The REAL Jim Webb — A Disrespectful, Disingenuous and Dishonorable Opportunist

Well, now we know the REAL Jim Webb.

Not only has he disregarded former First Lady Nancy Reagan’s request not to use her late husband’s image in an upcoming TV commercial in an incredible sign of disrespect for the widow of the man he claims to hold in esteem, but he plans to begin airing that commercial on Monday, Sept. 11, a day when every other campaign in the nation will stand down from the airwaves.

I guess this shouldn’t come as any surprise given how disingenuous his entire campaign is. After all, this is the same campaign crew that earlier this year called Ronald Reagan a “pompous, arrogant fool” and a “sham,” yet now seeks to use him to their benefit.

On account of such dishonorable actions, I suppose there is no longer any doubt that Jim Webb condones his paid mouthpiece Lowell Feld’s statement that George Allen is an “outright racist.” He just isn’t man enough to say it himself, so he’s hiding behind Feld.

This is no longer about George Allen vs. Jim Webb. Webb has brought the wrath of the entire Reagan establishment down upon him. If I ever had any second thoughts to calling this the “worst campaign ever,” this makes it official.

The opportunist is about to get a big comeupance….

(H/T to Mason Conservative for pointing out the Times Dispatch article.)

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Nancy Reagan Condemns Webb Commercial


2:30 P.M. PDT


Los Angeles, CA – On behalf of Mrs. Reagan, Chief of Staff Joanne Drake has sent the following letter to the Jim Webb for Senate Campaign in the state of Virginia.

Dear Mr. Webb,

It has come to our attention that your Senatorial campaign in Virginia is using video footage of President Ronald Reagan, his photographs, and/or quotes in campaign materials and political advertisements, some of it very negative.

The use of video footage of President Reagan, or the use of photographs, likenesses and/or quotes in this manner is neither authorized nor appropriate. Using the President’s name, image or likeness implies endorsement which is neither fair nor respectful of any candidate, certainly not after President Reagan’s death.

At the direction of Mrs. Reagan, please refrain from the use of her husband’s name, video footage, photograph, likeness, and/or quotes in any further campaign materials, including television advertisements.


Joanne Drake
Chief of Staff

OUCH!!! That’s gotta hurt!!!!

Read the first press account here. In it, former Attorney General Edwin Meese is quoted as calling the ad,

“improper, unethical and very possibly illegal.”

This couldn’t have backfired bigger if they had tried….

UPDATE: Now the NY Times is carrying the story on their web site. The only upside for Webb on this story is it will probably overshadow the story of Webb supporters planning to dress up as monkeys at an ethnic Republican event in Fairfax tomorrow.

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Yeah, Webb was REAL supportive of Reagan — NOT!!!

Looks like Jim Webb’s wrote an article in my hometown newspaper back in the ’80s in which he tells people what he really thought about Reagan and it is non too flattering.

Can you say “opportunist” boys and girls? I knew you could.

Looks like Webb opened up a can of worms with this one. The only thing he had to run on, that he was Ronald Reagan’s Navy Secretary, has blown up in his face.


Guess he’ll be hanging out with his new best bud John Kerry a lot more now….

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Tell us what you REALLY think about The Gipper…

Given that Jim Webb’s first TV commercial prominently displays Ronald Reagan, what do his top campaign staffers have to say about The Gipper? Well, in their own words from their bargain bin book:

Steve Jarding and Dave “Mudcat” Saunders (the poor man’s James Carville wannabe) … wrote that Reagan was “a pompous, ignorant fool” and that “the vast bulk of Reagan’s Administration was a sell-out and a sham.”

(I wonder if when they wrote that they were including Webb as part of that “vast bulk”?)

I think people will take that ad real sincerely once they have to hear what these two really have to say about Reagan. Heck, the ad hasn’t even aired yet and the WashPo is putting that out.

UPDATE: The Reagan Team has responded —

Former Reagan Chief of Staff Ken Duberstein, former Counselor to President Reagan and U.S. Attorney General Ed Meese, as well as former Reagan Campaign Chairman and U.S. Senator Paul Laxalt released the following statement this afternoon:

“We are disappointed that James Webb is dishonoring the memory of President Reagan by using an old video clip to imply that Ronald Reagan would be supporting him. He should be ashamed of himself.

