USA Today morons

USA Today did a list of the 101 most influential people who never lived.

Only problem is, a bunch of those on the list aren’t even “people” — Mickey Mouse, Smokey the Bear and the Loch Ness Monster to name a few. Then there are a few who did live (St. Nicholas for one) or whom there is question of whether they did exist or were just a myth (such as King Arthur.) Finally, there are some entries where multiple people are listed (such as “Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock”), pushing the list over the 101 they claim in the title.

That’s some real brainpower they’ve got going on over in their newsroom.

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Media Coverage of PWC Chairman Race

The WashPo has an article on Corey Stewart vs. Sharon Pandak on the important issue of growth while the Potomac News headline today is “Resident upset over sign in yard.”

Now, if this was an honest mistake and Corey apologized to this individual on behalf of his campaign for whoever put the sign in his yard, doesn’t it seem a little petty to base your vote on this? Does anyone know Mike Bryce and whether he is really an “unaligned” voter? If Bryce witnessed the volunteer putting his sign in his yard, why didn’t he open up the door and ask what he was doing? That would have been the first thing I would have done. Isn’t it strange that Bryce thought the person would come ask permission to put the sign up AFTER he had put the sign up? Does Bryce have a description of the man or the truck? Did he get a license plate number? And the biggest question of all — who called the Potomac News to report this non-story?

There’s something fishy going on here.

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Sunday Drive Sign Wars

The Riley family piled into our Volvo wagon (no, it is NOT from Don Beyer) on Sunday for a drive out I-66 to pick apples and pumpkins. Our 120-mile trek took us clear across Prince William County along Rt. 234 (The Ronald Wilson Reagan Memorial Highway) from Rt. 1 to I-66, then out I-66 to Markham in Fauquier County where we hit Stribling Orchards.

From there, we tried out our new Verizon cell phones with GPS navigation to get from Markham to Berryville in Clarke County where Nalls Farm Market is located (some of the best pies you’ll find anywhere — try their apple-cranberry!) Our cell phone guided us through several back roads, shaving an hour off the trip if we had taken I-66 to I-81 to Route 7 as we have in the past.

After loading up at Nalls with pies, cider and apples (the ones at the orchard had been hit by a frost), we began heading home. This trip took us through Purcellville in Loudoun County and then down Route 15 back into PWC where we hopped back on I-66. This time, we took the PW Parkway back across the county all the way to I-95.

As you can tell, we covered a lot of ground and hit several major routes as well as numerous backroads. So, here’s what I can tell you about my observations of the political “sign wars” leading up to Election Day.

The GOP owns PWC. Everywhere you turned along Route 234 and the Parkway, there were at least three signs EACH for George Allen, Tom Davis and Corey Stewart (for PWC Chairman.) It was a very well-coordinated effort. I did notice a few Tom Davis signs in Jo Ann Davis’s territory, but no matter since they were in between his district and major thoroughfares. Frank Wolf also had a solid presence in Western PWC. I only saw a handful of Sharon Pandak (for PWC Chairman) signs, mostly around the intersection of Rt. 15 and Rt. 234 out west where she had one large sign as well. There were even fewer Jim Webb signs in PWC and ZERO Andy Hurst signs.

In Fauquier County, the I-66 exit ramp in Markham had a fair number of Judy Feder for Congress signs while Wolf’s signs were a bit more spread out. George Allen had a great presence. If Webb had any signs along our route in Fauquier, I didn’t notice them or don’t recall them. The back roads in Clarke County that we traveled along were pretty much devoid of yard signs while Loudoun County, especially Purcellville, was evenly split with Allen and Webb signs, but neither side had a lot of signs there, either.

So, there you have it. The state of the “sign wars” in NOVA outside the Beltway. Remember, this is only what we saw yesterday afternoon. If you have any observations of your own, please feel free to add them here.

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And then there were none?

