Gov. McAuliffe and His Chief of Staff MUST Be Investigated Over This

This constitutes clear attempted bribery of an elected official. This isn’t simply horse trading for a vote. This is a direct quid pro quo — you don’t resign and we give your daughter an appointment to head a plum government agency. Gov. McAuliffe’s Chief of Staff AND Gov. McAuliffe himself must be investigated over this.

The following is the transcript of a voicemail that Paul Reagan, Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s chief of staff, left on Democrat Phillip A. Puckett’s cell phone in the days leading up to Puckett’s resignation from the state Senate in June:

“Hey Senator. This is Paul Reagan again. I just wanted to bounce one idea off you. I know there was a lot of frustration with your daughter, not, you know, getting a judgeship or something. if there’s something that we can do for her, I mean, you know, we have a couple of big agencies here that we still need agency heads. We could potentially, potentially, subject to approval of the governor and so forth, you know, the department of mines, minerals and energy could be available. So we would be very eager to accommodate her, if, if that would be helpful in keeping you in the senate. We, we would basically do anything. We just need you really, we need you for the rest of your term and beyond, but in the immediate future, we need you to help us get this Medicaid deal through and I think we’ve got a way to do it. So anyway, please let’s keep all this confidential. Call me 703-850—–. Thank you sir. Bye.”

If what former Gov. Bob McDonnell did was a crime, then this surely must be investigated and prosecuted as this goes far beyond what was found in that case.

Not quite 11 months from the date he was elected until this bribery scandal broke. Can’t say that I’m surprised (or that we didn’t warn you that this would happen.) This is just in keeping with the way McAuliffe has always done things and harkens back to the era of Clinton corruption where he was a central figure.

Meanwhile, on Medicaid expansion in Virginia, the Republicans are actually winning

“First, you win the argument, then you win the vote” – Margaret Thatcher

On Medicaid expansion in Virginia, proponents have the newly-elected Governor, all of Virginia’s Democrats, a few dissenting Republicans,the State Senate and various well-heeled interests.

Opponents have the reality of Medicaid’s damage to poor people and (most of) the Republican Party of Virginia – a party that is badly, badly divided, controls only a majority in the House of Delegates, and was just handed it’s first goose-egg in Virginia offices in over twenty years.

Yet, according to Christopher Newport University, the RPV is actually winning the debate:

Virginians have been paying attention to the debate over Medicaid expansion taking place in Richmond, with 58% saying they have been following it either very closely or somewhat closely, and only 20% saying they have not followed it at all. Given the current contours of that debate, Virginians say 53% to 41% that they oppose Medicaid expansion. This is a reversal from the Wason Center survey released February 3 (see below), which showed general support for Medicaid expansion, 56% to 38%.

However, in that February survey, support for Medicaid expansion fell to 41% with 54% opposed, when respondents were asked if they would still support expansion if the federal government did not pay its share and Virginia had to cover the cost. That risk has been a key contention in the Republican argument against expansion. Those February numbers are very close to the 41% to 53% in the current poll, suggesting that Republican skepticism concerning expansion has gotten through to voters.

Simply put, this was hardly what was expected. In fact, I suspect most in the Virginia rightosphere still suspect that the Republicans in the House will cave on this issue…and perhaps they still will.

However, we should give credit where it’s due: not only has the Howell-led HoD held the line so far against Medicaid expansion, they also are winning the argument – the first critical step to winning votes, as Thatcher noted.

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McAuliffe Refuses To Respond To Hibernians’ Letter Calling For Clarification Or Apology

The following letter was sent out to Virginia members of the Ancient Order of Hibernians.

Brothers and Sisters,

The attached letter was sent to Candidate McAuliffe over a month ago. To date, I have no response. I find it galling, elitist and reprehensible that a Candidate to be the Chief Executive of our Commonwealth has no problem insulting his constituency and refuses to clarify his comments or apologize for them. Remember this as you go to the polls tomorrow.


In Friendship, Unity and Christian Charity,


Bruce A. Denault
Virginia State Board
Ancient Order of Hibernians
In America

Second New Poll Of The Day Shows Cuccinelli Closing Fast On McAuliffe

It just isn’t the Quinnipiac poll showing Ken Cuccinelli closing fast on Terry McAuliffe. A second new poll of the day, Rasmussen, confirms Cuccinelli’s momentum.

Last week, Rasmussen gave McAuliffe a 17% lead.  In this week’s poll, McAuliffe has lost 10% off that margin and now leads by just 7%.

