Thelma Drake defeats Phil Kellam 51-49 with 100 percent of the precincts reporting.

If Senator George Allen holds on to defeat Jim Webb and Corey Stewart beats Sharon Pandak for PWC Chairman, Virginia will have proven to be a beachhead against the Democrat wave.

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Election Day Open Thread / Predictions

Who will win, who will lose, who will wind up in a recount / legal battle? Tell us your experiences and your predictions.

Here are my predictions in the races in which I voted:

George Allen – 49.7
Jim Webb – 48.9

Jo Ann Davis – 62
Shawn O’Donnell – 38

Corey Stewart – 54
Sharon Pandak – 46

And on the Marriage Amendment, I predict it passes 53-47.

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Did Webb resign as Reagan’s SecNav to keep from getting fired?

Did Jim Webb resign as Reagan’s Secretary of the Navy in order to keep from being fired from that post? There are increasingly strong indications from people who worked at the Pentagon back then that is exactly how things played out. Given Jim Webb’s use of Ronald Reagan in this campaign, Virginia voters have the right to know — was President Reagan on the verge of firing Jim Webb before he quit?

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Potomac News Endorses Pandak

Yesterday, the Potomac News endorsed Sharon Pandak for county chairman, citing her long experience as county attorney.

Hmmmm…. Wouldn’t that be back in the time that PWC was considered a backwater county? And as far as experience goes, former Chairman Sean Connaughton had even less experience with the county when he was first elected than Corey Stewart does today as he is finishing up his third year on the Board.

Experience only counts if it is good experience. I, for one, do not want to go back to the bad old days of when Pandak was on staff.

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1. Corey is the only candidate for Chairman with a controlled growth voting record.

2. Corey is the only candidate for Chairman to vote against all tax increases.
Corey kept his pledge not to raise your taxes, he believes government should limit their budget increases to the rate of inflation.
Endorsed by Prince William Taxpayer’s Alliance.

3. Corey will focus new county resources on education, transportation and public safety.

4. Corey is opposed to day labor sites and believes social services should be limited to citizens and legal residents.

5. Corey has pledged transportation improvements before developments are approved.

6. Corey is leading the effort to require developers to pay for development, not the citizens.

7. Corey is the only Candidate for Chairman to sign the pledge to protect the Rural Crescent.
Endorsed by Voters to Stop Sprawl & Advocates of the Rural Crescent.

8. Corey believes government should be informative, inclusive and responsive to citizens.
As the Occoquan District Supervisor he has kept his constituents informed and created focus groups of citizens to work on important issues such as land use and the County Budget.

9. Corey Stewart is the citizen’s candidate, his opponent is the developer’s candidate.
Developer’s Campaign Contributions:
Opponent’s Campaign $80,157.44
Corey Stewart’s Campaign $500.00

10. Corey Stewart has a plan to work together with the citizens and all the local, federal and state elected officials to change the process and to help alleviate the symptoms of over development in Prince William County.
Endorsed by: Lt. Gov Bill Bolling, Attorney General Bob McDonnell, Congressmen Tom Davis & Frank Wolf, Senator Jay O’Brien, Delegates Jeff Frederick, Scott Limagmnfelter, Bob Marshall, Michelle McQuigg, Sheriff Glenn Hill, Clerk of the Court Dave Mabie, Supervisors; John Stirrup, Wally Covington, Marty Nohe, School Board Members: Michael Otaigbe, Julie Lucas, Milton Johns, Grant Lattin & Don Richardson

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Susan Allen on WARW

WARW, 94.7, Classic Rock, had Susan Allen on this morning around 8:30am. Shortly before the interview, they announced that she was going to be on and I was a little concerned. The morning announcers are lefty and semi-shock jocks. But the interview turned out very well; they were polite with her. They did bring up the deer in the mailbox issue, but the interviewers phrased the question in a way that showed that did not believe it. They also brought up the harassing blogger. They talked about all the different places she’s going to for the remainder of the campaign. All and all, Susan came across as a hard working, articulate supporter of her husband, and the Democrats came across and nasty and nutty.

Webb Opposed 1990 Gulf War Build-Up; Called To Reinstate The Draft!!!

Once again, under the “Wrong-Then, Wrong-Now” department….