The RTD has an editorial this morning that ends:

At the start of the year two Virginians were in presidential contention. Now there is none.

I still wouldn’t count George Allen out so long as he wins re-election this year. We’re still at least 14 months away from the first presidential primary (that is if NH moves theirs up to Dec. ’07 as they might do in order to remain first) and a lot can happen in that time. But if Allen were to join Warner in declining to run, who would you support? And for the Dem readers of Virtucon, who are you considering throwing your support to now that Warner has pulled the plug?

Here are lists of potential candidates for each party (as compiled in the left column of this blog as well):

Sam Brownback (KS)
Bill Frist (TN)
Newt Gingrich (GA)
Rudy Giuliani (NY)
Chuck Hagel (NE)
Mike Huckabee (AR)
John McCain (AZ)
George Pataki (NY)
Tim Pawlenty (MN)
Mitt Romney (MA)
Tom Tancredo (CO)
Tommy Thompson (WI)


Evan Bayh (IN)
Joe Biden (DE)
Wesley Clark (AR)
Hillary Clinton (NY)
Tom Daschle (SD)
Howard Dean (VT)
Chris Dodd (CT)
John Edwards (NC)
Russ Feingold (WI)
John Kerry (MA)
Barrack Obama (IL)
Bill Richardson (NM)
Tom Vilsack (IA)

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So, what is the real reason Mark Warner isn’t running?

Yesterday, former Gov. Marky Mark decided not to bring his Funky Bunch on a nationwide tour, citing family reasons. Now, if that is truly the case, I can respect that having walked away from a few opportunities to run for something myself for that very reason. On the flip side, the timing seems somewhat strange to make such an announcement and all reports leading up to yesterday indicated that his family was (reluctantly) onboard and he was getting ready to file paperwork for an exploratory campaign and open campaign offices in Iowa and NH by the end of the year.

So, what do YOU think is the real reason he isn’t launching a presidential campaign? Was it really family considerations? (I heard a first-hand account about 3 years ago of a private conversation where Warner’s wife responded for him when he was asked if he would run for the Senate again, “If he wants to run for the senate again, he can do it with another wife.”) Did he think that he couldn’t win the nomination? Was he pushed out? And if so, by whom? (While the primary focus of this seems to be Hillary!, don’t rule out his old mentor Sen. Chris Dodd of CT who wants to run in ’08 himself.) Is there some scandal lurking out there (perhaps dealing with how he got his cell phone franchise that led to his fortune)? Could it be that someone pointed out to him that his only “accomplishment” as Gov. was raising taxes $1.4 billion when it turns out the state was actually running a surplus? Or maybe someone reminded him of the couple hundred million dollars his administration misplaced?

Step right up and tell us what you think!

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Boots On The Ground

Bush policy not working? Losing the War in Iraq?

Listen to a boot on the ground and decide for yourself.
Kozeliski Interview

Sounds like there is progress being made and we’re winning to me.

1stLt. Mike Kozeliski is a good friend of mine. You won’t find a more honest person. If things weren’t going well he would be the first to admit it.

Mike’s in the middle of his 2nd tour in Iraq. He is a true American Hero.

Semper Fi!

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Marky Mark won’t take his show on a U.S. Tour

National Journal is reporting that former VA Gov. Marky Mark may not be making a run at the WH in ’08.

Ex-VA Gov. Mark Warner plans to make a major announcement today about his 2008 presidential bid, three Virginia Democratic sources said. According to two Virginia Democrats who have been formally briefed, Warner is expected to say that he has decided not to run for president in 2008. Warner will speak to Virginia reporters at 11:00 am ET. A Warner spokeswoman declined to comment.


We now have confirmation.

The AP’s Bob Lewis and the Washington Post’s Michael Shear both have Dem sources confirming that Warner has decided not to run for president.

We’re still not able to pinpoint the reason.

