WashPo looking into coordination issue

Well, we have it here from the horse’s mouth that someone at the Washington Post is looking into possible campaign finance violations by Raising Kaine PAC with regard to the Webb campaign.

This is the third person that I have heard this from who has been contacted by the WashPo and, unfortunately, I have to admit that from what I have heard they were looking into this before I even raised it. I guess there goes that whole theory that my opinion didn’t have any merit if the WashPo thought it was worthy to investigate on their own to begin with. Oh, well….

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Still waiting…..

The longer it goes without Jim Webb either condemning or condoning his paid blogosphere mouthpiece Lowell Feld for calling George Allen an “outright racist,” the more likely it is that one of two things is going on here:

1. Jim Webb has no idea what his own campaign staff are doing in his name on his behalf; or

2. Jim Webb is complicit in this smear campaign and is using Feld’s other endeavor, Raising Kaine / Raising Kaine PAC to do his dirty work for him without having to get his “official campaign” all muddy.

As for apologizing to Raising Kaine PAC for stating that in my opinion they are in violation of federal campaign finance laws, I will wait to see all the evidence that there is no coordination between the campaign and RK / RK PAC. If I am incorrect, I will gladly apologize. If my opinion is correct, though, I wouldn’t expect to see anything of the sort come out from them.

UPDATE: Some of RK’s nutroots readers have suggested that they take legal action against me for offering my legal opinion on what I consider to be a violation of federal election law based upon my understanding of the facts and applicable law. Well, first of all, for them to be successful, they would have to prove there isn’t any coordination and proving a negative is especially difficult (even when one person isn’t occupying dual roles.) Second, it would be a wide-open invitation for me in the discovery process to go through all their internal campaign memos and e-mails as well as drag Webb, Jarding et al. into depositions where all sorts of questions could be asked. Those are two playgrounds they don’t want me anywhere near, especially pre-election.

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Katie Couric is so dumb….

How dumb is she?

KatieThe ScarecrowCouric actually asked this question of President Bush last night.

“You have said we can’t cut and run on more than one occasion. We have to stay until we win. Otherwise, we’ll be fighting the terrorists here at home, on our own streets. So what do you mean exactly by that, Mr. President?”

It means that terrorists will be on American streets killing American citizens using any method available to them. What part of that don’t you understand? Hello? We’re getting ready to commemorate the fifth anniversary of such a tragedy next week…..

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9/11 Miniseries Drives Nutroots Crazy

Seems that Dems aren’t too happy about the upcoming ABC miniseries “The Path To 9/11″ and how it portrays the Clinton Administration.

But former GOP Governor Thomas Kean of New Jersey, the chairman of the Sept. 11 commission and a consultant to the production, defended the film, saying it showed “a colossal failure of government.”

So, what are they to do? The same that they always do, what else? Engage in the politics of personal destruction that they claim to despise.

Tom Kean Sr is a legendary figure in New Jersey politics. He’s not a particularly good man, having been elected through race-baiting and voter-suppression. He wasn’t a particularly good Governor, since he left a huge debt for New Jersey to clean up.

Sit back and enjoy the nutroots show as they drag down the Democrat Party, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. (Look no further than the fact that Nancy Pelosi is now considered in the center of the Democrat Party ideologically.)

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Daily Kossack Slams Virtucon

Ever wonder about the level of discourse on the neo-communist blog sites like DailyKos? Well, wonder no more….

VA-Sen: Dick Wad(ham), Sen. Felix Macaca’s campaign manager, is now orchestrating an effort to go after the blog Raising Kaine.

First of all, I had no contact with anyone on the Allen campaign regarding my post on Raising Kaine’s state registered PAC’s admitted involvement in a federal race. They provide the prima facie evidence themselves that they violated federal election law. It isn’t that hard to connect the dots with what they themselves have put out and then apply the law. Now, I know that most Kossacks are too stupid to read federal law and understand it themselves, so I’m not surprised that they’d be slamming us here. After all, most of them are so used to taking marching orders from others that they couldn’t fathom anyone, a conservative no less, acting and thinking independently.

