Giuliani’s In

In our ongoing coverage of the moths flying towards the flame – Rudy Giuliani has thrown his hat towards the ring.

Giuliani forms a Presidential Exploratory Committee.

I’ve stated it before and will say it again – for some reason I’m drawn towards supporting Giuliani. He’s not a conservative, but he has proven to be a good leader. The nation is in need of an inspirational leader. If he can survive on being a fiscal conservative and avoid social issues he might just have a chance to find himself in the White House.

"Health care is coming back"

From Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY)
Health care is coming back,” Clinton warned, adding, “It may be a bad dream for some.”

The question has to be asked: From where can she be better positioned to push through government-run healthcare? The White House or the seat of the Senate Majority Leader?

Revamping our health care system a much longer than a 2 year project. Can she change health care in America while running for President?

Wasting No Time…

Sen. John McCain is already launching a presidential exploratory committee. (Sorry to rain on your parade today there, Hirons.)

McCain joins GOP Congressman Duncan Hunter (CA) and Democrat Governor Tom Vilsack (IA) in the already growing field.

Right now, I’m calling on conservative bloggers everywhere to join in forming a new ABM Treaty (Anybody But McCain). McCain has let us down before on tax cuts and First Amendment issues, two core pieces of the conservative agenda. With the loss of Senator Allen, I still haven’t made up my mind on ’08 yet, but I do know that McCain isn’t anywhere on my list.

Tribute to the Marine Corps 231st Birthday

I use for a number of webhosting and emal solutions. Since the first year I became a customer of Godaddy, Bob Parsons, Presdient and CEO of Godaddy has had flash animations created for the Marine Corps Birthday. He then sends them out to all customers. It’s one of the pieces of spam email I look forward to every year.

Here’s a look at this year’s contribution:
Happy 231st
Birthday to the United States Marine Corps!

Semper Fi Bob!

The Left’s Next Cyber Step

This is brilliant and we cannot allow the Left to be alone in doing this.

Not a day too soon, jumps into the ’08 field with its newest fundraising tool. The Democratic online fundraising giant met with the FEC this week to get their latest project approved: Setting up fundraising accounts for potential 2008 presidential candidates.

Let’s say someone, for example Stephen Colbert, was considering a run for President, but was wary of the fundraising bar. ActBlue has the go ahead from the FEC to let its users set up a fundraising pages for “Draft Colbert” or other prospective candidates. So when ActBlue donors raise the millions Colbert thought he couldn’t raise himself, he can take that seed money with him to start his campaign for El Presidente.

But let’s say Colbert ignores all of those donors because he wants to keep his job at Comedy Central. If he doesn’t get in the race by the DNC Convention, all of the raised funds go straight to the DNC.

The tool is scheduled to launch in the next few months [SHIRA TOEPLITZ].

The Lingamfelter Report

Welcome Fellow Virginians!

The Lingamfelter Report

November 10, 2006

Looking Ahead

Fellow Virginians:

I want to personally thank all of you who came out to support the Marriage Amendment and our Republican ticket. George Allen’s loss is a loss for Virginia. We will miss him in short order, I am certain.

Amid national political turmoil, there were many very successful campaigns, such as, protecting traditional marriage, electing a conservative Chairman of the Prince William County Board of Supervisors (Chairman-elect Corey Stewart), as well as a conservative House of Delegates member to represent Manassas and Prince William (Delegate-Elect Jackson Miller). These superb victories serve to remind folks that federal elections aside, the citizens of our community appreciate the positive and responsible leadership of Republicans at the local and state level.

You can count on both Corey and Jackson to:

-Oppose tax increases;

-Offer rational transportation solutions;

-Get government growth under control; and

-Protect the interests of families in our community.

To be certain, our party has some soul searching to do. And I intend to be central in that discussion. Our fist step should be to reinvigorate the Reagan Agenda in Virginia. That includes:

-Lower taxes;

-Less Government;

-More Freedom and opportunity;

-A strong defense; and

-Protecting traditional values.

In the coming weeks and months, you will be hearing more from me on this. I am committed to the Reagan Agenda and will not rest until we—once again—are on the sure and certain path that movement conservatives know will secure our freedoms, create more prosperity, and make Virginia a wonderful place to live and raise a family.

Please, let me hear from you. I want your ideas. And I need your support, too. I hope you will consider clicking on our donations tab above to help me gear up to fight for the conservative agenda—the Reagan Agenda—in the Commonwealth.

Again, thanks for being loyal troops. Serving with and for you is truly a high honor!


L. Scott Lingamfelter
Delegate, 31st District
Virginia House of Delegates

We told you so…..

Khamenei calls elections a victory for Iran

Al Qaeda gloats over Rumsfeld

“I swear by God we shall not rest from jihad until we…blow up the filthiest house known as the White House,” the voice on the recording said.

Al-Qaida in Iraq Claims It’s Winning War

On the audio tape made available on militant Web sites, the al-Qaida in Iraq leader also welcomed the Republican electoral defeat that led to the departure of Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld.

