Allen, GOP Own Biggest Event in PWC This Fall

The Annual Occoquan Fall Arts & Crafts show attracts tens of thousands of people over two days to this tiny town in Prince William County. If there is one event for candidates to make a big showing in PWC before Election Day, this is it.

George Allen and the GOP had the event well covered with signs, balloons, staff and numerous festival go-ers sporting lapel stickers for Allen, Tom Davis and Corey Stewart (for PWC Chairman). Jim Webb had four, tiny yard signs at the entire event that were dwarfed by the nearby 4′x8′ Allen sign. Throughout the town and on every road leading to it, there were Allen and Davis signs. On Sunday, I did not spot anyone wearing a Webb sticker or notice any presence for him whatsoever beyond those four yard signs. I saw one person wearing a lapel sticker for Sharon Pandak, the Democrat running for PWC Chairman. Of all the Dem candidates, Andy Hurst had the largest presence. Hurst had several signs, perhaps equaling the number of Davis signs. He also had a well-placed 4′x8′ sign in the middle of town. What he could not equal was Tom Davis’s ground game. At any one time, there had to be at least a dozen Davis volunteers maining the GOP tent and roaming around the town.

If Jim Webb wants to win this race, he can’t rely upon the fact that Tim Kaine won PWC last year. Kaine’s appeal to voters in NOVA rested largely on his stance on growth and transportation. Webb, on the other hand, doesn’t have any such issues. This weekend shows that the GOP in PWC is primed and ready for Election Day while the Dems have a long way to go.

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Stewart — Levels of service in the ’90s left a lot to be desired

Once again, PWC Chairman candidate Corey Stewart shows that he is the forward looking candidate of the future while Sharon Pandak is stuck in the pre-Connaughton ’90s era. I don’t think that anyone other than Pandak wants to go back to those days.

It is clear that while Corey will make some course adjustments to the direction PWC is heading, he is the one who ultimately will build upon what Sean Connaughton has achieved so far, while Pandak would force us into a sharp U-turn to the past.

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Sharon Phone Home……

BVBL has the scoop on the new Sharon Pandak web site and the horribly photoshopped picture of her on it:

As one of his commenters said:

Nobody has a neck that long except ET.

If Sharon is going to make a race of it for Chairman of the Prince William BOCS, she better at least “phone home” from her 3 week trip to Europe that she is currently on.

UPDATE: One of our commenters here has already had some fun with this.

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Sharon Phone Home……

BVBL has the scoop on the new Sharon Pandak web site and the horribly photoshopped picture of her on it:

As one of his commenters said:

Nobody has a neck that long except ET.

If Sharon is going to make a race of it for Chairman of the Prince William BOCS, she better at least “phone home” from her 3 week trip to Europe that she is currently on.

UPDATE: One of our commenters here has already had some fun with this.

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Jim Webb in Alexandria

I dropped in on the Jim Webb rally in Old Town Alexandria this evening and so I listened to Webb’s speech. What struck me the most was that I don’t think he said anything that Pat Buchanan would disagree with. Most of the speech was platitudes, but he did talk about two issues. One was that we should leave Iraq. The other was economic populism such as “sending jobs overseas”. Webb criticized immigration, without even differentiating between legal and illegal immigration.

GOP Voter Intensity Is Up

The latest USA Today / Gallup Poll is out and it shows a rise in the President’s approval rating, likely voters tied as to which party they’ll vote for in congressional races, and most interestingly of all, that GOP voter intensity is on the rise, now higher than that of Dem voters. Among GOP voters, 70 percent are Extremely or Very Motivated (throw in Somewhat Motivated and they’re at 91 percent.) Among Dem voters, 67 percent are Extremely or Very Motivated (their number rises to 85 percent when those Somewhat Motivated are added.)

Don’t count your chickens before they hatch, Speaker Pelosi and Sen. Maj. Leader Reid.

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Mark Warner — For the Bush tax cuts before he was against them

Former Gov. Marky Mark, without the benefit of his Funky Bunch, obviously took some flack for saying he wouldn’t repeal the Bush tax cuts and has had to clarify that he would want to see them repealed.

Let’s see, isn’t this the same economic wunderkind that misplaced hundreds of millions of dollars in his final budget as governor, leaving Gov. Timmy! holding the bag? The same brainiac who accidentally made his fortune by brokering the sale of cell phone franchise licenses before they were actually available to sell, thus being the first one in? Somehow I’m not all that confident in Marky Mark’s macroeconomic views.