How they can make the leap to saying that Allen campaign manager Dick Wadhams is “orchestrating an effort” is beyond me. Then again, we don’t call these conspiracy theorists “nutroots” for nothing….

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George Allen – Coming Through For Our Injured Soldiers and Vets

Yesterday, George Allen introduced S.AMDT.4883 to H.R.5631 to make available from the Defense Health Program $19,000,000 for the Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center. This measure has wide, bipartisan support (notice how many liberal Dems have even signed on to this), garnering the following as cosponsors:

Sen Bingaman, Jeff [NM]
Sen Byrd, Robert C. [WV]
Sen Clinton, Hillary Rodham [NY]
Sen DeWine, Mike [OH]
Sen Durbin, Richard [IL]
Sen Kennedy, Edward M. [MA]
Sen Kerry, John F. [MA]
Sen Lautenberg, Frank R. [NJ]
Sen Menendez, Robert [NJ]
Sen Mikulski, Barbara A. [MD]
Sen Obama, Barack [IL]
Sen Salazar, Ken [CO]
Sen Stevens, Ted [AK]
Sen Talent, Jim [MO]

It isn’t very often that I’ll say something nice about many of the Dems listed above, but I do applaud them for putting petty partisan politics aside to cosponsor this important amendment offered by Sen. Allen at a time when they all would like nothing better than to see him defeated at the polls.

Oh, and if you think he wasn’t the one to introduce this legislation, just look it up on THOMAS.

UPDATE: It seems that since the nutroots can’t do this for themselves, we’ll have to make it clear here. READ DURBIN’S OWN COMMENTS WHERE HE CALLS IT SEN. ALLEN’S AMENDMENT IN THE CONGRESSIONAL RECORD:




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Raising Kaine PAC in violation of Federal Election law

It is very clear according to the Federal Election Campaign Act what types of funds may be used in federal races. If a PAC is to make a contribution to or make an expenditure on behalf of a federal candidate, it must be a federally registered PAC and may only accept contributions from individuals or other federally registered PACs. Furthermore, a federally registered PAC may not accept more than $5,000 per year from an individual or other federally registered PAC.

So, here we have Raising Kaine PAC supporting federal candidate Jim Webb. As if you even need proof, look no further than their own disclaimer:

RaisingKaine.com is not authorized by any candidate.
Paid for and Authorized by Raising Kaine PAC.

How to Use this Site
Jim Webb Q’s and A’s

© 2006 Raising Kaine PAC. All rights reserved.

Now, here Raising Kaine PAC states that it is registered in Virginia. Oops! Under Virginia law, unlike federal law, corporate contributions are permissible as are unlimited contributions. As I’ve already pointed out, you can’t use money from a state PAC in a federal race. We’re talking major violation here. Lengthy administrative investigation, big fines, lots of legal fees — in other words, a really big headache that lasts for a couple years.

Now, we’re not claiming that what Raising Kaine PAC is doing constitutes a public communication since internet communications are exempt from those provisions. But they are engaging in other activities on behalf of the Webb campaign that do not fall under that sole exemption. Furthermore, it would not appear that what Raising Kaine PAC is doing could even constitute an independent expenditure under federal law given the following:

(c) No expenditure shall be considered independent if the person making the expenditure allows a candidate, a candidate’s authorized committee, or their agents, or a political party committee or its agents to become materially involved in decisions regarding the communication as described in 11 CFR 109.21(d)(2), or shares financial responsibility for the costs of production or dissemination with any such person.

Given Lowell Feld’s dual role as both a paid staffer of the Webb campaign and a leader of Raising Kaine PAC, it is impossible for an agent of the Webb campaign NOT to be materially involved in such decisions. This opens up a potential can of worms for the Webb campaign as well. Oops again!

The gang at Raising Kaine PAC better start looking around for a good Democrat federal election law attorney. Something tells me that they’ll be needing one….

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Doing Allen a favor….

