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Well, it’s been an interesting summer moving into my new house down in Caroline County. It’s amazing how much crap two people can accumulate over the years. You don’t really know how much useless mess you accumulate until you move.

Now that I’m settled and enjoyed some summer time, it’s time to get back to blogging. I’ll mark my return to blogging by attending the Martinsville Conference this Saturday in, of all places, lovely Martinsville, Virginia.

It’s been a while since I’ve been down that way. One side of my family is originally from the Danville/Pittsylvania County area so I used to get down to that vicinity somewhat often. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing some old friends and debate buddies while I’m down there.

In the meantime, I’ve been working on some posts that should be ready over the next several weeks. Stay tuned.

See everybody in Martinsville!


Let’s agree on one thing….

I believe in these difficult and mean-spirited times in which we live there needs to be a message of hope. Just a single image that speaks to us of love, harmony, peace and joy. An image that suggests the universal brotherhood of people. I have found that image, and I ask that all of you take a moment to be inspired by it.

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David Hasselhoff isn’t the only thing popular in Germany….

The Club for Growth has a great piece on how the Laffer Curve is impacting German business decisions. Meanwhile, it seems that Ahnold! may have forgotten what his former countrymen are now discovering.

Needless to say, I’m a big fan of Art Laffer and Virtucon’s very own OneIsKey (a.k.a. Matt Wanniski) is the son of the man who coined the term “supply-side economics” on the editorial pages of the Wall Street Journal in the late 1970s. So you know now, if you didn’t already know before, where we come from on economic issues.

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Is this all the libs have to hang their hat on?

Marianne Means, a columnist whose name typically fits her disposition, continues the coordinated lib assault on George Allen. It is August, the Webb-heads are in their glory thinking they’ve got a shot at an upset based upon a single poll by the notoriously unreliable Survey USA automated phone poll, but most of the electorate is on vacation and not paying attention. (Kind of makes you wonder who was even home to respond to that poll anyway.)

Better for a gaffe to take place in mid-August with plenty of time to blow over and allow the candidate to right the campaign ship than to have it happen in late October. The media will try to keep this story going as long as possible, but there is only so much you can write about it until it becomes old news. If you really think the media can sustain this story (you KNOW the Webb campaign isn’t competent enough to do that on their own) in the face of the upcoming spate of stories on the fifth anniversary of 9/11, I almost feel sorry for you. Almost.

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Italian, not French

From today’s Washington Times Inside the Beltway:

Clowning around

Whether he deserves such depths or not, Virginia Sen. George Allen remains knee-deep in “macaca.”

Everybody from Washington to Ahmadabad has heard by now that Mr. Allen recently resorted to the term “macaca” when drawing attention to one of his Democratic opponent’s dark-skinned campaign workers, who was videotaping the Republican’s campaign remarks.

“Let’s give a welcome to Macaca here. Welcome to America and the real world of Virginia,” were Mr. Allen’s exact words — not derogatory, he insists to critics who label them racially offensive.

Of all the related mail this column received (and there was a ton), perhaps the most revealing comes from Joseph Luchi, a translator who lives in New York City.

“As someone fluent in Italian and of Italian descent, I have used this word quite often,” Mr. Luchi writes. “My mom used this word about myself and my sister many times. It means ‘fool, clown, dummy.’

“My understanding is that Sen. Allen’s mom is not French Tunisian, but of Italian heritage born in Tunisia. Many thousands of Italians lived in Tunisia before World War II before they left or were expelled. Sen. Allen’s mom speaks several languages, but I understand that her first language was Italian.”

The point being?

“It is quite possible that the senator heard this word from his mom when he was misbehaving,” he guesses. “My mom used this word to chastise us when we were not doing the right thing. Many Italian mothers that I was around used this word.

“It was not flattering, but it did not mean ‘monkey,’ but in the vernacular … ‘dummy, clown.’ And I can hear my mom now calling that [Democratic campaign] kid a ‘macaca’ (clown) for running around with a camera and following the senator around Virginia with that silly haircut.”

I think that Mr. T would have put it best if he had seen this kid from the Webb campaign with a “Fauxhawk” haircut — “I pity the fool!”

(“Fauxhawk” is a registered trademark of Virginia Virtucon. All rights reserved. “Faux” is French, not Italian, meaning “false” or “fake” for those educationally-challenged Democrats who may read this.)

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A unified GOP in PWC

The results are in. So, what do they mean?

At the Dem convo on Saturday, Sharon Pandak got 134 out of 211 votes for 63% of the vote, defeating Gary Friedman. This could be the death knell for Friedman’s political aspirations given that he was a declared candidate for such a long period of time, pre-dating the need for a special election. His only hope now is for Pandak to suffer a crushing defeat in November so he can run again in Nov. ’07 without having Pandak looking for a rematch with Stewart.

Meanwhile, Supervisor Corey Stewart got 69% of the votes from the 413 delegates at the GOP convo. This was a very solid performance. Although the GOP convo was nearly double the size of the Dem one, the GOP was more unified in their vote. That can only be a positive going forward into the special election. John Gray’s 31% showing and conduct as a candidate indicate that he can have a bright future within the GOP. There’s a good chance that there might need to be a special election early next year to fill a vacancy on the BOCS for Occoquan Supervisor.

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A Simple Request

I have a simple request for all PWC residents who will be participating as voting delegates at the GOP nominating convention this Saturday. When all the votes are counted and our party has a nominee, please honor the commitment that you made when you signed up to be a delegate to support the GOP nominee in the general election.