Buildup in Gulf Called `a Mistake’ Military: A former Navy secretary says attacking Iraq would compound the error of committing more troops to the region

Nov 29, 1990
The Los Angeles Times

A former Navy secretary today called President Bush’s 430,000-troop buildup in the Persian Gulf a mistake and said attacking Iraq would compound it. But the White House insisted that Saddam Hussein must know “that he could face military action at any time.”

White House spokesman Marlin Fitzwater also said Bush remains reluctant to call Congress back to discuss the gulf crisis, despite recent calls for a special session.

James Webb, a former Navy secretary in the Reagan Administration, told the Senate Armed Service Committee today that “the President’s mistake in sending so many troops should not be compounded by a further error in using them in a premature, unprovoked ground offensive.”

Webb said the President should call for an “immediate resumption of the draft and then a declaration of war” by the Congress.

UPDATE: Here is what one Webbster had to say in the comments —

AppleBlossom Says: September 18th, 2006 at September 18, 2006 – 3:49 pm

Webb is right that we need a draft. The draft teaches people that war is wrong. When all the tough pro-war talkers are forced to serve, they will finally realize that war is never the answer!

To which I respond with the words of the immortal James Earl Jones from the classic film, “Field of Dreams”

Oh, my God, you’re from the Sixties! [He sprays a flit-gun at Ray Kinsella.] Out! Back to the Sixties! Get back! There’s no place for you here in the future! Get back while you still can!

Peace, love, dope! Now get the hell out of here!

"Reverse The Curse"

As you are driving south from the Springfield mixing bowl where I-95, I-495 and I-395 all converge, no doubt you have noticed a tall office building on your right, just behind the Bob Evan’s restaurant. Right now, a large George Allen banner is hanging from the building. Great visibility, but the building doesn’t have such great a record of helping candidates. Mark Earley, Sean Connaughton and Jerry Kilgore all had large banners hanging from that building and all lost their races. It was just after the George Allen banner went up on the building when polls started turning against Senator Allen.

So, as a Boston Red Sox fan who is somewhat familiar with silly “curses,” it is time to “Reverse The Curse” of the Springfield building.

Here is what you can do in the 72 hours before Election Day to “Reverse The Curse”:

Literature drops
Phone banking
Put up yard signs
Encourage your family, friends and neighbors to get out and vote on Election Day

Curt Schilling proved two years ago that there is no such thing as a curse and that hard work can triumph over adversity. It is time for all conservatives in Virginia to mount up and win the ground game for Senator Allen.

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Semi-informative if cut-and-paste

The Potomac News appears to have remembered that there is an election for County Chairman next Tuesday and have scrambled to pull together as much information as possible for a single article in an attempt to make up for the lackluster coverage they have given to the race so far.

There was some good information contained in this article, but it had a cut-and-paste feel to it as some passages I distinctly remember from a previous article or two.

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Pandak’s Legacy of Duplicity and Deceit as County Attorney

The following is a letter to the editor sent to the Manassas Journal Messenger and the Potomac News that has yet to be published:

Residents of Prince William County Beware! A woman named Sharon Pandak is running for the position of Chairman of the Prince William County Board of Supervisors. In 1990-1991 I was the county right-of-way agent and interacted with her staff on a daily basis. I had worked 13 years in the field of real estate appraisal and rights-of-way acquisition at federal and local levels. I held the International Right-of-way Association’s professional designation, having qualified in the disciplines of appraisal, negotiation, engineering and real estate law. I also qualified as an instructor for that Association. In August 1991 I resigned my position because I could no longer work for a government that was cheating citizens out of fair market value of lands being acquired for Prince William Parkway, Davis Ford Road, etc.

The scheme worked like this. Once contract appraisals were accomplished, they were carefully reviewed by me or my assistant. They were then forwarded to County Attorney Sharon Pandak’s office to have the letter containing an offer to purchase prepared by her staff. (In government land acquisition, it is highly unusual for a letter of offering to be prepared and signed by an attorney, lest the recipient feel intimidated). However in 1991 not only did the County attorneys prepare the letter of offering, they completely ignored the appraised fair market value and pulled a figure out-of-the-sky to make their offer. The letter from the County Attorney’s office would start with the phrase, “We have had an appraisal made of your property and we are prepared to offer you $______. Although they never specifically said they were offering the appraised value, the statement inferred that the appraised value was being offered. It is my opinion that this statement in the offer letter prepared by Sharon Pandak’s office was worded to deceive. Sometimes the amount offered was a few thousand dollars under the appraised fair market value and sometimes it was many thousands of dollars under value.