Warner had campaign stops in Iowa planned for today. Sources close to Warner told the Hotline in September that Warner, after a long vacation with his family over the summer, had decided to run and was planning to open his exploratory committee in early winter.

I wonder if this has anything to do with the growing knowledge of just how incompetent his administration was — misplacing hundreds of millions of dollars here and there?

UPDATE: Here is the statement from Marky Mark himself.

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Federal Deficit Cut In Half 3 Years Ahead of Schedule

Today, President Bush Announced That The Deficit Has Been Cut In Half 3 Years Ahead Of His 2009 Goal And That The FY2006 Budget Deficit Was $248 Billion. The President’s pro-growth policies helped to strengthen our economy and create 6.6 million jobs in the last three years. This strong economic activity has generated historic revenue growth that has shrunk the deficit. A continued commitment to spending restraint has also contributed to deficit reduction.

* The FY2006 Budget Deficit Was $248 Billion/1.9 Percent Of GDP, Down From An Original February Projection Of $423 Billion/3.2 Percent Of GDP. At this level, the deficit is 0.4 percent below the 40-year average of 2.3 percent of GDP.

* This Level Surpasses By $12 Billion President Bush’s Original Goal Of Cutting The Deficit In Half By FY2009 From Its FY2004 Projected Peak Of $521 Billion, Or 4.5 Percent Of GDP.

Pro-Growth Policies Are Fueling A Robust Economy And Increasing Revenues

Tax Relief Is Spurring Economic Growth. Working with Congress, the President doubled the child tax credit, reduced the marriage penalty, cut taxes on capital gains and dividends, and reduced income taxes for every American paying them. Tax relief brought an extra $2,500 to 44 million American families with children. The President’s tax relief continues to help our economy grow faster than any other major developed country. Sustaining this economic momentum requires making these tax cuts permanent.

A Strong Economy Has Led To Historic Revenue Growth. The President’s pro-growth policies have helped fuel economic activity that has produced two years of record revenue growth. FY2005 revenues were 14.5 percent higher than the previous year and at $2.153 trillion were the largest in history. This year’s revenues of $2.407 trillion increased 11.8 percent from FY2005 and September 15th’s $71.8 billion in corporate receipts were an all-time high.

Spending Restraint Works

The President Has Restrained Spending. Every year that the President has been in office, he has reduced the growth of non-security discretionary spending. Additionally, in FY2006, the President succeeded in holding the growth in base discretionary funding to less than the rate of inflation.

The President Has Reduced Or Terminated Lower-Priority And Poor-Performing Programs. The President’s FY2007 Budget proposed to reduce or terminate funding for 141 discretionary programs for a savings of $14.7 billion. This builds on the President’s success in FY2006 in which Congress enacted 89 proposed terminations and reductions for $6.48 billion in savings.

The President Needs The Line Item Veto To Help Eliminate Wasteful Spending. The House of Representatives approved Line Item Veto legislation earlier this year by a strong bipartisan majority, and the President calls on the Senate to do the same. The Line Item Veto would be a tool to further improve government transparency and accountability and ensure taxpayer resources are spent wisely.

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Update from Del. Frederick

First, on a personal note, thanks to all of you that have written, stopped by our home, sent cards/gifts/flowers, and had us in your thoughts during our inaugural days as parents. The blessing of a beautiful baby girl have only been enhanced by the kindness of so many of you. Both Amy and Gracie are doing great, and I’ve become an expert at getting the diaper off and changed before the next event (because you know it’s coming). :-)

Second, I wanted to give you a quick report on the recent transportation session held in Richmond. From the news media, you are likely aware that once again, the House and Senate could not agree on either a method for funding transportation, nor an approach to addressing transportation in general.