“It is Senator George Allen whose leadership, integrity and optimism reminds us of President Reagan. On virtually every issue, from the consistency of his views and outlook, to his constant support for low taxes and less government spending, to his commitment to supporting judges who will interpret the law rather than make new law, it is Senator Allen who is the true heir to President Reagan. He will continue to offer conservative and common sense solutions to the problems we face and will represent Virginia in the Reagan tradition by emphasizing limited government, traditional values and a strong, forward looking foreign policy.”

UPDATE 2: Be prepared for this kind of vitriol from the Nutroots:

“Oh no, the Reagan felons have denounced Webb’s newest video!!!” – James Martin

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New Mason-Dixon Poll on Senate Race

After being piled on by the national media for weeks now, George Allen is maintaining his lead over Jim Webb in the latest Mason-Dixon poll just being released now. Allen leads Webb 46-42. As soon as I have more info on the internals, including favorable / unfavorable ratings, I’ll get that up.

Good news given that Allen has yet to begin to fight!

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Actually, I DO know better…

In response to Josh at Raising Kaine who said,

Nonetheless, Riley considers himself such an expert that he knows better than the FEC or the VA SBE what constitutes election fraud.

Uh, actually, I DO know better. I was an attorney on the following case representing Steve Forbes. It was the first in their history that the FEC ever had to drop AFTER they took it to court. (Take note that there are similarities and differences with the particular matter that I previously commented on.)

On February 19, 1999, the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York dismissed this lawsuit after both parties asked for the action. The court order was preceded by the Commission’s 4-2 vote to withdraw the lawsuit against 1996 Presidential candidate Malcolm S. “Steve” Forbes, Jr.

The FEC had asked the court in September 1998 to find that bi-weekly columns authored by the candidate in Forbes Magazine resulted in violations of the Federal Election Campaign Act by Mr. Forbes, the magazine, his 1996 committee and the corporation he controls.

In November 1995, while running for the Republican nomination, Mr. Forbes took a leave of absence from Forbes, Inc., but continued to write the weekly column “Fact and Comment” for the company’s flagship publication, Forbes Magazine. In addition, Mr. Forbes continued to be listed as editor-in-chief on the magazine’s masthead, and he controlled the length, content and format of the articles. Excerpts of these columns also appeared in another Forbes publication, The Hills-Bedminster Press. The columns discussed some of the same themes Mr. Forbes pressed during his presidential campaign, including the flat tax, term limits, abortion and foreign intervention in Bosnia , and have been valued at $94,900.

The Commission contended that Mr. Forbes’s columns were not bona fide news accounts and were not part of a general pattern of campaign-related news accounts that gave reasonably equal coverage to all opposing candidates. Furthermore, the Commission argued that Forbes, Inc., published the columns in consultation with Mr. Forbes while he was a candidate, thereby turning the corporation’s expenditure for the columns-$94,900-into a contribution to the Forbes campaign.

In addition, the Forbes committee failed to report the value of the columns in any of its reports filed with the Commission. 2 U.S.C. §434(b)(2)(A).

The FEC asked the court to find that Forbes, Inc., made prohibited in-kind corporate contributions to the Forbes committee and that Mr. Forbes, in his capacity as CEO, violated the Act by consenting to the contributions. The FEC also asked the court to find that Mr. Forbes, the Forbes committee and the committee treasurer violated that Act when they knowingly accepted the prohibited in-kind contributions. The FEC asked the court to enjoin the defendants from violating the Act further and to assess a civil penalty against them.

Source: FEC Record — November 1998 [PDF]; and April 1999 [PDF].

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Webb Campaign Round-Up

If there was ever any doubt Jim Webb didn’t know what his own campaign was up to, I think this settles it.

Meanwhile, get this. Webb is going to start running his first TV ads next week and guess what? It will feature words of praise for him from Ronald Reagan! Exactly who is the target audience of this ad? Firm Reaganites are Allen’s core supporters, so he has little hope of peeling them away. In fact, won’t this reinforce the message to hardcore Dems that Webb was until recently a Republican and still looks upon Reagan fondly, thus lowering their overall enthusiasm for him? Perhaps Webb is already looking ahead to 2008 when he can run for the seat that U.S. Sen. John Warner might be vacating, but is already repositioning himself for the GOP primary….

I wonder if this opens the door for an Allen ad featuring words of praise for him from Webb?

