God Bless and Good Night

Born a little under ten years ago Virginia Virtucon was at times a force to be reckoned with in the Virginia blogosphere and at times a little engine that could barely keep our lights on.

Originally opened through a dispute with the blog Too Conservative, Virginia Virtucon quickly became a leading voice for conservative in Virginia. Led then by Jim Riley, Virginia Virtucon put a unique spin on politics in Virginia. With a tinge of pop-culture and a bend on reporting from a local perspective Virginia Virtucon was able to capture the news of the day in ways that others were not able to.

Over the years Virginia Virtucon saw many contributors come and go. We have seen contributors go off to work with other leading blogs and even spin off into very successful brand new blogs.   We are very proud of those that made a stop by our little space in the blogosphere and made contributions here.

Over the last couple of years Terrence Boulden took the reigns of Virginia Virtucon and kept the lights on. Many of us were often the target of his scolds to write more and create content for the blog. With his passing it’s not likely the blog will continue. For now Virginia Virtucon will shutter our windows and doors, and mothball our posts. We will never say never, but for now it’s God Bless and Good Night.