The Senate’s position was to largely maintain the status quo while pumping more money into transportation under the existing failed formulas with a multi-billion dollar tax hike on northern Virginia families to pay for roads in other parts of the state that don’t need them. In the House, we strongly believe that we’ve got to end our current 1930’s Byrd/Depression-era approach and enter the 21st Century with our roads, rail, transit, and land management. Time after time, be it here in Virginia or in other places around the nation and world, we’ve seen that solely pumping more money into transportation without other reforms only compounds the problem, and often makes it much worse. We can’t keep doing things the way we’ve always done them – the current system is broken – and a comprehensive approach is the only way we’ll make real progress.

We need to target any new transportation dollars to the areas that need them the most; we’ve got to do more to get development under control while better coordinating transportation with any new growth; and reform the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) into an agency that measures it’s success by how much congestion it reduces, or eliminates, not necessarily on how many projects it builds (if the projects don’t reduce/eliminate congestion, then what good do they do?).

This comprehensive approach is precisely the direction that the House’s transportation package promoted. We passed our substantial package of legislation and sent it over to the Senate. They responded by refusing to take up just about any of it, then adjourning and going home with two days still remaining in the transportation special session. I suppose they left town because, with our package disposed of, there was nothing left to discuss – the Senate didn’t send over any transportation package for us to consider during this special session, nor did the Governor.

Specifically on transportation funding, the House’s package included $2.4 billion, without raising taxes. Yet, no matter how much money is available, no matter how big a surplus, and no matter if Virginia government is flush with cash, a majority in the Senate will not put an extra penny towards transportation unless we raise taxes to do it. I think that’s unfortunate and irresponsible – especially when it’s your money (not their’s) and you want it spent on transportation.

Notwithstanding, surplus dollars or no surplus dollars, we need to make transportation a priority in the budget, and at the rate the budget is growing (Virginia requires a balanced budget, so budget growth is directly attributable to revenue growth), if we would resist the urge to grow other areas of state spending by 24-28% per year (like we did this year), and instead by a very healthy 8-12% (still multiples over the rate of inflation plus growth), we would have billions available to dedicate to transportation – about $8 billion in the last budget had we done this.

Aside from spending your money better, on your priorities, my focus also remains on reigning in out-of-control growth and development by better coordinating land-use decisions with transportation planning. We saw some good progress on this earlier in the year, and I look forward to continuing to work on a bi-partisan basis with the Governor and anyone else interested in moving the ball forward on this integral piece in addressing our transportation challenges.

The land-use legislation I introduced during this special session was, as other legislators described it, “out-of-the-box.” New ideas are key, and I plan to reintroduce these bills and do all I can do to alleviate our traffic in both the short-term and in the years ahead.

Lastly, I wanted to remind you again about our annual Crab Feast a week from Saturday. It’s a great event that you’re sure to enjoy. If you can make it, it’d be great to see you. Info on the event is below.


Please Join Us for the

3rd Annual
Friends of Jeff Frederick
Saturday, October 21st, 2006
Belmont Bay Marina Pavilion
Woodbridge, Virginia

Making Her First Public Appearance:
Baby Frederick!!!

and other Special Guests

Hosted by:

Robert Hartwell & his yacht the R&R
Crab, shrimp, and all the fixins’ by Tim’s Rivershore
Music, food, and family fun where the Potomac and Occoquan Rivers meet

RSVP by October 20th to Mike Hardy
703-490-8405 or or online at
Sponsorship Levels:
Gold Crab – $2,500 (10 tickets)
Silver Crab – $1000 (8 tickets)
Bronze Crab – $500 (6 tickets)
Blue Crab – $250 (4 tickets)
Individual/Couple – $30/$50
Kids Free!

Authorized and Paid for By Friends of Jeff Frederick

State law allows the acceptance of both personal and corporate contributions in any amount.

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Christie Whitman’s Whiners Club

Former NJ Gov. Christie Whitman’s Whiners Club (a.k.a. It’s My Party, Too PAC) just sent out the following e-mail:

Dear It’s My Party Too Supporter,

You may have seen the news yesterday that Republicans are in danger of losing between seven and thirty seats in the House of Representatives! We need your help to ensure that the right kind of candidates stay in office – those who haven’t lost their way in the mess in Washington. Click here to help right now!

