (at least online) and raise money, but they both appear to have high negatives among the party faithful as well.  Lingamfelter and Stewart both have low negatives here (only surpassed by Bishop Jackson who almost no one doesn’t like) and have shown significant fundraising capacity.  Stimpson remains in the mid-range in terms of support and fundraising (which isn’t necessarily a bad place to be.)

As we’ve said before, with this being a convention, the nomination is almost anyone’s at this point, but there are danger signs for both Davis and Snyder who placed first and second in both polls.  Let the campaign roll on!

Bishop E.W. Jackson Set to Announce Bid for Lieutenant Governor

The already crowded field for 2013 Lieutenant Governor candidates just got a little more crowded.

I am told by a close friend who is a huge fan of E.W. Jackson that the bishop held a conference call today for a large group of supporters.  On this call Jackson announced that, in response to a groundswell of support, he will throw his hat into the ring to succeed Bill Bolling by seeking the Republican nomination for Lieutenant Governor at next spring’s convention in Richmond.

Jackson will join Prince William’s Del. Scott Lingamfelter and Chairman Corey Stewart; Chesterfield’s Sen. Steve Martin; and Stafford’s Chairman Susan Stimpson among those announced for the run. (Apologies if I left anyone off the list… ;-) )  Still others are rumored to be considering a bid, including failed Virginia Victory coordinator, Pete Snyder.

GOP 2013 LG Candidates’ Facebook Race

First there was PWC Chairman Corey Stewart, who had the field for LG in 2013 all to himself for months.  Then fellow PWC resident Del. Scott Lingamfelter formally joined the race.  Then state Sen. Steve “Not The Wild And Crazy Guy One” Martin quickly followed.

On June 23, 2012 GOP Senate candidate Jamie Radtke stated in the Richmond Times Dispatch that she’s considering a run for LG, too.

So, where do these candidates stack up in terms of Facebook likes?

Draft Jamie Radtke for Lt. Governor currently has 512 likes, Jamie Radtke (personal) has 3,675 friends and Jamie Radtke for Senate (political) has 4,331

Corey Stewart (political) is at 642 likes and Corey Stewart (personal) has 1,970 friends.

Senator Steve Martin (political) has 555 likes while Steve Martin (personal) has 5,157 friends .

Scott Lingamfelter (personal) has 1,225 friends.

How all this will translate into support at a convention is anyone’s guess…