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Allen – Webb Faifax County Chamber of Commerce Debate

Debate started with welcoming by moderator George Stephanopoulos. As he said the race is turning into a barn burner that he didn’t want to miss. Questions would be coming from three members of the media that they developed and wrote themselves.

Candidates were introduced to applause of and standing ovations by their supporters. Allen had slightly larger number of people rise for his introduction.

Allen won the coin toss and started the opening statements. He welcomed everyone including his “friend, partner and teammate”, Senator John Warner. He kept his message simple with what he would like to continue to work on: 1. Widening 66 and improving transportation support, 2. Energy independence, and 3. Better Education. “Better place to live learn, work and raise our families.”

As Allen completed his opening statement Webb stood there with the deer in the headlights look on his face. He was waiting for Stephy to say his name – Good job Marine – way to be ready.

Then he starts his statement echoing the important issues Sen. Allen discussed. He started a story of reflection on a picture of his Grandfather that is in his office. By the way did you know his Grandfather was born in Franklin County? He’ll let you know in case you didn’t already know that.

He then jumped into why he is really running. Bush stinks and I’m here to fix it – or so he’d try to make you believe.

He also made reference to three Americas . . .sounds vaguely familiar to a Presidential and VP candidate in 2004 – but he only counted two Americas’ – where’d the third come from?

Sen. Allen was asked are their three Americas? No! “We have ONE America” he answered to a resounding round of applause.

Webb’s response: we have one America in a sense of people, but three America’s in an economic sense.

Next Question
Sen. Allen will you follow Cong. Tom Davis in seeking voting rights for the citizens of DC?

Sen. Allen had a well prepared and thought out response. He supports making a federal enclave of the federal buildings and ceremonial part of the city and returning residential areas to Maryland. If Tom Davis bill passes house and finds its way to the Senate he would attempt to amend it to do just that.

Webb would support the Tom Davs plan.

Next question:
Here it comes – hold on to your seats – Yes Maccaca – Your mother is from an area in the world that considers Maccaca a racial slur – did you really never hear the word before?

Allen: I made a mistake – thoughtless moment. I would have never used it if I knew it was insulting. My mother taught tolerance.

Then Peggy Fox asks the strangest question ever – do you have Jewish ancestry? That brought jeers from the audience. Allen was offended that a question like that was asked – we have a freedom of religion in this country and is religion or Webb’s religion should not be a matter of concern.

Webb echoed what Allen had said. However he continued to say “the incident takes us back to the politics of Karl Rove – personal rather than sticking to the issues.” What he regrets is that the Allen campaign has a commercial saying he was with the Reagan Administration for 10 months before he left.

Next Question:
Wal-Mart – Mr. Web Do you support the Wal-Mart boycott – considering you are endorsed by organized labor?

He never did answer the question directly, but rather went into talking about the need to expand collective bargaining and need to reinvigorate organized labor.

Allen’s response – We need to educate Mr. Webb that Virginia has a right to work law. Then he went on to present his ideas on health care: Health Saving Accounts, Small Business healthcare partnerships and litigation reform.

Stephy then asked Webb what his plan is to cover all Americans. He proclaimed that the Mitt Romney plan from Massachusetts is a good plan. Provide a sliding scale of coverage based on poverty rate. Sounds like a bureaucracy to me.

Webb did get in that he is not opposed to the right to work laws.

Next Question:
Embryonic Stem Cell research.

Sen. Allen – you voted against research would you reconsider if the benefits were proven?

Allen stuck to his guns to answer he does not support research or more accurately federal funding of research that destroys human embryos.

Webb supports based on the idea that the embryos used were created for IVF, and Nancy Reagan supports it.

Allen got a quick response in to say Webb should also listen to Nancy Reagan with regards to his ad using a Reagan speech.

Next Question:
Big topic number 2 – War in Iraq
Sen. Allen you supported war in Iraq – What are we fighting for?

Allen – we must win. What we should not do is invite Iran and Syria to be involved in development of Iraq’s future, as Mr. Webb has advocated.

Webb restates that going in was a strategic mistake. We should be working with everyone in the region – much like Nixon did with China in 1971.

Stephy throws in a quick question:
What is the primary difference between where we go from here in Iraq?
Webb says we need to work with others to reduce our combat troops in Iraq.