The Webb campaign, The Nation magazine, The WashPo et al. are doing George Allen a huge favor in 2006 by throwing everything including the kitchen sink at him during his re-election campaign. Are they trying to defeat him in 2006? Well, sort of. But I’d bet money that this is really more about 2008 and trying to derail his future presidential campaign (although I’m sure Jim Webb and his cast of nutroots supporters would prefer to win this year instead.)

What they are in fact doing is making George Allen stronger for 2008. How? First, they are expending all of their ammo on him this year. Come 2008, all of this stuff will be old news and Allen’s campaign will have had plenty of time to deal with it, either by discrediting the charges or by putting things in the proper context. They will be ready if and when any of these charges resurface in 2008. Second, this is a great dry-run for Allen’s campaign staff. Had he had an easy re-election and cruised to victory without so much as a bump on the road, they would not have been prepared for the onslaught to come. This campaign is exactly the kind of seasoning that they will need to run a national race. Third, it has forced potential rivals John McCain and Rudy Giuliani to come in, campaign for Allen and say some very, very nice things about him. Should they then turn their guns on Allen in ’08 during the primaries, he can trot out the footage from less than two years earlier when they were praising him and saying how great his leadership is, etc.

So, to all of you who are making George Allen work hard to get re-elected, I say, “Thank you!” This Bud’s for you!!! (Anheuser-Busch Brewing Co., Williamsburg, Va.)

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Condemn or Condone?

The choice is simple for Jim Webb. He can either condemn or condone his paid nutroots coordinator Lowell Feld’s outlandish statement that Sen. George Allen is an “outright racist.”

If he condemns it, then he needs to personally address this matter as Virginia Virtucon has been urging him to do, take control of his own campaign and fire Feld. If he condones this statement, then he needs to stop hiding behind his staff and make the assertion himself.

Does Jim Webb condemn this or condone this? Which is it? Virginia is waiting for an answer….

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Connaughton to be sworn in on Wed.

Word has reached Virginia Virtucon that the administrative swearing-in of outgoing PWC Chairman Sean Connaughton as the U.S. Maritime Administrator will take place this Wednesday, Sept. 6. A formal swearing-in will take place later.

Congratulations, Sean!!!

UPDATE: To clarify, once Sean is administratively sworn in (by a civil servant in the Department Of Transportation HR Dept.) he’s on the job. A ceremonial swearing in with the Secretary will happen later in the month. The White House has nothing to do with it.

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Another Dem "Not Ready For Prime Time" Player

No wonder PA Treasurer Bob Casey, Jr. didn’t want to debate Sen. Rick Santorum:

Bob Casey Jr., the Pennsylvania state treasurer who is seeking to oust Republican Sen. Rick Santorum, said in a debate yesterday that there is no “crisis” facing Social Security, which most economists agree is headed for collapse unless major changes are made.

Not only does such a statement call into question his suitability to serve as a United States Senator, but it calls into question whether this man should even be the TREASURER of Pennsylvania.

Even Tim Russert was astonished by this claim that there is no crisis.

“So [we’ll have] double the people on Social Security and Medicare, and life expectancy approaches 80. And the solution is ‘do nothing’?” moderator Tim Russert asked.

Mr. Casey suggested reinstating the estate tax and then hoping for a booming economy to “grow” the program out of the peril that actuarial tables and demographics predict.

I guess Casey, Jr. doesn’t have the brains that his father did.

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Back to Blogging

Since this post marks my return to blogging after a summer off, I plan to cover two areas in this one post.

First and foremost, a hearty thank you to Alton for planning the Bloggers United For Free Speech conference in Martinsville. For those of you who didn’t make it, your $50 got you an elegant dinner Friday night with the Lt. Governor and a delicious barbeque buffet for lunch on Saturday. Saturday was chock full of good speakers (one being the Attorney General), good presentations and good discussion. I’m a big fan of these conferences that bring us bloggers from different backgrounds and different political viewpoints together for face to face discussions. We need more civility and more thought in our political debates/deliberations and less “flaming” and name calling. From behind the protection of a keyboard, Pentium chip and/or a pseudonym it’s very easy to resort to ugliness rather than using logic and examples to substantiate one’s opinion. Doing the same thing in person, is more difficult for most people…at least in my opinion. Before I sound too terribly “holier than thou” I too have succumbed to temptation a few times and posted things that were better left unsaid. Meeting together in person at these conference is a constant reminder to me that behind the keyboard is a human being possessed of the ferocity of their convictions, and, we’re all made stronger as a result of a substantive debate devoid of name calling and meanness.