Hang on folks, this is going to be a wild final week!

Fmr. U.S. Rep. Tom Davis On The Tightening Gov. Race

Fmr. U.S. Rep. Tom Davis (R-VA) has released the following statement regarding the new Quinnipiac poll showing that Ken Cuccinelli has closed the gap with Terry McAuliffe to just 4% in the past week.

“Watch out folks, Cuccinelli is one of the best closers in Virginia and the President has upped the ante by coming in this weekend!  This has shaped up to be a big opportunity for folks to send Washington a message on ObamaCare.” – Tom Davis

Sound familiar?

New Q-pac Poll Shows McAuliffe’s Lead Dropping To +4%

Ken Cuccinelli has cut Terry McAuliffe’s lead in half this past week to just 4% according to the latest Quinnipiac poll. Last week, the Q-pac poll had McAuliffe leading the race 46-39%.  The brand new poll now has the race at 45-41%.  The margin of error of +/- 2.9% with a 4% lead makes this race a dead heat.

This poll had a much larger likely voter sample than the WashPo poll – 1,182 compared to the Post’s 762.  Without Libertarian Robert Sarvis in the race, McAuliffe’s lead drops to 2%, 47-45%.

Could this be a reflection of the lack of voter intensity for McAuliffe that we spotlighted yesterday?  Well, that seems to be what the Q-pac pollsters are indicating may be happening.

“State Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli is nipping at Terry McAuliffe’s heels as the race to be Virginia’s next governor enters the final week of the campaign,” said Peter A. Brown, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute. “It goes without saying that turnout is the key to this race and the harshly negative tone of the campaign is the kind that often turns off voters.”

“With the race this close, the final decision by the roughly one in 10 voters who are supporting Libertarian Robert Sarvis has become even more critical. Nationally, third-party candidates often lose support in the end as voters enter the voting booth and back someone they consider the lesser of two evils. Only six in 10 Sarvis supporters say they definitely will vote for him. Almost nine in 10 McAuliffe and Cuccinelli backers are committed.

Ken is closing strong as he always does. What does McAuliffe do at the end? Well, let’s look at the closing days of his 2009 primary run:

Don’t be surprised if that 4% lead evaporates over the next week.  The McAuliffe collapse is under way…

WashPo Poll Raises The Question Of Voter Intensity

The new Washington Post poll that shows Terry McAuliffe leading Ken Cuccinelli by 12%, 51-39%, has some very interesting results in deeper poll questions that raise the question of voter intensity.

Q: (Among McAuliffe supporters) Is your vote more for McAuliffe, or more against Cuccinelli?

For McAuliffe 34% / Against Cuccinelli 64%

Q: (Among Cuccinelli supporters) Is your vote more for Cuccinelli, or more against McAuliffe?

For Cuccinelli 50% / Against McAuliffe 44%

So, half of Cuccinelli supporters are doing so because they are supporting him versus only one-third of McAuliffe supporters who are voting for their candidate.

First of all, this shows exactly how effective McAuliffe’s multi-million media blitz to demonize Cuccinelli has been.  There is no denying that.

Second, however, it exposes a potential Achilles’ heel for McAuliffe similar to the one that brought him down in the 2009 Democratic primary.

When you look at the Likely Voter sample of 762 in the Post poll, the 51-39% split translates to a 389-297 McAuliffe advantage.  When you take into account those who say they are actually voting FOR their candidate as opposed to against the other guy, the advantage switches to Cuccinelli 149-132 or 49-43% (assuming Libertarian candidate Robert Sarvis maintains the 8% he has in the WashPo poll.)

Voters are more likely to show up at the polls on Election Day to vote FOR their candidate than they are to go and vote against someone, especially when the alternative isn’t much more palatable in their eyes.  Positive voter intensity remains the edge for Cuccinelli.  In a low turnout election like this one promises to be, that can make for some very surprising upsets.

Bill Clinton Can’t Even Fill A High School Auditorium For McAuliffe

Former President Bill Clinton is campaigning for his former money man, renter of the Lincoln Bedroom, Terry McAuliffe in his bid to become Governor of Virginia.  Amazingly enough, the most popular Democrat in America can’t even fill high school auditoriums for McAuliffe, displaying a serious enthusiasm gap on the Democrats’ part.  Not even everyone who attended is going to be voting for McAuliffe as CNN discovered.