Allen points out that Webb is quick to criticize, but has no clear specific plan.

Next Question
Sen. Allen you opposed motor voter laws as Governor of Virignia claiming they trample states rights, however you are supporting legislation that forces states to recognize concealed carry permits issued by other states. – isn’t that trampling states rights?

Allen – no, motor-voter laws were unfunded mandates that the federal government was pushing on the states. The concealed carry legislations simply says states need to recognize permits issued in other states. It just makes sense.

Webb found something that he and Allen agree on – and he got in that he grew up around guns and supports gun rights.

Next Question
Mr. Webb would you vote to cut off appropriations to fund the war?

Avoiding the question, he answers the question by saying we need to work carefully and ask hard questions, and got in that we need a different type of leadership.

Stephy – got to the bottom – yes or no?
Webb – No that would not solve the problem.

Next Question
Sen. Allen do you support the idea of splitting up Iraq in three sections?

Allen – no any change like that needs to come from the people of Iraq.

Next Question:
It’s time – Women in the Military

Mr. Webb you wrote about the women’s role in the military – are you sorry for anything you wrote.

Webb’s not sorry for discussing the issue or even making the statements he made, but does apologize for the “tone” of the article – whatever that means.

By they way – incase you didn’t know that was 27 years ago.

Allen – “Those are written words and written words are words you think about.” That got a decent reaction from the crowd.

Sen. Allen also got a jab in that he continues to disrespect women, but not listening to Nancy Reagan’s request to pull his ad.

Final Question
Question that makes no sense to ask candidates for the United States Senate.
Would you encourage the Virginia General Assembly to come up with a tax package to improve transportation in Virginia?

Sen. Allen smartly responds to say he has no interests in meddling in state issues, however he does support improving the role of Federal Government in local projects and make sure we increase funding.

Webb response with three quick points: Agree with Allen need more public-private partnership, need to increase the percentage that VA gets back from every dollar VA gives by way of gas tax, and we have a great governor that he has good relationship with.

Time for Closing Statements

Allen – “You Know Me”

He reiterated his record of performance – As Governor he supported brining semi-conductor manufactures to Virginia – last year production of microchips out paced cigarette production in Virginia.

Webb starts his closing statement by stating Mark Warner deserves a little bit of credit for Virginia’s success – that brought cheers and jeers to the room.

He closed with his call for strong leadership, brining up poll data. Blah blah blah.

In the end I was very pleased to see the debate discussed many issues. They kept the same old issues that have been beaten to death to a minimum. Allen definitely showed that he is not the one trick pony Webb is. Webb showed very little depth in the issues. Beyond his ability to speak for himself on the issues of the War on Iraq he did little more then rattle off standard Democrat talking points.

One thing of note after the conclusion of the debate the media crowded both candidates. I listened to Webb’s interaction with the media for a couple of minutes. He had an interesting response to a reporter asking about Nancy Reagan’s request to pull the ad featuring Ronald Reagan. He brushed it off saying Nancy Reagan has never contacted him directly. The letter was signed by someone claiming to work for her and by the way Reagan was once a Democrat too.

Webb ticker:
4 mentions of Vietnam – 3 mentions that he has family from Southwest Virginia.

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Hirons reports from U.S. Senate debate

Here is the first report we have from the Fairfax Chamber of Commerce’s Senate debate from Virtucon’s very own Scott Hirons:

I arrived at the debate. Don’t think I’ll be able to live blog – no wireless network and I couldn’t get my bloothtooth connection to work.

Signage on streets leading to Hilton are about even. Allen’s are the first you encounter coming up (Route) 123.

So far present: Sen. Warner, Cong. Wolfe, Chair Connelly. Green candidate Gail Parker in lobby passing out her more trains lit.

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Borat causes diplomatic incident…..

Borat, star of an upcoming movie called “Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan,” has caused an international diplomatic incident.

Kazakhstan president Nursultan Nazarbayev is to fly to the US to meet President Bush in the coming weeks and on the agenda will be his country’s image.

President Nazarbayev has confirmed his government will buy “educational” TV spots and print advertisements about the “real Kazakhstan” in a bid to save the country’s reputation before the film is released in the US in November.

President Nazarbayev will visit the White House and the Bush family compound in Maine when he flies in for talks that will include the fictional character Borat.

The Hollywood Reporter calls it “the year’s most offensive masterpiece.”

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