On a personal note about the conference, I had a chance to spend some time with Myron & Megan Rhodes (The Republitarian and the Republitarian’s Supreme Commander…oops…I mean Wife). The conference was a lot of fun with you guys and I enjoyed dinner Saturday night, too.

And before anyone thinks I’m turning into a big shaved head/goatee softee with all this chitter chatter about getting along….put this in your pipe and smoke it…..Greg Bouchillion has a big nose AND he wears white after Labor Day. So there.

The next topic I want to throw out was inspired by a post on Not Larry Sabato. Apparently there is a trend where high interest, low principle lenders (affectionately referred to as “loan sharks”) are setting up shop outside military installations. Allegedly their m.o. is offering their high interest loans to young servicepersons who have yet to learn fiscal discipline and need some quick cash to tide them over until payday. Obviously, critics are claiming that these lenders/loan sharks are “preying” on young, inexperienced service personnel who have yet to learn fiscal discipline.

Does the state/government have a responsibility to protect young adults from their own lack of fiscal discipline by aggressively regulating the lending industry? Do young adults have a responsibility to manage their affairs prudently? Was reducing the age of majority to 18 a mistake? Do 18 year olds have adequate judgment via life experience to be held responsible for decisions of this magnitude? Are we paying our enlisted personnel enough? Or do enlisted personnel have a responsibility to live within their means?

I’m interested in hearing everyone’s thoughts on this.

When will Jim Webb do the honorable thing?

Every day that Jim Webb refuses to address the outrageous comments of his nutroots coordinator, Lowell Feld, he gives tacit approval to the juvenile and offensive remarks that he has made. Every day that passes that Jim Webb remains silent is a statement that he agrees with Feld’s spurious charges that George Allen is an “outright racist.”

When will Jim Webb do the honorable thing — distance himself from those remarks and fire Lowell Feld? We’re still waiting….

UPDATE: It appears that Judy Feder has terminated her campaign’s relationship with Greg Bouchillon over similar outrageous behavior. When will Jim Webb follow Feder’s example?

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The Incredible Disappearing WashPo Story….

I WAS going to write a post on Michael Shear’s “analysis” piece that headlined the Sunday WashPo’s Virginia Edition of the Metro section entitled “‘Macaca Moment’ Marks a Shift in Momentum” in which Webb campaign guru Steve Jarding admits that the entire Webb campaign boils down to this:

“This is a referendum on George Allen.”

Need further evidence of that? Well, check out Jim Webb’sIssues Page” and you’ll see why Jarding has to frame it that way. His issues haven’t been expanded upon since he got into the race six months ago despite repeated promises that we’d be seeing a whole host of issue initiatives laid out on their web site. Well, they’ve got a spiffy new web site AND they’ve even dropped the “Born Fighting” slogan from it, but still no sign of any substantive policy proposals.

Six months into the campaign and Jim Webb has offered Virginians a total of four sentences on the criticial issue of transportation. Six months into the campaign and Jim Webb has offered Virginians a total of nine sentences on the important issue of education. (Some of those sentences are so simple that they should have been compouded such as: “Jim is a product of public schools. Jim’s children attended public schools.” — hardly substantive policy there.) To date, Jim Webb has remained the one-trick pony that we all thought he was to begin with. (No wonder the one-trick pony author John Grisham is doing a fundraiser for him.)

As I said, I WAS going to write about all this, but when I went to the WashPo’s web site to link to Shear’s analysis piece, it was nowhere to be found. Not in the Metro section where it appeared in hard copy. Not in the Campaign 2006 category. Not with Shear’s columns for the Richmond Report. Nowhere.

Now why would the lead item in the WashPo’s Metro section not be anywhere online? Ineptitude? Quite possibly. But with the WashPo, you always have to question ulterior motives.

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