Though several voters here were thrilled to see the former President in their backyard, few seemed to express natural enthusiasm for McAuliffe.

While crowded, the high school auditorium where Clinton and McAuliffe spoke Sunday was hardly full: Volunteers cordoned off one section of empty seats with a large American flag, and other vacant rows were hidden by conveniently placed drapes.

Kimberly L. Winn, a self-described community advocate from Richmond who said she is a registered Democrat, came to the event solely to see Clinton. Asked if she planned to vote for McAuliffe, she grimaced and shook her head.

When you look at the increase in destruction of Republican signs, the paltry number of Democrat signs and bumper stickers even in dark blue areas such as the City of Alexandria and Arlington, you know that something is afoot.

Even the CNN article began with:

With Virginia Democrats increasingly confident that an Election Day sweep is in the making, gubernatorial nominee Terry McAuliffe enlisted former President Bill Clinton, his longtime friend and confidante, to fire up the party base and drive them to the polls one week from Tuesday.

If you are a week out from Election Day and you are still trying to fire up the party base for your candidate, there are latent forces at work against you.  This is not a sign of confidence, but a sign of panic that the same lack of enthusiasm that derailed McAuliffe during the 2009 primary campaign (that he once led in the polls quite handily) may happen once again in the 2013 general election.

WashPo: Vote McAuliffe Because We Hate Cuccinelli (And All Republicans)

That may as well have been the headline of today’s Washington Post endorsement of Terry McAuliffe for Virginia Governor.  They basically took their template from four years ago when they endorsed Creigh Deeds and replaced Bob McDonnell’s name with Ken Cuccinelli’s while leaving in things about how mean and divisive and partisan the Republican is and that the GOP nominee is only giving recent lip service to the economy and jobs.  Never mind that there is almost nothing specific they can say about McAuliffe other than he supports the key legislative accomplishment of Bob McDonnell who was supposed to have been a mean, divisive and partisan governor.

I’m not even going to link to the WashPo endorsement because, frankly, it would be a waste of your time to read it.  What is more interesting is reading their 2009 endorsement of Deeds:

Based on his 14-year record as a lawmaker — a record dominated by his focus on incendiary wedge issues — we worry that Mr. McDonnell’s Virginia would be one where abortion rights would be curtailed; where homosexuals would be treated as second-class citizens; where information about birth control would be hidden; and where the line between church and state could get awfully porous. That is a prescription for yesterday’s Virginia, not tomorrow’s.

. . .

Mr. McDonnell also has claimed he would be more effective at creating jobs. Yet while Mr. McDonnell has been an activist public servant, he has no significant record, either as a lawmaker or as attorney general, of promoting policies to encourage job growth.

So, in its quadrennial ritual, the WashPo once again proclaims that the sky is falling and certain doom awaits Virginia if voters fail to elect the Democrat candidate for Governor. Maybe its time for the Post’s new owner Jeff Bezos to can Chicken Little as their editorial page writer.

The TV Ad That Cuccinelli Needs To Run

The following is the script to an ad that Ken Cuccinelli should run in the closing weeks of this campaign to drive home exactly what Terry McAuliffe’s policies would mean for Virginia.  (And I’ve got the five people in mind who could appear in this ad, too.)

Person 1: “I was born and raised in New York.”

Person 2: “Syracuse.”

Person 3: “Plattsburgh.”

Person 4: “Long Island.”

Person 5: “Queens.”

Person 1: “Albany.”

Person 2: “But I chose to move to Virginia.”

Person 3: “Because New York’s taxes got too high.”

Person 4: “And job opportunities became too few.”

Person 5: “Now, fellow former New Yorker Terry McAuliffe.”

Person 1: “Wants to be Governor of Virginia.”

Person 2: “And bring New York’s failed liberal policies here.”

Person 3: “Don’t let Terry McAuliffe destroy Virginia’s economy.”

Person 4: “The same way his extreme liberal pals have destroyed New York’s.”

Person 5: “On Election Day, November 5th.”

Person 1: “Say no to Terry McAuliffe.”

Person 2: “And his destructive liberal economic ideas.”

Person 3: “If he succeeds.”

Person 4: “And changes Virginia.”

Person 5: “One day we will say.”

Person 1: “Where our children moved.”

Person 2: “To find the opportunity we once had here.”

Person 3: “That’s why I’m voting for Ken Cuccinelli.”