Calls Abound for RPV Ouster

Bearing Drift, Mason Conservative and Elephant Ears are out of the gate with calls for RPV Chairman Kate Obenshain Griffin to resign or else be removed.

I must admit, at Senator Allen’s concession speech today, I saw Rick Neel who had run against Kate for RPV Chairman a few years ago. Several people there commented that had Rick been RPV Chairman today, we would have had those extra 7,500 votes that Allen needed to win. Heck, a halfway decent absentee voter program alone would have delivered that.

Now, I like Kate and she is very good at policy and when it comes to that I don’t believe I have very many (if any) differences with her. But setting policy and shaping ideology is not the job of a party chairman. It is winning elections. What is needed is someone who can do for RPV what Congressman Tom Davis did at the National Republican Congressional Committee. You need a party chairman who can run the cold hard calculations and develop a strategy to get the 50.1% you need in order to win. Who that person is, I can’t say right now. But they better know Virginia inside and out right down to the precinct.

Thoughts on the Election Results from a Soldier in Iraq

The following e-mail from a soldier in Iraq was first read on the Rusty Humphries show:

“I hope you are satisfied with what you have done…

Today in the mess hall, where there is usually jovial conversation, there was silence, long faces, and broken spirits… Everyone, to include all American soldiers, marines, sailors, airmen, Iraqi Nationals, Bulgarian Soldiers, etc, etc… was speechless, tired, demoralized and stunned…. all ate in eerie silence…..

Last night, while we watched the press conference with the President, there was utter disgust, and the common feeling amongst us all that we soldiers are now the loneliest people on Earth…. we fight an enemy over here, and we have a country full of enemies to go home to that are our countrymen. We watched President Bush say his own political funeral, our commander and chief.. as well as ours….. He tried so hard to spin it, but… well.. there is no way to soften such a morale blow.

While you sit and Monday morning quarterback what we work so hard to do for you out here, just know that the spirit of your team is wounded….. YOU liberals, you America have done a great job of demoralizing us… Thank you.

Do us a favor though, when we do come home, spare us the ceremony……. We all now know that it is a bunch of crap, and what you think of us…….

I have to say that right now, I would rather be a pussy ass Frenchman, even though they have no will to fight, at least they have the balls to make a decision and stick with it…… They stuck to their guns about staying out of this war, even if it was the wrong decision……America on the other hand, goes off half cocked, and when the decision appears to be a hard one, or something that might cost a little bit, they turn tail and run…..


This week I am NOT proud to say that I am an American……….I think it is obvious why… See, we just have told the world that we are not a nation of people who are tough, and will fight for what we believe in… We have told the world that we are a giant coward that will shy away from any difficult challenge…

So, while you eat your cheetos, and sit there and watch your lazy ass get fatter, dumber and happier Joe Citizen.. Just remember this, I, and all my comrades paid a dear price to come this far and have you decide that we should fail…

Realize this, because of your action this week America…. do not expect so many men to be so willing to stand up for your next little whim just to be cut down in the middle of it all…………

Realize this also.. you have just put a heavy price on the heads of us all…… Now that we are branded as cowards, we are an easy target, oh so inviting for the taking……. I swore to protect your children in your beds…. yet you fling the door wide open in spite of me to invite the scourge…. Well…. have it your way then.

Because of this, September 11th will soon be overshadowed by these same enemies.. my advice to you is get your lazy, self centered ass up and make peace with your God, and your family.. cause, time will come when they may not be there for you…………….Because you kicked me in the teeth, and so many others, I know I won’t any more.. ”


VA GOP Campaign Pro Lays Out What Went Wrong

I just received this message from a long-time Virginia Republican campaign professional who I have known for a number of years. We hope that he will consider joining us here at Virtucon in the near future as a contributor.

I read some of your election post-mortem. Unless there’s something really unusual that no one knows about yet, you are correct that it’s over for George Allen, and it just didn’t have to be that way. I am in full rant mode on this. I have serious concerns about the current direction of our state party. The way the Kilgore campaign last year and the Allen campaign this year were conducted was astounding. There were good people in both campaigns who did a great job trying to fix a broken ship (for example, the Allen campaign took a definite step upwards when Mike Thomas came on board full-time towards the end of September, and some of their field people, like Trixie Averill, did their usual great job). However, the sad fact is that most of the staff in both of those campaigns was made up of very inexperienced people who had little or no experience in the day-to-day of campaigns. I have managed a number of tough, winning legislative races in Virginia, and am very familiar personally with the team that ran Webb’s campaign and the sleazy personal tactics that are their standard MO. I very much wanted to work in both the Kilgore and Allen campaigns (both are longtime friends of mine who deserved better than what they got), but I couldn’t even get phone calls returned. Instead, the staff was made up people who simply didn’t have the experience level to know what to do in a tough race. I have heard from three different sources that a number of the Allen staffers this year were hired with the promise of an easy job in 2006 and then already being on board “for the next step.” If those folks couldn’t handle a competitive Senate race, how could they have handled a Presidential race? It’s not their fault the race became competitive (that was caused by Senator Allen’s personal mistakes, along with the overall bad political environment and Virginia’s changing demographics), but once the race became competitive, they were s imply not equipped to handle it. It’s not just that I feel hurt (I don’t mind using that word) and betrayed by a number of folks in the party whom I had thought were my friends. More importantly, it’s that this insistence on hiring inexperienced people to work in these races is costing our party elections we should be winning, and now it appears to have cost our party control of the United States Senate. I hope these people are very, very proud of themselves.