I tried several times to reason with my supervisor in Public Works, Tom Blazer; unfortunately, he insisted on allowing the county attorneys to continue their fleece job on the landowners. One of the assistant County attorneys told me that I was known as “the bleeding heart” by the County attorney’s office. I earned this nickname because I urged the County to pay fair market value (the appraised value) for the land being acquired. My assistant, a qualified appraiser, quit his job shortly before I resigned. Upon his resignation I was assigned a helper, with no real estate or appraisal qualifications, to assist with clerical duties – Ms. Tiffany Koch. Although she knew nothing about real estate appraisal, she was, according to a Washington Post article, given the job to negotiate the unsubstantiated values placed on the properties by the county attorney’s office. The County apparently did not want to hire a qualified replacement – they appeared to only want a body to do as told and keep their mouth shut.

Not surprisingly, Sharon Pandak was an outspoken opponent of eminent domain reform in the Virginia General Assembly following last year’s Supreme Court ruling removing virtually all barriers to the use of eminent domain to promote private economic development, i.e., the interests of developers. Considering that ruling, I shudder to think what Sharon Pandak might do to the citizens of the State of Virginia if ever elected as the state’s attorney general. I understand that she announced her candidacy for Attorney General last year, but withdrew for lack of funds. However, if she can become chairman of the county board, she can raise sufficient funds from developers doing business with the county and be on her way to the Attorney General’s office.

I do not know Ms. Pandak’s opponent for Chairman of the Board of Supervisors, and I most certainly am not a Republican, but I do believe her opponent has to unquestionably be the best candidate. I would like to believe that he would not allow single parents, the elderly and the uninformed to be cheated out of the fair market value of their land, as was happening in 1990-91 and perhaps beyond.

You may not fully appreciate just how important it is to have county leaders with integrity until the county decides it wants your land. Will the county treat its citizens fairly? In the event Sharon Pankak gains more power, you can expect the government to again use the threat of eminent domain to acquire land “on the cheap.” Remember, it could be your land subject to the County’s power of eminent domain, during the next acquisition process.

Henrico, North Carolina

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Dems’ October Surprise is…

Alex P. Keaton?

It is sad to see Michael J. Fox in this condition. However, in the past when he has testified before Congress he has gone off of his Parkinson’s medication (as he stated in his memoir, “Lucky Man,” with regard to his 1999 testimony) and it appears that he may have done that when filming these ads that are now appearing in the Missouri and Maryland senate races against Republicans Jim Talent and Michael Steele respectively as well as in the Wisconsin gubernatorial race against Republican challenger Mark Green. How much longer until this ad pops up in Virginia against Senator George Allen?

(UPDATE: There is allegedly television footage of Fox at a press conference for McCaskill from just prior to him filming the ad for her where none of the symptoms exhibited in the ad are in evidence. We will do our best to track this down if it does indeed exist.)

The thing is, in the Maryland senate race, only one candidate has had the opportunity to actually vote on any sort of stem cell research and Democrat Ben Cardin voted against it when he had the chance.

I sincerely hope that they find a cure for Parkinson’s, but embryonic stem cell research has to date proved to be much less beneficial than other stem cell sources that do not result in the creation of life in order to destroy it for medical harvest.

The election looks to be coming down to Democrats / Michael J. Fox / Stem Cell Research vs. Republicans / Jack Bauer / National Security

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"Republicans for Pandak" signs

Craig Vitter over at Craig’s Musings has been on top of the “Republicans for Pandak” sign story these past few weeks. Well, I saw my first one of these signs over the weekend along southbound Route 1 on the right-hand side just inside the Dumfries town line (not exactly a hot-bed of Republican activism there.)

Now, I’m not certain whether the property owner who put up the sign is a Republican or not, but perhaps someone with knowledge of where the sign is located and who the owner is can shed some light on that. Let’s not forget, without party registration in Virginia, anyone can claim to be a member of any party they want, but it doesn’t make it so.

What does this person (and others claiming to be “Republicans for Pandak”) think makes him or her a Republican? Are they currently members in good standing of the Prince William County Republican Party or the Republican Party of Virginia? (Technically the only actual way you can “belong” to a political party in Virginia.) Did they once vote in a Republican primary? Did they once vote for a Republican in a general election? Is it merely a state of mind for them? Or maybe “Developers for Pandak” didn’t test all that well with the focus groups in the county.

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