UPDATE: Just as I expected. Ben Tribbett calls this “One of the Worst Ads I have ever seen.” I call it a great ad for Webb’s 2008 Republican senate primary campaign. I’d call this a fluff ad, but that would be giving it too much weight.

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WashPo looking into coordination issue

Well, we have it here from the horse’s mouth that someone at the Washington Post is looking into possible campaign finance violations by Raising Kaine PAC with regard to the Webb campaign.

This is the third person that I have heard this from who has been contacted by the WashPo and, unfortunately, I have to admit that from what I have heard they were looking into this before I even raised it. I guess there goes that whole theory that my opinion didn’t have any merit if the WashPo thought it was worthy to investigate on their own to begin with. Oh, well….

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Still waiting…..

The longer it goes without Jim Webb either condemning or condoning his paid blogosphere mouthpiece Lowell Feld for calling George Allen an “outright racist,” the more likely it is that one of two things is going on here:

1. Jim Webb has no idea what his own campaign staff are doing in his name on his behalf; or

2. Jim Webb is complicit in this smear campaign and is using Feld’s other endeavor, Raising Kaine / Raising Kaine PAC to do his dirty work for him without having to get his “official campaign” all muddy.

As for apologizing to Raising Kaine PAC for stating that in my opinion they are in violation of federal campaign finance laws, I will wait to see all the evidence that there is no coordination between the campaign and RK / RK PAC. If I am incorrect, I will gladly apologize. If my opinion is correct, though, I wouldn’t expect to see anything of the sort come out from them.

UPDATE: Some of RK’s nutroots readers have suggested that they take legal action against me for offering my legal opinion on what I consider to be a violation of federal election law based upon my understanding of the facts and applicable law. Well, first of all, for them to be successful, they would have to prove there isn’t any coordination and proving a negative is especially difficult (even when one person isn’t occupying dual roles.) Second, it would be a wide-open invitation for me in the discovery process to go through all their internal campaign memos and e-mails as well as drag Webb, Jarding et al. into depositions where all sorts of questions could be asked. Those are two playgrounds they don’t want me anywhere near, especially pre-election.

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Katie Couric is so dumb….

How dumb is she?

KatieThe ScarecrowCouric actually asked this question of President Bush last night.

“You have said we can’t cut and run on more than one occasion. We have to stay until we win. Otherwise, we’ll be fighting the terrorists here at home, on our own streets. So what do you mean exactly by that, Mr. President?”

It means that terrorists will be on American streets killing American citizens using any method available to them. What part of that don’t you understand? Hello? We’re getting ready to commemorate the fifth anniversary of such a tragedy next week…..

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9/11 Miniseries Drives Nutroots Crazy

Seems that Dems aren’t too happy about the upcoming ABC miniseries “The Path To 9/11″ and how it portrays the Clinton Administration.

But former GOP Governor Thomas Kean of New Jersey, the chairman of the Sept. 11 commission and a consultant to the production, defended the film, saying it showed “a colossal failure of government.”

So, what are they to do? The same that they always do, what else? Engage in the politics of personal destruction that they claim to despise.

Tom Kean Sr is a legendary figure in New Jersey politics. He’s not a particularly good man, having been elected through race-baiting and voter-suppression. He wasn’t a particularly good Governor, since he left a huge debt for New Jersey to clean up.

Sit back and enjoy the nutroots show as they drag down the Democrat Party, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. (Look no further than the fact that Nancy Pelosi is now considered in the center of the Democrat Party ideologically.)

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Daily Kossack Slams Virtucon

Ever wonder about the level of discourse on the neo-communist blog sites like DailyKos? Well, wonder no more….

VA-Sen: Dick Wad(ham), Sen. Felix Macaca’s campaign manager, is now orchestrating an effort to go after the blog Raising Kaine.

First of all, I had no contact with anyone on the Allen campaign regarding my post on Raising Kaine’s state registered PAC’s admitted involvement in a federal race. They provide the prima facie evidence themselves that they violated federal election law. It isn’t that hard to connect the dots with what they themselves have put out and then apply the law. Now, I know that most Kossacks are too stupid to read federal law and understand it themselves, so I’m not surprised that they’d be slamming us here. After all, most of them are so used to taking marching orders from others that they couldn’t fathom anyone, a conservative no less, acting and thinking independently.

How they can make the leap to saying that Allen campaign manager Dick Wadhams is “orchestrating an effort” is beyond me. Then again, we don’t call these conspiracy theorists “nutroots” for nothing….

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