Person 4: “Because we can’t afford to let Terry McAuliffe.”

Person 5: “Turn Virginia into another New York.”

Ken Cuccinelli:  “I’m Ken Cuccinelli and I authorized this ad.”

Virginia’s Irish Americans Call Upon McAuliffe To Apologize

Mr. Terry McAuliffe
Post Office Box 13881
Arlington, VA 22219

Candidate McAuliffe,

Your response to a question at a recent meeting with a Northern Virginia PAC has come to my attention. The question related to how you plan to accomplish political/gubernatorial goals if elected Governor of Virginia. If accurately reported, your response was “as an Irish Catholic I’m adept at taking people out for drinks and doing whatever it takes to get things done.” Remarks of this nature serve to denigrate both Irish cultural heritage and our beloved Catholic faith.

The Ancient Order of Hibernians in America is the oldest Catholic men’s fraternal organization in the United States. As President of the Virginia State Board, I believe such stereotypical remarks are a disgrace and an unacceptable caricaturing of the Irish people and the Catholic faith.

As you well know, perception is reality. I ask you to issue a public apology for your most unfortunate remarks or claim that you have been misquoted. A copy of this letter and your response will be forwarded to the National Board of Directors, Ancient Order of Hibernians in America.


Bruce A. Denault
Virginia State Board
Ancient Order of Hibernians
In America

Fairfax Chamber of Commerce Jumps In Bed With Fellow Crony Capitalist McAuliffe

The Fairfax Chamber of Commerce endorsed Democrat gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe yesterday.

Birds of a feather.

A new report from George Mason’s Mercatus Center found that Federal government spending accounts for nearly 30 percent of Virginia’s jobs.

“It has only been the government part that has been recession-proof, and the remaining 70 percent or so actually looks similar to the rest of the country in terms of job loss and (worker) disengagement,” said Keith Hall, a Mercatus senior research fellow and co-author of the report, which was released Monday.

Where are the bulk of such jobs located that rely upon this government largesse?  Northern Virginia with the vast majority of those in that region situated in . . . Fairfax County.

Unfortunately, the Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce has come to be dominated by crony capitalists.  Being a crony capitalist is exactly how Terry McAuliffe made his fortune – trading on political connections and influence, government subsidies, you name it.  (Think Global Crossing, GreenTech, etc.)  Not only do they understand McAuliffe and therefore would naturally be drawn to supporting him, they don’t see anything wrong with the way that they have come to operate.

For me, I’ll take the Northern Virginia Technology Council any day because, you know, those are people who actually make things consumed and paid for by the private sector.

New McAuliffe Ad Makes Mark Warner Less Likable, More Phony

The obvious intent of this new Terry McAuliffe ad featuring Sen. Mark Warner is to try and tie McAuliffe to him in an effort to improve his favorable and likability ratings. Watch the ad for yourself here:

Shockingly, instead of benefitting McAuliffe, it actually makes Warner come off as less likable.  He appears stiff, uncomfortable, and phony.  Then again, his entire political career, both as governor and senator, has been completely devoid of any accomplishments whatsoever (unless you count a massive tax increase that didn’t fix any problems as an achievement.)

Another Day, Another Poll Showing VA Gov. Race Is A Dead Heat

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s QPac poll showing Ken Cuccinelli and Terry McAuliffe within the margin of error (McAuliffe +3), a new Roanoke College poll has been released showing the race is even tighter with McAuliffe holding just a single-point lead, 37% to 36%.  As the month of September has progressed, the spread between the two candidates has shrunk considerably.

Poll Date Sample McAuliffe (D) Cuccinelli (R) Spread
RCP Average 9/3 – 9/16 42.2 38.0 McAuliffe +4.2
Roanoke College* 9/9 – 9/15 874 LV 37 36 McAuliffe +1
Quinnipiac* 9/9 – 9/15 1005 LV 44 41 McAuliffe +3
Harper (R)* 9/15 – 9/16 779 LV 42 37 McAuliffe +5
Purple Strategies 9/6 – 9/10 800 LV 43 38 McAuliffe +5
Rasmussen Reports 9/3 – 9/4 998 LV 45 38 McAuliffe +7

In fact, if you only look at the polls completed in just the past week, the 4.2% average lead for McAuliffe drops to 3%.  This comes AFTER McAuliffe wasted $8 million advertising during the month of August to try and paint Cuccinelli as a wacko extremist.