With only 27 days left until Election Day, It’s My Party Too has been busy supporting candidates who are a new kind of Republican – those who are committed to getting back to basics in the Republican Party.

We understand the issues you care about, so check daily to get the latest news and information from around the country.

Oh, you mean candidates like this?

Take note of the date of the e-mail.

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Nowhere to Hide: Jim Webb Unmasked

From the moment he entered this Senate campaign, Jim Webb and his handlers have worked overtime to build Jim Webb up as a conservative, Red State Democrat. The Webb Campaign script was straightforward in it’s obfuscation: “Sure the national Democrat Party is drifting hard to the left. Sure we took our former Vice Presidential Candidate, who happens to be a Robert Kennedy-style liberal, and branded him a facist and a traitor because he has the timerity to think that Islamofacist terrorists are worse than the Bush Administration. Sure the national party has some wacky ideas about taxes, national security and energy policy, but please, please, please, ignore all of that. Ignore the Daily Kos kids he has working for him. Ignore the crazy things they say. Ignore the fact that they pretty much make up Jim Webb’s base. Jim Webb isn’t like that. Really. He’s like you. He’s pretty much a Republican in fact. He just happens to be against the war in Iraq.”

Last night, under the bright studio lights of a televised debate, Jim Webb’s facade crumbled and his dishonest campaign was exposed for all Virginians to see. In one short hour, Webb’s carefully constructed image collapsed and viewers were finally able to see the Trojan Horse Candidate for what he really is: an unreconstructed paleoliberal with an agenda that Ted Kennedy and Ned Lamonte love.

You want income tax hikes? Jim Webb wants to give them to you–or rather, wants you to give him and his Democrat lackies more of your hard-earned money. Sure Webb attempted to dissemble and say that he only wants to soak the rich, but the last time Jim Webb’s good friends Bill and Hillary Clinton raised taxes “on the rich”, middle class taxpayers were hit with the largest tax hike in history. Jim Webb’s tax hiking and wealth redistributing ways probably shouldn’t come as a suprise given his professed admiration for the economic policies of Karl Marx.

You want your capital gains rates hiked? Jim Webb wants to do that too and he doesn’t seem to particularly care that such a rollback would hurt the sixty percent of Americans who invest in the stock market or cause investors to pull back from investing in Virginia’s booming technology industries. Why should Jim Webb concern himself with such trivialities when he has to get on board with Ted Kennedy’s economic vision.

What does Jim Webb want to do about illegal immigration? Well, he isn’t saying much of anything that is coherent or cogent, but he does favor using the tax dollars of hard working, law abiding Virginians, to build day laborer centers around Virginia. After all, Jim Webb doesn’t want people who are in this country illegally to be uncomfortable when they are waiting around to work. He also apparently wants to make it easier for the people who want to hire these illegal workers by giving them a convenient place to go to meet all of their illegal labor pool needs.

What does Jim Webb think about Iraq? He thinks it is terrible that we are there and that things would be much, much better if we were to leave and let “responsible”, “neighborly” countries like Iran and Syria take over the job. He doesn’t seem to have given much thought to the global geopolitical implications of a U.S. withdrawl or considered where the terrorists might come to ply their trade if we weren’t killing them in large numbers in Iraq. Apparently, Jim Webb seems to have forgotten that Virginia was also hit on 9/11.