I agree that we need to avoid a bloodbath in 2008. However, and this may seem contradictory, I also think we need to encourage a large number of candidates, particularly some “outside the box” type candidates, to seek the Presidency. I think yesterday’s results show that the country wants a new direction, not just a different party in control, and I think we need to be able to choose from a wide variety of candidates in order to find that new direction. I know the frontrunners right now are McCain, Guiliani, and Romney, but I think all three of them have problems that could prevent them from winning the nomination, and if it’s not one of them, it has to be someone else. I absolutely think Jim Gilmore should move forward and explore a Presidential candidacy. He is very good at delivering a strong message on both national security and fiscal issues that can fire up the base without turning off the rest of the country. I don’t think Duncan Hunter fits the bill of what we need, but, by all means, if he wants to run, he should take his best shot and make his case. With the field being as wide open as it is, I think it may get even wider after yesterday (particularly since George Allen has long since squandered his opportunity to be the consensus conservative choice). The critical caveat is that all of these candidates need to run issue-oriented campaigns that will make the party stronger once we have a nominee, and stay away from a bitter, divisive nominating contest.

As for the conservatives who were frustrated and chose to send the President a message by staying home, my message is this: Remember that message when the Democrat Congress passes bad but politically popular legislation such as raising the minimum wage and forces the President into the position of either having to issue politically unpopular vetoes that could further hurt Republican candidates in 2008 and beyond or having to sign into law bad legislation. Remember that message when the President has to spend the next two years fighting off congressional investigations that, in addition to being factually baseless, could seriously undermine our War on Terror. Remember that message when the President is forced to acknowledge the reality that he no longer has any hope of getting strict constructionist judges confirmed and has to settle for folks that the Democrat Senate will confirm.

Finally, I strongly believe that our congressional leadership needs a serious overhaul. I’ve never thought Hastert was a particularly effective leader, and I honestly haven’t been that impressed by Boehner, and I don’t think Roy Blunt is the right person in the current environment. I think a perfect choice for Minority Leader would be Eric Cantor. In the Senate, it’s always been assumed that Mitch McConnell would succeed Frist as Leader. However, I don’t think McConnell is the right choice. I’m not sure who the best person is, but I think serious consideration should be given to Kay Bailey Hutchison, and possibly to John Sununu as well.

Class Act

I just got back from Senator Allen’s concession speech in Old Town Alexandria where I met up with fellow Virtucon bloggers Hirons and Lighthorse. Senator Allen was a class act and showed his deep respect for the people of Virginia, stating that they had spoken and although he could request a recount, he did not believe that it would change the outcome. He also said that he would not have the taxpayers of Virginia foot the bill for such a recount nor would he let this drag out until Christmas as would have been the case. (Take note of how to handle such situations Al Gore and Creigh Deeds.)

Senator and Susan Allen were smiling and in good spirits. Allen was tossing a football to people in the crowd. Senator Warner’s wife was crying as were several other women who were there. The George Allen on display today was the George Allen of old that the people of this commonwealth elected twice to statewide office. I predict you haven’t seen or heard the last of George Allen. In fact, with Marky Mark looking to bring his Funky Bunch back to Richmond in ’09 now that he has bailed on his own presidential run, he may have made a critical error in helping to unseat Allen in ’06. I’d stack Allen’s record of abolishing parole, welfare reform, tax cuts and standards of learning up against Mark Warner’s record of tax increases and fiscal mismanagement (oops, where did that $100M go to?) any day.

Presidential Sweepstakes

And they’re off:

The race for the Presidency officially started as the polls closed on Tuesday. Actually Duncan Hunter (R- CA) jumped the gun a little, but no false starts for that in this race.

In the race

Republicans Democrats
Representative Duncan Hunter(CA) Governor Tom Vilsack (IA)

Will (or should it be when will)Hillary announce? When will McCain announce? When will Romney announce? Will Gilmore really throw his hat into this ring?

With George Allen probably completely out of the picture what will support coming out of Virginia look like?

Is Romney really the top Republican dog right now?

I’m not convinced Hillary won’t seek to be Senate Majority Leader and sit the presidential race out.

Did the Marriage Amendment Defeat George Allen?

With 30 percent of those voting for the Marriage Amendment also voting for Jim Webb according to exit polls, it would seem that was the case. How did this happen? Well, exit poll results show that African Americans overwhelmingly supported passage of the constitutional amendment, but then turned around and voted Democrat.

So, a measure that was designed to lift George Allen up and superboost his presidential candidacy instead wound up defeating him. Cruel irony.