The recent spate of stories in the Washington Post and elsewhere are reinforcing the public perception that Cuccinelli is a serious, trustworthy and competent policy wonk while McAuliffe has an almost total disregard for the details and is by and large just winging it.  In fact, the Post ran ANOTHER such story today:

The speeches [at the Richmond forum on education and the conomy] themselves fed into the narrative that emerged from the TechPAC flap: that McAuliffe is breezy while Cuccinelli grasps the details and gravity of the job. Both candidates had 45 minutes to address the group. Cuccinelli gave a 39- minute address heavy on wonky details. McAuliffe gave his standard 16-minute stump speech.

It seems that the more people (and even the media) pay attention, the more they realize that Cuccinelli has a firm grasp of the issues and would serve as a good steward of the Commonwealth while McAuliffe, by contrast, is a loose cannon on a rolling deck.

Terry McAuliffe – An “uninformed and superficial” drunkard who is winging it

There has been a lot of to and fro this week over the Northern Virginia Technology Council’s Tech PAC endorsement of Ken Cuccinelli in the governor’s race as well as the behind the scenes machinations to try and rescind or blunt its impact.  Apparently, Terry McAuliffe & Friends’ bullying tactics didn’t sit well with members of Tech PAC.  Not only did they go forward with the endorsement of Cuccinelli, but they also unloaded lots of juicy details about McAuliffe’s less than stellar interview.

Among them:

The reasoning behind the NVTC TechPAC’s nod — Cuccinelli had detailed responses to questions in candidate interviews, three board members said, while McAuliffe was uninformed and superficial

. . .

they were shocked at his mishandling of the endorsement process itself — and his misread of the serious and thoughtful approach to the issues that the council was expecting to hear from both candidates.

. . .

Cuccinelli impressed the board’s majority as a serious, detail-oriented candidate while McAuliffe seemed to wing it

. . .

Two people present said that in response to a question about how he’d accomplish his goals as governor, McAuliffe told the PAC board that as an Irish Catholic he’d be adept at taking people out for drinks and doing whatever it takes to get things done.

. . .

On a question about whether Virginia should stay in something called the “open-trade-secrets pact,” Cuccinelli gave a thoroughly researched response, the person said.

But McAuliffe answered, according to the source: “ ‘I don’t know what that is. I’ll have to look it up later.’ And then he turns back to the guy [who asked] and said ‘Well, what do you think we should do?’ And the guy says, ‘We want Virginia to stay in it.’ And then Terry says, ‘Okay, we will.’ ”

Believe it or not, every single one of those things was printed in . . . The Washington Post! String it all together and you get that McAuliffe is nothing but an “uninformed and superficial” drunkard who is winging it.

TX Gov. Perry Makes Pitch For MD Businesses To Move; VA Is MIA

TX Gov. Rick Perry is running ads in a number of high tax states telling businesses located there that when they’re finally fed up with the taxes and regulations strangling their companies they should up and move to Texas.  The latest state to be targeted is neighboring Maryland.

“When you grow tired of Maryland taxes squeezing every dime out of your business, think Texas,” he touts. “Unfortunately, your governor has made Maryland the tax and fee state, where businesses pay some of the highest taxes in America. That’s a job killer.”

One Maryland business owner interviewed for the story said, “Texas is out of the question, but we are looking at Florida.”

Texas.  Florida.  Both states without a state income tax.  Both states experiencing economic growth due to their business-friendly climates

With Virginia’s neighbor North Carolina on the verge of eliminating its state income tax, an even closer option would exist for such business owners.

It should be troubling that a Maryland business owner that is looking to relocate his business would consider Florida over Virginia which is right next door.  That tells us something important — our business climate is not competitive enough to attract such companies with even a short move across the Potomac.  If Terry McAuliffe were to win the governorship in November, it will only get worse and we may as well just change our name to South Maryland.

This is the chance for Ken Cuccinelli to go big with an even bolder economic plan than the already solid one that he unveiled earlier this year.  It should consist of three elements:

1. Eliminate the state personal and corporate income tax (the loss of revenue from this would be made up by changing existing user fees and other taxes to generate the same amount, mirroring what other states without income taxes have accomplished.)

2. Modernize the state corporation code so Virginia is more attractive than current corporate registration havens such as Delaware and Nevada.

3. Thoroughly review Virginia’s tort laws to make sure that businesses are not subject to frivolous new theories of claim while still ensuring that bad actors are still held accountable.