However, the issue that really, really gets Jim Webb fired up, and which he really hopes will resonate with Virginia voters, is the serious situation in the Senkaku Islands. Apparently, Jim Webb thinks that trivial matters like the Global War on Terror and the North Korean situation, are causing Republicans to lose focus on critical issues like these uninhabited rocks off the coast of Taiwan that caused the Japanese (who control the rocks) and the Chinese (who dispute Japanese sovereignty over the rocks) to exchange diplomatic letters over their dispute back in 2004. Apparently, that exchange of letters two years ago foreshadows an imminent conflagration that will lead to a Sino-American nuclear exchange. Jim Webb wants you to know that if he is elected to the Senate Virginians can sleep easy at night with the knowledge that Jim Webb will be doing everything in his power to stave off this seemingly inevitable result.

So there you have it. Last night Virginians got their first substantial look at the real Jim Webb—pure, unadulterated and in his own words. The smart money says that the reaction to this look will make clear why Jim Webb struggled so mightly to put off this day of reckoning.

Webb and Dukakis

There was one question in the Monday evening debate where Jim Webb reminded me of Michael Dukakis. In a presidential debate back in the 1988 campaign, he was asked, “Governor, if Kitty Dukakis were raped and murdered, would you favor an irrevocable death penalty for the killer?” Dukakis showed no emotion over the question. It is widely believed that this one incident significantly contributed to his defeat.

In the Monday debate, Jim Webb was asked about the Foley page scandal. Webb showed no outrage about it and even said that he has not been following it closely.

On the other hand, George Allen showed his outrage and said what he had been doing to prevent this sort of thing.

This is a very hot issue that a large number of people are closely following and are outraged. Jim Webb does not know to connect with the voters.

"North Korea"..Thoughts On The Way Ahead

By now, it’s fairly much a given that Kim Jong Il’s thugocracy has test detonated its first nuclear device. This is a significant and grave development for the region and for the world. Politicians from both sides of the aisle have spent today calling for bi-lateral talks between the United States and “North Korea”. This is a horrible idea and here’s why.

First, the United States does not, should not and must not recognize the state of “North Korea”. “North Korea” is not a state. It is a thugocracy. It is a thugocracy overseen by Kim Jong Il. He rules by terror and starvation. Integral to this thugocracy is a band of thugs incorrectly referred to as “armed forces”. Calling these thugs, terrorists and murderers members of “armed forces” is an affront to all persons of legitimate states who wear their country’s uniform and serve in true “armed forces”. Bilateral interaction between the U.S. and Kim’s thugocracy would imply a de facto recognition of Kim’s thugocracy as a legitimate state.

Second, bilateral negotiation implies something exchangeable to be traded for a mutual benefit. The north Korean region is gripped in some of the most pitiful, grinding poverty on the planet. We may never know how many people starved to death. Most likely it is a safe bet the number is high. “North Korea” produces nothing that our country wants or needs, thus negating the need for any negotiations since there is nothing that can be exchanged.

Third, even if “North Korea” could exchange something, Kim’s thugocracy has repeatedly demonstrated untrustworthiness. Just ask Bill Clinton and Madeline Albright. In fact, a good argument can be made that Clinton appeasement has brought us to this day. Quite simply, we cannot negotiate with parties of bad faith.

Fourth, Kim is a tyrant via the classical standard. History’s lesson is clear. One, we can deal with Kim now while his nuclear capability is still very limited. Two, we can deal with him when his nuclear arsenal has him armed to the teeth. We went through this with Hitler.

In closing, if there ever was a case for “staying the course” this is it. The United States should immediately withdraw from the Six Party Talks. Naturally, the Adminstration should adamantly refuse all requests for bilateral negotiations. Next, the Administration must move decisively to completely and totally economically isolate “North Korea”. It is true that Kim and his thugs care not for their people. However, with no incoming capital, Kim will be unable to pay his high level generals. These high level generals are accustomed to a rather extravagant standard of living. Once this standard of living is threatened it is very possible that the regime’s seeds of implosion will be planted. Such regime change is slow. It requires a stamina not easily maintained. But it is internal regime change. Despite limited historical analysis, internal regime change requires a country to pull itself by its bootstraps. Sometimes that bootstrap pull takes a very long time but with more substantial results.