Whether you are Corey Stewart supporters and John Gray is the nominee or you are John Gray supporters and Corey Stewart is the nominee, as party members we all have the duty not only to support our nominee, but the moral obligation to ourselves if we have a difference of opinion with the nominee to try and get him to see our point of view and perhaps come around to our way of thinking. Unity and inclusion is a two-way street. Both a candidate and party regulars have a duty to work to create a unified party following a contested nominating process.

I know that each candidate has some dedicated supporters who have a difficult time envisioning themselves doing anything on behalf of the opposition candidate. That is natural and I don’t expect things to be all hunky dory over night. The fact of the matter, though, is we all are responsible for unifying the party in the aftermath. I pledge to all here and now that I will support and work to elect whichever candidate emerges victorious on Saturday and also do whatever I can to help encourage the other candidate to work to help unify the party. Some of the greatest victories are the result of a previous defeat (see Reagan ’76 for the textbook example where Reagan actually went all out for Ford after losing the nomination – despite what some revisionists have tried to say.)

As I have said before, may the best man win on Saturday. But, in addition, may the other candidate also prove himself in defeat to be a gracious and noble man worthy of future electoral success.

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Sometimes you step in it

Considering how otherwise flawlessly the George Allen campaign has been running, it isn’t surprising that a gaffe will happen from time to time. Looks like it was finally time for one to strike.

My only question is, why is the Webb campaign wasting money sending a staffer around to videotape George Allen on the stump when they don’t have and never will have enough money to buy any real advertising to show any of it on. What are they going to do? Put it up on Webb’s “Born Yesterday” (or whatever it is being called now that he has dropped “Born Fighting”) website?

PWC GOP Convo Creds Cmte. Preliminary Report

The Credentials Cmte. for the PWC GOP Convention met last night and here is the initial findings:

77 — Applications received from Walk-ins or personally delivered to HQ
46 — Applications received from the Post Office
308 — Candidate John Gray delivered applications
490 — Candidate Corey Stewart delivered applications

This information was e-mailed to both the Stewart and Gray campaigns. The next meeting of the credentials committee will be on Wednesday at 8:00 p.m. when they will start reviewing any challenges and the full list of applicants to serve as delegates will be released on Thursday.

A request was made by the Stewart campaign for the committee to provide a list of the forms received via mail or walk-ins as soon as they have been entered into the committee’s database. At least one Credentials Cmte. member as well as John Gray have voiced opposition to this. I can understand the rationale in opposing this in that all applications should be treated the same way and there is really no point in releasing the raw lists (or even partial raw lists) to either of the campaigns until it is determined which applicants are actually eligible to serve as delegates. Can you imagine the problems if someone who is ineligible receives calls from one or both campaigns and then shows up in Haymarket on Saturday morning only to be told that he or she can’t participate?

There is some behind the scenes tension going on, too. It seems that there was a request (but not a requirement) that the campaigns provide the delegate filing information that they were delivering in electronic format. The Gray campaign apparently delivered theirs electronically while the Stewart camp did not. This has led John Gray to claim this was done intentionally so that he could not call Stewart’s delegates until the full list was released on Thursday. Since the credentials committee isn’t even meeting until Wednesday night to deal with challenges, I don’t see how not having the list until Thursday is detrimental to either campaign. (Once again, the scenario I describe above could come into play.)

However, the Gray camp sees this differently:

I don’t want to “throw a fly into the ointment” but the longer I dwell on this, the more I believe my request below is fair. What I am leading up to is I really believe Mr. Stewart’s intentional choice NOT TO COMPLY with the committee’s request for the delegate information to be presented in electronic data form is detrimental to my campaign. It is obviously intended to keep me from that information, Politics 101. We have said we want to be fair and balanced, that we want to respect the process, that we have a level playing field. I am not saying anyone is not, please understand that. I’m just saying not allowing me to have photocopies of his delegates is a very big factor in his favor. And if one candidate has an advantage over another, then we loose the “balance argument”.

What I am asking for is to have photocopies of his delegates ASAP. I will pay for the cost of the photocopy. I suggest one of the committee controls the forms. I don’t want possession. I just want copies ASAP. We know Mr. Stewart has 499 forms, there are 77 walk-in forms and 43 mail-ins. Kinko’s can easily do this in a matter of minutes. I am aware Mr. Fitzsimmons accomplished this in the 50th district convention so there is a precedent to this being done.

Receiving the “scrubbed” list Thursday evening is detrimental to my campaign, especially in view of the fact that Mr. Stewart is already calling my delegates today. He must have committed to memory certain of my delegates because he has called numerous ones. That should not be allowed. Our word of honor was we would wait until the scrubbed list was available to us both equally.

I ask the committee to consider and grant this request.

Thank you for your time.


John S. Gray, CPA

In a separate, earlier e-mail, Mr. Gray states:

If I may, I agree with the committee’s position that delegate information should be released together and not piecemeal.


So, on the one hand you have John Gray asking the committee to deny Corey Stewart’s request that the walk-ins and mailed delegate forms be made available (presumably to both campaigns) as soon as they have been entered into the database while on the other hand you have John Gray asking the committee to supply him with photocopies of all of Stewart’s delegate forms “ASAP”. Anyone else see the contradictions here?

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Why We Love Ted Nugent

A true story, as verified by

Ted Nugent, a heavy metal guitar legend and devoted (bow) hunter, was being interviewed by a French journalist. Eventually, the conversation turned to his love of outdoor pursuits. The journalist asked, “What do you think the last thought is in the head of a deer before you shoot it? Is it, “Are you my friend?” or maybe “Are you the one who killed my brother?”

Nugent replied, “They aren’t capable of that kind of thinking. All they care about is, What am I going to eat next? Who am I going to screw next? and, Can I run fast enough to get away? They are very much like the French in that.”

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