So far this campaign has been fought over sketchy business deals, social issues, Thanksgiving dinners, and wrongly-convicted individuals.  It is time to kick this race into high gear with a three-point plan to catapult Virginia to the top of the economic heap in the U.S.  That is what will get both the business community and the Tea Party excited and motivated to put Cuccinelli in the governor’s mansion.

Realtors’ PAC Tips Terry’s Hand on Bi-County Parkway

The Virginia Association of Realtors PAC would not have endorsed Terry McAuliffe if they weren’t certain that he will support the controversial Bi-County Parkway (a.k.a. the Developers Highway) through Manassas Battlefield that will open up a lot of land, particularly in Loudoun County, that has been bought up by residential developers.

Anyone who doubts that McAuliffe didn’t really mean what he said to the Dulles area Chamber of Commerce about supporting the Bi-County Parkway as it currently is mapped out is just deluding themselves.

McAuliffe for Gov., DPVA and GreenTech’s Incestuous Relationship has connected the dots between Terry McAuliffe’s gubernatorial campaign, his car company known as GreenTech that is now the focus of an SEC probe, and the Democratic Party of Virginia.  The latest in this parade is Virtucon’s old pal Levar “Slasher” Stoney that we have been chronicling since 2010.

What is news here is that Stoney, who previously served as DPVA’s executive director and is now McAuliffe’s deputy campaign manager, also served as GreenTech’s director of public and government affairs.

Stashing campaign operatives during the political off-season is not unusual. Typically, though, such individuals are assigned to political action committees or some other partisan function.

I don’t know about you, but if I were running a car company I wouldn’t give a job to someone involved in a tire slashing conspiracy.  Go figure.

Best Political Ad of 2013 So Far…

The best political ad of the 2013 general election so far has to be “Crazy Terry’s Visa Emporium” from Women Speak Out Virginia PAC.

This is a $26,000 one week radio ad buy running in the Richmond and northern Virginia media markets.

Women Speak Out Virginia PAC is the same organization that earlier this year slammed McAuliffe in a radio ad for opposing basic health and safety standards for abortion clinics.

Meanwhile, some people are getting very angry that they can’t find one of Terry McAuliffe’s GreenTech automobiles…

Good News for Cuccinelli from the QPac Poll

A Quinnipiac University poll out earlier this week showed Terry McAuliffe leading Ken Cuccinelli by 6 points among likely voters, 48-42.  Scratch a little deeper than that, though, and you find some pretty good news for Cuccinelli.

Cuccinelli LEADS among independent voters, 44-42.

Cuccinelli LEADS on honesty and trustworthiness, 42-39.

Cuccinelli LEADS on having the right experience to be governor, 56-46 (does not add up to 100% because this reflects those voters who say both candidates possess the right experience.)
Then, there is the partisan breakdown of the poll:

Republican 23%
Democrat 30
Independent 39
Other/DK/NA 8

However damaged the GOP-brand may be, there is no way that Republicans will comprise only 23% of the electorate on Election Day, particularly in an off-year election where President Obama is not on the ballot and he could not even get the LG nomination for a former member of his own administration in a low-turnout Democratic primary back in June.  With McAuliffe holding a 6-point lead in this poll and Democrats having a 7% advantage in representation here (with McAuliffe carrying Democrats 92-1), that amounts to a wash.

In the 2009 election, the partisan ID was 37R / 33D / 30I. Even in the 2012 election, the partisan ID was 32R / 39D / 29I, which was a slight IMPROVEMENT for the GOP over the 2008 election.

The only troubling indicator is the 6% of self-professed Republicans who say they will vote for McAuliffe over Cuccinelli.  To you I say, just be honest with yourselves and the rest of the voters here in Virginia.  You’re RINOs.  Go join your local Democratic committee.  If you need help, just contact Boyd Marcu$.

Boyd Marcus Endorses McAuliffe, Threatens To Advise Him

GOP consultant / big crybaby Boyd Marcus has announced he is endorsing Democrat Terry McAuliffe for governor and will advise his campaign.

T-Mac would be wise to say “thanks, but no thanks” given Marcus’ recent track record — Bill Bolling 2013 and George Allen 2012 just to name a few.

If Marcus thinks he’ll earn some quick bucks off this race, he very well might, but he’ll never work in the VA GOP again.  We’ll make sure that any candidate who hires him going forward will be tarred and feathered for doing so.  He will be so radioactive that no one will want to touch him.